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  1. Adrinaz     Probably will join when he hits 60 (Mage)
  2. Aguacatee
  3. Amethuzar   No response
  4. Baffle      No response
  5. Bayily      said "not needed for now"
  6. Blizardfarm unclear response: "always homeslice"
  7. Cogwhisle
  8. Daddylongstk    Invited
  9. Gnomishimp  Willing to help raid but won't join guild. (Warlock)
  10. Honeybaby   No response
  11. Dotprescott
  12. Grandgraine Alt
  13. Humaira
  14. Killacal
  15. Kriskgringles
  16. leonredbone
  17. magusjti    Poor english
  18. Malvin
  19. Mercalio    Might join with fury warrior and holy paladin (warlock)
  20. Nallus 
  21. Polinka     No response
  22. Rainingfire Alt
  23. Sombrafire  Expressed interest after big delay, then logged out without warning
  24. Spewterc    No response
  25. Stonecoldnip
  26. Twinkletoe  No response
  27. Veola
  28. Zachhanson  Alt - main raids on tues/sun, willing to pug with us (mage)
  29. Zonkerd     No response
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