Random SoL glimmy shorts

Jun 26th, 2017
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  1. >and that's how the everfree caught on fire.jpg (comedy)
  3. >Be happy glimmy
  4. >Be bored because twiggy is away on some stupid shit
  5. >Trixie and Maud are both busy too
  6. >Get bored so get the kites ready
  7. >Damn this is great!
  8. >Start running around with your kite, giggling like a happy schoolfilly
  9. >Before you know it you get close to the everfree
  10. >Big gust of wind
  11. >Oh shit
  12. >Favorite kite lands in a tree
  13. >Nooooo
  14. >Use telekinesis to get it out, but it doesn't work because everfree trees absorb low level magic or some shit
  15. >Keep doing it still because you're sure you can do it
  16. >The tree starts moving, happy for the energy surge, its branches wrapping themselves around the kite to sap more and more of your magic
  17. >Oh no you don't!
  18. >Tries a spell just a bit stronger
  19. >Its branches move again, and you hear the distinct sound of your kite's fabric getting ripped
  20. >'Impulsively' blast its ass into oblivion
  21. >You don't even pay attention to the neighboring trees catching fire, you run to your kite, dreading for its life
  22. >You pick it up and teleport back to the castle to apply first aid ASAP
  24. _________________________________________________
  26. Glimglam and Trixie double team >rape Anon (SFW, unf and comedy (maybe))
  28. "C-can't we talk about this...?"
  29. >Your eyes nervously flicker left and right, throwing quick glances behind your back to make sure the way is clear, as you retreat step by step away from the menace.
  30. >"We'll have the time to talk later~,"
  31. >"Or maybe we won't, Trixie has big plans for her assistant's mouth, hah!"
  32. "Girls, you need to snap out of it, you-you're not thinking straight!"
  33. >"Oh, but the great and powerful Trixie believes she's thinking straight, she's in fact thinking very, very straight right about now~,"
  34. >The pink one rolls her eyes at the blue one's corny line, but her hungry grin widens ever so slightly.
  35. >"Come on Anon, it'll be fun, you'll see,"
  36. "W-well, I'm sure it will, but I'm more concerned about what you girls will do to me after the spell wears off,"
  37. >"Ugh, you're hanging out with Twilight waaay too much, you're even 'thinking' now,"
  38. >Your heartbeat accelerates when you see the wall getting closer and closer to your back.
  39. "That's not really reassuring..."
  40. >You mumble that, head quickly turning left and right, throwing glances around the room, trying to find a way out of here but they're blocking the only exit.
  41. >And they could use their magic and stop you anyway, only option to get out of here in one piece is using your good old tongue.
  42. >M-maybe not the way Trixie wants you to use it, tho.
  43. >"Don't play hard to get with us, Anonymous, we know how you keep trying to steal glances at our rears whenever you think we won't notice,"
  44. >You usually find easy quips to kick the smugness off of Trixie's face, but you don't find any right now, your mind instead being way too busy trying to slow the adrenaline flowing through your body.
  45. >You simply gulp instead.
  46. >And then you gasp, when you feel the cold crystal wall against your back.
  47. >Shit...
  49. "M-maybe we could, huh, play something? Like, uhm..."
  50. >You try to find something to talk about while you crawl your way out, back against the wall and using your hands to find your way around it.
  51. "K-kites! You like kites right? Maybe we could go out and play with kites!"
  52. >Starlight's giggles sends a shiver down your back.
  53. >But she doesn't even bother responding, so you switch target.
  54. "What about a magic show? Huh? T-that'd be fun, right?"
  55. >"Trixie has one hay of a show in mind, there'll be some disappearing acts and a lot of fireworks~,"
  56. >You feel your boxers happily twitching at her innuendos.
  57. >Fucking traitor.
  58. >Their faces turns to each other, their mischievous grins unmoving before they nod knowingly.
  59. >And their eyes are on you once more.
  60. >This can't be good, you really need to get out of here, right no--
  61. >A blink of an eye, and a pink flash later, Glimmy disappears from your sight.
  62. >And the telltale sound of mana fizzling and matter reappearing catches your attention to your right, the pink mare appearing right next to you.
  63. >You would've fell down from the shock if not for the fact that you were still leaning against the wall.
  64. >And before you can finish processing it, you feel the hooves of the showmare pin you against the cold surface.
  65. >Their smirk makes your heart skip a beat.
  66. >They won.
  67. >And they know they won.
  68. >Clever girls...
  70. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  72. Glimglam wants in Anon's pants and transforms into a cocksleeve (lewd, to do)
  74. >Glimglam loves Anon, but doesn't know how to get through his thick skull
  75. >Anon is oblivious, as always
  76. >Summer comes, and with it, heat season
  77. >Glimmy gets all horny
  78. >Of course, her mind starts drifting towards Anon
  79. >His tall frame, his big strong arms, his chiseled torso
  80. >And his dick
  81. >Wait a second, what does it even look like?
  82. >She starts pondering about it for what seems like hours, all the while furiously shlicking herself like there was no tommorrow
  83. >Not enough, let's use magic
  84. >She creates magic dildoes of all shape and forms, Anon's dick can't be that different!
  85. >She climaxes, once, twice, three times
  86. >But it just isn't enough
  87. >It's not the same thing
  88. >It's not him!
  89. >Maybe I could see him?
  90. >Just to say hello
  91. >I'd get to his house
  92. >I'd knock on his door
  93. >And he'd greet me with his beautiful smile
  94. >Showing his meat-eater teeth
  95. >Unf
  96. >And then I'd pin him against the wall, tell him how wild he drives me
  97. >And I'd make him mine and--nghh
  98. >Fourth orgasm
  99. >She pants, her clit still winking and lips still engorged in need
  100. >She couldn't possibly do it!
  101. >What if he dislikes it?
  102. >What if she hurts him?
  103. >She'd blow her chances! Everything she worked on since she met him
  104. >She could even lose him as a friend!
  105. >She just couldn't possibly go there in this state
  106. >...
  107. >Maybe she doesn't need to be in this state
  108. >Maybe I could...
  109. >I need a box
  111. >She teleports next to his house, and makes sure that he's home
  112. >She can feel a dribble of her love drip from her tunnel as the sight of him
  113. >Casts a 'want it need it spell' on herself
  114. >Places the box in front of his door, get inside, knock on his door, and then her horn starts glowing once more
  115. >And she transforms herself into a cocksleeve
  116. >These were a rare sight in Equestria, it was still kind of taboo and generally were imported from neighpan
  117. >But Anon will surely understand its purpose
  118. >Her purpose
  119. >And the infatuation spell will make sure he uses her extensively
  120. >Maybe for the entire week
  121. >Several times a day
  122. >Unf
  123. >And she feels he won't need much lubricant
  125. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  127. Love marks (Bite play, 'public' play) to do
  129. >Her walking the streets in the middle of summer... with a scarf
  130. >The outside temperature not being
  131. >Other than stuck up bitches like rarara
  132. >But ponies wouldn't pay it too much attention
  133. >Other than her friends
  134. >"Why are you wearing a scarf?"
  135. >Her heart would skip a beat at the idea of being discovered
  136. >"I-uhm, I caught a cold!" She'd fake a couple coughs
  137. >And they'd let it slide
  138. >Until one of Trixie's spells go wrong and she ends snakifying the garment
  139. >Glimmy would scream in fear, throwing the now living and hissing cloth down
  140. >And Maud and Trixie's eyes would go wide, pupils stuck on glimglam's neck
  141. >And more particularly, the teeth marks covering it
  142. >Worry would fill their eyes, or, Trixie's eyes, and maud would blink extra hard
  143. >And their eyes would meet, before they'd go back to Starlight
  144. >"Are you okay?"
  145. >Glimmy would blink in surprise, Trixie never acts worried, unless something is really wrong
  146. >"What? Oh, yeah, I'm fine, it didn't bite me or anything,"
  147. >"But something did bite you." And Maud would be as blunt as ever
  148. >And it'd take a moment for Starlight to understand
  149. >Her hoof would find her neck, trying to hide the marks from her friends
  151. >"Ohhhhh, uhm, t-that?! It's, huh, fruitbats! We chased one from the castle and--"
  152. >"He's not... hurting you, is he?"
  153. >Trixie's voice barely above a whisper, but worry still filling it
  154. >"No!"
  155. >It came out wrong
  156. >She nearly shouted it, as if she was offended by such a claim
  157. >"No, Anon would never hurt me!"
  158. >She'd try to fix it, but they'd share another silent glance
  159. >"You can tell us Starlight, we're your friends." Maud's hoof would find its place on one of her shoulders, to try and give her some courage
  160. >"I swear, if I-The great and powerful Trixie hears that this, this HUMAN is hurting and abusing you, Trixie swears that he'll feel her wrath and--"
  161. >"He's not abusing me!"
  162. >"Then why is your neck in such a state?"
  163. >"I-I... It's just..."
  164. >Trixie would turn to Maud once again and bring her mouth close to one of her ear
  165. >"You think we should call the ponice?" She'd whisper
  166. >Maud wouldn't react
  167. >"It's roleplay. There, I said it."
  168. >"Roleplay?"
  169. >"You mean, like what nerdy colts do?"
  170. >"Y-yeah. It's... I play as a prey and he chases me and..."
  171. >She'd take a deep inhale to steel herself before continuing
  172. >"And he catches me and... b-bites me and eats me..."
  173. >Her volume would go down and down with each words and a blush would creep its way up her cheeks
  174. >"So he is biting and hurting you."
  175. >"N-no! I mean, yes, but... it hurts so good..."
  177. ___________________
  179. Glimmy's calling (SoL, comedy, autism)
  181. "Hey glimmypoo, what's up--"
  182. >"HELP ME!"
  183. >You blink in surprise from the hushed scream coming from the phone
  184. "W-what, what's happening, are you okay?"
  185. >"Yes, I'm okay, but we got a code purple on our hooves!"
  186. >You sigh in relief, knowing that she's not in danger
  187. >You think
  188. "Huh... is that the Trixie being drunk or the Twilight asking you to go on magical friendship adventures with her and your friends--"
  189. >"I can't go with them!"
  190. "Why not?"
  191. >"Because it'll be boring and they'll force me to sing songs and dance and whatever namby pamby things they always do on those trips,"
  192. "Well, maybe you could give it a try? Who knows, you could like it,"
  193. >"But I'd rather spend the weekend with my coltfriend,"
  194. "Awww, you're so sweet~,"
  195. >"But you've got to help me!"
  196. "Have you tried telling them no?"
  197. >"I can't do that!"
  198. "Why not?"
  199. >"What if Twilight gives me that disappointed look she always gives when she's disappointed in me!"
  200. "Oh come on, she's not that--"
  201. >"And what if Fluttershy look at me with her puppy eyes?!"
  202. "Just don't look--"
  203. >"And what if Rainbow and Rarity start smirking and making dirty innuendos assuming that I'm planning to pass the entire weekend in bed!"
  204. "They wouldn't be wrong tho--"
  205. >"HELP ME!"
  207. _____________________
  209. Socks are hot (Socks, lewd, gfd?)
  211. >pillow fight's over
  212. >she won
  213. >or rather, you cried uncle after she used her horn to summon another dozen pillows
  214. >you're both panting and breathing heavily, but you're in worse shape than her
  215. >magic just isn't fair!
  216. >but it's okay
  217. >you don't mind losing to her
  218. >not with the smirk she gives you every time
  219. >that smug grin that screams 'look at me, I'm the winner!' that she sends you as she takes her place on her throne
  220. >which happens to be your heaving chest
  221. >you simply stare at her form for a moment, admiring her pink coat and the way the sweat from your earlier fun matted it
  222. >she's beautiful
  223. >"See something you like~?"
  224. >you nearly roll your eyes at her cliched reply but think twice
  225. >you could maybe turn this situation to your advantage
  226. "Maybe?"
  227. >"Only 'maybe'?!"
  228. >you can't help but grin at her fake outrage
  229. >"And here I was going to give you something 'very' special, but I'm not sure if you deserve it anymore, I mean, I could only give that to someone that would find me stunning!"
  230. >you blink in surprise
  231. >Trixie is really rubbing off on her
  232. >but you have other things to think about right now
  233. >like the double entendres she's letting out
  234. "Does this very special gift involves me removing my pants?"
  235. >her eyes widens at your bluntness
  236. >but they turn hungry not a second later
  237. >you know she always loved that part of you, unlike ponies, you don't beat around the bush, especially when talking about sex
  238. >"Well... maybe~,"
  239. >... that'll teach you
  240. >so, what could it be?
  241. >you scan her face for a moment, trying to find some kind of clue
  242. >but a flick of her tail derails your train of thoughts as it settles on top of your crotch
  243. >she's doing it on purpose, the corner of her lips turning upwards ever so slightly and betraying her as she feels you growing to life
  244. >she's in a really playful mood today
  246. >You stifle a groan but can't stop your hips from shifting in response to a stroke of her tail
  247. "So, what is it?"
  248. >"Mmmh~, I'm still not sure if you'd be capable of appreciating this gift for its--"
  249. >You startle her when your chest lifts itself from the soft mattress, your arms shooting forward to stop her from going anywhere as you sit up, and you cut her off when your lips crash against hers, another stroke of her tail proved way too much for you and your body reacted on its own
  250. >it doesn't take her long to lean into the kiss, your arms wrapping themselves around her to pull her even closer
  251. >but you still want to know what is it she has planned, so you break the kiss, her lips trying to follow yours for an inch or two, proving how eager she is
  252. "Yes, you're beautiful, you're the prettiest mare I've ever seen, Starlight,"
  253. >You can feel her heart skipping a beat, before resuming its thumping
  254. >and she tightens her hold on you, her right forehoof mowing up your shoulder to end its course tracing circles on the back of your head, subtly trying to pull you back in for another kiss
  255. >but you're not finished
  256. "I could look at you for hours without ever growing bored,"
  257. >your lips find hers once again, but only for a quick peck, much to her obvious displeasure
  258. "Yours beautiful lips,"
  259. >You lean forward once more, and she puckers up, ready and anticipating the next peck
  260. >but it ends up north of her lips, right on the tip of her snout
  261. "Your cute muzzle,"
  262. >another peck, this one right below her right eye
  263. "Your big blue eyes,"
  264. >you aim way lower this time, and she shivers when your lips make contact with her neck
  265. >and you linger there for a second longer, because you know how much she loves it there
  266. >maybe she loves it even more than you do
  267. "Your long, sensitive neck,"
  268. >you give it another peck for good measure, before you come back up to kiss her on the lips
  270. >your lips stay locked for a while, her tongue soon parting her lips open to probe at yours, asking for entrance
  271. >you're more than happy to let her in
  272. >her hooves roam the back of your neck and your shoulders as your hands slowly drift down her back to reach her lower half
  273. >you make sure to caress all the spots you know she loves, her barrel, the small of her back right above her dock, and finally, her cutie marks
  274. >you trace them with your fingertips as she moans into you
  275. >and she gasps when you grope her rump, your fingers slightly sinking into the soft flesh as you pull her plump cheeks apart
  276. >she's the one breaking the kiss this time, and you're the one displeased by it
  277. >"Gee, if you keep that up we won't even get to try them!"
  278. >her little act doesn't work on you
  279. >not with how eager she sounds
  280. >or the way her tail strokes your now throbbing pole through your pants
  281. >but you still have no idea what is it she's talking about
  282. "Try what?"
  283. >she opens her mouth to respond, but her voice cracks and dies in her throat when your hands give her rear another squeeze, your fingertips drawing ever so close to her flower
  284. >she gives you a deadpan look, or adorably tries to, and you grin
  285. >"Timeout."
  286. >You blink, and your grin instantly drops
  287. "What--"
  288. >"I said timeout!"
  289. >she doesn't give you the time to process what she means by that, and pushes herself off of your grasp, taking a few steps back to sit on the bed right next to you
  290. >wait what, no
  291. >no no no
  292. "W-what do you mean timeout? Have I done something?"
  293. >did you fuck it up?
  294. >how? when?
  295. "You can't leave me like that, babe, I need it!"
  296. >and her smirk reappears
  297. >it relieves you, somewhat
  298. >but she doesn't respond, her face even turning away from yours and to the side of the bed
  299. >and her horn starts glowing, a sizeable box appearing from under the bed and flying towards you thanks to the magical aura holding it
  300. "Can't this wait for after? Did we really have to stop right when--"
  301. >"Yes, because if we didn't then we would've been... busy until we both collapsed and fell asleep,"
  303. "And that's a bad thing, because...?"
  304. >you see her roll her eyes as she places the box on the bed, right in front of her
  305. >"I never said it was a bad thing,"
  306. >her hooves reach for the box and finally opens it
  308. _______________
  310. Incoming call; glimglam (comedy)
  312. "Hey glimmypoo, what's up--"
  313. >"HELP ME!"
  314. >You blink in surprise from the hushed scream coming from the phone
  315. "W-what, what's happening, are you okay?"
  316. >"Yes, I'm okay, but we got a code purple on our hooves!"
  317. >You sigh in relief, knowing that she's not in danger
  318. >You think
  319. "Huh... is that the Trixie being drunk or the Twilight asking you to go on magical friendship adventures with her and your friends--"
  320. >"I can't go with them!"
  321. "Why not?"
  322. >"Because it'll be boring and they'll force me to sing songs and dance and whatever namby pamby things they always do on those trips,"
  323. "Well, maybe you could give it a try? Who knows, you could like it,"
  324. >"But I'd rather spend the weekend with my coltfriend,"
  325. "Awww, you're so sweet~,"
  326. >"But you've got to help me!"
  327. "Have you tried telling them no?"
  328. >"I can't do that!"
  329. "Why not?"
  330. >"What if Twilight gives me that disappointed look she always gives when she's disappointed in me!"
  331. "Oh come on, she's not that--"
  332. >"And what if Fluttershy look at me with her puppy eyes?!"
  333. "Just don't look--"
  334. >"And what if Rainbow and Rarity start smirking and making dirty innuendos assuming that I'm planning to pass the entire weekend in bed!"
  335. "They wouldn't be wrong tho--"
  336. >"HELP ME!"
  338. (second part by another Anon)
  339. >You arrive at the crystal tree castle and find GlimGlam trying and failing to talk her way out of going with Twilight.
  340. GlimGlam almost looks like she is having a panic attack.
  341. >"Now Starlight we have a long weekend of fun planned so lets go."
  342. "Not so fast Twi, I have plans with GlimGlam, so as her coltfriend I'll have to veto her joining you on whatever you're planning on doing."
  343. >Starlight looks as if God has started the rapture and she is on the list.
  344. >"Oh really Anon? And what plans do you have?"
  345. "For one, tomorrow is going to be quite windy, a perfect day to fly kites."
  346. >There are fucking stars in GlimGlams eyes with a smile that has to hurt to have on her face.
  347. >Pinkie tries to imitate GlimGlam and matches her smile but fails to get enough stars in her eyes.
  348. >"How did you even know we were about to leave though?"
  349. "Anon Sense."
  350. >She just stares at you but you keep your God-tier poker-face on.
  351. >"Fine, whatever."
  352. >You pick GlimGlam up and give her flank a squeeze.
  353. >She gives out a squeak and buries her face in your chest with her face as red as a tomato.
  354. "Also i plan on spending plenty of 'quality time' with her."
  355. >You say this while wiggling your eyebrows.
  356. >Fluttershy hides behind her mane with a blush on her face.
  357. >Twilight just rolls her eyes, unamused by your antics.
  358. >"Ugh, whatever. bye Starlight, we'll see you on monday."
  359. >Rarity and Rainbow are both snickering.
  360. >She doesn't respond and you just walk away, already looking forward to a full weekend of not having Twiggles constantly getting in the way of 'quality time' with GlimGlam.
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