SW - 96

Sep 8th, 2020 (edited)
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~ Silent War ~

작은 전쟁 --- Publisher Link

By 타르초 --- 얀새

Script Information:

Blonde B
Chubby C
Short Hair S
Red R
Teacher T
Underlings U1...
Randoms R1...

{Inner talk / Thought / Narration}

Chat / Note

Chapter - 96




H: !!

Taken aback

F: Oh...


F: ......

H: Did you come to see Gunner? There is no one here right now.

F: Uh... I know... I'm here to pick something up...

Both: ......



F: ......


F: You haven't left yet?

M: Yeah, I was wondering if there was anything I could help you with...

F: No. I don't need your help.








M: ......

F: ......

M: !!


M: Ah...

F: Why did you do that?


M: Sorry... I wanted to take the lead this time.

M: You once did everything you wanted to me, you sucked me, rode me and had sex with me without asking... Well, you already know what you've done.

M: So just like you I'm going to do whatever I want from now on.


F: ......

M: ...

M: Mi-Hee is definitely not an M...

M: Should I feel relieved...?

Step Step

S: Phew... Thanks God.

S: It's such a terrible feeling to wear the same underwear two days in a row

M: So you aren't going back to Gunner's place?

S: Yes, he isn't trustworthy...
You can't work with someone you don't trust.


M: Then, what are you gonna do from now on?


S: Well, I'm gonna think about it. It's not like it's the first or second times something like this is happening to me...

M: I don't want to pry too much but...

M: Noona, what the hell happened to you to end in such situation?

S: Nmm... My little boy is curious about my past?



M: N-noona... Why are you taking off your shorts?

S: Come on man, when a lady changes her panties, you have to look away.

M: Oh... Sorry noona...

S: The place where I originally worked is located far away from Seoul, a city on the beachside.


S: I wanted to be at ease and started to work in a place where no one knew me.


S: There was a nice and pretty bar in this city which gangsters often visited.
In short, I've been working there without a hitch...

S: But one day, this man noticed me and everything fell apart...

S: {Yang Pal-Jo... Among all the gangsters I've seen, he was the craziest.}

S: {Someone like him ending with me... It was just bad luck...}

S: {At first I thought he was one of the worst customer...}

S: {Sigh... He was the one who loved having sex the most, a total maniac.}

S: {You know it was like... He had his own philosophy about sex, it was a one-dimensional act, I was a mere tool for him.}

S: {Anyway, he quickly took a liking to me and chose me every time he visited the bar.}

S: {I've been subjected to all sorts of things by him...}

S: {I'm ashamed to tell you this but that fucker is the one who take my anal virginity...}

S: {Even though I didn't like it and begged him to stop, he didn't listen to me...}

S: {I couldn't do anything against him, I was just this bastard's toy.}

S: {No one could stop him and I thought he'd never let me go...}

S: {So I cut my hair and ran away to another city to avoid him because I had no other choice...}

S: {My income was a little lower than what I was used to earn but at least I could feel at ease.}

S: {And of course my peace didn't last long, the fucker found me a little after}

S: {He was such a madman than I couldn't do anything against him...}

S: {If I called the police and got him arrested, what could I expect aside being killed once he'd released...}

S: {Everybody told me to let the cops take care of it but this world isn't as simple as they think.}

S: {Yang Pal-Jo started to become more and more perverted... Forcing me to enjoy it...}

S: {Sigh... You have no idea what it feels to be beaten and fucked by such a psycho}

S: {I felt like I would be dragged by him on a leash like a slave for the rest of my life...}

S: {I was so stressed and pushed over my limits by him every fucking day that one night I finally couldn't take it anymore}

S: {I still don't know why I did something like this...}

S: {That night, I happened to see a broken bottle on the table, after this, everything happened so fast...}


To be continued...
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