End of the Thread

Jun 25th, 2021
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  1. >"What are you doing?"
  2. >You almost startle at the little voice behind you
  3. >Tired eyes wrench themselves away from the glow of your computer screen to look back at the speaker
  4. >Gura pokes her head under your shoulder, resting her chin on top of your forearm and practically forcing you into a cuddle
  5. >Shifting so that she doesn't stay in the headlock she put herself in, your finger leaves the F5 key at long last
  6. >You rustle her hair with your free hand
  7. "Just waiting for a new story to get written, sharkie."
  8. >She looks at you like you're a moron
  9. >"Nothing gets posted near the end of the thread, Anon."
  10. >Her pantsless shark body wriggles onto your lap and she pushes herself up to graze the tip of your nose with her sharp teeth
  11. >"Writers want as many people to see their stories as possible, so they'll wait until this one slides."
  12. >Hot, excited breaths pant against your face
  13. >"You're such a fucking newfag."
  14. >Little, nippy kisses start to bloom against your neck, the little shark's hips rocking provocatively back and forth along your thigh
  15. >"I bet you can't even triforce."
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