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Dadonequus Discord Part 322

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  1. >After the defeat of the criminal pair. The griffon returned to try to receive some extra payment for having to wait so long. Being the heroic and fair pony he was. Mr.Rich provided him with yet another small bag of bits.
  2. >As for the criminals themselves. Mr.Rich bundled them tightly into a ball of bits. Then, on a stream of bits. you both rode off to Trottingham to drop off the pair at a police station or whatever pony equivalent there was and leave before being seen. You both decided it'd be better not to make yourselves known.
  3. >Mr.Rich however, traveled all the way back to the same cliff you both started at. And stood heroically at the edge as his cape blew in the wind.
  4. >You just looked at him as the cape slowly began to turn to dust in the wind. as did his facemask.
  5. >Your mane started to change back to normal as your gi started to deteriorate
  6. "You ok Mr.Rich?"
  7. >He wasn't moving, but you noticed some tears coming down off the side of his face.
  8. >"It's nothing Anon, just remembering some things from my own colthood" He said as he continued to look on "Thanks by the way, ya made this pony feel young again..." He didn't even bother to wipe his tears as he continued looking "Y'know, I suppose that it would be fair if I returned the favor, and took you out to a the highest class restaurant you ever did see."
  9. >..Mr.Rich...he didn't have to do that.
  10. "O-oh no, it's fine Mr.Rich, you don't need to do that. I was just happy getting to hang out with you and all."
  11. >"Ah don't think so Anon. I insist. I'm taking you out to a five star experience, one of the best you'll ever have. I ain't going home until you say yes. And just to let you know, we Riches as stubborn as mules"
  12. >Given Diamond Tiara..you'd believe him. Probably best to accept his offer then and get it over with.
  13. "..Umm, I guess, in that case, yes. Sure, whatever you want Mr.Rich"
  14. >"That's what I like to here. Now, you wouldn't mind usin' that horn of yours to get us to Canterlot all pronto like, would you?"
  16. >Waste a charge on a teleport? Fuck, you'd just pay for a train ride.
  17. "Well, we could just take a train. Couldn't we?"
  18. >"Well, that'd be a good idea if that griffon down there didn't spot me. He looks mighty angry, I think he recognizes me"
  19. >Wut?
  20. "W-what do you mean by that? Didn't you pay him?"
  21. >"I did...but I guess he really wanted that pile too and-OH MERCY!"
  22. >The griffon flew up high, wings spread and talons bare. "STIFF ME WILL YOU?! I'LL TEAR YOU BOTH TO SHREDS!"
  23. >Well...when it comes to greed. it seems this Griffon could see right through the disguises
  24. >You both gulp as you slap your horn on your head.
  26. >And before the griffon came down. you both were whisked away in a light.
  27. >When you both appeared. You were in the middle of Canterlot. both your manes frazzled with fright in both your eyes.
  28. >Mr.Rich and you immediately noticed others looking at you. Mr.Rich plays it cool, slicks back his mane, and walks forward as he whispers to you "Just act natural Anon, the upper class will eat ya alive if they spot you a mess"
  29. >You didn't see too many upper class ponies about. But you followed his words anyway. Normally you'd not care, but you didn't want to embarrass him.
  30. >You both walked until you came upon a building that seemed to be made of pure platinum. The shimmered in the shine of the sun. It had wonderful windows of golden color and steps of ivory white that lead to twin ebony doors. This place...was fancy. It even had a massive gem adorned on top of a spire on the roof.
  31. "Woah..what is this place Mr.Rich?"
  32. >"The Platinum Crown, a step above gold they say. And the place we'll be eating." Mr.Rich lead you inside as you looked around the lobby. Even inside, the ivory walls and platinum pillars shimmered like no tomorrow. the silky red waiting sofas looked like furniture for a fucking mansion. and the potted plants slowly changed color naturally. Amazing.
  34. >The line for waiting however was very fast. show a reservation ticket, go inside. Efficient.
  35. >The waiter was a monochrome colored Earth pony. His eyes were grey. And his tux black. He didn't seem very jovial.
  36. >When Mr.Rich stepped up to him. He gave him a toothy grin and a hospitable greeting. "Hello Greyscale, working the counter again?"
  37. >"Hello monsieur Rich. Unfortunately yes"
  38. >Mr.Rich gave him a small bag of bits. feeling generous and also wanting to secure a seat. "Too bad. I feel for ya. You wouldn't mind seating me and my little friend here in the usual spot, would ya?"
  39. >But Greyscale pushed the bag away "I'm terribly sorry, but we're full."
  40. >"Full? Hrnn, then I'm guessin' some real big money must be here today. Who is it? Hoity Toity? Fleur De lis?" Mr.Rich didn't seem too hurt that he couldn't get a seat. He didn't anticipate it of course. But he did want to be in the know.
  41. >"Princess Celestia herself! we're packed. The reservations we even have are from a week ago. There's no way we can get you in." Greyscale said. He seemed to have respect for Mr.Rich, and found it regrettable he couldn't seat him.
  42. >....wait.......Celestia is in there?
  43. "Erm...Mr.Greyscale? Would you mind telling us what she's doing?"
  44. >"Hrm?" Greyscale looked like he was about to get snooty for a second. But that was probably because you still looked a little messy. "Well, she's here entertaining a few dignitaries who have foals in her school. Though, it's odd. She has a young foal of her own. And it's not even her son. I'm not too clear about who he is. But it's caught the eye of a few of our patrons"
  45. >A foal?
  46. >Young?
  47. >...wait
  48. >....she brought the fucking changeling to a fucking restaurant?!
  49. >Well fucking shit Celestia. What are you doing? Serving him Love Souffle?!
  50. >you had to get in there.
  51. >You just had to
  53. >No matter how kind Thorax may be. He's a changeling. put him around that many ponies and he's bound to snap out of hunger.
  54. >Mr.Rich looked like he was about to take you somewhere else too.
  55. "Wait, hold on. If Princess Celestia is here, then we can totally get a seat. I happen to know her personally"
  56. >"Really now? And who might you be?" Greyscale asked. In disbelief of your words.
  57. >You stand heroically, finally ready to put your title to good use.
  58. "The Hero Colt! Anon at your service"
  59. >you bow, then flash your horn
  60. "The necklace itself was given to me by Princess Celestia"
  61. >Greyscale called you over to give the necklace a look see. After a quick look. He could see it was of amazing quality. and the style screamed something Celestia "Well, so it seems."
  62. >Mr.Rich knew you were friends with her. But could your title really secure a seat by her side? Well, what was most important to him wasn't that. But just treating you to a good meal. And if that was the only way. So be it. "Do you really think you can get us a seat with the Princess, Anon?"
  63. "I'm sure I can. But...we need to be allowed inside."
  64. >Mr.Rich looked over to Greyscale "Discount on the next batch of Zap Apple Jam."
  65. >Greyscale said nothing at first. Then he stealthily kicked the velevet rope down and looked away "Hrn, there seems to be a spot on that window there. It would be a shame if somepony tried to take advantage of this terrible distraction"
  66. >Based Rich
  67. >You both enter the main dining room. And holy shit. the smell....was the most delicious smell you ever smelled.
  68. >A cornucopia of the fanciest eats you ever did see.
  69. >Well dressed and beautiful ponies pretentiously laughing about things.
  70. >A huge diamond chandelier was above you, it spanned nearly the entire ceiling.
  71. >A fountain was in the center. made of pure platinum.
  72. >There was a classical band up on a stage. With ohh..There was Octavia. And...
  73. >....you'd fuck that horse.
  75. >"There she is Anon, over there." Mr.Rich pointed to her.
  76. >Princess Celestia herself, with Thorax at her side as about six other rich looking mares prattled on about a whole bunch of stupid shit.
  77. >Celestia's smile though. Was kind of creepy. It was the same kind of false smile she had when she was speaking to Chrysalis in front of Twilight. Huh, was this kind of thing something she had to do often? Because you could see through that smile, it didn't seem like she was enjoying herself at all.
  78. >And then there was Thorax, in his "Crystal Hoof" form, seemed nervous about being there. And yet he smiled, and waited patiently. Why was he even here? Friendship shit? with these vapid cunts?
  79. >Though, and this was the important part, he seemed to be controlling himself just fine. He didn't seem to be feeding.
  80. >then again, how could he in a place filled with superficial ponies.
  81. >If he fucked this up. Then everything would be made worse. And not just for Chrysalis.
  82. >Discord could suffer immensely if he gets found out. Which would affect Fluttershy.
  83. >You? no one would believe you had any real hand in it due to your "age"
  84. >Dammit Celestia. You think you're so smart. But you can't even fathom how dangerous a mistake was made.
  85. >And you'd prove it. You could tell when your love was being drained, for sure. If Thorax fed on you then that means Celestia's plan was worthless and it could go back to being your plan again.
  86. >but..
  87. >if it turned out everything was fine...
  88. >Then how long left did you have until judgement day?
  91. "Hold..on....almost.....almost.....hold on...hold on...just a little heavy....hold on....hold on.....hold on....ok..ok..there we go! Got it!"
  92. >When you got the seat placed. You hopped onto it with a sweet smile on your face.
  93. >But everyone was just staring silently at you. Mr.Rich even put his hoof to his face and shook it. Celestia was looking away. Thorax looked a wreck, like his sensitive ears popped or something.
  94. >The hell happened in the minute you were gone? Someone tell a bad joke?
  95. >"Well..that was...certainly something" The unicorn chuckled nervously before clearing her throat and looking towards Celestia "In anycase, Princess Celestia, about the potions class professor., We believe some of the potions he teaches the students to brew may be...a tad dangerous."
  96. >"I can assure you Mrs.Luster, Professor Concoction knows exactly what he is doing for the ten years he's been with us. He's never caused an accident, nor allowed one. I assure you your son is safe" Celestia reassured her.
  97. >You could see Mr.Rich looking through the menu and waiting for his turn to speak. Once he had a chance, he looked to you with a smile. "Ahh, here we are. Anon, I'm going to order us the most expensive meals here. If only because their also the best. Can't get you any of the drinks in here though. Adults only n' all"
  98. >You nod with a sweet smile
  99. "That's alright Mr.Rich, Oh...Princess Celestia, can I ask you something?"
  100. >Celestia looked to you and nodded "Yes? what is it Anon?"
  102. "Welllll, I noticed you brought Crystal Hoof with you. What's the occasion?"
  103. >"Oh! Can I answer that Princess Celestia?" Thorax looked to her with a smile
  104. >Celestia gave you a stare of suspicion before going back to a gentle smile "Of course you can Crystal Hoof"
  105. >Thorax seemed pretty excited to say what he had to say "I asked! It was very kind for the princesses to take me in. And well, Princess Celestia always seems to have a tough day the same way Princess Luna always seems to have a tough night. So I wanted to come with Princess Celestia during the day to show my support and later I'll be there for Princess Luna!..it's um...the least I can do. I know it isn't much. But I want to try at least"
  106. >Huh, how curious. Why would he decide to do that all of a sudden?
  107. >You needed more information.
  108. >"What a respectable little fellow. With that kind of dedication, one could mistake him for your son Princess Celestia. I must say, it was very kind of you to take in an orphaned crystal pony. The times with King Sombra must have been dreadful" Mrs.Uppity said as she noticed a waiter finally coming to the table.
  109. >the way Melancholy scoffed as he approached meant they must have been waiting awhile. Or they were just snooty.
  110. >"My my, quite the coincidence. A colt taken in by a princess that well represents harmony, and of course, our hero colt been taken in by the master of chaos. It's like destiny. And considering you know the princess pretty well Anon, I'd wager my right hoof that you and Crystal Hoof must be the best of friends"
  111. >"Well, I'd like to think we're friends. So yes!" Thorax nodded in agreement. "We're friends!"
  112. >.......ugh, the things you had to agree to.
  113. >He wasn't a bad changeling. But fucking dammit. You barely knew him.
  114. "Oh yeah, we're pretty good buddies"
  115. >Celestia gave you another look. knowing you were fibbing pretty bad.
  117. >When the orders were made, discussion went a long as normal. You became more of an observer over anything else as Celestia continued to talk to her guests with some mentions of you and your adventures since the mares seemed interested in your escapades.
  118. >Mr.Rich engaged in some discussion of his own, or more rather a little advertising and swinging his big corporate dick around a little bit. But he was being polite about it. No hint of smug.
  119. >He was also telling you how excited you must be for all the food he ordered for you and him.
  120. >You sort of just nodded to him while eyeing Thorax, who responded in small words when asked a question, but was mostly sitting there with a smile on his face.
  121. >You didn't feel any different from before. But he seemed pretty focused.
  122. >You didn't think he'd feed on purpose, but he still had to feed. But it didn't even seem like he was taking nibbles. or maybe he was too nervous since you were there.
  123. >After some time. Food was finally served. Everyone, including yourself, got some pretty fancy meals. You didn't know what it was. but it looked pretty ok.
  124. >You noticed Thorax was eating like a proper pony should. Huh...
  125. >The fact he was eating it at all was rather odd.
  126. >"Ahrm, Mr.Anon, you know, Since we're all here. Why don't you all tell us how ya managed to save that other Equestria? Ah betcha it'd make a rousing lunch story." Mr.Rich asked. He felt it would be the perfect time to hear it. Also, he just really wanted to hear the whole thing for himself and this would be the perfect time to listen in.
  127. >The mares seemed to agree. They too wanted to hear the tale.
  128. >But you weren't too interested in telling any variation in the story.
  129. "Erm, I dunno Mr.Rich, there is a lot on my plate right now. Not that I don't appreciate your hospitality or anything. but, ya know. I'm just tired and a little too hungry to tell it"
  131. >Mr.Rich's ears drooped a little in disappointment. "Ahh, no no, you're right. Ah understand. Besides, ya have done enough already. Wouldn't be right to ask you for more than that."
  132. >Well, he understood. that's good.
  133. >The mares looked pretty disappointed too, but, what could you do? You had to make sure everything would be alright.
  134. >"....Anon, is there a reason you keep looking at Crystal Hoof like that?" Celestia...she may have caught on as to what you were doing.
  135. "Oh, uh. I was just looking at his food. It looks pretty good too."
  136. >Thorax pushes his plate gently to you "Do you want some? I wouldn't mind trading for some of yours...unless you're really hungry..then you can just take a little, if you want"
  137. >...fuck...You didn't expect him to actually offer some food.
  138. "Oh, umm..sure! I'll..trade you this for that."
  139. >That was the best you could do to make it look convincing, after taking some of his food. You immediately eat it, chew, and swallow....it was pretty damn good.
  140. "mmmm! That was great!"
  141. >"I know, all the food here is very very good. Thank you Princess Celestia, you're really really kind"
  142. >Celestia gave Thorax a gentle smile and gave him a pat on the head "It's no trouble at all little one.Think of it as a reward for all the progress you have made." Celestia then gave you a dark glare "It's more than I can say for some who truly do not wish to understand the magic of friendship"
  144. >Fuck, she wasn't buying it. She must have really figured out what you were up to.
  145. >You tried to focus on your meal the best you could. Trying to act as if you really had nothing more to say.
  146. >"How's the food Mr.Anon. It's some of the best food money can buy. So I can only imagine how satisfied you are" Mr.Rich seemed pleased with himself for at least that. He wanted to make sure everything was to your liking to match what you had done for him.
  147. "O-oh umm..it's ok"
  148. >You say, not really paying attention as you try to act innocent as you focus on feeling like you have less feelings.
  149. >"Oh...well, erm..I sppose "ok" is, alright. As long as ya like it..." Mr.Rich was tapping on the table, looking down at the ground gloomily.
  150. >Dammit. What was going on. You could swear on the damned bible that something was going to happen.
  151. >But nothing was happening.
  152. >And nothing did happen as conversations continues.
  153. >Mr.Rich seemed to be in a less than chipper mood now. Hrn, interesting...Was that Thorax's doing?
  154. "So, Crystal Hoof. buddy, pal. how you feeling right now?"
  155. >"Oh um. The same! Happy to be here. Why?" Thorax asked as he tilted his head, wondering why you asked the question. He did seem like he was having a good time throughout.
  156. >damn, how could you get him to spill the beans without spilling the beans.
  157. >The answer was..you couldn't. not in public.
  158. "Oh, just thought I'd ask. Because if you felt uncomfortable, I just wanted to tell you not to worry about it. Because it's going to be fine"
  159. >"Gee, Thanks Anon. I already feel fine. But I'll keep that in mind just in case!" Thorax says with no hint of falsehood or maliciousness in his voice.
  160. >Damn, you needed to think of something else.
  162. >Or, you couldn't because as soon as you finished your food. And Celestia's hers. She stood up, and made an announcement to the table. "Pardon me, I know it is unlike me to walk off in the middle of lunch. But I promise it will only be for a moment. I just wish to have a word with our brave hero colt. "
  163. >She wanted to speak to you alone?
  164. >Shit, that wasn't part of your plan. You just wanted to scope out everything so it'd be ok. Not actually chat with her one on one during the actual lunch.
  165. >And as you looked to Mr.Rich, Thorax, and the three old mares. You knew this was something you couldn't just refuse without seeming rude.
  166. "Oh, sure! of course! It'll be my honor Princess Celestia!"
  167. >"Then please, follow me outside so we may speak." Celestia lead you back out through the front of the restaurant just outside it's steps.
  168. "Ummm....So uhh...what is it?"
  169. >You noticed her horn starting to glow. She wasn't responding to your question. Which only made your heart sink into more worry.
  170. "P-princess Celestia?...you're not going to zap me with magic..are you?"
  171. >"No Anon, I'm merely casting a listening spell. It will make it appear to other ponies that we are talking about something else. Because what we're going to talk about is your abhorrent behavior and distrust"
  172. >Abhorrent?! The fuck? No no no, you weren't going to take that. You were just making sure nothing was going to go wrong.
  173. "Huh? Woah, that's a pretty heavy accusation Celestia. I didn't do anything "abhorrent". as for the distrust thing? No, not really. I know Thorax is a good guy, but a changeling has got to eat. You don't think it was reckless letting him out into the public like this?"
  174. >Celestia just raised an eyebrow at you "And letting her out was any better?"
  175. >You nearly faltered at that one, but you pointed your hoof at her with a smirk.
  176. "Aha! But she's cursed to stay in a single form"
  178. >"And yet she can still feast on ponies however she wishes, the ponies I swore to protect, the ponies you are letting being drained through her presence"
  179. >You raise your hoof again, but then you realize. Celestia was right on that one.
  180. "Well...yeah, but. Y'know. She can't really hurt anypony...."
  181. >shit....How the fuck did you walk into that one.
  182. "S-still, me and Chrysalis are getting closer everyday. I mean, yeah. I've accepted the inevitable and all. But I still have to make sure nothing is going to go wrong. That includes on this side too. If Thorax gives in to temptation. Chrysalis can exploit that. And if that happens. You,Discord,Fluttershy, me, Luna, And Twilight. We could all be in pretty dire straits after that"
  183. >"Really?" Celestia didn't seem to be taking you too seriously "Temptation you say? Please elaborate, you have been around changelings much longer than I have. So explain to me what EXACTLY is the problem"
  184. "Well...the problem. As I explained. Is Thorax giving into temptation. I know Chrysalis will be away while he reforms the changelings. But all it'll take is one slip up from him to ruin everything. And should a changeling go back to Chrysalis due to that. She'll manipulate things to go back to the way it was. And she'll also know Thorax is alive and then everything will just blow up all around us. Figuratively of course. Bringing Thorax to a public place could undo everything you and Luna have been trying to do for him. I think it's too early. I mean, look at Scrappy. He loves Applebloom and the others to death and he still feeds. So yeah, my theory holds prettttttty good water I think"
  186. >But Celestia just speaks in a sarcastic tone to you, disrespecting your theory "And I'm sure that's exactly what your reasoning would be if you were fully telling the truth. I do have something to say about Thorax. But let me tell you what I think about that first. And it comes down to a very simple fact. No matter what you tell yourself. You are obsessed with maintaining your friendships and protecting those you care about. Which is admirable. Its through that that you managed to defeat and reform Starlight Glimmer. You would obsess over her welfare and safety until you were sure she would be alright. That same obsession is what drives you to do what you are doing with Queen Chrysalis. The difference is that she is, and still proves to be a monster and a blight to pony kind, and as it seems, even her own children. Your obsession has blinded you Anon. You should be focusing on the friends who truly care about you. And not on her...friends like Filthy Rich"
  187. >Huh, what did she mean by that? Mentioning him directly like that..it was odd. And your obsession? It wasn't that bad! You were just doing for Chrysalis what you did for Starlight. You still hung out with her and all your other friends. But most of all. The thing you found the weirdest was that Chrysalis was harming her own children. Where and how did she get that fucking idea?
  188. "Woah woah, backtrack to the children thing. What do you mean a "blight"? What gives you that idea?"
  189. >"I'll answer that question Anon. But first, I'd like you to answer one of mine. Do you believe that a changeling needs to feed on others love to survive?"
  190. >..what kind..of question..was that?! DUHHHHHH, of course they needed to feast on love. That's their entire shtick.
  191. "Yes, now answer my question please"
  193. >"Hold on, I have one more." Celestia's stare became more focused, more serious, as if this was one of the most important questions she ever asked "You believe they need to feast on love to survive. But tell me Anon, regarding their food source, haven't you noticed anything off about Scrappy? Do you even know anything about Thorax's progress?"
  194. >Thorax's progress? On what..being nice? Because you didn't know what that had to do with their food source. But Scrappy?
  195. "Well, admittingly.Scrappy does eat a lot less than the other changelings. But I don't see what that has to do with anything. For all we know, all that fasting from food can cause them to engorge themselves later. So I don't see the point in bringing it up"
  196. >"Just as I expected. Anon, I sent a letter today that had you just been patient. You would have known that last night. Thorax had finished the odd metamorphosis that was happening to his wings."
  197. "Metawhat now? His wings? What does that have to do with anything?"
  198. >No seriously, why even bring it up?
  199. >"Anon. Thorax hasn't needed to feed since then. He doesn't need to sustain himself on love anymore. His wings, they became beautiful and elegant just as he was learning what love and friendship truly meant. In fact, I think he reached this state because he understands. He only needs to feed on normal food now from time to time as he himself produces the love he needs to survive. Furthermore, perhaps had you waited. You would have seen in that letter that I wanted to talk to you personally about a change in plans."
  200. >....His wings? He doesn't need to feed? And a change in plans?
  201. "W-wait..."
  202. >...no..fucking. Did that mean? You were dead wrong? Thorax doesn't even need to eat love anymore? How, how does that even work! Chrysalis would have surely known about that kind of shit if that's the truth.
  203. >And yet, this was Celestia. She wouldn't lie to you to get the better of you.
  204. >Holy fuck..she was serious.
  205. "..I...er"
  207. >"Hold yourself Anon.." Celestia noticed you were faltering now. She could see that you didn't nor even could have seen something such as that happening. but she had hoped you had at least pondered on it given what you were told before. "I can see now that you are realizing your mistake. But I cannot let you off so easily. I can't. Because I can tell you still don't understand. Simply put, we had tried to accommodate you when it came to Queen Chrysalis. We had given you chances, given you leeway, and even tried to make the end result of this plan benefit you in some way. And yet you still act selfishly. Anon, there are others who care about you deeply. And you ignore them. or cast them aside for your foolish whims." Celestia looks towards the doors, as if she was looking straight at Thorax, with sorrow in her eyes "And it is those whims that have changed Thorax's mind about reforming his siblings. He still wishes to reform them yes. But he also wishes to face his former queen at the same time. Anon, he wants to try to reform her as well just for your benefit. Because truly believes he and you have a friendship that he too wishes to protect. He is loving and kind, Anon. He wishes to better himself and fix the reputation his kind has. And so holds on to friendships very dearly. And yet you? You don't really care about him at all..do you?"
  208. >....oh fuck...
  209. >He was going to try and face Chrysalis as well. For you? He was doing it for you?
  210. >So there really was no issue. And he isn't a threat. In fact, now you knew that perhaps. All the changelings could change their wings and appetite like he did. If Scrappy was any indication anyway.
  211. >The worst part was Celestia was right. You didn't care about him too much. But, it seemed he cared about you.
  212. "I er...ummm.."
  214. >"And then there is Mr.Rich, who seemed to have wanted to treat you to a good meal, a meal which you squandered through your distrust. Had your motive been to simply comply with him. I would not have minded you eating with us at our table. But you cast his feelings aside just to try to prove something to me. Tell me Anon, knowing what you know now. Was it worth it?" Celestia looked back at you like a mother lecturing her son. Something you couldn't fight back against.
  215. >How could you have fucked up that hard? You couldn't counter anything.
  216. "......."
  217. >You hung your head low. You felt god awful.
  218. >Thorax, through his interactions with the princesses, had become something else. From what you could think of. The end result of a reformation. Something that had Chrysalis gone for, she wouldn't need to take over Equestria anymore.
  219. >And yet, she wasn't even close to reaching that state. While Thorax has in such a short time.
  220. >And Scrappy was somewhere inbetween. Which meant all the changelings were capable of it.
  221. >And then there was Mr.Rich. He just wanted to pay you back. He just wanted to make you happy.
  222. >And you just threw it away.
  223. >And now, you understood your obsession.
  224. >Chrysalis was never going to change...
  225. >It was a wasted effort.
  226. >even if the others change, she won't.
  227. >Your quest was doomed from the started.
  228. "...When is it happening?"
  229. >"Within the week Anon. I still need to speak with Discord. Which, should he read the letter I also sent him yesterday. will be soon."
  230. >Within the week...
  231. >....
  232. >Celestia gently put her hoof on your shoulder, making you flinch. and look up at her with sad eyes. You truly understood now. You had to let this happen, for sure. Chrysalis was going to hate you, sure. But really, even if this didn't happen, you couldn't let her take over Equestria. If she came close and you had to stop her. She'd hate you just as much as what's going to happen soon.
  234. >really, there was no future for this friendship. And you felt foolish for it. All your other friends. You were throwing them aside for someone who would eventually hate you.
  235. >"I'm sorry Anon, but now you must understand why it must be this way. A real hero knows what's important. Saving those who are a prisoner to their own lust for food. Stopping one who wishes to cause ruination to all. So much is at stake Anon. A hero knows when to make sacrifices."
  236. >You cringe from the thought. But she was right. There was no other way.
  237. "I know..."
  238. >"Anon. some things simply must be. I know it hurts. But you ignored the risks. And there's nothing anypony can do about the consequences. My advice to you is to focus on the friends who truly care about you. Help them, and let them help you. When Chrysalis is gone. If Thorax cannot reform her. Then you must accept that that will be it. She is a criminal, a monster, caring for nopony but herself. I simply cannot let that go unchecked as she continues to exploit you and Discord to extend her reach.I understand it will be difficult. But you will have the support of your friends to help you through it." Celestia brought you close for a hug. She didn't hate you. But she wanted you to stop your shenanigans. It was unhealthy, and ludicrous.
  239. >Within your depression. You realized more and more how hurt your friends must be seeing you focus on her. Scootaloo suffered trying to help you. Starlight tried to warn you. Thorax wants to give it a go. And you disregarded it all for Chrysalis.
  240. >Mr..Rich...
  241. "Princess, can I go back inside please? I don't want Mr.Rich to feel like what he did isn't appreciated..."
  242. >Celestia nodded.
  243. >And you? Without anyway to validate your own situation. Fully gave in to the truth.
  245. >You'd have to stay away from Chrysalis from now on. Not like she'd really notice anyway.
  246. >You just turned and walked inside with your head held down. Celestia didn't follow at first. She pondered instead. She knew she made the right choice. The needs of the many, in this case, outweighed the need of the few. She just never thought that Chrysalis would be capable of friendship at all.
  247. >Maybe Thorax could do it, she thought. If she cared about you that much. Then she too...should understand sacrifice.
  248. >But Celestia felt a stronger dread that she would not. But she had to ignore that dread. For something like this, she could do it easily. Her subjects, their friends and family, and the well being of Equestria came first. And no matter what, she'd never throw that away. Especially not for a volatile friendship.
  250. >You approached the table, summoning up a smile as you take your place on your seat. Celestia coming in just as you sit down.
  251. >"I don't suppose that was all private, correct?" Mrs.Uppity asked
  252. >Celestia nodded as she took her seat "I apologize, but it is. It's nothing to worry about however" Celestia let's out a gentle giggle "in the grand scheme of things, it's just uninteresting business"
  253. >"Indeed..." Mrs. Meloncholy mumbled boredly. She didn't seem too interested if it was uninteresting or tasteful.
  254. "Oh um, Mr.Rich. Let me just say that I apologize for seeming rude. I was just overwhelmed by everything. I thought I could handle it but..."
  255. >You chuckle nervously
  256. "..Well, you can say I feel like I'm being judged by everypony."
  257. >At first Mr.Rich just stared, then he let out a chuckle, a chuckle that signified that all that horrid feeling he was feeling was washing off as everything became "clear" to him. "Well, that ain't too far from the truth Anon. But I knew something had to be wrong with you actin' all off like that. Especially after the day we had. So I'm going to guess you really did enjoy that food right? Because I ordered dessert. No need to thank me, I just got the impression that maybe it'd cheer you up."
  258. >Dammit...
  259. >You didn't mean...
  260. >No, Celestia was right.
  261. >So, you faked enthusiasm the best you could.
  262. "Oh Boy! Dessert! Now you're talkin'! Thanks Mr.Rich! You're the best!"
  263. >Mr.Rich grinned big, he enjoyed your zeal and words. Even if the excitement was false. He didn't know it.
  264. >"So then, I don't suppose you'd be willing to tell your story now. I want to hear what the Hero Colt is actually capable of. Since the Princess assures us it's the truth" It seemed Melancholy really was interested to hear this wacky tale. You didn't think or even consider why she'd be interested. You just agreed to tell it as to not be a party pooper this time. Of course, with a few personal edits.
  266. >Throughout the weight, and throughout dessert. You told your tale with vigor and energy. Leaving out Chrysalis and everything with "Mr.Audit"
  267. >You span your web of action and magic as everyone stared upon you as they slowly ate.
  268. >When you got to the part where you beat up the robot however. You accidentally smashed your hooves into your dessert in excitement to represent your punching. it got cream all over your legs, table,a nd on Princess Celestia's face. Making everyone on the table gasp.
  269. >Celestia merely smiled and licked her tongue along her muzzle and took in the cream and giggled. "My my, sounds like you had a "delicious" victory Anon."
  270. >Celestia speaking at all about it nearly drained all your energy.She was really good at acting like nothing happened. Keeping herself from showing any notion other than pure enjoyment for your story.
  271. "A-and that's pretty much it...erm..I'm sorry Princess Celestia."
  272. >You look down at your battered dessert and poke at it.
  273. "I got a little too into it."
  274. >"You don't need to fret Anon. Considering how perilous your adventure was, it's only natural to get so excited when talking about it. Reminds me when my sister and I faced down King Sombra all that time ago. Of course, everypony knows that tale by now." Celestia said with a gentle grin as she finished her own tasty delicious little cake.
  275. "Oh..Yeah.."
  276. >You slowly began to eat your battered dessert when something came to mind.
  277. "...umm, refresh my memory on that. There wasn't a "Radiant Hope" anywhere, right? Ya know, In facing off with King Sombra?"
  278. >"Who?" Celestia had no idea who you were talking about.
  279. >thank christ.
  280. "Oh erm...nothing."
  281. "Oh and, I'm sorry about the dessert Mr.Rich, it's super tasty thought!"
  283. >"It's no trouble Anon, but I could order you another one." Mr.Rich said with a quiet chuckle. He thought it was cute you were still eating it. It did his heart good to see such innocence in a young colt. Made him feel even better about you marrying his daughter.
  284. "No no, it's fine. I don't think they could whip up anything better than what I have right now. I've never had this before"
  285. >You just start digging in, taking huge bites. It was pretty fantastic
  286. "Mmm! Mmm! Really good!"
  287. >Thorax calmly ate his dessert. He didn't really have too much to say. He just looked to Celestia with a cheery smile. "Princess Celestia, can I ask you a question?"
  288. >Celestia looked to Thorax with a motherly smile "Yes Crystal Hoof?"
  289. >"Do you think, perhaps tomorrow, we can go to the school again so I may read another story to the students? I thought it was fun...erm..and I don't want to seem too much of a bother but they did look happy and-"
  290. >Celestia put a hoof gently on his shoulder and nodded "Of course, I too saw how happy they were to be read a story. Your puppet act really added on to the reading as well. So yes. Just be sure to let either me or my sister know when you;re leaving so we can plan accordingly."
  291. >Thorax nodded "Thank you Princess Celestia."
  292. >Just like that. She trusted him to go do a reading to a bunch of foals.
  293. >Dammit Anon, how badly did you fuck up?
  294. >After lunch was over. You and Mr.Rich said your goodbyes.
  295. >Thorax however, couldn't leave without giving you a hug. He whispered in your ears "Thanks for finding me Anon. You, and Princess Luna, and Scrappy. You're a really good friend. And I promise I'll do my best to repay you"
  296. >You gulped, and just whispered back.
  297. "Y-yeah..erm..your welcome"
  299. >Thorax. He was obviously talking about reforming Chrysalis. He really had no ill will towards you. You wonder if that'd still be the case if he knew what you thought of him before.
  300. >Or maybe..he did. Changeling can sense feelings. He may have already known back at the meeting. But didn't say anything. about it.
  301. >Maybe, when you can speak to him more privately. You should talk to him about that.
  302. >Maybe, you should respect Scrappy a little more.
  303. >A lot more.
  304. >Dammit...
  305. >Trying to keep your thoughts in check. You and Mr.Rich take a train back to Ponyville. Without a charge in your horn, teleporting was impossible. And fuck using the map. If he got even one look at any of the changelings who might or might not be in your room. You'd be done.
  306. >Mr.Rich was once again thankful for what you did for him. He also asked you a few fatherly questions.
  307. >He asked if the food really was that good
  308. >If it caused you to have any stomach aches
  309. >to not tell ANYONE about the adventure
  310. >he went on with a few tales of his own about his business
  311. >And of course, he asked about what you and Celestia talked about.
  312. >You made sure to listen to every word he said and answer accordingly. But you couldn't tell him what you talked to Celestia about. You politely told him that it had to be a secret. Which thankfully he understood.
  313. >The train ride wasn't too long. But it was already late afternoon.
  314. >When you both stepped off the train. You both decided to see Mrs.Muffin Top at her classroom to see when exactly the swap ended.
  315. >When you both arrived. Mrs.Muffin Top was already packing things up and getting ready to go.
  316. >"Oh, hello you two." Mrs.Muffin Top said with a cheerful smile when she saw you two come in.
  317. >"Good evenin' Mrs.Muffin Top. I see you're packin'. Ah can only assume class is over." Mr.Rich said.
  319. >"It is indeed, dont'cha know. Your wife was wondering where you went." Mrs. Muffin Top giggled "She had her maids look all around town looking for the both of you after everypony swapped back. even after I told her that you two were probably out having a father and son experience. Speaking of, did you two go fishing? or something else?"
  320. >"Somethin' like that. Let's just say we caught us two real big whoppers. Anon, he's an amazin' little go getter and the most honest pony ya ever saw." Mr.rich said as he rubbed his hoof gently on your head.
  321. >...dammit.
  322. >Just get through this Anon...
  323. "Yep! And Mr.Rich is super cool too! I finally got to see inside his shop for the first time. It was so cozy I didn't want to leave!"
  324. >Mrs.Muffin Top couldn't help but smile hearing that as she closed up her saddle bags. "And that's what I like to hear. It really does look like I didn't need to come here at all. Everypony passed....well, by varying degrees, but still. Much better than any of my other classes, dont'cha know. You two aren't even related and yet I can tell from looking at your face Mr.Rich that you already see him as your son. I suppose given your daughter's reaction, that it shouldn't be a surprise. But Anon..."
  325. >She noticed something...sad..about you.
  326. >"Is there something wrong? You can tell little old Muffin Top, Don'tcha know." Mrs.Muffin Top, Dammit...you forgot she could see through acts.
  327. >"Anon, is there somethin' wrong son?" Mr.Rich looked to you with worry.
  328. >Shit! Shit! Shit!
  329. >Think of a good lie!
  330. >Dammit! It wouldn't work...unless..there was some truth to it?
  331. "Oh...I..yeah. I guess there's something. I guess I was just worried that somewhere, I made a mistake during this whole thing"
  332. >That was vague enough to work..right?
  333. >"Oh, Ah get it." Mr.Rich was the first to respond. thinking he understood what was going on. Which grabbed Muffin Top's interest.
  335. >Mr.Rich explained the part of meeting Celestia. His version of your explanation was that you probably just felt you may have not seemed worthy enough to be in her and her guests' company. which Mr.Rich then assured you that you did perfectly fine. Something you pretended to be reluctant to agree with to throw Muffin Top off the trail.
  336. >And thankfully. It seemed to work.
  337. >She didn't even seem to be suspicious of Chrysalis. who no doubt, wanting this to be over. Did her thing to fool her with honest dishonesty as well.
  338. >Muffin Top then said her goodbyes. Extremely thankful that she got to experience the breath of fresh air that was Ponyville. Mentioning that she'd probably have a family gathering here one day.
  339. >And with the fact that Spoiled had sent maids to find the both of you. Mr.rich said his goodbyes as well. Realizing he needed to get home or else there may be trouble. He didn't leave without giving you a hug however. And once again thanking you for the "trip". In which you thanked him back for the meal.
  340. >And with no one realizing you were back. You felt it'd probably be good to give Fluttershy a visit. Let her know you were ok and that nothing bad happened.
  341. >You didn't want her to be worried.
  342. >then you had to get back home...and ask if there was a letter.
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