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  1. ------5 Stars:
  2. -Language on start selectable only on first bootup.
  3.     User can change it in Main menu later.
  4. -Upon selecting New game, new screen is presented where user cna select difficulty.
  5.     This screen also includes brief information on what given difficulty entails.
  6. -Only one size for Windowed screen. This is to make screenshot icon display correctly.
  7. -Scanline shader replaced by CRT shader.
  8. -Since Twins plan to release Genesis version on carts, maybe make "nostalgia music" the only music?
  9.     Nostalgia arragments are straight up better. At least have arragments as default and have Genesis music as "Legacy music option".
  10. -More SFXs, are in making, will add as soon as possible.
  11. -Make "Jump" work as "OK" in menu screens instead of "interact" with which most player may assume to be "go back" button.
  12. -Have "Jump" button work together with "Interact" button to progress a dialog.
  13.     Make these two work in intro story as well.
  14. -Add "up to jump" option in Gameplay menu. When enabled, allows player to jump with UP button.
  15. -Remove Difficulty option from Gameplay menu.
  17. ------4 Stars:
  18. -Add an extra cutscene as Dizzy enters Zaks castle.
  19. -Add Brightness and color saturation options in Gameplay menu.
  20. -Add Gamepad support.
  21. -Remove Cheats submenu altogether as it doesnt have any kind of use.
  22.     Replace it with language selection in case you want to change it.
  23. -Rework difficulty levels into 3: Casual, Normal and Hard boiled.
  24. -Rework Challenges:
  25.     Sudden Rush
  26.         Start with one extra life.
  27.         Starts with 30 seconds.
  28.         Changing the screen adds 20 seconds.
  29.         Screens are tracked, cant stall by going back to already discovered screens.
  30.         If out of time, a life is lost. Restarts with a whole minute.
  31.     Careful Planning
  32.         Starts with one life only.
  33.         Once out of moves, reports challenge lost.
  34.     Boxed problems
  35.         Starts with normal amount of lifes.
  36.         All items use same Box graphics.
  37.         All items have same Box description.
  38.         So, player needs to know the game and use memory to keep track of which items are where.
  39.     Disorientation
  40.         Starts with normal amount of lifes.
  41.         Each time Dizzy changes the screen changes its flip randomly.
  42.         If Dizzy dies, screen gets flip disabled.
  43.         Flips cannot be manipulated. Trying to get better one by going between two screens wont work as last one gets
  44.             recorded and "remembered".
  45. -Make it so you cant save during challenges.
  46. -Add Achivements:
  47.     Die in every way possible.
  48.     Finish all challenges
  49.     Finish the game on Hard boiled difficulty
  50.     Finish the game under 15 minutes
  51.     Eat 50 cherries in total
  52.     Collect 200 stars in total
  53.     Walk over 1k meters.
  54.     Spend 5 minutes midair in total.
  55.     Finish the game without using the Axe.
  56.     Finish the game without dying(Normal or Hard boiled).
  57.     Collect over 100k points in total.
  58.     Finish the game collection only 1 cherry.
  60. ------3 Stars:
  61. -Allow screenshot button to be defined in Keyboard config.
  63. ------1 Star:
  64. -Add mini adventure designed for Dizzy Returns.
  65.     Preferably after kickstarter gets funded.
  66. -Add gallery with scans of original design documents and unused sprites.
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