Welcome to the Source Chapter 1

Apr 1st, 2013
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  1. ‘Two weeks…holy crap…this is a new record.’ You thought to yourself as you stare at the ceiling wall. Mentally exhausted from watching everything cartoon, anime, and television show that is on your hard drive. You really didn’t consider the consequences, but you did it anyway. Stuck inside your room with cans of food, chips, and soda all over your carpet floor; you realize that you’ve really pushed yourself pretty far this time.
  2. This wasn’t your first time that you’ve just gone off the radar, but this was certainly your longest. Your phone off to help you continuing watching. Headphones that stop any kind of sound, they were wireless too. You didn’t care. You had two weeks off and you were going to make it count. Classes start up the upcoming Monday.
  3. You pull yourself back up as reached the door. Walking over to the white door, revealing the bathroom, the other room you’ve stayed in besides your room. Inside, you see the mess you’ve made. Full of old clothes on the floor. The white sink, being stained with soap scum and hair all over. You grunt, reminding yourself to clean this bathroom. You glance at the mirror above you, staring at yourself. Brown hair, brown eyes, below your eye a color of blue and sag as your sleep schedule has been screwed up once again; wireless headphones still on your head, not bothering to remove them.
  4. You sighed as you stare yourself, wondering what has gotten into you. A shell of what you used to be; only a few years ago you were someone. You had a career ahead of you. Finishing your associate’s degree and moving towards a better university and then…everything went downhill.
  5. Anxiety starts to overwhelm you when you think about moving out-of-state. Not bothering to talk to anyone, not even your best friend. You just…close yourself. Then, the next thing you know, you’re stuck as a hermit with a few bucks to keep a small apartment for a few months. The familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach had come back.
  6. You shook your head, trying to not go into swirling depression. You walk into your room and lay down on your bed. You wonder what would happen if you stop watching My Little Pony. You became downright obsessed with the show. Your mind swirls around the thoughts of pony for about two years. It became to the point where you started skipping classes to watch more ponies. Talking to people on forums and 4chan to say who your favorite pony was or going on roleplays and becoming your own pony. The anxiety flew away when Pinkie Pie came into that video screen and starts singing “Smile” song.
  7. A pony, what a phenomenon, you still never understood why you still get sexual stimulation from them as well. The body always places in a suggestive picture. It got your member up. You’ve never acted upon it, and you feel like you never will.
  8. Because of lack of content and your hipster mind saying the show wasn’t the same for season two, you’ve continued to push away from the show and it’s something you just come back to every now and then.
  9. Today, you feel the need to talk about ponies. You decide to go to a place of wonder and fun. Where people who will shout out derogatory and homophobic slurs behind their computers, oh what a magical place it is and what is this place called? Well, 4chan of course! You check out and click on /mlp/. Wondering what type of news there is, maybe some type of new fan animation or something. Maybe something that can clear your depression.
  10. The first thread got your attention. The subject read, “I’ve been turned into a pony.”
  11. You giggle at the thread name, maybe it was some type of stupid story. You click the picture revealing a picture one of those in real life pony picture, but instead of an OC. The stallion held a real life camera in his hoof. A shirt that covers up his whole body, but his hooves; his red fur seemed to be more realistic-like feel as you could see the strands of fur waving along the room along the hoof. Eyes were big and blue and the mane a buzz cut back. You could tell the pony wasn’t all too happy about whatever situation he was in. You chuckle wondering how well long it took him to Photoshop an OC picture and place it with a real shirt. Not to mention the camera that was awkwardly held by his hoof as to show how realistic this picture was. You read the post as the only thing on it was a link.
  12. A link to CNN, revealing something you would never consider in your lifetime. You were one of rational thought and one who didn’t really think much of bullshit such as Celestia or Luna popping into earth and bringing their power to control the sun and moon to be a formidable battle till mankind…but this? What the…is this some kind of joke?
  13. (CNN) – Disease that can turn you into a pony.
  14. “Living a normal life is harder when you’ve turned into this.” Says twenty-one year old, Robert Scultz. “You’re never sure when it happens, but when it does…you become a freak.” Robert Scultz is one of the few who have become caught with it.
  15. Mannulios, the disease has been named to by Scientist Arnold Sherman. He talks about it, “It has the effect of turning oneself into a pony, but the ponies have more special characteristics. They become more of cartoon like. Eyes much bigger, their mane more colorful at times, as well as their fur color as well, colors like red, blue, and even magenta. Some have been shown to even have wings and horns. Just like peagsi or unicorns.”
  16. “The size of the pony is smaller than humans themselves. These look like a certain show characters…My Little Pony. We are unsure why they become into this body figure and why they continue to transform back into their human form. A human shouldn’t be able to become something like this. We are looking into the matter as much as we can.”
  18. Reports show that Mannulios has only been known to be transmitted with any type of sexual activity There have been accounts of over fifty reports all over America and probably more that have been unaccounted for as well. They are scattered around the corner of the county. Arnold Sherman says to treat it like any other type of disease transmitted through sex. Wearing protection.
  21. Reading the article in front of you, it talks about it. Cartoons ponies….they’re real, but not the ones you’ve seen in your lifetime. It was some other type of mystical power…or a disease, if you were able to call it that. What kind of disease was able to create some type fictional characters? How was that even remotely possible in the world we live in? This must be some type of bullshit? Right? How can you believe something like this?
  22. You sighed as you closed your laptop. Maybe everyone has become delusional or you have become delusional.
  23. You see the video below it the article. Seeing the same pony, you saw on the thread. Clicking on it, you see it in all its glory.
  24. A pony, but…is looking more like the red pony you’ve just seen. The strands of fur moving along moves, his maw prominent with his big eyes staring into the camera, he didn’t bother to speak and just stare into it. Tilting his head to the right, and just glancing at the empty room before him. Just a color of white all around, the face drooping. ‘How the fuck is this possible?’.
  25. “I am a pony.” The video ending abruptly after that, ‘What was that? How am I supposed to…’
  26. The depression might be fucking with you. Shaking your head, you wish the marathons of movies would calm your mind for a small amount of time. It did nothing of the sort. You need something a bit stronger than colors on a laptop. Probably some booze. You know who could help you. Though, you need to call your ‘brother from another mother’ Alexander.
  27. Turning on your phone as the AT&T logo pops up. You wait for your phone to see if anyone has given you messages and indeed they someone has. Your ‘brother…from another mother,’ had called you and texted you several times. Each of them given you vague response to call him or come over his house, why didn’t he come over? You felt the earmuff surrounding your ears and realize how much of an idiot that question was. You literally went off the radar and no one could ever come in without breaking in the door or having a key. Fuck, I hope he isn’t in any trouble.
  28. You dial up his number and call him. Waiting for a few seconds, you hear his voice “Come over here, Anon!” He hung up the phone abruptly.
  29. ‘What has he got himself into?’ You worry about your best friend gives you the push you need to get out of the house. You got out of your room and ran into the kitchen, taking the keys from the counter and running out of the door.
  30. Going to your car, a sedan; the green paint has been started to peel off. Going inside it wasn’t any better. The seats have been ripped in a few places; the radio has been always abruptly going on and off and the smell of old food would never get off even if you cleaned it several times.
  31. You go start driving off to your best friend’s house. You wonder what is going on. Had he gotten himself in trouble with the cops? No, it would be some random number and his last text was in the morning. What about his family? Could someone have died?
  32. It’s possible, but doubtful. Maybe…fuck, no fucking way! There’s no way that he’s gotten that! I mean it’s possible, but why would fifty out of thirty million people…wait. Why am I thinking that he’s become some type of pony? Fucking brain, get the fuck off it.
  33. You need to just analyze the situation before we assume he some type of mystical pony from a disease.
  34. You finally reach his house. The small house, blue paints around the walls and rooftop. The house was a small one, for maybe two or three people comfortably. His small lawn and his brand new car made you a bit jealous of his situation, but you never wanted to be one of those guys who mooches off your best friend or family. So, you always kept it to yourself. He’d probably insist on you living with him.
  35. You walk over to the door and knock a few times. “Alexander! Hey, it’s me, Anonymous!”
  36. You didn’t hear anything for a minute, you knock again. “Come on, Alexander!” You hear the lock unhinge.
  37. “Anon!” All you saw was two hands grab your shirt and shove you into his house. Slamming the door shut and locking it quickly. You turn and see his blue eyes full of fear. Shaking around he continues to look at his surroundings. His wide living room with clean white tile floors; the white color hugging the walls, the room was rather boring, but it is bigger than your living room. Then there was Alexander, you’re thankful that he wasn’t a pony.
  38. Unknowing of what just had gotten into Alexander. “Alexander, get your hands off me!” You shouted, pulling his hands away.
  39. “Dude, why didn’t you answer your damn phone! I’ve been calling you for days!”
  40. “I’ve been busy watching all of movies on my hard drive, so yeah.” You chuckle.
  41. “Fuck man, your timing sucks. Whatever, I’m going to get some food, just stay on the couch.” Alexander motion to the red couch, you shrug and sit down. Enjoying the comfort of his goddamn red couch. Was is it so damn comfy? No couch should be this comfy! You lay your head more to relish the comfort. Alexander walked away towards the kitchen.
  42. Your thoughts wonder what’s going on. He wasn’t a p0ny nor did it seem like it was too urgent. He just went over and get some food or something. Though….he did grab you and lock you in here. So, it sounds like he’s in trouble. You just hope he doesn’t ask for cash, you need every dollar.
  43. The eerie peace of the room, was too awkward. As you took the remote from the couch and turn on television, that big screen television…lucky bastard.
  44. You continue to flip a few channels to see what was on, nothing really of interest. You wonder something as you flip over to CNN. You check and see they were talking about the usual affair. The president is doing something that seems a bit peculiar like eating like McDonalds and they go on and on about it. As if there was no other news to talk about. You glance at the ticker, wonder if you didn’t just read that article…and fuck.
  45. “Fifty still confirmed for the new disease, Mannulios.”
  47. There it was, confirming that you were either insane or just…in some type of dream. Rather vivid for a dream. You sigh and turn off the television. Regretting your decision immediately to turn on the telly, you lean on the couch again.
  48. You turn to see Alexander again, holding a plate of spaghetti and meat. The sauce swirls around the plate and gave it an alluring look. Though you wonder why you’d just pour it all over the meat, you shrug as he sat down next to you, eating his food. His nonchalant actions made you question what is going on even more. You glance at his hands as he swirl the fork and shoves it in his mouth.
  49. “So,” Breaking the silence, you look over to him. “What’s going on. You called me for a reason. I doubt it’s for lunch.”
  50. He places the fork down and look over at you his eyes full of anxiety, as they continue to be scattered around. “I wanted to ask you something.”
  51. “Okay, shoot.”
  52. “We’ve been friends for like what, ten years?”
  53. “About, you’re like a brother from another mother.”
  54. Alexander chuckle forcedly, “Yeah, yeah. We’ve been which is why I’m asking you this.”
  55. “Just spill it.” You spouted
  56. “I want you to live here.” He replied, you gave a look of surprise.
  57. “You know my feelings on that. I like living alone. I’m not worried about other people qualms about me being messy. Not to mention, you’re a damn clean freak.”
  58. “Yeah, I know you need your peace and you’re a pack-rat, but you can have the guest room. Y’know it’s bigger than your old apartment’s small ass room.”
  59. “I don’t care if it’s small,” You retort. “It’s my apartment. It’s a place I can call home. I worked my ass off with my past jobs to stay in a place where I can live freely.”
  60. “I understand that, but come on man. You won’t have to worry about rent or anything. You’ll just be two guys being bros.”
  61. You rubbed your chin for a brief second as you had a vision of both you and Alexander drinking some alcohol and relaxing. However, your stance still stays the same “As much fun as that could be, I still don’t want it bro. I just like my peace, y’know.”
  62. Alexander got up from the couch tighten his fists, “DUDE! Seriously, I need you live here…I can’t live alone.” His voice became low.
  63. You wonder what got him to ask all of this, why would he want you to live here? You both were best buds, but you do have different life styles. He was more outgoing than you were and he kept his house nice and tidy. He respects your decision and even understands it. Why the hell is he acting like you have to stay with him? You seem to get only one conclusion.
  64. “Dude…just tell me.” Tired of all this type of walking around the subject, “They're either someone who wants to kill you or something else, because this isn’t like you.”
  65. “I-I, just can’t.” Alexander voice stays low. This wasn’t like him at all. He wasn’t like this at all.
  66. “Look, dude. I’m going to find out eventually…just tell me what’s going on.”
  67. Alexander stays quiet, his eyes continuing to glance around the walls, making a decision, you worried about him. You didn’t want to live with him, but if something is going on. You’ll change for him, he’s your pal. Your best bud. You’re not some heartless fiend.
  68. “I have it.”
  69. “Have what?”
  70. “You’ve seen the news, haven’t you?”
  71. ‘Don’t tell me…oh no.’ you look down then back to him. “Uh, no.” You lie.
  72. “Where…there’s been something going around….nobody has gotten” His words still soft. Your heart thumps loud. ‘Please, god. Don’t tell me.’
  73. “But here the fuck I am! And I got it. I got a disease, Anon.”
  74. “A disease?! What kind of disease?!”
  75. “It’s called…. Mannulios”
  76. “You have…Mannulios…you’re…a pony?”
  77. “Yes, I…turn into a pony.” He turned his face away from you. His voice cracking up, “W-why me? Why did I become some type of goddamn brony fantasy? I’m not a fucking brony! You are!”
  78. Not sure if you were to be offended or not, you just let him go off. He respects you being a brony, but he never cares for the show. You were okay with his decision; you weren’t one to push a cartoon show for someone. “I’m sorry.”
  79. “What did I do to deserve this? Is this fucking god's way of saying that I’m forever a freak of society?! Fuck this shit!” He slams his fist into the arm rest.
  81. You were empathic of his ordeal, you weren’t sure how’d you would react to this. You like being a human, not some type of magical pony. ‘Though…flying or doing magic does sound magical,’ you thought to yourself
  82. Alexander turns back to you, his eyes lid a bit damp. He was crying, alright. He must have been holding this for a while. “Anon…can you please stay here? At least for a few days, I don't know if I can do it again.”
  83. You stare at the wall, your mind swirling with thoughts about all of this. First, you not crazy anymore…shit is real. Fucking surreal, just purely surreal on what is going on. Second, how the fuck did he gets it? Did some random floozy give it to him? I guess I’ll cross that road when he feels ready to do so. Third….should I stay. For comfort standards, this was going to be terrible. You knew how well all of this will end off when you actually have to live with him. Not to mention…dealing with him being a pony. God knows how you’ll be able to help him cope. It’s not like you’ve ever been a pony before. The only thing you know where the show itself…maybe that would help? Hell if you knew.
  84. ‘He could also be lying, but that doesn’t sound like him at all.’ You turn to him again. His face just full of it fear, eyes trembling at what will happen to him. You’ve seen that look before on yourself, just like the old days.
  85. Fuck, you’re not this heartless. “FINE! You win. I’ll stay here for now.” You mutter in defeat.
  86. Alexander just went and hugs you. “THANK YOU, ANON!” The hug felt awkward, as you slowly move your right arm and pat his back. You just went with it.
  87. “Now…if we’re going to do this, I better know what I’m dealing with. I need to see…when you become into a pony.”
  88. You were a bit surprise that he didn’t notice you lied about not knowing.
  89. You weren’t sure what all of this entails, but you need to help him. Maybe this whole thing is some type of temporary disease. Maybe it was something as simple as some cold meds to cure it. You weren’t sure of it, but you were sure of one thing. You’re going to help your bro out. Even if all of this is some kind of fucked up dream…
  90. End of Chapter One.
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