Feb 22nd, 2019
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  1. Special Skill
  2. Dancer [Auto/None/Self]
  3. Increase the potential value of all move maneuvers by 1.
  4. "Supreme grace and mobility is what guides your limbs. The sluggish movements of everyone else cannot hope to keep pace."
  5. -----------------
  7. Two to Tango [Action/3/0]
  8. Move 1
  9. Both you and a target in range are affected by this maneuver. You may not use this maneuver on yourself. You may only use this once per round.
  10. "Take the hand of your sister and dance away or tango with the enemy instead."
  12. Encore [Check/0/Self]
  13. After rolling a check, you may declare this skill. On the next maneuver, instead of rolling, you may apply the previously rolled dice. Supports and bonuses from the previous check are not carried over, but applicable bonuses or skills for the current check can still apply. If your next maneuver does not require rolling, the use of this skill is lost. Auto timing maneuvers can be used without affecting Encore.
  14. "The crowd demands more and you must comply. The danger in preparing for a repeat performance is worth the result."
  16. Battle Maiden [Action/None/Self]
  17. +1 Max AP
  18. "Your dance is as fast as the dead. The surroundings are all so late that this blur can barely be seen."
  20. Improv [Auto/1/Self]
  21. Once per round, you may use this skill for free. You may use Supports as Hinders and Hinders as Supports
  22. "A true performer has the ability to improvise. Now is your chance to demonstrate that."
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