Mar 30th, 2018
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  1. Z
  2. Zebra
  3. 25 hits
  4. Talent: +1 to all Ranged melee attacks
  5. Skills:
  6. Racial:
  7. -Distracting: instant; Your exotic air can easily bewilder others. On success, your next action against the same target lowers MIN by 1.
  8. -Heightened Senses: passive; Your senses are sharp as a knife. Few things can escape your perception. You have a +1 bonus to spotting, hearing, tracking and other perception-based rolls.
  9. -Rhythm and Rhyme: Passive; Music and timing are strong suits of your race and patterns come as naturally as your stripes. While in combat you can create a basic rhythm to your actions and net a +1 bonus for all actions in it. This bonus is counted on the second sequence.
  10. Class:
  11. -Backstab: weapon. recharge 1; strikes the enemy from behind. No counterattack damage except on critfail if used from Stealth. Crits on a 9+. Kills helpless targets.
  12. -Custom Job: Passive, your weapon, regardless of type, also counts as Ranged, and your basic attacks benefit from Trick Ammo
  13. -Trick Ammo: nstant Automatic, recharge 1; Adds an additional effect to a skill that can benefit from it (Marksman Shot, Custom Job, Repeating Fire or Barrage). This effect can be any of the following ,but they all share the same recharge.
  14. -Dance of Blades: Weapon, Recharge 8; Once the first blow is struck, the Dance of Blades cannot be stopped. The user will keep going until he can fight no more.
  15. Following a successful hit, keep rolling until you go helpless from a critical miss or from counterattack damage. This entire process only takes one turn, and always ends with you being helpless.
  16. All modifiers only apply to the
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