[NSFW] Rainbow beach fun

Jun 1st, 2018
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  1. >"Dude."
  2. >"Dude."
  3. >"Anon!"
  4. "Hm!?"
  5. >You tear your eyes from your friend's swimwear, only able to meet her gaze after a few more moments of collecting yourself.
  6. >"It's a swimsuit."
  7. >As if to emphasize her words, Rainbow pulls at the elastic going around her waist, letting the fabric snap back with an audible smack.
  8. >"Quit staring already."
  9. "But..."
  10. >You have to put conscious effort into forming the words, your throat proving to be a lot dryer than you thought it would.
  11. >Your head is swimming, and a gentle fuzziness is clouding the back of your mind, dulling your thoughts.
  12. "But it's so-"
  13. >"If you're gonna make this weird, I'm going home, man," the girl interrupts, "you promised you'd be cool!"
  14. "Yeah, yeah, I'm cool," you croak, holding your hands up in mock surrender, but you catch your eyes wandering to her small, perky breasts again.
  15. >Their forms are barely even hidden by the bikini's top, and you can just make out the hint of soft puffiness at their center.
  16. "I'm cool."
  17. >You're cool.
  18. >"You're practically sweating bullets, and it's not even THAT hot. C'mon, you see me in my gym shorts all the time."
  19. >Even though she's right, and you had the pronounced pleasure of seeing your friend in tight-fitting clothing before, compared to the soft, glistening sensation in front of you right now, she may as well have been wearing a parka.
  20. >"Are you seriously telling me my naked thighs are enough to get you going?"
  21. >The bewilderment is clear in her voice, although you detect a hint of something else in there.
  22. >Something baser.
  23. >Something more dangerous.
  24. >A shadow of a grin plays on Dash's lips, and she can't help but turn around and wedge the bottom of her two-piece just a bit higher into her buttcrack.
  25. >"Or is it my ass?"
  26. >Good Lord.
  27. "And your tanlines."
  28. >You speak the words before your brain is able to catch up.
  29. "And your tits."
  30. >You realize what you said a moment later, staring at the girl with wide eyes.
  31. >Although there is a bit of an embarrassed tinge of pink creeping into her cheeks, Rainbow still manages to shoot you a toothy grin.
  32. >"Jeez," she laughs, "I didn't know you were so pervy, Anon."
  33. >Well, it's not your fault your friend has a body that looks like it's made for one singular purpose and is also wearing what could only be described as the vague idea of a swimsuit, too.
  34. >"But it's nice to be appreciated, I guess."
  35. "Hmm?"
  36. >You can't bring yourself to respond in a meaningful manner.
  37. >"Tell you what: let's hit the water before THAT"—she points at your crotch with a dangerous spark in here eye, eyeing the treacherous bulge just in the process of gaining serious traction—"turns into a full-blown problem, and I'll see what I can do about it."
  38. >With that, your friend starts sprinting towards the water, but not before giving you one last look over her shoulder and pumping her balled fist in a crude gesture.
  39. >You just sit there for a moment, sorting your thoughts.
  40. >And before you know, you're running after her, awkwardly trying to hide your boner and not trip over your own feet from sheer excitement.
  42. "Fuck, slow down, Dash…"
  43. >"No!"
  44. >It’s a couple of minutes later.
  45. >You and Rainbow have both made it into the water by now, deep enough for it to go well beyond your waist level.
  46. >And like she promised, your friend immediately freed your boner and started stroking it, barely even giving you time to check if you were actually close to any other swimmers.
  47. >You’re pretty far out, thankfully, with the bulk of the beachgoers clustering near the shore, but that still doesn’t stop you from nervously looking around every couple of seconds.
  48. >Your friend is standing as close to you as she can, pressing her belly into your dick and boldly stroking it from above.
  49. >The sensation of the soft skin of her stomach, together with the slipperiness of the water and the furious assault of the girl’s hands is quickly clouding your senses.
  50. >If you wouldn’t be standing as close as you do, you’re pretty sure Rainbow would be churning up the water with her strokes, alerting the whole beach as to what is happening below the surface.
  51. "S-seriously, slow down. That girl over there totally just noticed."
  52. >"Bullshit," Rainbow throws the person in question a dismissive glance, not even missing a single beat of her handiwork. "And if she did, fuck her. If you’re gonna get a hard-on like this from just fucking looking at my body, at the very least I get to play with it."
  53. >With how close she’s standing, Dash is basically whispering to you, trapping your boner between your stomachs.
  54. >Her smooth thighs have been rubbing against you for a while now.
  55. >"Also don’t tell me you’re not enjoying this," Dash whispers with flushed cheeks, a devious smile on her lips. "Wanna get closer to shore?"
  56. "No!"
  57. >She starts pushing into you, rubbing you even more with her body, all the while slowly inching closer towards the beach.
  58. >"Aw, come on. I bet we could get a little closer before it starts poking out."
  59. >The girl’s words drip into your ear like honey, the rough, throaty growl in her voice turning you wild.
  60. >You’d have pushed her back towards the open water, but you find your hands are firmly locked around your friend’s buttcheeks, gingerly kneading the toned flesh and exploring the hot, exciting spot of water between her thighs.
  61. >Her bikini has crept up so far up her butt that she may as well be wearing a thong by now.
  62. >"Ah!" she grins, squeezing your dick for a bit of extra pleasure, "you totally twitched just now! Is this turning you on? The idea of getting caught?"
  63. >Fuck.
  64. >This is bad.
  65. "Fuck this," you pant. "Raise your ass!"
  66. >With a quick motion, you pull the bikini pants down over her butt, sliding them down her legs and holding the fabric out of the water for the girl to ogle.
  67. >Before she can react, you throw it away with a good amount of force.
  68. >It splashes onto the water’s surface about ten meters away, lazily floating in the softly-bobbing waves.
  69. >"Hey!" Rainbow complains without stopping her motions, her face a healthy shade of red by now. "I’ll need that to get out, you know."
  70. "Not my problem."
  71. >Pulling off her top for good measure, you flick it away like you did its counterpart in the opposite direction.
  72. >Dash is now completely naked, her perky breasts just peeking out above the water level.
  73. >"I fucking knew you were a perv, Anon."
  74. "Says the girl with her hands on my dick."
  75. >Your hands start exploring her crotch again, although where there was slippery fabric before, you now come across soft, hot flesh and the carefully-manicured stubble of a landing strip.
  76. >Fuck, that’s hot.
  77. >Before you know, you’re playing with the girl’s pussy like she is with your dick, squishing and squeezing and all the while getting closer and closer to your release.
  78. >Rainbow herself is not easily outdone, as she is happy to demonstrate, stroking and twisting you even faster.
  79. >You’re both going for it now, trading blows and exploiting openings, each desperate to make the other one lose.
  80. >She squeezes your dick and you slip a finger into her pussy.
  81. >You find her button and she starts kneading your balls.
  82. >She bites your neck and you fondle her breasts.
  83. >You kiss.
  85. >You’re both panting hard by now, determined not to be the first to succumb to the other.
  86. "How do you like getting a taste of your own medicine, huh?"
  87. >"I fucking love it."
  88. >She’s almost slurring her words from lust.
  89. >"Take this!"
  90. >Pushing herself off of the floor and floating up, your friend expertly wraps her thighs around your waist.
  91. >Her weightless form is tightly hugging yours, and you can feel the heat radiating from her skin melt into you.
  92. >Your boner is trapped against the squishy flesh of her pussy, excitedly poking out between her lips.
  93. "Fffuck…"
  94. >You know she’s got you
  95. >Dash does, too.
  96. >As if on autopilot, you support her form with one arm, using the other to pinch and twist her nipples.
  97. >She keeps grinding into you, rubbing your dick with her sex, the slipperiness of the water amplifying the sensation.
  98. >It’s a good thing the lift helps carrying her weight because your legs are all but giving out.
  99. "Dash, I’m…"
  100. >"Yep…"
  101. >You kiss again.
  102. >Her legs start to convulse around you just as you’re pushed over the edge yourself, the first strand of white shooting out into the water.
  103. >You press her close, and she all but clamps herself to you, panting and moaning and drooling into your mouth with ecstasy.
  104. >Electricity is tingling down your spine, and you fall over backwards a few moments later, exhaustedly floating like a dummy used for rescue training.
  105. >Dash is mimicking your stance.
  107. >It takes a bit before either of you is able to speak again.
  108. >It’s a good thing you’re still in the water, as you’re pretty sure neither of you could support your own weight right now.
  109. >You’re just hovering below the surface, drifting along with the gentle current.
  110. "Fuck me…"
  111. >"Next time, okay?" Rainbow chuckles wearily.
  112. "I just hope nobody saw us."
  113. >Looking around again with great effort, the other swimmers are still some ways off, although the girl you saw earlier seems suspiciously interested in watching the horizon.
  114. >"They didn’t. Well, she did," your friend jerks her thumb towards the girl in question.
  115. "What?! Dash, we’re-"
  116. >"Relax," Rainbow interrupts, "I know her, don’t worry. And I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it."
  117. "I…"
  118. >"Don’t worry, it’s cool."
  119. >You’re still not entirely buying it, but then again you’re way too drained to fully care right now.
  120. >You just want to keep floating, letting the sea wash away your afterglow with the gentle caress of her prodding waves.
  121. >"Hey, Anon."
  122. "Hmm?"
  123. >"Did you see where my swimsuit went?"
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