For Educational Purposes by Zad (Cheerilee/Twilight)

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  1. For Educational Purposes by Zad
  3. ---
  5. Miss Cheerilee groaned. “I just think they think I’m a pushover. They’ve been running all over me lately, wasting so much class time...”
  7. Cheerilee sounded forlorn as she recounted the events of her past few weeks to Twilight Sparkle, who walked beside her on their way back from the library. The school teacher sighed with exhaustion. Twilight commented to let Miss Cheerilee know she was listening.
  9. “I’m sorry to hear they’ve been giving you such a hard time, Cheerilee.”
  11. The purple coated mare smiled sadly. “Oh, that’s ok. I’m sorry that I’m using you as a vent for my frustrations now, it’s just… I’m at my wits end. There are colts and fillies that sit still and try to learn, but many others just distract them and take the focus away from what we’re supposed to be learning that day. I tried to take away recess to improve their behavior, but that hasn’t worked, either.”
  13. Twilight nodded her head along with what Miss Cheerilee was saying. At the same time, she was also thinking, about something specific. A subject she was hesitant to bring up.
  15. She wondered if she should say anything at all. Twilight was a not the kind of pony to make suggestions to other ponies about how to do their jobs, especially without them asking her first. She thought it was rude.
  17. But seeing Miss Cheerilee looking so upset, she thought she might change her mind, just this once.
  19. Twilight cleared her throat, and began, “Sooo… you’ve tried everything?”
  21. Cheerilee sighed huffily. “Yes, everything I can think of, I’ve tried. Some days they are ok, but other days it’s like trying to babysit a bunch of demon fillies! All it takes is one ringleader and the rest follow suit. We’re already behind on the curriculum…”
  23. Twilight nodded again. She was listening very closely. “Hmmm. I see. So… when some filly or colt acts up really bad and starts an uproar, have you ever tried… spanking?”
  25. The mighty “s” word, as soon as Twilight said it, made Miss Cheerilee stop in her tracks. She widened her eyes at Twilight, mouth gaping open in surprise.
  27. “Sp-spanking?” She said with disbelief. Twilight smiled nervously, but she held her ground, nodding.
  29. “Yes. Have you ever tried it?” She asked, knowing based on her reaction what the answer was already. “It works wonders when you use it effectively. I know from experience!”
  31. Cheerilee looked down at the road with a troubled expression on her face. She shook her head. “No, ohh I don’t know… I’ve never done that before. Not to any filly or colt, I…”
  33. She trailed off, still shaking her head. But Twilight Sparkle, feeling bold, continued.
  35. “I know that when I was a filly, and I went to school in Canterlot, before I became Celestia’s student... the teacher always had her yardstick propped up by the chalkboard as a reminder to fillies and colts in case they wanted to misbehave. In fact, when I was a filly, I remember there was one time where I needed a reminder, too.” Twilight blushed.
  37. Cheerilee narrowed her eyes, thinking to herself for a minute. What Twilight was saying was not something she probably would have ever considered, but now... She sighed again.
  39. “I don’t know, Twilight. I don’t know about all of this. I’m afraid that I would end up hurting some filly or colt without trying to. That I would spank too hard…”
  41. Twilight shook her head back at the school teacher, giving her a facial expression that expressed casual doubt. “Ohh, don’t worry too much about that. As of this year, it’s still 100% legal to use corporal punishment in school, as long as the punishment does not leave bruises or break the skin. I don’t think you would have to worry about doing either of those things. Just you wait, all it takes is one example to be made to the class, and I think you’ll see a big difference!”
  43. Maybe Twilight sounded a little bit too enthusiastic about something as serious as spanking, but she really did think that Miss Cheerilee would benefit from using such a punishment in the classroom. It worked for her, and it would probably work for Miss Cheerilee, too. She had to sell the idea somehow!
  45. But unluckily for her, Cheerilee still seemed too hesitant. She clicked her tongue. “I still don’t know, Twilight. I’m listening, but I just don’t think I want to take that kind of a risk… I’ve never spanked anypony before. I don’t know how to do it right.”
  47. When Twilight heard her say this, her first feeling was disappointment. It really seemed like this wasn’t going to work out after all.
  49. But a second feeling began to slowly swell inside of her mind. Actually, it was an idea, but it was an idea so weird that Twilight could have laughed it off. However, her brain went back to that same idea again, begging her to rethink.
  51. Miss Cheerilee started to walk again, away from her and toward the school. It was Saturday, but she often graded papers and cleaned the school house on the weekend.
  53. “Well, I guess I’d better go and get some work done. Thanks for your suggestions anyway, Twilight. I appre--”
  55. “Wait!”
  57. Twilight interrupted her suddenly. Miss Cheerilee froze a second time, jumping in surprise and turning around in mid air. Twilight’s hoof was in the air, telling Cheerilee silently to stop.
  59. Twilight took a deep breath. She could not believe that she was about to act upon a freak idea that just popped into her head, but she wanted so much for Cheerilee not to have to deal with something so discouraging. The “feeling” side of her won out over the other part of her brain.
  61. She talked slowly and clearly. “Wait… what if you had a chance to, you know, practice? Since you haven’t spanked anypony before, what if you could get a feel for it?”
  63. Miss Cheerilee seemed very disturbed by this idea. She looked very confused when she asked Twilight, “What in Equestria do you mean, Twilight? What are you talking about?”
  65. “What if you practiced… on me?”
  67. Those were words that Twilight was never going to get back. They were out there for Miss Cheerilee to hear, and they made Twilight blush very red.
  69. “I beg your pardon?”
  71. “What if you had a chance to practice spanking somepony else? Spanking me, so you can practice how to do it?”
  73. Cheerilee stared at her with her mouth gaping open. She stuttered a lot trying to respond, but she eventually said, “You w---want me to… spank y---you?”
  75. Twilight might have felt very strange at that moment, but she wasn’t about to take her offer back. She nodded, “Yeah, but just for practice, so you can… you know? Feel better about doing it? I can take it, I promise! In fact…”
  77. Twilight used her magic to conjure up a quill and a piece of paper. She hastily scribbled a bunch of words down on the sheet of paper, signed her name at the bottom, and passed it to Cheerilee. She pointed at the signature.
  79. “All the details of it, in writing, with my signature of consent at the bottom stating that I accept whatever is inflicted for educational purposes. A binding contract. Soooo…”
  81. Cheerilee stared slackjawed at the contract, but as she continued to read it, her mouth went back to closed.
  83. “So, what do you say?”
  85. (ten minutes later)
  87. Twilight still couldn’t believe it had worked. It looked like her dabbling in the rules of legal writing when she had studied law in Canterlot had paid off.
  89. The two mares were almost at the school, and now that she had more time to truly process what was happening, Twilight was feeling way more nervous than before. Cheerilee was not very excited, either, but she had agreed to the whole thing once the burden of being held legally responsible for their “practice” today was lifted from her.
  91. Twilight took deep breaths, mentally bracing herself. She had only been spanked once like this before, and that was many years ago. All she remembered was that she cried, and it hurt a lot, but she learned that day that it was inappropriate to backsass the teacher and raise her voice disrespectfully, and she never did it again.
  93. Now she was grown mare, so it wouldn’t hurt as much. She could take it. Right?
  95. Cheerilee walked up the stairs and turned the key to the school house door. Twilight gulped.
  97. She hoped.
  99. When they walked in Cheerilee turned on the lights and walked over to her desk. She turned around, and looked unsurely over at Twilight.
  101. “We’re here, so… what do you want to do, now? Do you still want to...”
  103. She didn’t finish. Twilight’s throat felt dry, but she coughed to clear her throat. She put on her best calm act, stood up straight, and pointed to the desk.
  105. “Do you have a ruler? Or better, a yardstick somewhere?” She asked. Cheerilee nodded her head, and walked over to the desk to reach underneath it. When she came up, she held a long yardstick in her mouth. Twilight felt her hairs tingling all up and down her back.
  107. “Oh, g-good!” She stuttered. “Since you don’t want to leave any bruises or break the skin, I read that a yardstick is the safest tool to use that still hurts enough. You can swing it without worrying too much about-- you know.”
  109. Twilight was starting to remember words from a book she had read a long time ago. It discussed teaching methods, as well as effective discipline in the classroom. But not only that, she also remembered that one day when she was a little filly…
  111. Miss Cheerilee put the yardstick down on her desk and stepped back until her rump was pressing against the chalkboard. She was listening and following Twilight’s lead. “Ok, well… that’s good, I suppose. So do you think we should--- begin?”
  113. Twilight held her breath for a moment. Her heart was beating rapidly, and she was starting to have second thoughts.
  115. But once again the feeling side of her brain won her over. She wanted to help Cheerilee, and if that meant some pain in her rump, then that was what she was willing to do. Twilight nodded.
  117. “I--I don’t see why not?” She said.
  119. Miss Cheerilee’s hooves were shaking. She picked up the yardstick, in her hoof this time, and looked between her desk and the student’s empty desks. “Ok. Ok, ok… where should I do it? When somepony misbehaves?”
  121. Twilight recalled her own experience as a filly. She had to march up to the front of the classroom, everypony’s eyes looking at her, and then, she had to…”
  123. “You should… do it on your desk. You want everypony to see it, so that they see you mean business.” Said Twilight, forcing herself to sound confident. But actually, she felt pretty nervous.
  125. The answer seemed to make sense to Cheerilee, though, because she nodded and took Twilight’s advice as fact. “Ok. So do you lay down over here?”
  127. She pointed to the middle of the desk. Twilight shook her head this time, and walked over to the side of her desk that was furthest from the door.
  129. “No, no, you don’t want that. Just on the side, since it’s going to be on the bare. Like this…”
  131. Twilight leaned forward and bent over the top of the wooden desk. The hard surface felt a little bit uncomfortable, and it reminded her once again of the time she had done the same thing as a little filly, in front of the whole class…”
  133. “And then, I can start? I mean… are you sure about this, Twilight? I don’t feel right doing this…”
  135. “Yes, I’m sure.” Twilight answered her right off. She shivered. “I told you, it’s ok! I signed the paper. I’ll be fine.”
  137. Mentally, she was only sort of fine. Nervous, scared, but resolved to help the poor other mare anyway. She hid her face between her hooves and whispered, “I’ll be fine…”
  139. Cheerilee said nothing for a couple of seconds, but then, the nervous school teacher said, “Ok, Twilight. If you insist so badly, then…”
  141. Twilight felt the yardstick touch her bottom. She gasped quietly, but kept under control. She moved her tail out of the way.
  143. >“I’ll be fine…”
  145. Cheerilee asked, “Can I start? If you change your mind, I can---”
  147. “Yes! Just do it!” Twilight said more loudly than ever. “Go ahead, try the first swing…”
  149. She braced herself for real this time. Miss Cheerilee licked her dry lips, shakily raised the ruler, and aimed carefully.
  151. Cheerilee, with a light swing, brought the yardstick down across Twilight’s bottom.
  153. Twilight gritted her teeth together, but once the pain of the smack had registered, she opened her eyes.
  155. The sting was barely skin deep. It left behind only a faint tingle, the yardstick barely clapping across her rump. Then, she heard Miss Cheerilee over her shoulder.
  157. “Is that hard enough?”
  159. Twilight groaned. She had to shake her head, even though she could have lied and said “yes” to avoid real pain.
  161. “No, Miss Cheerilee. That wasn’t hard enough at all, sorry… Try again, don’t be afraid to swing harder…”
  163. Following what she said, Cheerilee swung the yardstick again, swatting Twilight’s rump with more force than the last. But still, while it hurt more, Twilight knew that it wasn’t going to be enough.
  165. “Better, but… still just a little harder...”
  167. Cheerilee sighed, with what sounded like frustration. But she did what Twilight said. “Ok. if you say so… here goes.”
  169. Once more, she swung the ruler down, and unlike the last two times, the yardstick whistled through the air. It thwacked down across the middle of Twilight’s rump, and this time, the sound was loud.
  171. This time, Twilight’s eyes opened for a different reason. The spank, followed by the hot, stinging stripe of pain across her rear made her hiss through her teeth. She stopped from yelping in pain, and the heat of that third spank sizzled on her flank.
  173. That was what it had felt like those many years ago. Now that she felt it again, she remembered how much it hurt.
  175. “Was that too hard? Did it hurt?” Cheerilee asked, worried when she heard Twilight’s hiss.
  177. Twilight was in pain, but the second question Cheerilee asked made her roll her eyes. “Yes, of course it hurt. You wouldn’t be doing it right if it didn’t, and… yeah. It was hard enough.”
  179. Miss Cheerilee stared at the place where the yardstick had landed. She winced when a little bit of pink began to show up on her purple flank. “You sure it wasn’t too hard, Twilight? That one made it look a little bit pink…”
  181. Pony’s sake, she really was new to this. Twilight nodded, focusing on talking to Cheerilee to get her mind off the sting. “That’s a good thing if it’s pink. If you’re doing it right, it... should be bright red on the whole thing when you’re done.”
  183. “But how do I know I won’t leave bruises or marks? When will those start to---”
  185. “Don’t worry about that. Just… keep that same strength up for a while and see what happens, ok? You'll see.”
  187. Twilight was getting scared, now, but she knew very well it wasn’t enough of a “practice” session from just that one good swat. Cheerilee had to see how long it took before she achieved the right results, which meant that Twilight was going to have to stay put on the desk…
  189. The air whistled, and the next sharp spank sizzled her rear. Twilight hissed again, but she held in the cries of pain. A few more spanks followed that one, and already her flank was stinging badly. Her hind legs stayed motionless, and she let Cheerilee get comfortable with the strength of her swing at the expense of her own rump.
  191. “Ahhh… ow, ahh…” Twilight hissed and moaned some more while the measuring stick whacked her bottom again and again. It was starting to become very unpleasant, but Cheerilee was doing well. A little filly or colt would surely be crying by now.
  193. Twilight could practically see the stripe of pink and red every time the yardstick spanked down, turning her rump hot. She had tears coming down her face, but she held in her sobs.
  195. Cheerilee, for a second, paused and said to Twilight, “It’s starting to turn pink all over, are you sure that I should keep going?”
  197. Twilight’s brain, the thinking part, wanted to say “no,” but the feeling part won yet again. Cheerilee would want to know how long it took, what it looked like before any bruises showed up on the skin.
  199. She nodded. “Y-Yes. Keep… keep going. I can take it, I’ll be fine...”
  201. >I’ll be fine...
  203. Twilight felt the next spank on the lower, less spanked part of her butt, and she yelped. Another one, same strength right across the middle. Cheerilee was doing the right thing, covering every part of her bottom with swats.
  205. There was still plenty more to go.
  207. “Ahhuh… aow…” Twilight whispered while the yardstick tanned her purple rump. The heat coming up from her cheeks felt like somepony was holding her rear end to a fire, and it was really starting to make the tears flow.
  209. Miss Cheerilee seemed like she was done asking Twilight if she was sure. She said nothing while she brought the yardstick to task, painfully whipping down onto Twilight’s chastised bottom cheeks. They still were not red yet, showing a hot pink from top to bottom. When Cheerilee looked up at the clock, she was surprised that only about two minutes went by since they started.
  211. It felt like much longer to Twilight. She was trying so hard to stay tough and take it like she promised, but this “practice” session was turning into a nightmare. She recalled that fateful day as a little filly, bent over the teacher’s desk while all the other fillies and colts watched her get her rump tanned red. She was usually the good filly in the class, but that day…
  213. After the next spank, something was beginning to happen to Twilight. It felt like the blazing heat from her bottom was spreading away from her cheeks, up to her waist. The stinging swats of the yardstick were lighting tiny flames inside of her.
  215. These tiny flames didn’t hurt so much, not like her bottom did. The spanking was making the spot between her back legs begin to burn, as well, but it was a different kind of burn. Actually, it felt… Twilight gasped.
  217. It felt good. The long, flat piece of wood spanked the middle of her rump again, where many other smacks had gone, and while she had to keep her butt still because of the pain she also felt the tiny flames inside of her growing more.
  219. Twilight reached out her left leg and grabbed the edge of the desk very hard, and looked over her shoulder. Her mouth was gaping open while her breathing got louder and faster.
  221. Swat! “Ah! Ohh…” Swat! “Aah, ooo...”
  223. She was exclaiming quietly, but Cheerilee noticed that she was in pain, and hesitated. She looked down and saw the dark, even pink color all over her bottom.
  225. >It should be bright red on the whole thing when you’re done.
  227. She remembered Twilight say it, and looking at her butt she saw that it wasn’t red at all, yet. But Twilight looked like she was hurting a lot, too! She didn’t want to do more than she had to do.
  229. “Uhh, Twilight, it… isn’t red yet, but I was thinking we could stop now---”
  231. “No! No, you can’t yet. Ah…” Twilight shook her head, flinching when she almost shouted. She took a deep breath to calm down, and said, “You can’t stop now, you… have to know what the most you can do is…”
  233. Twilight’s hoof when it grabbed the desk still made Cheerilee reluctant. “Are you positive?”
  235. “Yes!” Twilight snapped. The burning in between her legs was getting hotter. “I’m positive! Go ahead, I told you I can take it!”
  237. A minute ago Twilight would have said the same thing, but instead she would be saying it without really wanting Cheerilee to. But now, she was actually… wanting it.
  239. “Ok, Twilight. I’m only doing this because you’re telling me to…”
  241. She spanked Twilight again, and this time, it was like the pause between spanks made the arrival of this one on her rump even more powerful. Things went back to the way they were, with the spanking continued on and the sharp sounding smacks of the yardstick…
  243. Twilight had read somewhere, a long time ago, that there was a percentage of mares out there in Equestria that actually liked being spanked. Until now, she never knew she was one of those mares, but the hot pleasure that was burning in her hips and in between her legs confirmed it.
  245. Swat! “Oh…” Swat! “Aaoo...”
  247. Twilight was craving the next spank. When it hit, it took a lot of willpower to keep from moaning out loud. She breathed through her wide open mouth and fogged up the shiny wood of the desk. The burning in her tush, pain mixing with pleasure, all made her feel alive like she never felt before.
  249. Twilight wished her bottom would never become red. She wished that the yardstick, so scary when she was a filly, would just keep on whacking her rump forever. The fire in her body was burning hottest right in between her back legs, getting hotter…
  251. Deep down, she knew what was coming, knew it in her mind. It was all coming to a climax. The thinking part of her told her to stop. She couldn’t cum here, on her teacher friend’s desk!
  253. But the feeling part of her did not care.
  255. Swat! “Oooh!” Swat! “Ohh, aahoo!”
  257. And the feeling part of her, like always, won.
  259. Swat!
  261. The last spank brought yet another stripe of searing pain to her butt, and then, Twilight couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Aaaaah! Ohh, ohh, oh, oh! Aaa…”
  263. Her tush shook up and down, in a circle, and her legs opened up into a V. Hotter than a candle, the pussy between her cheeks leaked clear cum all down the desk while she shook like a leaf.
  265. “Aooww, ooohhh…”
  267. After the explosion of pleasure lasted for more than ten seconds, Twilight finally came down from her orgasm. She breathed tiredly, and now that the pleasure was gone she felt all of the pain in her bottom flaring up again.
  269. She was in her own little reality, but that changed as soon as she heard Miss Cheerilee behind her.
  271. “Did you… you did not just do that. Oh my gosh.”
  273. Twilight’s eyes opened fast. She looked over her shoulder, breathing hard. Cheerilee stood there with the yardstick laying on the floor next to her. She looked up and down the desk, tears coming to her eyes.
  275. That was when Twilight knew, she had made a big mistake. She tried to explain the situation, “It’s n-not what it looks like, Cheery, I…”
  277. “You wanted me to do this to you so you could…” Cheerilee shook her head and sobbed once. “You wanted me to do that to you from the start, didn’t you?”
  279. Twilight realized how serious this situation was getting. She answered negatively, “No! No, I didn’t, I had no idea I’d---”
  281. “No wonder you kept on telling me to keep going! I thought you wanted to help, b-but you……. get out.”
  283. Miss Cheerilee pointed to the door after a long pause. Twilight climbed off the desk, and when she looked down she saw the stain of her sex on the wood. This was not good.
  285. “Please, let me explain! I wasn’t trying to use you for--”
  287. “Get out! I don’t want to hear anymore!” Miss Cheerilee yelled. She pointed at the door.
  289. Twilight had never heard Miss Cheerilee so angry before. She felt the fluid dripping down her thighs as she walked away, and the pain in her butt blazed every step. Cheerilee yelled again. “Get out! Get out of here!”
  291. Twilight had tears in her eyes when she walked out, and the door slammed shut.
  293. Ashamed and in pain, Twilight walked back home with her tail tucked in between her legs and the tears trickling down.
  295. The End?
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