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chatrealm 2-6-2015

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Feb 6th, 2015
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  1. <Chimaera> For those that are not sebgonz who may have upvotes to spare.
  2. <Sunbun> i'm not sebgonz!
  3. <sebgonz> not yet.
  4. * Travis has quit (Quit: work work wark)
  5. <sebgonz> prepare to be assimilated...
  6. <tomgehrke> upvoted
  7. <DarkRedeemer> We are all sebgonz
  8. <Chimaera> Bless you all
  9. * tomgehrke stands...
  10. <tomgehrke> I am sebgonz
  11. * You are now known as Sunbungonz
  12. * sets mode -r on Sunbungonz
  13. <Chimaera> I am sebgonz
  14. * tomgehrke is now known as tomgonz
  15. <sebgonz> will the real sebgonz please stand up?
  16. * HoopyHobo has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  17. * DarkRedeemer is now known as Darkgonz
  18. * tinnvec-work is now known as tinngonz
  19. * Chimaera is now known as sebmaera
  20. <Sunbungonz> "standing's complicated"
  21. * tomgonz sits back down
  22. <tinngonz> I love you guys, you are all awesome sauce
  23. <Darkgonz> Will the real sebgonz please chat up, please chat up, please chat up...
  24. <Sunbungonz> take two
  25. * sebgonz is now known as NotSebgonz
  26. * You are now known as Sungonz
  27. <tinngonz> acedtect may be a little confused when he joins for dtns lol
  28. <tinngonz> knowing him though, he'll just /nick sebdtect
  29. <Sungonz> until he -- yeah
  30. <tinngonz> hehe Sungonz great minds
  31. <Darkgonz> acedgonz
  32. <tomgonz> hey! tinngonz! i thought *we* were the great minds. now i gotta share with Sungonz?
  33. <Sungonz> jenniegonz23
  34. <Sungonz> tomgonz: we are all great mind.
  35. <Sungonz> we are sebgonz
  36. <Darkgonz> Remember, none of us is as dumb as all of us.
  37. <tomgonz> oh... good point, Sungonz
  38. <tinngonz> yeah, tomgonz, we are one, we are chatrealm
  39. <tomgonz> we are the world. we are the children.
  40. <Sungonz> we have concerns
  41. <Sungonz> we are farmers
  42. <NotSebgonz> dun dun dun dun du du DUN!
  43. <Sungonz> phew
  44. * GMeola (GMeola@net-27n.igb.185.199.IP) has joined
  45. <tinngonz> we are the champions
  46. * NotSebgonz is now known as real_sebgonz
  47. <Darkgonz> "love the tentacle"
  48. <Sungonz> we are never ever ever, getting back together
  49. <real_sebgonz> ffs...
  50. <tomgonz> we are the youth of the nation
  51. * Aaronbern has quit (Quit: zzzzzz)
  52. * sebmaera attempts to fall into line...
  53. <real_sebgonz> we are we are...
  54. * Darkgonz opens his mouth and makes a horrible sound a la pod people
  55. * sebmaera is now known as Chimaergonz
  56. * Chimaergonz feels sloppy now
  57. <Sungonz> ew
  58. <Sungonz> we r who we r DJ TURN IT UP
  59. * Aaronbern ( has joined
  60. <Darkgonz> we da bes
  61. <tinngonz> swagswagswag
  62. <real_sebgonz> when I move you move
  63. <tinngonz> just liek that?
  64. <Darkgonz> when I dip, you dip, we dip
  65. <Sungonz> we skrong den
  66. <real_sebgonz> hell yeah, hey DJ bring that back.
  67. <tinngonz> push it
  68. <tinngonz> pusht it real good
  69. <Sungonz> is it worth it
  70. <Sungonz> let me work it
  71. <Sungonz> i put my thing down, flip it and reverse it
  72. <real_sebgonz> I'm sorry, but Pandora just... gets me.
  73. <Darkgonz> Pandora gets us.
  74. <Sungonz> we are pandora.
  75. <Sungonz> wait
  76. <Darkgonz> We shall add its technological distinctiveness to our own
  77. * LauRoman|Alt has quit (Connection closed)
  78. <real_sebgonz> first thing it loaded up was dubstep. How did it know!!!??? O.O
  79. <tinngonz> I tend to just listen to my library in gmusic rather than radio
  80. <Sungonz> my gm trial is running out. now i need to use songza and spotify like some plebe
  81. <tinngonz> then again, google music says this abotu my library: 2,556 songs, over 6 days
  82. <tinngonz> soo....
  83. <Darkgonz> dubstep...?
  84. <real_sebgonz> and then the song that it chose was "Just got to know".
  85. <real_sebgonz> creepy...
  86. * beatmaster (beatmaster@net-pr2.gsm.202.213.IP) has joined
  87. * ChanServ gives channel operator status to beatmaster
  88. <Sungonz> hey beatmaster. we are sebgonz
  89. <beatmaster> lol, howdy
  90. <Darkgonz> We are all sebgonz.
  91. * Aaronbern has quit (Quit: zzzzzz)
  92. * Chimaergonz is now known as chimgonz
  93. <chimgonz> slightly less sloppy
  94. * beatmaster is now known as beatgonz
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