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  1. My native town
  2. Kostelec nad Orlicí
  3. Kostelec nad Orlicí is a city in the Hradec Králové Region - part of the Czech Republic. It is situated between Doudleby nad Orlicí and Častolovice, approximately 7 km southwest of Rychnov nad Kněžnou. It has around 6200 inhabitants. The word Orlice comes from the name of river which flows throught the city. Actual mayor is Ivana Červinková.
  7. History and sights
  8. First written memory dates from 1316. Kostelec is there described such as fortified church. Kostelec has many sights. The center of Kostelec forms the square of František Palacký. On the square we can find the baroque Marian's column with Panna Marie from 1707, Neo-Gothic Holy Trinity's column from 1874 or town hall. There are two castles in the city. The first is Old castle. The second is a empire castle, New castle with English park. Both are owned by Josef Kinský. The other sights are for example churches: St. George, St. Anna and the church of John Amos Comenius.
  11. Services
  12. There are many various services. There are for example restaurants: U Splavu, Pivovar, Klídek or the restaurant Na Skále. Kostelec has also many pubs. Two of them are Nonstop. In the south part of Kostelec is a great Bowling club. Ludmila Ditzová does massages in the street Palclova. If you have a ill pet at home you can visit a vet MVDr. Richard Minařík in the street Barákova. For people who need a haircut there is also a hairdresser's studio.
  16. Kostelec as a modern city
  17. Kostelec has around six schools. There are three high schools (Business academy of Thomas Garrigue Masaryk, Agricultural school and Refrigeration technology school) but there are also basic schools. For example Basic school of Guth Jarkovský or Basic Art school. In Kostelec there is also a skatepark for freestyle BMX, skateboarding or in-line skating. There is also firm called UNET. The UNET provides wireless internet connection to people's households in the Rychnov region. Kostelec has got lots of culture. There is the Rabstein's half-cinema where they show some old films. But the cinema is a half-cinema because they teach dance lessons there or there are various cultural events for the public. For those who want a better figure there is a gym named PRO FIT - fitness and wellness centrum. There are also two playgrounds. The football pitch is near the centre of the Kostelec. Second softball pitch is on the south edge of the city. There is also inflatable hall near the football pitch. In Kostelec you can go to the swimming pool for a bath in the summer in a day-time. But if you want to, there are great Wednesday's parties in the night during the summer holidays. It's a immense fun!
  21. Famous people
  22. The city Kostelec is known for its celebrities.
  24. PhDr. Jiří Stanislav Guth-Jakovský
  25. He was a son of an officer. He studied a grammar school, philosophy, mathematics and physics. Guth-Jarkovský was a member of the redaction of Otto's encyclopedia. He was also a teacher of social education at the Charles University.
  27. Vilma Seidlová
  28. She was a teacher and writer. She wrote plays, short stories and poems for young people. She is an author of Dívčí svět, Doušek z naší studánky, Lupeníčko or Mateřídouška. She died in 1941.
  30. František Ignác Tůma
  31. He studied philosophy and lived in Vienna. František was a compositor and bandmaster of the count Kinský. He wrote 30 masses. František died in 1774.
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