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  1. Hi, everyone I sent this to.
  2. Snoregore here.
  3. I'm leaving BCB. For good.
  4. I know I've kind of just blended into the background and not talked too much (even though i'm in the top 10 most lines in the stats).
  5. Regardless, I've witnessed a lot of shit go on, including the mettlebird incident, the basketcase ordeal, and the randomchat abomination.
  6. What I've learned from this as well as from many experiences on the IRC is that this community is hateful and hurts many people.
  7. It's a constant shitstorm of deprecation, and I'm shamed to admit I've partaken in it. However this does not excuse the horrible actions
  8. performed by the community.
  10. First of all, Mettlebird was just trying to express his writing and get some tips. People reacted way too harshly and gave almost completely
  11. negative criticisms, of both his work and his way of posting/protecting his work. I'm looking at you, Sammy. You people should know it's not ok
  12. to say such horrible things about someone, it can cause really harsh self esteem issues. It's obvious he had some problems with stealing, yet
  13. everyone just had to call him out for it. Sure, he was being kind of a dick, but the lengths all of you went to are phenomenal.
  15. TL;DR: Mettlebird wasn't in the wrong, YOU WERE. (However Taeshi was nice at the end about it, and recognized that he was not in a good state of mind)
  17. Secondly, the basketcase thing was just way too overblown. NEWSFLASH: PEOPLE TALK BEHIND OTHERS BACKS. Just because it was revealed doesnt mean there
  18. had to be a thread calling her out. There doesn't have to be a TL;DR for this one, this is plain and simple.
  20. Thirdly, we have randomchat. This was the asshole of the community, everyone agrees with that. There were pedos, threats, and one guy even messaged a
  21. picture of his dick to people. Another plain and simple example that this community breeds shitheads.
  23. Lastly, we have the IRC. Oh, the IRC. We all knew it would come to this. Not that I havent had fun here, it's just no one seems to give a shit one
  24. way or another about each other. Whenever someone tries to actually make nice and talk to people about normal stuff, other call them out for "being
  25. boring". Honestly, the fuck? The IRC is dead almost all the time, and you call them out for stimulating conversation? Fuck, man, that's just wrong.
  26. Plus the fact that Panda was tired of the reputation she had and changed her name. What kind of shit do you have to do to someone to make them do that?
  27. Oh, and don't forget the fact that she was hounded for THAT too. Yeah. Good work everyone. I'm afraid my memory isn't all that great, so I don't have
  28. any more examples, but go ahead, take a look at the IRC, and you'll see what I see.
  30. TL;DR: IRC is shit
  32. I really wanted to enjoy this community. There were people I liked. SmashGenesis, OmoMeowth, BeachSideCheese, Ace423, BotonWiggles, and many others.
  33. I'm sorry I couldn't just bear with all this. I know it seems like a lot of nitpicking, and it sure as hell is. I'm sure you think it's idiotic, and
  34. it sure as hell is. But you know what? As nitpicking and whiny as it is, I'm sticking to it. All this community breeds is hatred and laziness. I have
  35. other reasons for leaving. The IRC takes up so much of my time that I miss deadlines, and my grades go down, all for an empty chat. I don't think
  36. it's worth my future to stay in a community that I hate.
  38. I'll continue to read the comic, and buy products. I will not, however, return to the IRC or the Forums, at least for a long time.
  40. See ya'll later, and I hope you learn some fucking manners.
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