Yubi Yubi

Mar 22nd, 2021
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  1. >You wake up
  2. >Blinding light directly above you
  3. >You try to move but something holds you down
  4. >Find that your legs, arms and body are strapped down to a table
  5. >Looking around you see jar upon jar filled with severed human fingers
  6. >The smell of rotting flesh fills your nostrils
  7. >Try to wrestle with the straps but only cause them to dig deeper into your skin
  8. >Groan in pain as you hear footsteps close in on you
  9. >You see a girl with brown hair and a familiar pair of dog ears
  10. >The girl smiles at you as she raises her hacksaw
  11. >"Korone needs those yubis of yours... you don't mind if I take them, right?"
  12. >She raises the arm rest up
  13. >"Yubi...yubi... yubi..."
  14. >Presses the hacksaw to your pinky finger
  15. >You try to reason with her but she ignores you
  16. >Korone pushes forward and cleanly slices the finger off in one go
  17. >You scream in pain as she bends down and picks up the freshly removed yubi
  18. >"Okayu.... she'll love this...! She has too... right?"
  19. >Still recovering frim the first amputation as you feel the saw be pressed against your ring finger
  20. >"I need them... more.. MORE... MOREMOREMORE-"
  21. >The second cutting felt even more painful than the first as the saw would become embedded inside the finger bones, requiring her to pull the blade away to begin cutting again
  22. >The process is repeated for each of your remaining fingers on your hand, the pain being enhanced each time as she increased the force
  23. >She ignores your pleas for her stop as she keeps removing the finger after finger
  24. >By the end your only barely conscious, your hand nothing more than a bloodied stump
  25. >Tears were flowing down your cheeks and you could only muster up quiet sobs after expending your voice by screaming earlier
  26. > As she begins to walk away you could hope she was going to finally put you out of your misery
  27. >"AHHH! I almost forgot!"
  28. >The dog girl stops and walk back towards you
  29. >Your brain freezes in place as you feel your other arm be raised in the air
  30. >"Silly me... I almost forgot to do your other hand! Korone can't be having perfectly good yubis be going to waste... "
  31. >The pit in your stomach sinks to a new low as she raises the saw, readying for another round of slicing
  32. >"Don't worry.... this dog wont kill you... there's still soooo much stuff I can get from your body! Your TOES.... your HAIR.... your EYES! I CAN GIVE THEM ALL TO OKAYU!"
  33. >You could only scream as the saw grinds through your flesh once again
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