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  1. If you have BlueStacks already installed, uninstall it. Delete the apps as well.
  3. 1. Go to:
  4.         a. Download BlueStacks_Installer
  5.         b. Download BlueStacks_Root
  6.         c. Download BlueStacks_MA_Cheat
  8. 2. Open the BlueStacks_Installer you recently downloaded.
  10. 3. Once BlueStacks has finished installing, leave it open and open BlueStacks_Root, install. It'll say that it didn't install correctly but it did.
  12. 4. Restart BlueStacks and sync it to your google account via BlueStacks settings.
  14. 5. Run BlueStacks_MA_Cheat, wait for it to patch or press enter for it to begin patching and it will close on its own.*
  16. * put this in windows/sys32 if MA_Cheat fail to open.
  18. 6. Restart BlueStacks again and choose Nemus Launcher then go to the second MA app by pressing the Nemus main menu button on the right hand side.
  20. 7. Then click yes for it to open the browser to SquareEnix's site, choose to login with your google account after you press the ログイン button(second button while scrolling down).
  22. 8. Continue through SquareEnix's steps, tick the box then click the red button. Once you finish step 1. Go to your gmail and write a letter to with subject: このまま送信してください and send. You will get an email immediately after.
  24. 9. Copy the link that's in the mail received from SquareEnix and put it in your BlueStack's url bar. You will be sent to step 3 where you will login with your google account again. Continue to step 4 then it will open MA.
  26. 10. You should be done right now, have fun patching if you remember your GameID and password. Note: Always use the second MA app.
  28. *If you cannot run MA then restart this guide from the beginning, but after installing BlueStacks_Cheat, install BlueStacks_MA_NA, _MA_Replace, and MA_Model while BlueStacks is running.
  30. Thanks to ikr for finding this out.
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