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Mar 23rd, 2020
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  1. Combat
  2. Re-added team hitstop
  3. Movement now slightly more weighty/grounded and less jumpy
  4. Reduced knockback across the board
  5. Reduced lunge across the board slightly - this will make combat cleaner and less “slide-y” across the board
  6. Stab feint & Stab combo feint windows reduced 25ms
  7. Stab early release increased very slightly
  8. Slowed down stand to crouch very slightly
  9. Jump kick now 25ms slower than regular kick, no longer drains stamina but keeps momentum from the movement speed (no longer slows down suddenly)
  10. Riposte chamber window is now the same as regular chamber
  11. Removed overpower from non-shield ripostes, shields still have it
  12. Ripostes no longer clash with non-ripostes
  13. Added riposte hyperarmor - this means hitting someone who is riposting will hitstop your attack and force a short (300ms) lockout from parrying, preventing players from spamming attacks into a riposting player and instantly parrying their riposte hit trade. This will buff 1vX.
  14. Shield wall ripostes can now be flinched (additional tweaks to shield wall will come in the future)
  15. Forward parry now disabled for teammates (will reduce range of parries of teammates, making it easier to hit around)
  16. Kick feint followups now apply stab/strike lockouts like normal feints (fixes cases where kick followups could be used to bypass feint lockouts for stab/strikes)
  17. Fixed shieldwall not draining stamina correctly on riposting out of it
  18. Added a small knockback bump when landing on someone
  19. Horse force rearing angle increased so it actually works now
  20. Ladder raise/drop time reduced to 2 seconds
  21. Chase mechanic can no longer be broken by abusing specific movement strafe combinations (This was a very specific technique to cheese the chase mechanic and will not affect the vast majority)
  22. Chase mechanic activation time now 100ms faster (500ms -> 400ms)
  23. Removed front chase mechanic from the game (was active on players holding ranged weapons or toolbox, throwables in hands)
  24. Updated CombatTest with new stuff
  25. - Added experimental blending time derivation based on pose analysis: this will automatically find blend values and lower/raise them based on animations the character is in, fixing ugly snaps in certain animation combinations and making some animations more responsive, making them less hidden.
  26. - Added new mechanic that fixes/improves missing on purpose/combo misses - aiming at enemy attack tracers when parrying will now give a much faster parry recovery when it detects an attack recovery/release/missed combo windup/environment hit (includes team hitstop) - uses a modified parry box to detect and is easy to trigger, currenly has no sound or obvious indicator
  27. - Added riposte feint (not the final iteration as it needs animation changes)
  28. - Attack recoveries can now be parried and will now thud when hitting characters, reducing clipping and reducing lockouts, will still count as a miss on thud
  29. - Increased feint lockout & regular parry recovery slightly for more punishable feints
  34. Weapons & Equipment
  35. Point system changed to 48 points (point costs are raised simultaneously) - this will allow for finer balance between equipment, armor and perk costs and make the armory more sandboxy
  36. Added heavy weight debuff - this is a new weapon attribute that will slow down the player by 20 units when holding a weapon in hand that has this debuff. Right now applies to Zweihander, Spear and Halberd and Polehammer in the future.
  37. Medium chest now 2.5% slower - still faster than before the buff
  38. Plate helmet now 1% faster
  39. Plate torso now 1% faster
  40. Light head now 1% slower
  41. Light helmet now 0.5% slower (overall this will reduce the movement speed disparity between the extremes very very slightly)
  42. Leg armor is now cheaper than head and chest armor across the board - this will give points to loadouts using heavy, medium or light leg armor
  43. Shortsword, Quarterstaff, Lute, Trainingsword, Bandage, Dagger, Axe, Beartrap, Mallet, Blacksmith Hammer, Pavise, Rocks, Smoke Bomb, Throwing Axes, Throwing Knives and Warhammer are now cheaper
  44. Falchion now slightly cheaper
  45. Billhook now slightly cheaper
  46. Perks - Brawler, Fury, Tenacious, Scavenger, Friendly are now cheaper
  47. Flesh wound perk now more expensive
  48. Bear trap ignores horse armor now (dealing more damage to horses overall)
  49. Poleaxe, Shortspear and Halberd stab can now force rearing against horses
  50. Shortsword stamina negation nerfed
  51. Zweihander is now cheaper - point cost reduced to 27 (9)
  52. Zweihander now has heavy weight debuff
  53. Zweihander main mode strike turncap more strict
  54. Zweihander strike can no longer 2HTK plate helmet
  55. Zweihander stab can now 3HTK plate legs
  56. Zweihander alt mode strike damage buffed
  57. Longsword now slightly cheaper
  58. Longsword main mode strike stamina drain increased by 1
  59. Mace now slightly cheaper
  60. Mace headshot damage increased
  61. Mace stab now 25ms slower
  62. Spear is now cheaper - point cost reduced to 27 (9)
  63. Spear now has heavy weight debuff
  64. Spear can now 3HTK plate legs with stab
  65. Spear main mode stamina negation increased by 1
  66. Spear stab stamina drain increased on both modes
  67. Greatsword strike & stab turncaps now slightly more strict on main mode
  68. Halberd is now cheaper - Point cost reduced to 27 (9)
  69. Halberd now has heavy weight debuff
  70. Halberd strikes can no longer 2HTK plate helmet
  71. Halberd main mode strike turncap slightly more strict
  72. Halberd main mode combos 25ms faster
  73. Halberd main mode strike stamina drain increased by 1
  74. Halberd alt mode strike now has the same damage as main mode
  75. Halberd stabs can now 3 HTK plate legs
  76. Halberd damage vs medium chest increased by 5 on all attacks
  77. Battle Axe main mode strike combo now faster
  78. Battle Axe main mode strike turncaps more strict
  79. Battle Axe point cost reduced to 15 (5)
  80. Battle Axe raw damage against plate armor reduced slightly (same HTK’s, just slightly less extra damage)
  81. War Axe raw damage against plate armor reduced slightly (same HTK’s, just slightly less extra damage)
  82. Poleaxe now 5cm longer
  83. Executioner sword now 100ms faster miss recovery on strike
  84. Executioner sword raw damage against plate armor reduced slightly (same HTK’s, just slightly less extra damage)
  85. Eveningstar point cost reduced to 21 (7)
  86. Eveningstar alt mode strike now has the same damage as main mode strike
  87. Eveningstar raw damage against plate armor reduced slightly (same HTK’s, just slightly less extra damage)
  88. Bardiche alt mode bonus damage vs plate helmet removed (same HTKs)
  89. Bardiche stab damage adjusted slightly
  90. Bardiche strike turncaps slightly more strict
  91. Bardiche main mode stab 25ms slower
  92. Bardiche main mode 5cm shorter
  93. Removed crossbow sway
  94. Crossbow headshot damage vs armored increased by 5
  95. Heavy Handaxe reworked a bit - now faster and less floaty, needs 2 headshots to 2 HTK plate head and reduced alt mode damage across the board so it is mainly for repairing now
  96. Sledgehammer can now repair wood with strike
  97. Throwable rocks can now be thrown and reloaded faster
  98. Cleaver stab now flinches again, but has 25ms slower windup and no stamina on hit
  99. 1H Bastard sword strike/stab stamina on hit reduced to 5 (from 6)
  100. 1H Messer strike turncap slightly more strict
  101. Messer strike damage against plate helmet reduced slightly, can no longer 2HTK
  102. Rapier strike/stab stamina on hit reduced to 5
  103. Arming sword stamina on hit reduced to 5
  104. Shortspear stab 25ms faster windup
  105. Shortspear strike stamina drain reduced by 2
  106. Shortspear strike stamina on hit reduced to 5
  107. Maul strike stamina drain reduced by 1
  108. Estoc main mode stab damage vs plate legs increased
  109. Estoc main mode stab turncap slightly more strict
  110. Estoc alt mode strike turncap slightly more strict
  111. Estoc alt mode strike leg damage fixed
  112. Smoke bomb throw now faster
  113. Deploy ballista now assists for builder if teammates use it to kill others
  114. Training sword chambers now cost stamina
  115. Setup stone damage across the board
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