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  1. KelVarnsen: I will admit though, my sexual attraction is to you as a female.
  2. Sadisticat  offers a sheepish smile.
  3. Sadisticat: I figured.
  4. KelVarnsen: ...Is that a problem?
  5. Sadisticat: Little bit.
  6. Sadisticat: S'okay, though. Just means we're better off not becoming any sort of couple. Doesn't mean I'm gonna go anywhere or dissapear.
  7. KelVarnsen: I thought there was no chance of being a couple..?
  8. Sadisticat: D/s,
  9. Sadisticat: I meant D/s.
  10. KelVarnsen  frowns confused
  11. Sadisticat  shifts back.
  12. Sadisticat: I don't think we would work as Dom and sub.
  13. Sadisticat: I'm not going to go anywhere or block you or whatever, I still adore you. ♥
  14. KelVarnsen: ....This was the surprise?
  15. Sadisticat: Nope
  16. Sadisticat: The surprise was the blurt out of how a date would go, since you wanted to know so bad.
  17. Sadisticat: I'm sorry, I kind of ruined it.
  18. KelVarnsen: Yeah...
  19. Sadisticat: I can uh.. leave you be if you'd rather.
  20. KelVarnsen: Why don't you think we would work?
  21. Sadisticat: Because you're straight and I'm genderfluid, it wouldn't work for me if you have zero interest in my male side, that's a part of me.
  22. KelVarnsen: I didnt say zero interest...
  23. Sadisticat: You're not sexually attracted to men.
  24. KelVarnsen: That doesnt mean I can't still love you
  25. Sadisticat: I never said that, love.
  26. KelVarnsen: I'm....i'm gonna go lay down and cry
  27. Sadisticat  drags a hand down her face.
  28. Sadisticat: I'm not saying I don't want anything to do with you.
  29. Sadisticat: I'm just saying I don't think we should be a Dom and sub pairing.
  30. KelVarnsen: I heard what you said
  31. Sadisticat: I'll let you be, then.
  32. KelVarnsen has left the chat
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