MagiReco Amane Tsukuyo story translation

Apr 27th, 2018
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  1. Another Me
  3. 1.1
  4. [in the abandoned museum]
  5. Mifuyu: "The nameless AI has disappeared."
  6. "We must be more careful with the other rumors."
  7. Tsukuyo: "I beg you for your forgiveness!"
  8. Tsukasa: "Everything we've done has been worthless!"
  9. Mifuyu: "I thought you did well with the website, though."
  10. "I won't blame you for what happened."
  11. "In fact, I'm glad you've been working so hard."
  12. Tsukuyo: "But I wonder..."
  13. "Why are those people so fixated on rumors?"
  14. Tsukasa: "If they just left well enough alone, they would be eventually be freed."
  15. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  16. Mifuyu: "Iroha, for one, is looking for her younger sister."
  17. "It seems she found a lead in the rumors."
  18. Tsukuyo: "Looking for her younger sister?"
  19. Mifuyu: "Yes."
  20. "Lately, she's become aware of the existence of a younger sister and she has been continually searching for her."
  21. Tsukuyo: "That... reminds me of us."
  22. Tsukasa: "Right?"
  23. Mifuyu: "Indeed, it does."
  24. "It does remind me of how the two of you used to be."
  25. Tsukasa: "How nostalgic, Tsukuyo-chan."
  26. Tsukuyo: "I agree, Tsukasa-chan."
  27. Tsukasa: "Yeah, we didn't know about each other."
  28. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  29. Alina: "What, are we talking about the twins?"
  30. Tsukuyo: "A-Alina-san!"
  31. Alina: "I'm a bit curious, you see."
  32. "I don't know about your past or about your wishes."
  33. Tsukasa: "B-but we can't just tell you so easily..."
  34. Alina: "If you tell me, I'll let you off easy this time."
  35. Tsukasa: "Ueh... Tsukuyo-chan..."
  36. Tsukuyo: "Tsukasa-chan..."
  37. Alina: "All of a sudden, your flutes..."
  38. "Might become my favorite pigment..."
  39. Tsukuyo: "!?"
  40. "A-alright, we understand!"
  41. Tsukasa: "Nothing we can do, Tsukuyo-chan."
  42. Tsukuyo: "Yeah..."
  43. "Then, I will speak about my past."
  44. Tsukasa: "I'll tell my story too..."
  45. [fade to gray]
  46. Tsukuyo: *Before we tell you our wishes...*
  47. *We need to tell you about our circumstances...*
  49. 1.2
  50. [gray screen]
  51. Tsukuyo: *This happened quite a long time ago...*
  52. *At the time, I, "Amane Tsukuyo", was far busier than I am today. I was forced into clubs and practice.*
  53. [Insert image of Tsukuyo at koto club practice]
  54. Tsukuyo: "Well then, everyone, today's club activities are now over."
  55. "We have little time remaining to prepare for the cultural festival, but..."
  56. "In order to not shame Azusa-senpai's achievements, we must strive to earn the gold medal."
  57. everyone else: "Yes!"
  58. Tsukuyo: "Then everyone, clean up after yourselves and you will be free to go."
  59. [outside in front of the field]
  60. Tsukuyo: "sigh..."
  61. (After this, I have brushwork practice... And in the evening, I have to go to dance lessons...)
  62. (Even for me, this is too long without a break...)
  63. "But Akidzuki Tsukuyo will not succumb!"
  64. "A noble spirit must persevere!"
  65. "I'll take a short break, and then dive right back in."
  66. Mifuyu: "You seem to be having a tough time as usual."
  67. Tsukuyo: "Mifuyu-san!?"
  68. "Shouldn't you be off from school until graduation?"
  69. "I thought you were finished with the koto club..."
  70. Mifuyu: "I'm actually here for the handicraft club."
  71. "Their club president is in the hospital, apparently, so I'm standing in for the time being."
  72. Tsukuyo: "Seems tough."
  73. Mifuyu: "Hardly, when compared to you, Tsukuyo-san."
  74. "Were you concentrating on practice today?"
  75. Tsukuyo: "Yes, I was..."
  76. "And on top of that, I was asked by the calligraphy club for one work..."
  77. "And then I was called by the Japanese dance association... it's so hectic."
  78. Mifuyu: "It's tough being talented."
  79. "Why don't you turn them down from time to time? You've gotta take a break now and then."
  80. Tsukuyo: "But I appreciate the fact that they ask me."
  81. Mifuyu: "Just try not to overwork yourself and collapse or anything."
  82. "After all, your grandmother is very strict..."
  83. Tsukuyo: "Yeah, she would become angry even if I collapsed..."
  84. Mifuyu: "It must be tough being born in Mizuna..."
  85. Tsukuyo: "Isn't it the same for you?"
  86. Mifuyu: "Compared to the Akidzuki family, I have it easy."
  87. [fade to gray]
  88. Tsukuyo: *In order to not shame the history built by our ancestors, Mizuna Ward girls must undergo the appropriate education.*
  89. *In the Akidzuki family, we still honor cultural traditions that are generally considered outdated.*
  91. 1.3
  92. [gray screen]
  93. Tsukuyo: *Mizuna Ward girls must respect our history and our land by undergoing strict education.*
  94. *At the time, I was always forced to attend all sorts of practice, eating away at my mental and physical stamina.*
  95. [At Tsukuyo's home]
  96. Tsukuyo: "I have returned home."
  97. Tsukuyo's grandmother: "Have you made progress?"
  98. Tsukuyo: "Yes, you can look forward to our next recital..."
  99. Tsukuyo's grandmother: "Alright."
  100. "Then I'll be paying attention."
  101. "After all, you're none other than my granddaughter."
  102. Tsukuyo: "Yes..."
  103. Tsukuyo's grandmother: "Well then, take the bags and bring them to the kitchen."
  104. "I'm going to test you on the dish I taught you yesterday."
  105. Tsukuyo: "Umm, grandmother..."
  106. "Would it be possible for me to take just a small break?"
  107. Tsukuyo's grandmother: "Don't be so weak."
  108. "When I was your age, I'd never even think of asking that."
  109. "I *am* trying to go easy on you."
  110. "Come on, get ready."
  111. Tsukuyo: "Yes..."
  112. [at night]
  113. Tsukuyo: "..."
  114. Tsukuyo's grandmother: "Yep, you pass."
  115. Tsukuyo: "Thank you."
  116. Tsukuyo's grandmother: "Then, we'll have this for dinner, and afterwards—"
  117. Tsukuyo's mother: "Mother... Isn't that enough?"
  118. "Tsukuyo's at her limit here..."
  119. Tsukuyo's grandmother: "It's not your place to butt in when you gave up halfway."
  120. "Tsukuyo's not going to be taken by some strange man, like you were."
  121. "I mustn't let that happen to her."
  122. Tsukuyo's mother: "..."
  123. Tsukuyo: "Mother, please don't worry about me."
  124. "I can still handle it..."
  125. [fade to gray]
  126. Tsukuyo: *Every day, constant practice...*
  127. *Always listening to other people, I would start to lose sight of myself.*
  128. [insert image of a flute in a cardboard box of toys]
  129. Tsukuyo: *When that would happen, I would always be saved by...*
  130. *A bamboo flute that my father gave me when I was young.*
  131. *My grandmother would get angry when she saw it, so normally I kept it hidden.*
  132. *But occasionally I would take it out and play. For me, that was my greatest source of comfort.*
  133. [battle]
  134. Tsukuyo: *Playing my father's bamboo flute brought me relief.*
  135. *I would play at a shrine some distance away from my house.*
  136. *I was named at that shrine, and the place where I found my sense of self.*
  137. *So when I've lost sight of myself, playing my flute at this shrine brings me back to my senses.*
  138. *It's almost like a ritual for myself.*
  139. "sigh..."
  140. "..."
  141. (The leaves are rustling in the wind...)
  142. (Making a soothing swishing sound...)
  143. (It's like rinsing off my heart...)
  144. "..."
  145. (Alright, let's rise up and go through the gate...)
  146. (And then once more, Akidzuki Tsukuyo will return to being herself...)
  147. "Alright!"
  148. [screen wipe]
  149. (I'm refreshed now!)
  150. [screen wipe again]
  151. [we see a girl who looks awfully similar, in a black and gray outfit...]
  152. [scene change to a traditional-looking street]
  153. Tsukuyo: "It's later than I thought..."
  154. "I must be prepared for a lecture..."
  155. "...?"
  156. [flashback to the girl in black and gray]
  157. Tsukuyo: "Huh?"
  158. "Earlier, did I... pass by myself?"
  159. [fade to gray]
  160. Tsukuyo: *That was my first meeting with Tsukasa-chan...*
  161. *And the first impetus leading towards our wishes.*
  162. Tsukuyo (aloud): "She looked awfully similar to me."
  164. The Girl I Mustn't Meet
  166. 2.1
  167. [flashback showing the girl in black]
  168. [fade to gray]
  169. Tsukuyo: *The person I passed at the shrine...*
  170. *I spent several days shivering in fear before realizing that she was Tsukasa-chan.*
  171. [insert image of Tsukuyo at koto club practice]
  172. Tsukuyo: "..."
  173. someone: "Akidzuki-senpai..."
  174. Tsukuyo: "..."
  175. someone: "Akidzuki-senpai!"
  176. Tsukuyo: "Ah, w-what is it!?"
  177. someone: "Um... You've stopped playing..."
  178. Tsukuyo: "T-that's, uhh, it seems I've made a mistake."
  179. someone: "What's wrong?"
  180. "You weren't like your usual self, in a daze like that..."
  181. Tsukuyo: "I apologize..."
  182. "And the cultural festival is coming up so soon..."
  183. "I mustn't let myself do this again..."
  184. someone: "Why don't you take a short break?"
  185. Tsukuyo: "No, you don't need to be concerned about me."
  186. someone: "We all know how busy you are, senpai..."
  187. "We can tell you're tired, so please take some time to rest..."
  188. Tsukuyo: "..."
  189. "I apologize... I'll take you up on your offer..."
  190. [outside by the field]
  191. Tsukuyo: "..."
  192. [imagining the girl in black clothes]
  193. Tsukuyo: (We looked practically identical...)
  194. (I'm sure... she is...)
  195. (My...)
  196. "...sniff..."
  197. "I"m scared..."
  198. Mifuyu: "What's wrong, Tsukuyo-san?"
  199. Tsukuyo: "Ah, Mifuyu-san..."
  200. Mifuyu: "Oh my, you're crying..."
  201. "Here, have a handkerchief."
  202. Tsukuyo: "Thank you..."
  203. Mifuyu: "So what's wrong?"
  204. Tsukuyo: (Can I tell her?)
  205. (Something so mysterious...)
  206. (Even if I told her, she wouldn't believe me.)
  208. 2.2
  209. [outside by the field]
  210. Mifuyu: "So what's wrong?"
  211. Tsukuyo: "..."
  212. "In truth, practice is tough..."
  213. "I won't be able to take much more than this..."
  214. Mifuyu: "...I told you not to push yourself too much."
  215. Tsukuyo: "..."
  216. Mifuyu: "That's right..."
  217. "Although we're not as close as being from the same family..."
  218. "Why don't I put in a word for you?"
  219. Tsukuyo: "T-that won't help!"
  220. "They'll just get angry at you, Mifuyu-san!"
  221. Mifuyu: "But we can't just leave things like this..."
  222. Tsukuyo: "Don't worry, I have it handled..."
  223. Mifuyu: "Really?"
  224. Tsukuyo: "Yes..."
  225. Mifuyu: "So..."
  226. Tsukuyo: "Yes?"
  227. Mifuyu: "What were you actually worried about?"
  228. Tsukuyo: "!?"
  229. "How did you know!?"
  230. Mifuyu: "I just knew it."
  231. "I do know you well from being the koto club president, you know."
  232. Tsukuyo: "You certainly are formidable..."
  233. Mifuyu: "If it's hard to say, you don't have to tell me."
  234. Tsukuyo: "..."
  235. "Actually..."
  236. [screen wipe]
  237. Mifuyu: "So you saw yourself at the shrine..."
  238. Tsukuyo: "Yes..."
  239. Mifuyu: "That's certainly mysterious, but is it really that scary?"
  240. Tsukuyo: "But it's... basically..."
  241. Mifuyu: "Basically?"
  242. [fade to gray]
  243. Tsukuyo: *Shadow sickness...*
  244. *Basically, a doppelgänger!*
  245. [back to the field]
  246. Tsukuyo: "They say that if you meet your doppelgänger, you die."
  247. "It happened on TV a while back!"
  248. "So it's bad if you meet someone who looks just like you."
  249. "That's what my grandmother tells me!"
  250. Mifuyu: "..."
  251. Tsukuyo: "sniff... Mifuyu-san..."
  252. "This might be... our last goodbye..."
  253. Mifuyu: "Heh, hehehe..."
  254. Tsukuyo: "W-what do you find so funny!?"
  255. Mifuyu: "Don't worry about that, Tsukuyo-san, that's just superstition."
  256. Tsukuyo: "No way, I might die!"
  257. Mifuyu: "Then why don't you make sure?"
  258. Tsukuyo: "Huh?"
  259. Mifuyu: "Go to the shrine once more and take another look."
  260. "If you die just from seeing her once, then going again can't hurt, can it?"
  261. Tsukuyo: "That's reckless!"
  262. Mifuyu: "Don't worry about it."
  263. "Once you meet her, I'm sure it'll turn out to be nothing."
  264. Tsukuyo: "Do you really think so?"
  265. Mifuyu: "I'm sure."
  266. [fade to gray]
  267. Tsukuyo: *So, still afraid from my first meeting with Tsukasa-chan...*
  268. *I decided to once more go to the shrine.*
  270. 2.3
  271. [gray screen]
  272. Tsukuyo: *Mifuyu-san told me to go back to the shrine once more, but I was still fighting my fear...*
  273. [at the shrine, with the wind blowing]
  274. Tsukuyo: "Ueh..."
  275. (I ended up coming...)
  276. (If it's really a doppelgänger, what should I do...)
  277. [fade to black, with Tsukuyo visible]
  278. Tsukuyo: *I'm afraid of opening my eyes, so I'll do it slowly...*
  279. *...*
  280. [she bumps into someone]
  281. [back to the shrine, with both Tsukuyo and the girl in black]
  282. Tsukuyo: "Ah, I'm sorry..."
  283. ???: "..."
  284. Tsukuyo: "..."
  285. both: "It appeared!!!"
  286. both: "I'm so sorry!"
  287. both: "Please don't kill me!"
  288. both: "We're saying the same things and moving the same..."
  289. both: "I knew it, it's the doppelgänger!!!"
  290. both: "sob sob sob"
  291. Tsukuyo: (Now that it's come to it, I must steel my resolve...)
  292. ???: "Hey, are you also... Amane Tsukasa?"
  293. Tsukuyo: "Huh?"
  294. (Our names are different...)
  295. "..."
  296. "My name is Akidzuki Tsukuyo..."
  297. [wipe screen]
  298. Tsukuyo: "To think that not just our appearances but our names are so similar, it's marvelous!"
  299. Tsukasa: "That's right!"
  300. Tsukuyo: "Amane-san, why do you come here?"
  301. Tsukasa: "I come here often when I'm tired."
  302. Tsukuyo: "The same is true with me!"
  303. Tsukasa: "Really!?"
  304. "Strange things happen in the shrine at night, huh."
  305. Tsukuyo: "Actually, I was named at this shrine."
  306. Tsukasa: "Huh? I was also named here!"
  307. Tsukuyo: "Are you serious!?"
  308. "..."
  309. (To think we were this similar...)
  310. (She's definitely my doppelgänger...)
  311. "U-um..."
  312. (I mustn't...)
  313. (I'm so scared my heart is going to leap out of my chest...)
  314. Tsukasa: "Y-yeah..."
  315. Tsukuyo: "What did you come here to do..."
  316. Tsukasa: "Should we say it on three?"
  317. Tsukuyo: "Sure..."
  318. "Three, two, one..."
  319. both: "To play flute!"
  320. both: "!?"
  321. Tsukuyo: (I knew it, she's my doppelgänger!)
  322. (I-I've gotta get away...)
  323. (Yes, I need to distract her...)
  324. both: "Aah, there's a demon over there!"
  325. Tsukuyo: (Now run away!)
  326. [they bump into each other]
  327. both: "Owwww... my forehead..."
  328. Tsukuyo: "Ah, I dropped my flute..."
  329. Tsukasa: "Huh? That flute..."
  330. [fade to gray]
  331. Tsukuyo: *At that time, we realized it.*
  332. *The flutes that we dropped were the same, but there was a slight difference...*
  333. [insert image of Tsukuyo's flute in the box]
  334. *That was the half-moon shape inscribed in the flute.*
  335. *Tsukasa-chan's and mine had the moons facing opposite directions.*
  336. *The inscription on both flutes was the same. Basically, both of them were my father's, we found when we held them side by side.*
  337. *Then, what we had only suspected became conviction.*
  338. [back to the shrine]
  339. Tsukuyo: "A full moon..."
  340. Tsukasa: "You are Tsukuyo..." [月夜, the first character is moon]
  341. Tsukuyo: "And you are Tsukasa..." [月咲, the first character is moon]
  342. Tsukasa: "Two moons..."
  343. Tsukuyo: "No way... Are we... twins?"
  344. [battle]
  345. [gray screen]
  346. Tsukuyo: *After that, I learned from Tsukasa-chan that my father is a craftsman who runs the Amane Bamboo Workshop...*
  347. *And that I was once named Amane as well.*
  348. *After we learned a bit about each other, it was like a dam had burst, and we began talking about ourselves.*
  349. [back to the shrine]
  350. Tsukuyo: "I really cannot believe it!"
  351. "She enrolled me in practice on the weekends without consulting me!"
  352. "Of course, she cares about me being a proper Mizuna lady."
  353. "I've been raised this way my whole life, so I do understand."
  354. "But does that mean I should go so far as sacrificing my individuality!?"
  355. "All she ever says is Mizuna Mizuna Mizuna and I'm sick and tired of it!"
  356. Tsukasa: "Yeah!"
  357. Tsukuyo: "As a result I have no time of my own."
  358. "Everyone around me respects me..."
  359. "But nobody wants to be friends with me!"
  360. "Do you understand the loneliness I feel!?"
  361. Tsukasa: "Yeah, yeah, I totally get it!"
  362. "I'm surprised that we're similar in even this way, right?"
  363. [fade to gray]
  364. Tsukuyo: *Maybe it was our busy circumstances, or the fact that we were twins, but we didn't understand the reason.*
  365. *But Tsukasa-chan was the first person who I could speak my true thoughts to without hesitation.*
  366. [back to the shrine]
  367. Tsukuyo: "Amane-san..."
  368. "Someday could we meet up again to talk?"
  369. Tsukasa: "You don't need to speak so formally to me."
  370. Tsukuyo: "Huh?"
  371. Tsukasa: "Right, Tsukuyo-chan?"
  372. Tsukuyo: "Ah..."
  373. "Yes, Tsukasa-chan!"
  374. [switch to overlooking view of the nighttime skyline]
  375. Tsukuyo: *Like this, we exchanged our contact information, and planned to meet again.*
  376. *Realizing that our parents had hidden this from us, we used pseudonyms to record each other's information.*
  377. *Like the flutes, together as one...*
  378. *I recorded her with the symbol of a full moon, "○".*
  379. [fade to gray]
  380. Tsukuyo: *However, this honeymoon period wasn't to last long.*
  381. Tsukuyo (aloud): "So there was meaning after all, in the flute I received from Father."
  383. And Then We'll Be New Again
  385. 3.1
  386. [gray screen]
  387. Tsukuyo: *Tsukasa-chan and I contacted each other, working out times for us to meet.*
  388. *We'd vent our complaints and dissatisfactions to each other at the shrine, just like the first time we met.*
  389. *That was a happy moment in which we could understand each other.*
  390. *However, the more we were together...*
  391. *The more we saw different sides of each other.*
  392. [at a restaurant]
  393. Tsukuyo: "This is the first time I have ever eaten a hamburger..."
  394. Tsukasa: "No way, really!?"
  395. "So you pick it up like this, and just take a big bite."
  396. Tsukuyo: "Seeing it in real life, it's awfully... wild..."
  397. "And what about these fries?"
  398. Tsukasa: "Just use your bare hands."
  399. Tsukuyo: "Isn't that unclean!?"
  400. [fade to gray]
  401. Tsukuyo: *I couldn't help but see Tsukasa-chan crossing her legs and eating food with her bare hands as improper...*
  402. [on the street in a shopping district]
  403. Tsukasa: "Ah, let's go into that used clothing shop."
  404. Tsukuyo: "Umm... You mean you buy clothing that people have worn?"
  405. Tsukasa: "They're all cleaned thoroughly, so you don't have to worry."
  406. Tsukuyo: (So that time she wore casual clothes when we met, those were someone else's clothes...)
  407. "..."
  408. [fade to gray]
  409. Tsukuyo: "I felt that her wearing of used clothes meant she didn't care about her appearance...*
  410. [in the train station]
  411. girl: "Ah, it's Tsukasa!"
  412. Tsukasa: "Oh, I don't usually see you around here."
  413. girl: "Huh? Who's that? Might you be twins!?"
  414. Tsukasa: "No way that could be!"
  415. [she lightly hits the girl]
  416. girl: "Ow!"
  417. Tsukuyo: "Hey, Tsukasa-chan... I don't think you should hit people..."
  418. Tsukasa: "We're close enough that we can do that, though."
  419. [fade to black]
  420. Tsukuyo: *Seeing Tsukasa play roughly with people, I came to see her as a coarse person...*
  421. [view of an old-fashioned yet modern-looking street]
  422. Tsukuyo: "The more we met, the less Tsukasa-chan and my views met..."
  423. "In hindsight, I, who had been sheltered all my life, was simply ignorant of society."
  424. "But at the time, my friendship with Tsukasa-chan, the only person I could open my heart to, slowly deteriorated."
  425. "And together with that, my complaints grew more and more numerous."
  426. [at home]
  427. Tsukuyo: "Mother..."
  428. Tsukuyo's mother: "What's wrong, Tsukuyo?"
  429. Tsukuyo: "Why did you split with Father?"
  430. Tsukuyo's mother: "!?"
  431. "Asking me that all of a sudden..."
  432. Tsukuyo: "I happened to learn that the flute from Father is from the Artisan Ward..."
  433. Tsukuyo's mother: "..."
  434. "We couldn't bury our differences."
  435. "It was just a fantasy that love can overcome any difference in status and upbringing..."
  436. Tsukuyo: "Fantasy?"
  437. Tsukuyo's mother: "That's right..."
  438. "So make sure to pick friends and lovers who are well-matched with you."
  439. "Once your feelings are hurt, you won't be able to mend them again..."
  440. [fade to gray]
  441. Tsukuyo: *My dissatisfaction with Tsukasa grew, and in my uncertainty I asked about my mother and father...*
  442. *The answer pierced through me sharply, remaining behind like a curse...*
  444. 3.2
  445. [gray screen]
  446. Tsukuyo's mother: "It was fantasy that love can overcome any difference in status and upbringing..."
  447. "So make sure to pick friends and lovers who are well-matched with you."
  448. "Once your feelings are hurt, you won't be able to mend them again..."
  449. [fade to black]
  450. Tsukuyo: *At the time, my feelings had already been hurt...*
  451. *We couldn't understand one another...*
  452. *In the end, we were too different...*
  453. [fade in a scene at the base of the radio tower in the evening]
  454. Tsukuyo: *That feeling came swelling up, when...*
  455. [a silhouette of a boy and girl show up]
  456. [a silhouette of a man and woman show up]
  457. [fade to gray]
  458. Tsukuyo: *Gradually, I got the feeling that people were giving us strange looks, since we look so similar yet are such polar opposites.*
  459. *And then...*
  460. [back to the base of the radio tower]
  461. Tsukasa: "Hey, Tsukuyo-chan, I have something I want to ask you."
  462. Tsukuyo: "I also have something I would like to ask you too, Tsukasa-chan."
  463. [fade to gray]
  464. Tsukuyo: *And that started us off talking about our dissatisfaction with each other...*
  465. [back to the street]
  466. Tsukasa: "You've been giving me a strange look."
  467. Tsukuyo: "And you've been awfully mean, Tsukasa-chan."
  468. [fade to gray]
  469. Tsukuyo: *Tsukasa-chan said she was fed up with how polite I was.*
  470. *She thought I was too concerned with appearance, and simply used her as a foil to improve others opinions of me.*
  471. *Once our true thoughts were known, we tirelessly exchanged criticism...*
  472. *Our argument had already devolved into incoherence...*
  473. [back to the street]
  474. Tsukasa: "You're always so prim and proper and concerned with formality!"
  475. "Why don't you take a chill pill and relax once in a while!?"
  476. "It's stifling being around you!"
  477. Tsukuyo: "What you consider relaxed is no more than vulgarity!"
  478. "I've never asked for you to pay for any of this!"
  479. "At the very least, you could stand to reform your manners!"
  480. Tsukasa: "Reform!?"
  481. "If anything, your isolated lifestyle is farther from normal, Tsukuyo-chan."
  482. "Your behavior is the one that's more different from a normal girl!"
  483. "If you're so formal all the time, of course you'll have no friends!"
  484. Tsukuyo: "You say you have friends, Tsukasa-chan..."
  485. "But they're only friends on the surface, you can't even tell them your true feelings!"
  486. Tsukasa: "Obviously, because there's no way they could understand what I've been going through!"
  487. Tsukuyo: "Then you should understand that I feel exactly the same way!"
  488. "I have my grandmother to deal with!"
  489. Tsukasa: "And I have my father and all the apprentices!"
  490. Tsukuyo: "pant... pant..."
  491. Tsukasa: "pant... pant..."
  492. Tsukuyo: "I don't want to see you anymore, Tsukasa-chan..."
  493. Tsukasa: "I've had enough too..."
  494. Tsukuyo: "In the end..."
  495. Tsukasa: "We're probably not actually twins after all..."
  496. [fade to gray]
  497. Tsukuyo: "And thus, our brief honeymoon period ended abruptly."
  498. [her mother appears]
  499. Tsukuyo's mother: "It was fantasy that love can overcome any difference in status and upbringing..."
  500. Tsukuyo: *It was just as Mother said..."
  502. 3.3
  503. [gray screen]
  504. Tsukuyo: *For a while, I really did not meet with Tsukasa-chan...*
  505. [at the field]
  506. Tsukuyo: "..."
  507. Mifuyu: "Tsu-ku-yo-san!"
  508. Tsukuyo: "Mifuyu-san..."
  509. "You're still coming to school?"
  510. Mifuyu: "The club president has recovered, so today is the last time."
  511. Tsukuyo: "..."
  512. "I'm sorry, we were only able to get the silver medal at the cultural art festival..."
  513. Mifuyu: "That's fine, but more importantly, how are you doing?"
  514. "You were looking better for a time, but..."
  515. "Now you're back to that serious face..."
  516. Tsukuyo: "Please don't worry about me."
  517. Mifuyu: "Ah... Am I being too nosy?"
  518. Tsukuyo: "No..."
  519. "I'm glad that you're concerned about me..."
  520. "But I'll be going now."
  521. Mifuyu: "Tsukuyo-san..."
  522. [on the road outside their school]
  523. Tsukuyo: "..."
  524. (I guess I'll skip practice, play my flute, and go home...)
  525. "If I don't... I won't... be able to take it anymore..."
  526. (But if I go to the shrine, I might run into Tsukasa-chan...)
  527. (...I should go somewhere else.)
  528. [at the riverbank]
  529. Tsukuyo: "~~♪~~♪"
  530. "♪~~♪~~"
  531. "..."
  532. "Why... Why..."
  533. "sniff..."
  534. [fade to gray]
  535. Tsukuyo: *Even though I was playing my flute, my heart would not be soothed.*
  536. "But it wasn't because I wasn't at the shrine.*
  537. [back to the riverbank]
  538. Tsukuyo: "..."
  539. "I want to talk with Tsukasa-chan..."
  540. [fade to gray]
  541. Tsukuyo: *My heart was still seeking out the only person who I'd ever found to understand me.*
  542. *But we were only happy when voicing our gripes to each other.
  543. *Once we found aspects of the other we didn't like, those grew more and more noticeable.*
  544. *That's why I couldn't contact Tsukasa-chan anymore.*
  545. *But for better or for worse, a message from my grandmother was the spark that made me make a wish...*
  546. [back to the riverbank]
  547. Tsukuyo: "Huh, a message... No way... Tsukasa-chan!?"
  548. [fade to gray]
  549. Tsukuyo's grandmother's message: "Tsukuyo, why are you taking a break without permission? I was a fool to think that you wouldn't soil the Akidzuki family name. I've asked your instructors for twice as much additional practice as the break you've taken. I will pick you up shortly, so do not move on your own."
  550. [back to the riverbank]
  551. Tsukuyo: "!!"
  552. "Don't screw with me! To hell with the Akidzuki family!"
  553. "To begin with, I am an Amane!"
  554. "I'm not your doll, Grandmother!"
  555. "Nor am I some sacrifice to prop up the Akidzuki family!"
  556. "I am me!"
  557. "sniff..."
  558. [fade to gray]
  559. Tsukuyo: *And this is where I lost consciousness.*
  560. *The blood went to my head, I was crying, and I grew dizzy.*
  561. *The last thing I heard was Mifuyu-san's voice yelling "Tsukuyo-san!"...*
  562. [battle]
  563. [in the hospital]
  564. Tsukuyo: "Huh? This is... the hospital..."
  565. [screen wipe]
  566. Tsukasa: "..."
  567. [screen wipe]
  568. Tsukuyo: "Huh? Tsukasa...chan?"
  569. Mifuyu: "Ah, you're awake."
  570. Tsukuyo: "Mifuyu-san, what happened to me?"
  571. Mifuyu: "The doctors said the cause was probably stress..."
  572. Tsukuyo: "Is that... so..."
  573. "..."
  574. Mifuyu: "Your so-called doppelgänger..."
  575. "Is actually your younger twin sister..."
  576. "To think that two twins would collapse at the same time..."
  577. Tsukuyo: "That's just a misunderstanding..."
  578. "We just have similar names and appearances..."
  579. Mifuyu: "No, you're really twins."
  580. Tsukuyo: "How do you know that?"
  581. Mifuyu: "Just before, the pediatrician said he remembers you two..."
  582. Tsukuyo: "The doctor?"
  583. Mifuyu: "Yeah..."
  584. "The first childbirth he was in charge of was you two."
  585. [fade to gray]
  586. Mifuyu: *Apparently, when you were first born, you held each other's hands, and that left a big impression on the doctor...*
  587. [back to the hospital]
  588. Mifuyu: "And I heard that your surname changed from another doctor."
  589. "They seemed worried..."
  590. Tsukuyo: "Is that... so..."
  591. [fade to gray]
  592. Tsukuyo: *When I was first born... I held Tsukasa-chan's hand...*
  593. [back to the hospital]
  594. Tsukuyo: (I accepted Tsukasa-chan... from the moment I was born...)
  595. (But now...)
  596. (I got angry at such trivial things...)
  597. (I need to discard everything in my way.)
  598. (Return to a fresh start, and redo it all...)
  599. Mifuyu: "...I have a call to make, okay?"
  600. Tsukuyo: "..."
  601. Tsukasa: "Tsukuyo-chan..."
  602. Tsukuyo: "Tsukasa-chan..."
  603. Tsukasa: "I think I heard..."
  604. "We're actually... twins..."
  605. Tsukuyo: "Yeah..."
  606. Tsukasa: "Hey, Tsukuyo-chan, why don't we just throw everything away..."
  607. Tsukuyo: "Huh?"
  608. Tsukasa: "Our status and our upbringing, get rid of it all."
  609. "Start with a blank white page, and once more, support each other..."
  610. "If we don't, then we'll both be crushed by adults..."
  611. Tsukuyo: "Yeah... I was thinking the same thing."
  612. "Start over from before we received our names at the shrine..."
  613. "From the moment we were born, brand new, when we held each other's hands."
  614. "I want to start over again."
  615. (I've talked with her more than anyone else, and right now my heart is at peace...)
  616. (It must be because she's my only twin in the whole world...)
  617. Tsukasa: "Then, once more, will you be my big sister?"
  618. Tsukuyo: "Yes..."
  619. "Will you once more become my little sister?"
  620. Tsukasa: "Yeah..."
  621. [fade to gray, and her mother]
  622. Tsukuyo's mother: "It was fantasy that love can overcome any difference in status and upbringing..."
  623. [back to the hospital]
  624. Tsukuyo: "But, no matter what we pledge..."
  625. "We might come to a point in time where we hate each other again..."
  626. "I don't think my heart..."
  627. Tsukasa: "Could take it anymore..."
  628. [fade to gray]
  629. Tsukuyo: *And when my mother's words began to coil around inside me, it appeared.*
  630. [back to hospital]
  631. Kyubey: "Then why not have your pledge granted as a wish?"
  632. [fade to gray]
  633. Tsukuyo: *So the two of us wished: "I want us to never hate each other."*
  634. [back to the abandoned museum]
  635. Tsukuyo: "And that's the details of up until we made our wishes."
  636. Tsukasa: "Thinking back makes me feel nostalgic."
  637. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  638. Mifuyu: "Really, I was quite surprised when I came back..."
  639. Alina: "Hmmmm. So that's what happened."
  640. "...I'm leaving."
  641. Tsukuyo: "You didn't like it!?"
  642. Tsukasa: "Forgive us for letting the rumor get beaten!"
  643. Alina: "I'm not going to do anything to you."
  644. "It's just that hearing your story made me want to make some artwork."
  645. "See you."
  646. Tsukasa: "sigh... Thank goodness..."
  647. Tsukuyo: "That's right..."
  648. Mifuyu: "Well then, why don't we leave then?"
  649. Tsukasa: "Alright."
  650. Tsukuyo: "Ah, Tsukasa-chan."
  651. Tsukasa: "What?"
  652. Tsukuyo: "It's been a while, so why don't we go play flute at the shrine on our way back?"
  653. Tsukasa: "Ah, great idea! Let's do it!"
  654. Tsukuyo: "..."
  655. [insert image of Tsukuyo's flute in a cardboard box]
  656. Tsukuyo: *Extremely haunting and lovely, it's been that way ever since I found you.*
  657. *When I play, my heart grows warm, and the sound dances upon the wind.*
  658. *O sound, where are you headed?*
  659. *To my unseen younger sister.*
  660. [fade to gray]
  661. Tsukuyo (aloud): "Our only allies are each other. Tsukasa-chan and I are always together."
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