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  1. "Please suck on my fingers, I wouldn't want you to get hurt!" Her voice is soft and her demeanor cheerful despite her left hand lubing up her strap-on and her right prodding at your mouth. You oblige, opening up and allowing Angel to stick two fingers inside and grope around. Because her hands are so small, she could probably fit her entire fist in your mouth comfortably. The thought makes you drool.
  3. "That's a good boy, anon. Suck my cock~" Her voice carries into your ears, a sweet melody of innocence and sexuality.
  5. She places her hand on your head looking down at you with that cute face of hers. You look back up at her, fighting back a blush. Your saliva lubricates her strap-on as she pulls it out with a pop. "Now turn around for me." She demands.
  7. You nod shyly, turning around so your ass faces her and the now-wet dildo. She caresses your backside, smirking unbeknownst to you. She raises her hand and slaps your ass, making your cry out at the sudden pain. "Something wrong, dear?" She asks mirthfully.
  9. Your entire body is trembling but her steady hands guide her strap-on towards your puckered opening. She can feel you tense under her and she roughly grips your ass cheek, squeezing and massaging, drawing several low moans from you. Between the fondling and when you least expect it, she slips the head of her false phallus inside.
  11. "Shh, it's OK Anon. I'm sure all guys make such girly noises when they're being pegged," she said soothingly, stroking your hair as she continued her thrusting. "Don't worry about the little spurts of cum either, it's perfectly normal to orgasm so fast from your prostate being properly worked. We'll clean it up later, OK?"
  13. She shifted behind you, her nipples rubbing against your sensitive skin. She continued to make gentle cooing noises and quickened her thrusts, whispering about what other fun things you could use on your ass from now on. As you came a second time with a shaking moan, you could swear she started talking about how good of a girl you'd turn out to be.
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