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  1. HeyHey Rabbits~♥
  3. Quick question (Okay, a few). Been a user for quite a while now, probs 2 years ish.
  5. What happened?
  6. Why's everything I stream now publicised on the front page of Rabbit?
  8. Why do I have to use the Chrome extension to stream Netflix? My internet can't deal with it, I tried last night and it was glitchy as hell. I need to download the Netflix stream, Upload to Rabbit with the browser, Then download the Rabbit stream.. The quality takes a goddamn nose-dive.  The video would pause and the sound would be glitchy and robotic. But only for me, Was apparently fine for everyone else.
  10. Also https://gyazo.com/5296b4a063806f3bce564fbe188e8c72
  11. This. I don't want my room Public, I don't want to hear a doorbell every 10 seconds while watching something with a friend.
  13. What, did the "LIVE" button not work so it became default?
  14. Seriously. Go back to how it was in the beginning of 2016, or sooner.
  16. I don't mean to rant, I just criticize because I care. The more you love something, the harsher you should be. Right? ♥
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