Routing Bolero Skip into Glitchless Any%

dannyb21892 Feb 10th, 2017 (edited) 185 Never
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  1. So it's possible to skip bolero in glitchless with a damage boost. I rediscovered it yesterday (it's apparently an old trick that some people know about already). It looks like this:
  3. Glitchless normally does the following route at the start of adult 1:
  5. -hookshot
  6. -climb dmt to magic
  7. -get bolero from the crater
  8. -lost woods via goron city, aqua escape to zora's fountain
  9. -get farores wind and do ice cavern for iron boots
  10. -play bolero and do fire temple
  11. -after fire, crater->goron city->lost woods->forest temple
  12. -after forest, serenade to water temple
  14. this route is good because water temple and forest temple each HEAVILY depend on using farores wind to break the dungeons. having fw when doing these dungeons is an absolute must.
  16. Now if we do bolero skip we run into a problem. Getting to fire temple pretty much has to happen immediately after magic, since we're right there and skipping bolero means we have no fast means of returning. And after fire temple we are stranded with no way to exit the crater since the bolero cutscene trigger blocks our way to goron city and thus lost woods and forest temple. The only real way out is to savewarp, which puts you in temple of time which is obviously way too far away from anything to be worth it.
  18. One option is to get minuet before fire temple somehow. But basically that means playing minuet to exit ice cavern after iron boots. and getting to fire temple from sacred forest meadow is SO slow.
  20. The fastest option I see is the following. I haven't timed anything but I can't imagine any other bolero skip route would be faster than this:
  22. -In child 1 after Dodongo's Cavern, climb DMT and get magic (instead of going straight to kak toward jabu)
  23. -Take the owl down to kak
  24. -jabu segment as normal
  25. -get FW after the sapphire cutscene
  26. -savewarp then normal through hookshot in adult 1
  27. -after hookshot, climb DMT, enter Dodongo's Cavern (yes, not a typo lol) and set farores wind
  28. -Climb DMT to goron city, lost woods
  29. -Learn minuet, deathwarp to the start of SFM
  30. -Backtrack through lost woods to aqua escape
  31. -In zora's fountain, go straight to IC since you already have FW
  32. -Ice cavern as normal except after iron boots use farores wind to warp back to dodongos cavern (lmao)
  33. -Climb DMT to the top of the crater and do bolero skip
  34. -Fire temple
  35. -After fire, minuet to forest temple
  37. This route is weird as all hell and I have no intuition as to whether it will be faster than the normal route. But I'm fairly confident it's the fastest of all bolero skip route options.
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