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  1. ===Pregame===
  2. Ask opponent if they want to go +2 for the entire game. If yes, go to Preset 3 and sub in Memedova and set him to join the attack. Best condition for everyone else.
  3. If Opponent isn't going to +2 all game, Preset 1. Sub in best conditioned players. Make sure LMF on right corners and RMF on left corners
  5. ===If losing by 2 before 60===
  6. Go to P3 and sub in Memedova and set him to join the attack
  8. ===At 60===
  9. Go to P2 and make subs. Sub the middle CB, DMF and CMF.
  10. Epic Sax Guy should always be the middle CB. If he isn't starting, sub him on at 60 regardless of condition. If he started, move him to the middle CB slot. I want him to score on +2
  12. ===If losing by 2 after 60===
  13. Give up
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