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  1. <b><size=30><align="center">PERPHEADS SCP Server - Join us on</align></size=40></b>
  3. <b><color=#ff0000>Server Owners:</color></b>
  5. jjjackier#5672
  6. Aquaa#6587
  7. Creepis#5209
  9. <size=20><color=#ff0000>Server Rules:</color></size>
  10. <b>1.</b> Don't be a huge F word.
  11. <b>2.</b> Respect our fellow players.
  12. <b>3.</b> Tone it down on the racism and keep it to a not personal level.
  13. <b>4.</b> Don't bother spamming Staff for any issues/special treatment/spawning of items/forcing a class.
  14. <b>5.</b> You're welcome to communicate with each other on our Discord (or other servers) as long as you're not meta-gaming by exchanging any game relevant information (e.g. telling the SCPs where Class-D are located).
  15. <b>6.</b> No griefing (Closing the doors on others intentionally while there is no threat by another team, activating the Tesla gate as 079 to gain XP by killing other SCPs, intentionally breaking a keycard in 914 to trap everyone, etc.).
  16. <b>7.</b> Mic spamming is allowed as long as you're not causing tinnitus or spamming overly racist shit (See rule #3).
  17. <b>8.</b> Teaming can be a thing. It's up to you to who's friend or foe if you're into something new ;)
  18. <b>9.</b> If you cheat we lost all hope in humanity. May the Day Break event be a real thing and turn you into a flesh monster for your sins.
  20. Info:
  21. This server was created after having our community play privately with 13-16 people on a daily basis. We've decided to go public to gather more people to play with! We're located on EU-West, all regions are welcome to play with us. Visit our forums over at
  23. These links are clickable:
  24. Discord: <link=>Click here</link>
  25. Forums for DMs if Discord isn't your thing: <link="">PERPHeads</link>
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