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  1. Game 1
  2. In-Game
  3. Nahri: it was alrdy on cd??
  4. Nahri: jungle diff for sure
  5. Nahri: never gank bot
  6. Nahri: roaming mid
  7. Nahri: great
  8. Nahri: ur 0/7
  9. Nahri: to a laner thats never in lane
  10. Nahri: fk off
  11. Nahri: get me out
  12. Nahri: u guys r fkin trash
  13. Nahri: ur 0/8
  14. Nahri: can u really talk
  15. Nahri: LMFAO
  16. Nahri: refund ur skin
  17. Nahri: trash
  18. Nahri: wow r u guys duo
  19. Nahri: same internet
  20. Nahri: both shit too
  21. Nahri: and cries like bitches
  22. Nahri: if i played like u im sure league  is the best game for me
  23. Nahri: its 17 mins and u still havent helped bot
  24. Nahri: even tho they were at tower for years
  25. Nahri: u little shit
  26. Nahri: wow league def ur speed
  27. Nahri: report me  at least i didnt int
  28. Nahri: 1/9 lookin ass
  29. Nahri: ROFL
  30. Nahri: ya report me with ur 1/9 ass
  31. Nahri: LMFAO
  32. Nahri: ur still 1/9
  33. Nahri: LMFAO
  34. Nahri: sorry
  35. Nahri: 1/10
  36. Nahri: LMAO
  37. Nahri: 20min game
  38. Nahri: 1/10
  39. Nahri: nice
  40. Nahri: yeah report me as u run it down
  41. Nahri: ok
  42. Nahri: i mean u dont either
  43. Nahri: LMAO
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