Geist Anon 01

Feb 26th, 2017
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  1. >You are Anon and right now you want to throw that fucking book as far away as you can.
  2. >You are sitting in Canterlot High School cafeteria.
  3. >Trying to read with all the noise around is a pain.
  4. >Mr. Stone, your adoptive father, had to leave town for a couple of week.
  5. >He left you with some “light reading”.
  6. >You don’t call 100 years old grimoire in Latin light fucking reading.
  7. >You sigh, close the book and put it in your backpack.
  8. >You’ll have to finish another time, there is too much noise right now.
  9. >The whole school is decorated in black and orange, with pumpkins, bats and spiders everywhere.
  10. >You can hear many student talking about where they will go get candy, and something about a huge party.
  11. >You really don’t care about partying with people your age, most of them had no idea who you are.
  12. >You had transfer here two weeks ago because of Mr. Stone… occupation.
  13. >The old man had since then left town saying something about tying loose end. Leaving you alone in that old mansion by yourself…. mostly alone.
  14. >You sigh again; how long while he be gone this time.
  15. >Looking at your cell phone, you see it’s 12:50
  18. “We should get going.”
  19. >”But I just got there.”
  20. >Freezing, you slowly turn your head toward the voice.
  21. >Next to you is the Pinkest girl you had ever see.
  22. >She looks at you with a big smile and bright blue eye.
  23. >That`s the only thing you could say about her since her face was the only thing you could see since she is Standing inches from you.
  24. “…Eh…Hello?”
  25. >”HI! I’m Pinkie Pie.”
  26. >Faster then you can react she grab your hand and starts shaking it.
  27. >”I saw you sitting all alone here and I realized that I didn’t know who you were, so I thought: “Pinkie, that guy is sitting all alone there and you don’t know him, you should go introduce yourself and be his friend.” So, I heard you talk to yourself and I thought that I should introduce myself so that we can be friends and that way you won’t have to talk to yourself anymore… ”
  28. >You are still in shock, you had barely understood the torrent of words she was throwing at you, she was still talking but you couldn’t keep up with her, after a while she stops and looks at you with her an even bigger smile.
  29. >Shit what was she talking about?
  30. <She invite you to her place for an Halloween party, you should say yes. Staying alone at home is not good for you, go enjoy life a bit>
  31. >You sigh, yet again. You know she is right, but you have better stuff to do, like… reading old Latin books…
  32. >Fuck it.
  33. “Sure, just give m-“
  34. >Before you could finish she caught you in a bear hug, lifting you from your chair.
  35. “You’ll see you’re gonna have a great time, we’re going to dance and eat candy and play game and dance some more and tell scary story and eat even more candy. It’s going to be great!”
  36. >After several seconds of her shaking you in the air, she put you back down.
  37. >Jesus, maybe agreeing was not your smartest idea.
  38. >She pulls out a piece of paper from her hair.
  39. “Here is the address and my cell phone number, don’t forget to put on a disguise.”
  40. >And like a pink tornado, she runs back toward a group of girls.
  41. “*Sigh* What did I get myself into?”
  42. <I’m sure you’re going to have fun.>
  43. “I hope so, or else I’ll stop listening to you.”
  44. >You start walking out of the cafeteria as the bell start ringing, announcing the start of the next period.
  45. >You look back at Pinkie and her friends, a small smile forming on your face.
  46. “Tonight might not be so bad after all.”
  47. <I agree; those girls are lovely. Maybe you will finally find a girlfriend and spend less time on your computer.>
  48. >You start blushing, having her around all the time was awkward sometime.
  50. ----------
  52. >You are still the one and only Anon.
  53. >Your Math class was uneventful except for that one rainbow hair girl who kept on giving you dirty looks.
  54. >But right now, you are sitting in Art class.
  55. >M. Cheerilee is standing in front of the class, writing your assignment on the blackboard.
  56. >”Today I would like for everyone to pair up and draw each other portrait. Bonus point if you can make it Halloween themed.”
  57. >Free period for you, since you know that no one wants to team up with you since you are the “Creepy dude in black”.
  58. >It’s been like this since you transferred.
  59. >But to your surprise, you see someone walking toward you.
  60. >More precisely Rarity.
  61. >You knew her since you enroll here; of course everyone knows the hottest girl in school.
  62. >”Hello Anonymous, I was wondering if you would like for us to work together?”
  63. >Why is she talking to you? Why is she batting her eyelash?
  64. >You pride yourself at being a man with a big [spoiler]vocabulary.[/spoiler]
  65. “ah…eh… yes?”
  66. >Nailed it.
  67. >She flash you a quick, amused smile and sit on a wooden stool in front of you.
  68. >”Marvelous. I’m Rarity, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
  69. “Pleasure all yours-MINE! I mean pleasure all mine.”
  70. <Anon the lady-killer ladies and gentlemen>
  71. >God you are so embarrassed right now.
  72. >You can even hear some other students snickering around.
  73. >”You’re funny Anonymous. But let’s not waste time, I can’t wait to see what kind of portrait you will make with me as your muse.”
  74. “yeah, s-sure. No problem.”
  75. >God, no matter how much you want to keep your cool, you always lose it in front of a cute girl.
  76. >Taking a couple of deep breath to calm yourself, you fish out your sketchbook and pencil case from your backpack.
  77. >You take a look at her, fair white skin, beautiful blue eye, smooth purple hair…
  78. >”I know you need to look at me for our sketch, but please don’t stare so much, I’m going to get embarrassed.”
  79. >Blushing from ear to ear, you open your sketchbook and hide behind it.
  80. >”Don’t be shy Dear. Could you stop hiding and also remove the dreadful hoodie so that I can see you properly.”
  81. >Mumbling some excuse, you comply.
  82. <Look at you, little Anon blushing in front of a girl. But I understand she is pretty. By the way, you are due for a haircut.>
  83. >You pass a hand trough your bangs.
  84. “I know, next week I’ll go to the barbershop.”
  85. >”But why? You have such lovely hair.”
  86. >Shit, you got caught up in the moment and answer her.
  87. >To your surprise, Rarity starts combing your hair with her hand.
  88. >”But if you really want, it would be a pleasure to do it for you.”
  89. >What did you do to deserve this?
  90. >”Oh my. Are you alright dear? You are freezing.”
  91. >She put her hand on your forehead.
  92. >You jerk backward. That a bit too much contact for you.
  93. “Y-Yeah, low blood pressure you know… I’m alright.”
  94. >”If you say so.”
  95. >Awkward Silence ensue.
  96. <Smooth Anon.>
  97. >Please Satan take me now.
  98. >Since you did not want thing to get even more awkward you opt to shut your mount and start on your assignment.
  99. >If there is something you are good at it’s drawing.
  100. >The previous Art class were on painting and sculpting. But now it was your time to shine.
  101. >Who know, maybe you could impress her with your skill.
  102. >Yeah right.
  103. >The rest of the hour went by with the two of you barely speaking.
  104. >In that time you had done a rough sketch of what you hope will be good enough.
  105. >Taking a look at the clock you can see that only 10 minutes remain before you are free to go.
  106. >”Now class, I would like you to finish your project during the weekend if possible, you can leave now and happy Halloween.”
  107. > Sweet early liberty.
  108. >Smiling you stand up and put your hoodie back on.
  109. >”I’m still not done with mine. So I assume we will see more of each other. See you tonight at the party Darling.”
  110. >With those parting word, she heads outside the class with a little sway in her hips.
  111. >Your eyes were glue on her until she left.
  112. <You should probably think about getting back home, you have preparation to make for tonight. Like finding a costume.>
  113. “What? Yeah sure…”
  114. >Damn, you forgot about that.
  115. >What would be appropriate? You never went to a party before, not with people of your age at least.
  116. >You start walking toward your locker, taking your phone and Pinkie invitation out of your pocket.
  117. - Hey, it’s anon. Should I bring anything tonight?
  118. >Once you put your stuff in your locker, you start speed walking toward the exist, hoping to get out before the bell ring and you get swarm by student getting out of class.
  120. >Once outside, you head home.
  121. >20 minutes later, you stand outside Mr. Stone house.
  122. >An old Victorian house, two story high with a decent yard. A big Weeping willow in the front yard.
  123. >There are a lot of rumors about it being haunted. Kid avoid it like the plague.
  124. >If you knew better, you would think that it has something to do with the cemetery next door.
  125. >You step inside, locking the door behind you.
  126. >You’ve been living with Mr. Stone for the past twelve year, but you still feel like an outsider.
  127. >He try to make you feel at home, but you always feel out of place.
  128. <So, what’s the plan? What are you going to wear? And don’t say that you’re going as a ghost or I’m going to hit you>
  129. >You chuckle; you knew for a fact that since the two of you bounded together she was in no position to hurt you, neither were you.
  130. “No, I got a good idea of what I’m going to do.”
  131. >You take the stair toward the second floor and enter your room.
  132. >Nothing to write home about.
  133. >no poster or decoration, a double size bed and a desk with your computer on it.
  134. >Heading toward the closet, you take out your only suit and an old top hat. Black and white, no tie.
  135. “Do you know if we have any make-up?”
  136. <Probably somewhere in Tomb office.>
  137. “Right…”
  138. >Entering Mr. Stone's office was always a pain, he never cleans it and leave all kind of stuff laying around.
  139. >After searching for almost an hour in that dump, you manage to find a little stainless steel box with what you need inside.
  140. >Once you get back in your room you see your cellphone screen blinking.
  141. >Opening it you see that Pinkie had replied to you.
  142. >-Hiya anon :D I’m super happy to hear that you’re coming ( ` ω ´ ) You just need to get here when you’re ready! You don’t need to bring anything, auntie Pinkie got you cover ;)
  143. >While reading you receive another message from her.
  144. >-the party is almost ready, come as soon as you can or else I’m going to eat all the candy :P
  145. >She had sent you a picture with that text of her wearing a chef outfit with a mustache that she was twirling in her finger.
  146. >-See you soon!!!!! ( ^∇^)
  148. >You put down your phone and head toward the bathroom, make-up kit in hand.
  149. >A quick shower later and you stand in front of the mirror, slowly and meticulously applying white makeup on your face, neck and hand.
  150. >In the mirror behind you could see her.
  151. >She look at you smiling.
  152. >The Gray Mother.
  153. >She was wearing what little remain of what you assume is a ball dress. She has no skin on her body except above her nose; around her eyes and forehead.
  154. >Her long hairs are moving around blown by an invisible gust of wind.
  155. (
  156. >You had been bound together since your father died; twelve years ago.
  157. <Anon, apply yourself. You don’t want to look bad in front of your lady friends.>
  158. “Why the sudden interest in my love life anyway?”
  159. <Can’t a mother want for her child to find the perfect match? You and that Rarity girl look so good together.>
  160. >you close your eyes and take two long breaths.
  161. >You hate when she did that, the whole mother thing.
  162. >You never knew your mother and since she’s been with you, she had tried to “fill that hole”.
  163. *Sigh*
  164. "Yeah, yeah. Let me concentrate.”
  165. >Using black and blue you add the final touch on your makeup.
  166. “How do I look?”
  167. <Perfect, the ladies are going to fall at your feet.>
  168. “I pretty sure they won't, but thanks.”
  169. >Now that you face is ready, you put on your suit and top-hat.
  170. >While walking in front of Mr. Stone's office you stop to grab a cane.
  171. >You make a detour toward the mini bar and grab a little iron flask, fill it up with rum.
  172. >Now you are ready.
  173. >You enter the garage, opening the light to admire the old man car.
  174. >A black 1969 Roadrunner.
  175. >He told you that when he is gone that you can use it, but you had to be extremely careful.
  176. >If you put a single scratch on it he will have your skin.
  177. >He was a man of his word.
  178. >Taking the key from the wall you get inside the car and open the garage door.
  179. “Can I be honest with you? I’m getting excited, maybe it won’t be so bad.”
  180. <that’s the spirit. And maybe you’ll end up scoring tonight. If you ask nicely I might even give you some privacy.>
  181. >Taking out the invite, you start driving toward Pinkie’s place.
  182. >For once you won’t have to spend the whole night studying or wasting time on the internet.
  184. >You are making your way toward Pinkie’s house
  185. >The drive is painfully slow since the streets are full of kids.
  186. >After driving for half an hour, you finally arrive at your destination.
  187. >It’s hard to miss, it's the house with the most decorations on all the street.
  188. >You see several students outside in the front yard talking and drinking.
  189. >You can hear the music blasting from her house.
  190. >As you step out of your car, you see several students staring at you.
  191. <Don’t mind the stares, let’s go have some fun.>
  192. >Taking the cane and hat from the back seat, you make your way toward the entrance.
  193. >As you step inside, you are assault by all the noise. People screaming, laughing or singing.
  194. >”YOU MADE IT!”
  195. >Jesus! This girl is going to be the death of you.
  196. >You turn around to face Pinkie who appeared behind you.
  197. “Nice costume Pinkie.”
  198. >She is wearing a pair of torn jeans, a black shirt, a dirty brown jacket and sporting an old hockey mask.
  199. >”You too, Mr. skeleton man.”
  200. >Not really a skeleton, but whatever.
  202. >She removes her mask; as usual she was sporting a big, bright smile.
  203. >”Follow me, I’m gonna give you the VIP Tour.”
  204. >She grabs your hand and starts pulling you along.
  205. >”That’s the snack bar; here have some punch. That’s the kitchen. That’s the bathroom number Uno. That’s the Cupboard, we won’t go in there except if you’re a good boy. That’s my room, only the VVVIP can get in I’m sorry. That’s the backyard with the pool, no skinny dipping allowed before midnight. That’s bathroom number deux “
  206. >Trying to catch your breath, you pull your hand from her grasp.
  207. “I got it Pinkie, I can manage on my own from here.”
  208. >”But I didn’t show you the basement and I want to present you to all my friends!”
  209. >A shiver runs down your spine at the mention of the basement.
  210. >Funny thing, after all these years seeing ghosts and monsters, you were still afraid of going underground.
  211. “I can manage on my own, thank you Pinkie. I’ll go grab something to eat.”
  212. >Before she can make an objection, you walk away between the guest.
  213. >You weren’t expecting that many people.
  214. >It’s almost impossible to walk without bumping into someone.
  215. <That was rude Anon, ditching her like that. Tomb raised you better than that.>
  216. “I know. I’ll apologize later.”
  217. >Taking as sip of your punch, you almost choke.
  218. >Way too sweet and there’s almost no alcohol in it.
  219. >Leaving your cup on a table, you take your flask from your jacket and drink some to wash away the taste.
  220. >”Punch too strong for you little man?”
  222. >What is with people sneaking up on you.
  223. >Standing on your left is the rainbow hair girl from your math class.
  224. >She is wearing what you assume is an archaeologist outfit.
  225. >There was something about his girl. But you can’t put your finger on it.
  226. “And you are?”
  227. >She rolls her eye as if you had asked if the sky is green.
  228. >”Duh, I’m Rainbow Dash, captain of the soccer team. You must live under a rock to not know me.”
  229. “Sorry, never heard of you.”
  230. >That seems to sour her mood a bit.
  231. >As you put the flask to your lips, she snatchs it from you and take a swig of it.
  232. >Coughing she shoves it back into your chest.
  233. “What’s in there? Rat poison?”
  234. >Smirking you put it back in your breast pocket.
  235. >“What, can’t handle a little rum?”
  236. >Red in the face she moves her face inches from you, poking your chest with her finger.
  237. >”Don’t be so smug. I’m sure I can outdrink you anytime.”
  238. “I’m sure you can little girl.”
  239. >You start petting her head.
  240. >She turn bright red; you can almost see smoke coming out of her ears.
  241. >”Listen creep, the only reason you are here anyway is because Sunset felt bad that you were alone all the time and convinced the others to invite you here. But I don’t trust you, if you do anything to hurt my friends you’re going to regret it. I got my eyes on you”
  242. >Turning around, she storms toward the kitchen.
  243. >You stay there, unmoving.
  244. >Did they invite you out of pity?
  245. >Now that you think about it; after she talked with you, Pinkie had joined a group of girls and you remembered seeing Rarity amongst them.
  246. >That’s why she wanted to group with you during Art.
  247. >That would also explain the dirty look that Rainbow hair girl gave you.
  248. >Slowly lowering your head, you start walking outside toward your car.
  250. <Don’t be like that, I’m sure you can still have a good time.>
  251. >You wait until you are in your car before answering her.
  252. “Yeah. I just need a minute to think.”
  253. >Fetching a pack of cigarettes from the glovebox, you light one.
  254. >Sweet, sweet poison.
  255. >You put on your earphones and look for a song on your cell phone.
  257. >Music always helps you clear your mind.
  258. >You lie down, enjoying the music.
  259. >Should you go back inside?
  260. >You don’t want their pity, but if those girls are kind enough to invite you to a party they couldn’t be so bad.
  261. <I’m sure they mean well. Come on, when was the last time you spent time having fun?>
  262. “Twelve years ago, when dad was alive.”
  263. >Bitter memories start surfacing.
  264. >Your father smiling at you saying that no bad guys could hurt him.
  265. >The two of you playing catch in the yard.
  266. >His scared face as he hid you in the basement telling you that no matter what you had to stay there.
  267. >His emotionless face lying in the coffin.
  268. “I’m heading home. I've wasted enough time here.”
  269. <There is someone who’s going to object.>
  270. >Opening your eyes, you see Pinkie trough the passenger windows.
  271. >You stop your music, sit up and unlock the door for her.
  272. >She takes a seat next to you, closing the door behind her.
  273. >Her smile is gone, she looks so sad and vulnerable right now.
  274. >You crack open a window to let the smoke out of the car.
  276. >”Dashie told me what happened.”
  277. “No big deal. Parties are not my forte anyway, I was going home anyway.”
  278. >”I’m sorry. You just look so lonely. I just wanted to see you smile and have fun.”
  279. >You could see tears slowly forming in the corner of her eyes.
  280. “I’m going to ask one question. Depending on your answer I might stay.”
  281. >She uses her shirt to wipe her tears and looks at you.
  282. “Did you invite me out of pity or do you girls really want to be my friends?”
  283. >She punchess you in the shoulder while laughing.
  284. >“Of course we want to be your friends. No one should be alone. Actually it was Sunset's idea. She was mean and friendless before. When she saw you sitting alone in the cafeteria, she saw herself in you and we decided that we would help you make friends, starting with us.”
  285. >That’s not the answer you were expecting, but you know she was sincere.
  286. >Throwing your cig outside, you step out of the car.
  287. “You coming?”
  288. >Faster than you can react, she throws herself across the car and wraps her arm around your torso.
  289. “Stop that. People are watching.”
  290. >”I don’t mind, I made a new friend and I’m going to hug him as much as I want.”
  291. >Fortunately your makeup is hiding your blush.
  292. “Ok, that’s enough Pinkie. Let’s get back inside.”
  293. >”You’re right, your freezing. I know exactly how to warm you up.
  294. >She was looking at you, batting her long eyelash in a seductive manner.
  295. “Wha-what do you mean.”
  296. >She murmurs in your ear.
  297. >”Something that will warm you up, follow me.”
  298. >She takes your hand and slowly walks toward her home.
  299. “I need an adult.”
  300. <I am an adult>
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