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  1. Heh, seems a little futile now that you have taken it, but I can at least try to coerce you into leaving Islo. As I stated in my last post, I want to help you make the right choice and hopefully join the treaty between the factions. I also propose a compromise of such. You leave Islo alone and we'll leave Tortuga alone.
  3. Thank you
  4. -Zhana Hirst
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  7. I think the Senate, the Chamber, the Legionaries, and the entire Skyrate community know where I stand on this issue.
  9. I vote, as always, Hell no! Your guys bruised egos aren't going to make us give up anything. You attacked Tort first unless you forgot about that, back when we were attacking Purple. That fight had nothing to do with you guys, yet you persisted in attacking us and trying to divide our attention anyway. And unsurprisingly it didn't work. Even without us running on Tort for close to two weeks, you still aren't close to taking it.
  11. And now that we have your capital we can easily spare two or three runners to make our lead there even stronger.
  13. So if you want to make a deal, please don't come in here with empty promises, saying you'll stop trying to take a skyland you were never going to take in the first place. That's just bargaining in bad faith.
  15. I also stand firmly against an treaty of any kind, but luckily for Blue and the other factions, that decision is never up to one person.
  17. Before anyone agrees to anything, we'll need to know terms and know who else has already joined in the treaty.
  19. Like I said, I don't speak for everyone, but I just want to be up front with you about how I will be arguing once it's up for discussion, since I do consider you a friend.
  21. I would also like to note here, as a point to my fellow Armada members, without a leadership structure in Blue how can we at all trust that this treaty will be honored by the whole? That answer is simple, we can't.
  23. And sorry, Ronan/Zhana, but you just aren't old school enough to pull any decision making weight with the long timers like niklaas. If this offer had come from Mah or BL, I would be willing to trust it more.
  25. Now, I am open for any suggestions.
  27. -Phedre
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  30. [quote]Phe Oct 7 2010, 09:34 PM
  32. Also, a diplomat should never insult one of the most influential and more important members of the faction they are trying to negotiate with. Clearly the ignorance lies elsewhere than with Apollo.[/quote]
  34. Well, as I'm sure about yourself, I don't like generalizations about me or my faction. Besides, now isn't the time to be starting petty arguements.
  36. I'm going to be frank. The first thing we want is for you to pull out of Islo. And, from what I have been told, the 'treaty' we hold with Green is based in trust. E.g. They don't attack us, we don't attack them. Right now, we, as in the us, the greens, some of the purples and a few of the browns hold the trump card. We have the abillity to wipe you off the map. I cannot be anymore direct than that.
  38. Now, personally, I don't want to do that. I want to resolve this peacefully. But we will not hesitate to completely get rid you.
  40. Thank you - Zhana
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  43. You come to us and you're still talking about wiping us from the map but you have not addressed any of the issues I raised previously. You offer no apologies or explanations. You went after skylands we previously held and now claim them as your own. Your purple blooded friends that you so eagerly "helped" continue to rape Fuseli even as we left them alone but you'd rather not address that as you have nothing worthy to say.
  45. You're taking that high road that does not exist for you and again you're trying to tell us how to play whereas we have already made you play how we want you to. You're not here to negotiate. You are here to attempt to subdue. You have not even answered Phe's question about your own factional authority in coming here. Did you think that we as well have not suffered for your faction's inability to assign leaders and make decisions in the past? Are you just here to threaten or did you intend to address issues that we raise? In case you thought this is Jade Underhand you are dealing with here's a subtle reminder :
  47. [Red Flag]
  49. The rest of the Senate unlike me clearly won't even waste their precious time to treat with your nonsense but since you clearly amuse Thorne and Phe, they will address you from here on in.
  51. Good luck with that. - Apollo
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  53. Hmm... yes. It seems we each have grievances the other is not willing to address at this time, so it seems we must let the chips fall where they may.
  55. We could certainly be induced to leave Islo, but of course the League would have to "undo" the damage done in attacking us without provocation. How that would happen, I do not know. Blews probably wouldn't like the solution anyway.
  57. Thorne
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  59. Well seeing has these negotiations have ended, and I use that term very lightly and with the utmost irony I can manage, I have one thing left to say, and I believe I can speak for the rest of my faction here when I say this:
  62. BRING IT ON! - Phe
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  64. Oh and also, since you've so thoroughly chosen sides here Zhana, I will be having Thorne remove your already limited access to these forums as Ronan. - Phe
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  66. I just saw this, so I guess I'm going to add my thoughts and burn some final personal bridges with blue.
  68. You really, really don't have the ability to wipe us off the map. If we concentrated on easy skylands (like all the ones blue poached while we were not attacking blue), we could hold more skylands than anyone else. We happen to not be pursuing that right now.
  70. You've got to remember that your 'allies' don't add their influence to yours like in the hidden war. That means one faction has to out-run us on a skyland in order to take it. Is it going to be blue? No, no it's not. I was blue last round, Zhana, I know.
  72. Threats don't work when your ability to back them up is obviously and historically laughable. - Martin Andreysin
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  74. Besides, our scientists have just finished the first and only Inf(inity) Bomb. We detonate this puppy and the entire sky turns Red permanently. But where's the sport in that?
  76. Please do come get some. - Fenriq
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