Sunset's Bizarre Adventure

Jul 31st, 2018
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  1. >It's been one week since it started happening
  2. >You've been seeing a hand emerge from your body
  3. >But it's no human hand
  4. >It's almost like golden armor
  5. >But the moment you look at it too long it fades away, as if it were never there
  6. >And that isn't the weirdest part of it
  7. >No one but you, Sunset Shimmer, could see it
  8. >Any time you tried to make it appear of your own will, it wouldn't come
  9. >Were you possessed?
  10. >Were you cursed?
  11. >You had no idea
  12. >That morning you were on your way to school
  13. >And that morning is was going to be the start of you bizarre adventure
  14. >You saw a rainbow haired girl walking on the street opposite from you
  15. >She gave you a nasty glare
  16. >Served you right
  17. >Kids didn't easily forget you were once the schools queen bully
  18. >The girl crossed the street to you with a clenched fist
  19. >She looked like she was about to sock you
  20. >Her body was emitting some sort of glow
  21. >It was as if she was a light bulb
  22. >"I thought you changed but I guess I was wrong."
  23. >You looked confused
  24. "What are you talking about?"
  25. >"What do you mean what am I talking about?You went and upskirted Fluttershy in front of the school yesterday!"
  26. "What? No I didn't!"
  27. >"Lying now too are we? Well don't worry. I'll teach you a lesson!"
  28. >You watched in awe as the light coalesced into another being directly behind her
  29. >It was taller than her and was the same color as her hair
  30. >It had one big yellow eye with a slit pupil and no mouth on it's near perfectly round face
  31. >It was wearing a football uniform with the number 32 on the back
  32. "W-what in the world is that?"
  33. >Rainbow looked shocked
  34. >"Wait, you can see this!?"
  35. "Of course I can!"
  36. >"Whatever! I have no time for this. Teach her a lesson, Eye of the Tiger!"
  37. >The being took a stance like it was about to run the 30m dash
  38. >Dash just smiled and the thing took off in the other direction
  39. >As it came to the end of it's sprint, a number one appeared on your forehead
  40. >You were in disbelief
  41. >What in the hell was going on?
  42. >"You may have humiliated fluttershy but I have a soft spot in my heart. So I'll tell you how my stand works."
  43. "Stand? What in the hell are you talking about?"
  44. >"My stand. You obviously have one if you can see mine. My stand's name is Eye of the Tiger. In order to defeat it, you must beat it in three sports games of it's choice. If the number on your head gets to three, that's it, you're done."
  45. "Done? You don't mean..."
  46. >"Done, done."
  47. "How the hell am I supposed to win against that!? You saw it! It must have been running at 60 miles an hour!"
  48. >"That's the idea. The entire school would be better off without you."
  49. >Something inside you snapped when she said that
  50. >And as your anger rose to a fever pitch, your a yellow aura manifested around you and transformed into a being
  51. >It was beautiful
  52. >It was a knight in shinning gold armor
  53. >In it's left hand it held a tall flag with a red and yellow sun emblazoned on it
  54. >In it's right hand it held nothing, however the armor had an odd shape
  55. >It wasn't a hand but seemed more like a satellite
  56. >Rainbow Dash looked worried, but quickly regained composer
  57. >But it was strange
  58. >You could hear her voice, only she wasn't speaking
  59. >And it wasn't just her voice either
  60. >hundreds of voices
  61. >It was random things
  62. >Did I take out the trash?
  63. >Where is suzy?
  64. >I need to get to work!
  65. >Then it hit you
  66. >Were you listening to people's thoughts?
  67. >You tried to focus
  68. >Listen intently
  69. >You could hear what Rainbow was thinking
  70. >How much she wanted to kick your ass
  71. >But something wasn't right
  72. >It was as if there was some block in her thoughts
  73. >As if something was in the way
  74. >You closed your eyes and concentrated
  75. >Through your minds eye it was as if you could literally see her thoughts
  76. >And one of them was blanked out
  77. >You put your hand too it and sure enough you began to wipe away the muck
  78. >Finally it was clear
  79. >You looked at your hands covered in the muck
  80. >It was different memories
  81. >As if
  82. >As if they had been put there by something
  83. >When you opened your eyes again, that thing, the stand Rainbow talked about was gone and so was the incessant chatter
  84. >Rainbow was in a heap on the floor
  85. >It seemed her stand had worn off as well, as there was no longer a number on your head
  86. >Rainbow quickly came too
  87. >"What happened? I have a screaming headache."
  88. "Something isn't right. Your memories... they were tampered with. At least that's what it seemed like."
  89. >"What? What are you talking about?"
  90. >That must be it
  91. >Your stands ability was to peer into, and interact with the minds of others!
  92. >That's why it had that crazy satellite on it's hand
  93. "Stand. Is that what you called it?"
  94. >Rainbow rubbed her head
  95. >"ugh. Yeah."
  96. "Our little fight just unlocked mine. What do you remember?"
  97. >"I remember fighting you... but I can't remember why. I remember saying you upskirted fluttershy... ugh... but you didn't do that."
  98. "That's what I thought then. Are you and I the only ones with this ability?"
  99. >"Not at all. I know of a few others. My friends all have one."
  100. "How many?"
  101. >"Six including me."
  102. "I want to see them. Their memories may have been tampered with too."
  103. >Rainbow pulled out her phone and group texted her friends
  104. >Twilight Sparkle
  105. >Rarity
  106. >Applejack
  107. >Fluttershy
  108. >Pinkie Pie
  109. >You had seen them around at one point or another
  110. >They were all quite popular
  111. >They all arrived in short order
  112. >Pinkie hugged Rainbow and shouted in her ear
  114. >Rainbow put her hands on her ears
  115. >"Not so loud. I have a headache."
  116. >Twilight looked confused
  117. >"Why are you here with Sunset? Didn't she pants fluttershy yesterday?"
  118. >Rainbow shook her head
  119. >"Do what you did to me Sunset."
  120. "I'll give it my best."
  121. >You concentrated and like nothing your stand appeared again
  122. >You focused hard and one by one cleared each of their minds
  123. >It wasn't until you reached Twilight's that you got a clue
  124. >Green hair
  125. >You didn't know how you knew, but whoever that girl with green hair was was responsible for this
  126. >When you came back to reality all the girls where collapsed on the ground
  127. >Twilight rubbed her head
  128. >"What happened?"
  129. "Someone has been tampering with your memories. Lucky for us my stand ability has the power to cross into people's minds and clear the block."
  130. >"You have a stand?"
  131. "Yeah. I guess you didn't see it just now."
  132. >Twilight excitedly got out her notebook and been
  133. >"Show it to me! I have to see!"
  134. "Uh.. ok."
  135. >You manifested your stand again and Twi began to take extensive notes on it
  136. >"What are it's abilities? Any others?"
  137. "I can hear peoples thoughts, read their emotions. If I don't concentrate I can hear everyone around me. I can also go inside one persons mind. That's as much of it's power as I know."
  138. >"What's it's name?"
  139. "It's name?"
  140. >"Yes! It's name! Every stand has a name. You should name yours."
  141. "I have no idea what to call it."
  142. >"I can name it for you, if you want."
  143. "Uh... sure I guess."
  144. >"I'll call it Rebel Yell."
  145. "Rebel Yell?"
  146. >"It's perfect. It's just so you!"
  147. "If you say so. What about you? What are your stands?"
  148. >Twilight's stand instantly appeared
  149. >It looked nearly exactly like her, except the skin was purple, wore pitch black ripped robes, and had a horn made of light
  150. >Instead of eyes, the eye sockets were full of light
  151. >Twilight got all giggly and excited
  152. >"This is my stand, Midnight Rambler. It's ability is too-"
  153. >Rarity put her hand over her mouth
  154. >"Hush darling. Someone has been tampering with our memories. Do you want to give away all of our secrets to whoever's doing this?"
  155. >Twilight composed herself
  156. >"Yeah sorry. Guess I got a bit excited."
  157. >"Let's go to your place. We can get Sunset acquainted with out stand powers there."
  158. >"Right, right."
  159. >AJ grabbed Rarity's shoulder
  160. >"Now hold on just one minute here rare. How do we know we can trust 'er? She was once the biggest meanie in school."
  161. >Hearing that made your heart sink
  162. >You kinda deserved it though
  163. >You were pretty awful
  164. >"That is true. In that case we should probably wait to show our stands to you. Just in case."
  165. >You couldn't make eye contact
  166. >Surprisingly, it was Rainbow who spoke up for you
  167. >"Now hang on a second! Without her we would still have faulty memories! Not to mention now we have a lead on who's doing it."
  168. >The whole group thought about it for a moment
  169. >AJ rolled her eyes
  170. >"Fine, fine. But I still don't trust the biggest meanie."
  171. >Hearing that got your angry
  172. >Without knowing it, you summoned your stand
  173. >With a mighty slam, Rebel Yell hit the base of the flag staff to the floor and a weird red mist burst forth
  174. >The mood shifted instantly and all the girls had mean glares
  175. >Rarity snapped
  176. >"Why exactly are we out here again? You do realize I have some dresses to make!"
  177. >AJ shot back
  178. >"Oh shut up you prissy bitch! No one cares!"
  179. >All the girls began to argue and it gave you a moment of clarity
  180. >You retracted your stand again and, in an instant, the mood shifted back to normal
  181. >Both AJ and Rara looked embaressed
  182. >"S-sorry... Rare..."
  183. >"I-it's ok. I know you didn't mean it."
  184. "That's it! That's my stands other ability!"
  185. >The girls looked confused
  186. >"Other ability?"
  187. "Yes. AJ, when you called me biggest meanie it made me extremely angry and I accidentally summoned Rebel Yell. When it slammed the flag on the ground the rest of you became as angry as I am. And now that it's gone, you're all fine."
  188. >Twilight, of course, was taking more notes
  189. >"That's incredible. You have quite the unique stand."
  190. >Twilight's body began to glow purple and a stand that looked nearly identical to her emerged
  191. >The only difference was that it's skin was purple and it wore black and purple robes. It had a bright ethereal horn shining from it's forehead
  192. >To your surprise, the stand blasted the notes with a beam from it's horn
  193. "What did you just do?"
  194. >Twilight smiled
  195. >"I don't take notes just because I find stand abilities so interesting. It's part of Midnight Rambler's ability. It's two fold: the first ability, little star, allows it to manifest anything written on paper. The only downside is that whatever is summoned is made of the paper it's written on, making them extremely fragile. The second ability allows me to transfer anyone into any complete work of literature."
  196. >You couldn't believe your ears
  197. "That's incredible. I don't know what to say."
  198. >Fluttershy got giddy all of a sudden
  199. >"Let's go back to my place and discuss our stands over tea!"
  200. "Sounds good to me. Is it far? Mind if I ride with you?"
  201. >"Nope. It's actually right here."
  202. >Shy held out her hand and a gold key with gems manifested in her hand
  203. >"Sound of Silence!"
  204. >They key went into the air, as if reality itself was a door and opened up to some place entirely different
  205. >You all walked inside
  206. >It was beautiful
  207. >A large flowery meadow with a cottage in the center
  208. >It looked like something out of a fantasy novel
  209. >Inside Fluttershy began to prepare tea while you all sat on the couch
  210. "So that's Fluttershy's and Twilight's. What about the rest of you?"
  211. >Rarity stood up
  212. >"Allow me to demonstrate. Her Diamonds!"
  213. >A stand had the body of a skeleton emerged. It's face had a pure while mask with a blue diamond in the center. It had eye holes but all you could see was empty black. It had a odd shaped head piece shaped like a boomerang with the ends pointing out from the front
  214. >In it's hands it held marionettes, each with six stings
  215. >"This is my stand, Her Diamonds. Anything the strings touch will either strength or weaken it to increasing degrees. For example, if you were to shoot me point blank in the shoulder, all it would take is two strings to completely crush the bullet on my skin."
  216. "That's really cool."
  217. >"Thank you, darling"
  218. >You looked at Pinkie
  219. >"Oh! Me next, me next!"
  220. >Pinkie shot up
  221. >"Beastie Boys!"
  222. >A pink robot appeared. In it's chest it had a juke box and it's right arm was a cannon. It moved around on a single wheel at the base.
  223. >"My stand has the ability to make music notes come to life. Observe."
  224. >Pinkie scrolled through various tracks and picked one
  225. >It was silent night
  226. >It aimed its cannon and from it came music notes, each singing the tune
  227. >To your surprise, you became very calm, almost sleepy
  228. >"You like it?"
  229. >She retracted her stand and instantly you woke up again
  230. "I really like it. Applejack?"
  231. >AJ crossed her arms
  232. >"No way. I still don't trust ya."
  233. >You weren't surprised she held such a grudge
  234. >You hurt her sister pretty bad when she didn't give you her lunch money
  235. >Got you suspended for three weeks
  236. >But that was the past
  237. "Why are you being so stubborn?"
  238. >"You know darn well why!"
  239. "That was the past! Can't you see I've changed!?"
  240. >AJ clenched her fist
  241. >"Fine, Ya wanna see me stand so bad? I'll show ya. War!"
  242. >Before you even knew what hit you, you were slammed through the wall of the cottage
  243. >All you saw was a red blurr, it almost looked like a horse
  244. >When you got up she was gone
  245. >"Sunset!? Are you ok!?"
  246. >Rainbow came running to help you up
  247. "Yeah. I managed to summon my stand at the last second and shield myself."
  248. >You rubbed your torso
  249. "Could've summoned it a few seconds sooner though."
  250. >You winced
  251. "My everything hurts."
  252. >You looked back through the hole in the wall and Applejack was gone
  253. >As you reentered the house you sat beside Twilight
  254. "Where did AJ go? Is vanishing part of her stand's ability?"
  255. >"No, it's Fluttershy's. The use of force will get you instantly ejected from the world and back into our reality."
  256. "What in the world is wrong with her?"
  257. >Rarity pats your shoulder
  258. >"I've know AJ for a while. She holds one heck of a grudge. Just give her some time. She'll come around."
  259. >Fluttershy came back with the tea, remarkably unphased by what just took place
  260. >"Tea is ready!"
  261. >You dawn a surprised expression
  262. "You're remarkably calm."
  263. >"Of course. I could feel it before you even could. My stand, The Sound of Silence, is an extension of myself. Every footstep, every action, even emotion, I can all sense. It's like another limb."
  264. "That must be weird."
  265. >"It was at first. But you get used to it."
  266. "So how are we going to track down this green haired girl?"
  267. >Rarity rubbed her chin
  268. >"I'm not sure. The only strategy I can think of is to be hyper vigilant."
  269. >Twilight shook her head
  270. >"Not a good idea. You saw how she was able to manipulate memories to make others hostile. If it wasn't for Sunset's stand, Eye of the Tiger would've killed her. We have to take the fight to her. We have to lay out some bait."
  271. "Bait? How?"
  272. >"Here's my idea. We have one of use walk around with their stand exposed with the others in close proximity but hiding. The minute she reveals herself, we strike."
  273. "Who'll play bait?"
  274. >"Don't worry, I'll do it. We can't have you do it since the enemy has no idea you even have a stand. We'll use that to our advantage. You can hide in plain sight."
  275. >Rarity shook her head
  276. >"What if you're looking at this all wrong. What if whoever replaced our memories was trying to eliminate Sunset?"
  277. "I did make a lot of enemies over the years. It wouldn't surprise me if someone had a grudge."
  278. >Rainbow piped up
  279. >"Anyone with green hair?"
  280. "Probably. Hell 90% of the school hated me. The chances I bullied someone with green hair is beyond likely."
  281. >Rarity nodded
  282. >"I guess we'll have to stick with bait then. However, Sunset, you should remain in hiding."
  283. "Got it."
  284. >Twilight smiled
  285. >"We'll do it tomorrow at school then."
  286. "Sounds good."
  287. >"Fluttershy, if you would."
  288. >Fluttershy took a final sip from her tea cup
  289. >"Ok."
  290. >She manifested the key again and pressed it into the air
  291. >She turned it to the right and a lock sound was heard
  292. >Just like that you were back in the real world
  293. >And it was night time
  294. "Jeez. Nearly 15 hours have passed! Yet it hardly feels like it's been ten minutes."
  295. >Fluttershy blushes
  296. >"Oh I forgot to mention that. Time density is a lot heavier within SoS. Every minute inside is an hour in the real world."
  297. >Twi crossed her arms
  298. >"Let's go home and get some rest. We'll need it for tomorrow."
  299. "Right. See you then."
  300. >You all go your separate ways and head home
  301. >You could hardly get any sleep that night
  302. >Mainly because you were having a hard time keeping your stand under control
  303. >Just when you were about to fall into slumber, your stand would manifest itself and thoughts would come flooding in
  304. >After a long battle you finally managed and woke up exceedingly groggy
  305. >Nothing a little coffee wouldn't fix
  306. >With three cups of wake up juice and a light breakfast, you were ready
  307. >It was time to bring this green haired fiend to justice
  308. >You walk out and meet your new crew on the way
  309. >AJ was giving you the silent treatment, not even making eye contact
  310. >You never knew AJ could be so catty
  311. >Midnight Rambler was already manifested
  312. >Appears they were scrapping the whole,hide and wait idea
  313. >Too your shock, it didn't take long from some to confront you
  314. >"So your the stand user who has been causing my teacher so much trouble."
  315. >It was a blue haired girl with a magician's robe on
  316. >You knew her
  317. >She was once your second in command when you were queen bully
  318. >Trixie Lulamoon
  319. >She had a rough home life and took out her anger by bullying others
  320. >However, she wasn't the brightest crayon in the box
  321. >Twilight gave a menacing look
  322. >"Your teacher?"
  323. >"That's right miss smarty pants."
  324. >"Who is your teacher?"
  325. >"Wouldn't you like to know! Trix Up my Sleeve!"
  326. >Trixie's stand manifested
  327. >It was unorthodox to say the least
  328. >It was a big bunny, taller than she was, wearing a nice suit and a large top hat
  329. >"Are you afraid yet Twilight Sparkle?"
  330. >"Not even."
  331. >Midnight Rambler assumed it's attack position, it's fists clenched and ready to fight
  332. >To your surprise, Trix Up My Sleeve bowed, placing it's hat on the floor
  333. >It hopped once and pulled the hat from the ground
  334. >A pie was there!
  335. >As if it had come from that hat itself!
  336. >Trixie become visibly frustrated
  337. >"No! A lion! Not a pie!"
  338. >The stand did the same motion, this time pulling a wooden board from the hat
  339. >Trixie growled
  340. >"No! Something fearsome like a lion! Or a snake! Something!"
  341. >The stand tried once man and this time pulled out a rather angry looking coyote
  342. >"That'll do. Get 'em!"
  343. >The beast charged and Rarity put her stand in it's path
  344. >As the beast tried to bite Her Diamonds, runs it's strings along it
  345. >It instantly falls to the ground, as if all the strength had been completely sapped from it
  346. >Rainbow immediately summons eye of the tiger, who gives Trixie a nice hard punch to the jaw
  347. >She collapses to the floor
  348. >"Sunset!"
  349. "Right!"
  350. >You summon Rebel Yell and dive into Trixie's mind
  351. >There was way more muck this time
  352. >Nearly all her memories were covered in it
  353. >You begin to scramble to get all the muck, looking through it too see any more clues
  354. >Even throughout all the muck all you could see was one thing
  355. >It looked to be a stand made out of stone
  356. >It's head was intricate and had one eye
  357. >It's feet and hands were both massive, while it's limbs and torso were stick thin
  358. >It seemed barely able to keep it's balance
  359. >You also were able to acquire a name
  360. >American Honey
  361. >That must be the stand name
  362. >You were able, with quite a bit of effort, to clean all the muck away and finally return to your physical form
  363. >You instantly fell to the ground
  364. >All of your strength had been sapped and you were breathing insanely hard
  365. >Trixie seemed to have been knocked unconscious
  366. >Rarity knelt down and placed her hand on your back
  367. >"Sunset!? Are you alright?"
  368. >You keep panting hard, barely able to speak
  369. "Yeah. That just -pant- took a lot out me."
  370. >"You just get some rest. We'll take it from here."
  371. >From the corner of your eye, you could see Twilight furiously writing notes on Trixie's stand
  372. >He pen strokes were so fast, almost inhumanly so
  373. >She tossed the page to her stand and it gave it a zap, then placed it in her bag
  374. >Twilight turned to you
  375. >"Did you find anything out?"
  376. "Not much. I did find out the identity of the stand. It's called American Honey. It has long stone limbs with huge hands and feet and an even bigger egg shaped head."
  377. >"Do you think Trixie will still be hostile?"
  378. "Not a chance. I cleared all her memory. But there was a lot to clear. I have no idea how long she'll be out for."
  379. >You sit against the railing
  380. "If you don't mind, I think I'm just going to chill here for a sec. Catch my breath."
  381. >Rarity sits beside you
  382. >"I'll be right here with you."
  383. "Thanks Rarity."
  384. >AJ let out a snicker
  385. >You were to tired argue now though
  386. >You felt like you were about to pass out
  387. >Certainly should avoid straining yourself in the future
  388. >Fluttershy summoned SoS
  389. >"Don't worry, I've got this."
  390. >She unlocked the door to her world and, with AJ's help, tossed Trixie inside
  391. >"I have to be inside my stand in order for it to exist. So if anything changes let me know."
  392. "Will do."
  393. >The door shut and you sat with rarity for another hour, making both of them late for class
  394. >You finally got your feet
  395. >"Are you sure you're alright? Maybe you should just go home and sleep this off. You pushed yourself way to hard."
  396. >You shook your head
  397. "Nah I'm alright. I just needed some time to sit for a bit. I feel a lot better now."
  398. >"If you're sure. But if you feel too weak just let the school nurse know."
  399. "I promise I will Rarity."
  400. >The both of you walked to school and the moment you got separated, you realized how big of a mistake you had just made
  401. >You felt a large stone finger touch your shoulder
  402. >It was then you realized you were too exhausted to summon your own stand
  403. >You were completely at her mercy
  404. >A girls voice spoke
  405. >"Turn around and I'll reorder your memories to make you a bigger meanie than you were in your prime."
  406. >You could barely breathe
  407. "W-who are you?"
  408. >"Hmmm how should I answer that? Let's just say I'm someone better left forgotten."
  409. >You slowly tried to turn your head to peak at your attack when you suddenly felt a huge hand grasp your body extremely tight
  410. >It felt like you were about to pop
  411. >"Ah-ah-ah. What did I say about turning around?"
  412. >The hand loosened, but not enough to free your movement
  413. "What do you want with me?"
  414. >"What do I want? Oh so many things. I could erase your memories right here and now. Or make you a mental retard. But I won't. No, no I have something much more sinister in store for you. I'm going to make you suffer for what you did to me. Now that I have power, I will make your life hell in the same way you did mine."
  415. >You could've sworn you heard that voice before
  416. >But where?
  417. >You knew the sound but just couldn't place it
  418. "Listen to me. If it's any consolation, I've changed. I'm not the monster I used to be. I'm sorry. You don't have to do this."
  419. >The stand's hand gripped you tightly once more and she became furious
  420. >"I don't want to hear you empty apologies you witch!"
  421. >She relaxed again
  422. >"One by one I'm going to turn your friends against you. And once that's done, I'll enact my final plan. When I'm through with you, you'll wish I destroyed your mind right here"
  423. >She chuckled and in an instant she was gone
  424. >You felt cold chills go down your spine
  425. >You had to warn the others
  426. >You pulled out your phone and frantically began to text them
  427. >But who was she?
  428. >Where in the world had you heard that voice before?
  429. >Or was the reason you couldn't remember because her stand had already taken effect on you?
  430. >Whatever it was, you'd have to wait for your strength to return
  431. >Once you were home, at Rarity's request, you could hardly relax
  432. >Who knows where that psycho could be now
  433. >Who knows if she already knew everything about you
  434. >What if she was just lying in wait?
  435. >You couldn't help it, you had to get some help if you were to get any reast
  436. >You texted the whole group for a sleepover
  437. >Thankfully they agreed
  438. >The whole group was here, Trixie included
  439. "What's Trixie doing here?"
  440. >"The Great and Powerful Trixie has renounced her evil ways now that her memory has been restored and would like to help you."
  441. >Fluttershy smiled
  442. >"We had quite a nice chat over tea. Don't worry. She's most certainly on our side."
  443. >Flutts flicked the lights on
  444. >"My Sunset. You look terrible. Your skin is as pale as a ghost."
  445. "That meeting today with whoever that was really rattled me. I can't relax."
  446. >Twi squeezed your shoulder
  447. >"Don't worry Sunset. We'll sleep in shifts. Nothing is going to happen to us."
  448. "Thank you, Twilight."
  449. >You curled up in your bed and fell asleep before your head hit the pillow
  450. >You woke up in the wee hours of the morning, AJ keep watching
  451. >You let out a yawn
  452. "Applejack?"
  453. >She snapped at you
  454. >"What?"
  455. >You looked down
  456. "I'm sorry AJ. I didn't mean what I did... I was a troubled kid growing up..."
  457. >"Well tell that to muh lil sister's scar on her thigh."
  458. "AJ. What can I do to make you forgive me? I'll do anything. I am sorry."
  459. >She stay silent for a moment
  460. >"Fine. There is one thing you can do. You go to Applebloom and you beg forgiveness to her. If she forgives ya, then I will too"
  461. "Alright. I will"
  462. >You sat up in your sleeping back and look out the window
  463. >Your energy was finally back
  464. >You summoned your stand and began listening to the surrounding thoughts, trying to see if your attacker's was out there
  465. >Luckily no matter where you pointed it, she wasn't there
  466. >You breathed a sigh of relief
  467. >Now for the next part
  468. >You tried to summon Rebel Yell within you
  469. >No matter how hard you tried though, you couldn't get it inside yourself
  470. >Guess it only worked on others
  471. >Or did it?
  472. >You crawled over and shook Twilight
  473. >She grumbled
  474. >"Ugh. Sunset?"
  475. "Sorry to wake you. But there's something highly important I need you to try."
  476. >Twi sat up and gave a big stretch
  477. >"What do you need?"
  478. "I need you to use Midnight Rambler's ability to make Rebel Yell and check if my memories have been tampered with. It seems I'm unable to use that ability on myself."
  479. >"Go it."
  480. >Twilight reached in her bag and pulled out the peace of paper with your stand's details on it
  481. >With incredible speed, the stand sculpted the paper to look exactly like Rebel Yell
  482. >With a flash from it's horn it came to life
  483. >Just as it was about to dive into your mind and blinding flash occurred and the window shattered
  484. >Twilight's stand had a long white arrow in it's chest
  485. "Wake up, wake up!"
  486. >Midnight Rambler closed it's fist and, to everyone's shocked, punched Twilight right in the jaw
  487. >Twilight yelled in pain
  488. >"What is going on? I can't control it!"
  489. "It must be the arrow!"
  490. >You used Rebel Yell to grab it
  491. >The moment you did, it jabbed you in the stomach with the flag staff, knocking you to the floor
  492. >It was moving on it's own!
  493. >As Twi's stand moved away and your stand lost it's grip on the arrow, you had complete control over it again
  494. >That settled it
  495. >It was the arrow
  496. >But how were you to remove it if you couldn't touch it?
  497. "It's the arrow! Anything that touches it becomes hostile!"
  498. >AJ runs at it
  499. >"I've got it!"
  500. >Instead of using her stand, she used her own hands and ripped the arrow out
  501. >But it worked just as well on humans as it did on stands
  502. >"War."
  503. >This was the first time you got to see AJ's stand in action
  504. >It was a tall red horse, covered in flames
  505. >AJ climbed atop it
  506. >It let out a ghostly whinny and jumped out the window, running into the night
  507. "Shit shit shit! Where is she going!?"
  508. >"I'll follow her."
  509. >Rarity assumed a pose and her stands strings attached to her limbs
  510. >With alarming speed, she jumped out of the window
  511. >It was a two story drop but Rarity landed it as if she was hoping down two steps of a stair case
  512. >She began to run just as fast as war, if not faster
  513. >Her stand really was something else
  514. >With just two strings on each leg she was running at at least sixty miles an hour
  515. "Come on, we have to go after them."
  516. >You all run down to the parking lot when two women stopped you
  517. >One had nice British accent while the other wore headphones
  518. >"Sunset Shimmer, my name is Octavia Melody. I simply cannot allow you to go any further."
  519. >Damn it, damn it, damn it
  520. >They had this all planned to a T
  521. "Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash. You deal with these goons. We'll keep going after AJ and Rarity."
  522. >The girl with the headphones crossed your path
  523. >"Blue Monday."
  524. >A very sleek black and dark blue stand looking to be made of a circuit board appeared. It's head was in the shape of a large cone
  525. >It placed it's hands to the ground and formed a large square around them all
  526. >The square pushed multiple glowing veins into the center, leaving barely any room to move
  527. >One of the veins hit Pinkie's foot, causing her to cry out in pain
  528. >"Owowowowowow! That was an electric shock!"
  529. >The girl nodded
  530. >"My name is Vinyl Scratch. If you touch any part of my stand you'll receive a strong electric shock, oh yeah."
  531. >She looked at Octavia
  532. >"After you."
  533. >"Right. Carnival of the Animals!"
  534. >All that appeared in Octavia's hand was a small telescope
  535. >She aimed it's gaze at Twilight
  536. >"Fire."
  537. >You looked up in the air to see dozens of tiny mortar shots firing high in the sky
  538. >They were heading straight for Twilight
  539. >Pinkie acted fast
  540. >She put in a record with a blasting trumpet, knocking all of the off course
  541. >"Hmmm, that stand is going to be a bother. Vi, could you take care of it?"
  542. >"As you wish"
  543. >The veins shifted all converging around pinkie pie until she could not escape
  544. >She let out a loud, bone shattering scream as electricity filled her bones and passed out
  545. >Octavia smiled
  546. >"We're a perfect team as always"
  547. >This was pretty dire
  548. >They had you completely trapped in here
  549. >But you noticed something
  550. >As all the veins closed in to shock pinkie, there was more room in the rest of the box
  551. >Meaning if you could get a distraction
  552. "Rebel Yell!"
  553. >You stand manifested and slammed it's flag staff down
  554. >You needed your friends as confident as you were
  555. >The rest stood proud and summoned their stands
  556. "Rainbow, Trixie, Twi. Distract them. I've got an idea."
  557. >"Right!"
  558. >Eye of the Tiger manifested a rifle and a few targets appeared in the distance
  559. >A rifle appeared in Vinyl's hand as well
  560. >Midnight Rambler took a new sheet a paper and sculpted War with lightning speed
  561. >Trix up my sleeve did it's usual gesture and summoned a bar of soap, much to Trixie's dismay
  562. >"No! Something long range!"
  563. >Vinyl took aim at you and fired
  564. >Moving Rebel Yell in between yourself and the bullet, you used the satellite dish to block it
  565. >big mistake
  566. >The bullet hit the dish and bounced off, and your head began to sear in pain
  567. >You let out a loud scream
  568. >It felt like someone had just hit your skull with a steel mallet
  569. >You fell to the floor, in so much pain you couldn't move
  570. >Luckily though, your friends new their priority
  571. >EotT took aim at the targets and with pin point accuracy, fired right in the center
  572. >A black number 1 appeared on Vinyl's forehead
  573. >"Enough of this! Fire!"
  574. >The mortars launched again
  575. >Twi, using War, breathed a huge plume of fire into the sky, scorching them all to a crisp
  576. >In the chaos, Rainbow took another shot, giving Vi a #2
  577. >Vi seemed pretty oblivious to the whole thing
  578. >Rainbow took aim once more
  579. >But didn't fire
  580. >Twilight took notice
  581. >"Rainbow! Finish her off so we can get out of here!"
  582. >Twilight got a look of shock on her face
  583. >The stands arms were visibly shaking
  584. >"Rainbow?"
  585. >The veins of Blue Monday converged on Dashie's position, giving her a hard shock
  586. >Fighting through that pain, you got up, now having a clear path to Vinyl
  587. >You and Rebel Yell charged
  588. >You slammed the flag staff right into her stomach, causing her to lose focus and for her stand to to fade
  589. "Now! Get Octavia!"
  590. >Twi launched war at Tavi as fast as possible, slamming her into the dirt
  591. >You wasted no time, going into each of their minds and removing the mental block caused by American Honey
  592. >You fell on your butt
  593. "That was way too close."
  594. >Both Rainbow and Pinkie were starting to come too again
  595. >Twilight held Dash's head in her lap
  596. >"Rainbow are you alright? Why didn't you take the shot?"
  597. >She looked guilty
  598. >"The thing is... I've never actually reached 3 with anyone... I'm too afraid of what might happen..."
  599. "You mean you have no idea what happens if you complete all three games?"
  600. >"I don't. But I doubt it's anything positive..."
  601. >Who knew Rainbow was such a softie?
  602. >Your head was pounding like nothing else
  603. >Apparently that super sensitive dish was actually not meant to be a shield
  604. >Twilight wiped out her phone
  605. >"I'm going to call Rarity and check on her progress."
  606. >She made three calls and all went straight to voicemail
  607. >"This isn't good. She isn't responding at all. We have to go after them."
  608. >Trixie shook her head
  609. >"That isn't a good idea. I hate to say this but this probably means they've been captured."
  610. "Then we need to take the fight to them."
  611. >"And how are we supposed to do that? We have no idea where they are."
  612. >Twilight smiled
  613. >"You give me too little credit
  614. >Twilight typed some things into her phone and forced Rarity's phone to start pinging it's location
  615. >"There. She's in the east district about seven miles away."
  616. >Trixie still looked skeptical
  617. >"You really think we can do this? We're down two people. And for all we know Wallflower may have turned AJ and Rarity against us."
  618. >You got up and dusted yourself off
  619. "We have to try. Plus, we have other allies now."
  620. >Both Octavia and Vinyl were coming too
  621. >"What happened?"
  622. "We'll explain on the way. We're taking the fight to them."
  623. >Little did you know you were heading towards disaster
  624. >You all began to make your way to Rarity's cell signal, explaining the situation to your new found allies
  625. >It didn't take long, only ten minutes
  626. >Twilight halted the group
  627. >"There. Rarity's cell signal is coming right from within that house."
  628. >Twilight pointed to a rather modest one story green house
  629. "Let's finish this. This girl's insane."
  630. >Octavia nodded
  631. >"Don't you think we should have a plan before going in?"
  632. >Twilight agreed
  633. >"Yeah. That's not a bad idea."
  634. >You all huddled out of view outside of view of the house and Twilight laid down a plan
  635. >"Octavia. I need you to stay outside and give us cover using Carnival of the Animals. Vinyl. Can you surround the house with Blue Monday?"
  636. >She nodded
  637. >"I can but the larger a space it's spread, the less dense the veins can be. I also won't be able to see inside the house."
  638. >Twilight nodded, thinking for a moment
  639. >"Alright. Don't worry about giving us support inside then. Just surround the house to prevent her from fleeing. The means it's up to you and me Sunset. You ready?"
  640. "Ready as I'll ever be."
  641. >Everyone took their positions while you and Twi snuck inside
  642. >It was completely dark and not a sound could be heard
  643. >It felt you with a deep unease
  644. >This had trap written all over it
  645. >Twi whispered to you
  646. >"Stay close. We'll go room by room."
  647. "Right."
  648. >You both walk through the house, going room by room and finding nothing
  649. >That was until you went into the backyard
  650. >There was a literal nuclear bunker in the back
  651. >It's solid steel door was flat in the ground and locked
  652. "That's not good. No way we're getting through that."
  653. >"Let me try something."
  654. >Twilight used Midnight Rambler to construct war again and have it charge the bunker
  655. >No good
  656. >The most it did was give it some scuff marks
  657. >Not surprising from something built to withstand nuclear blasts
  658. "Any other ideas?"
  659. >"One."
  660. >Using her stand again, it made a paper model of Carnival of the Animals
  661. >You looked surprised
  662. "When did you have time to do that?"
  663. >"I always be sure to write down ever stand I encounter. I did it on the way here."
  664. "I can't believe I didn't notice that."
  665. >Twilight aimed the binoculars at the bunker and fired
  666. >Nothing
  667. "Damn it. How the hell are we supposed to get in there?"
  668. >Twilight thought for a moment
  669. >"That's it!"
  670. "What?"
  671. >"We don't have to break into it with brute force. We have to break into it with wit."
  672. "How so?"
  673. >"All we have to do is short out of lock mechanism. And what better stand than Blue Monday?"
  674. "It's worth a try."
  675. >Twilight shot a text to Vi giving her the exact point where she wanted her to strike
  676. >Like a charm it worked
  677. >With a few sparks and zaps, the vault door was open
  678. >You began to lift the heavy door open
  679. "Great thinking Twilight."
  680. >"It's what I do Sunset. It's what I do"
  681. >As you descended the spiral staircase, Twi nudged you
  682. >"We have to be careful. Down here our friends can't give us any support"
  683. "Right. Let's finish this once and for all."
  684. >As you both began to reach the lower floor you heard a rather angry voice
  685. >"What do you mean you don't know how you got here!?"
  686. >You raised an eyebrow
  687. >That was unmistakably the girl who ambushed you
  688. >Was that white arrow someone else's doing?
  689. >AJ spoke
  690. >"I told ya! We got ambushed by some stand with a white arrow. It controlled me and led me here!"
  691. >"Ugh! Damn it. I'm not ready for this yet. No matter. You both should make worth additions to my collection"
  692. >Just as you both were about to charge in, you heard the sound of cables snapping
  693. >It was Rarity using her stand to augment herself to break free
  694. >You ran down in to help but it was too late
  695. >As Rarity went to land a blow on American Honey, it glowed bright green and she stopped
  696. >That was all it took
  697. >One stare from the beast was enough to rearrange all their memories
  698. >"Rarity!"
  699. >The girl aimed her stand at AJ and you stood in between it and her
  700. "Don't even think about it."
  701. >Now that you had a clear view of her face, it all came back
  702. >why this girl had such a grudge
  703. >Wallflower Blush
  704. >Out of all the people you had been mean to in your past, none compared to the treatment she suffered
  705. >She was your main target
  706. >Worst of all, all she wanted in life was to be left too alone
  707. >Maybe that angered you back then
  708. >The fact that she could live so inconspicuously
  709. >You tormented her day after day
  710. >No wonder she was so dead set against you
  711. >This hesitation however would spell your doom
  712. >Rarity grabbed you from behind
  713. >Her strength was unreal
  714. >You felt like you were being held by welded steel bars
  715. >No matter how much you struggled her arms didn't moved an inch
  716. "I got her Lady Wallflower!"
  717. >Twi sprung into action
  718. >"Not on my watch!"
  719. >Twi went to create Her Diamonds but it was too little too late
  720. >American Honey already cast it's gaze on Twilight, putting her under wallflowers spell
  721. >You had to clear at least one of their memories
  722. >You called out Rebel Yell, but before it had a chance to act, American Honey wrapped it's massive fingered around it and squeezed
  723. >You were completely helpless
  724. >Wallflower smiled and slowly walked to you
  725. >"Well I don't know what all this business is with a white arrow, but it doesn't matter now does it?"
  726. >She smiled a truly devilish smile
  727. >"You're at my mercy now aren't you? The question now is what should I do? Should I force you to watch as I implant the most grusome and horrific memories into your friend's minds? Oh! Or maybe I should take away every memory they have. Or perhaps I should keep you down here for a while and make everyone in this town despise you so much they'll turn violent whenever they see you?"
  728. >She laughed
  729. >"Oh the options! The choices! But we need something truly brutal for what you did to me. Something you won't be able to get away from for as long as you live. And I think I have just the perfect idea"
  730. "Wallflower listen! I've changed now! I know what I did in the past was inexcusable... but I'm not the person I was! I want to make amends!"
  731. >Like a light switch she became enraged
  732. >"Make Amends? MAKE AMENDS? Oh no. No, no, no. We are far, far past the point of making amends."
  733. >She clenched her fists
  734. >"All I wanted to do was live in peace, keeping to my photos. Kind of like how you want to avoid this punishment right now. But like me, you're going to find there's no choice in this. You're going to get what's coming to you, like it or not."
  735. "Listen to me. This won't make you feel any better. You won't gain anything from revenge."
  736. >"Oh save me the arm chair philosophy! I wouldn't care if this killed me in the process! So long as you suffer as I've suffered, all of it was worth it!"
  737. >She was way too far gone
  738. >No amount of talking was ever going to convince her not to do what she was about to do
  739. >"Enough talking! You're going to feel the way I felt for over three years!"
  740. >You desperately looked around for something, anything that would get you out of this situation
  741. >But you were helpless
  742. >Your only hope was that your friends on the surface would come to check if something was wrong
  743. >Considering you had been gone for all of five minutes, you weren't going to hold your breath on that one
  744. >"Now what shall I do? Oh yes! In my anger I nearly forgot. I'm going to reduce all of the memories of your friends to zero. That way even Rebel Yell won't be able to fix them. And they will be vegetables forever. And."
  745. >She walked up and looked you dead in the eyes
  746. >"You'll have to live with the fact that it was all. your. fault."
  747. >You could hardly hold back your tears
  748. "No. Please. Anything but that."
  749. >"Yes that's right. You feel that? The overwhelming, helpless despair? I felt that for over three years. Now you'll have to feel that the rest of your life!"
  750. >She looked at the rest of her captives
  751. >"Now let's see. Who should I do first? Ah! Let's do AJ. Of all the people she hates you the most! And now you have to bear that you ruined her for life!"
  752. >American Honey turned, making you face AJ
  753. >You struggled as hard as you could
  754. "No! You can't! Applejack!"
  755. >American Honey set it's gaze to AJ as you used all your might to struggle against Rarity
  756. >But it was all for not
  757. >With a brief flash of green light, AJ fell to the ground, unconscious
  758. >You felt light headed and weak
  759. >All of her memories, her experiences, her very sense of self
  760. >All gone
  761. >"Now let's see who's next? I bet Twilight would love to have her memories erased!"
  762. >You couldn't even form words anymore
  763. >You just stared at the ground
  764. >"Ah, ah, ah. You have to watch. Rarity hold her head up."
  765. >"Absolutely Wallflower."
  766. >Rarity forcibly wrenched your head up and held your eyelids open
  767. "Just... stop. I beg you. I'll do anything you want. Just..."
  768. >Wallflower laughed
  769. >"Now you get it. Now you fully understand the pain I endured at your hand for years. It almost makes me want to forgive you. But.... I don't think I will. Twilight, step forward."
  770. >Twilight stepped forward
  771. >Tears began to run down your cheeks
  772. >Just as she was about to activate her stand, a rumbling was heard
  773. >Wallflower looked too the source, as did you
  774. >It was incredible
  775. >A tall white horse with a knight atop it's back, carrying a bow
  776. >It wore a white crown that shimmered in the moonlight
  777. >It's white iron armor, with motifs of a Griffon, look especially impressive. On it's back was a long white cape that seemed to glow
  778. >It looked absolutely divine
  779. >Wallflower looked surprise
  780. >"Who the hell are you?"
  781. >The knight lifted it's bow and took aim, a white arrow manifesting from thin air
  782. >"A stand huh? No matter. Twilight! Take care of it!"
  783. >It was over before you could even process it
  784. >The bow struck with such speed and such force that you had to do a double take
  785. >Wallflower was now against the wall, an arrow through her chest and bleeding profusely
  786. >It hit her hear with pin point accuracy
  787. >The knight hopped off it's horse and walked to AJ
  788. >It removed it's crown, allowing light to pass through the large crystal at it's center and cast a illuminating glow on AJ
  789. >And with that she came too
  790. >It did the same to each of those effected by American Honey, completely reverse it's effects
  791. "Who are you?"
  792. >It said nothing, merely hopping back on it's horse and riding off
  793. >You looked back at Wallflower
  794. >The arrow had vanished and blood was practically pouring from her wound
  795. >She stared at you
  796. >"I-I'm-"
  797. >She coughed up a lot of blood
  798. >She was so damaged she could barely talk
  799. >"I... I'm sorry. Sunset."
  800. >You closed your fist
  801. >Every ounce of your body wanted to leave her to die
  802. >But you just couldn't
  803. "Rarity. Can you use your stand to stop the bleeding?"
  804. >"I suppose I could... but..."
  805. "Just do it. As much as I hate her for what she did... I know she's sorry."
  806. >Rarity went to stop the blood from pouring out of the wound but it was too late
  807. >It took mere seconds for her to die from blood loss
  808. >Not that they would've been able to do much for an exploded heart anyway
  809. >Twilight started down at the now lifeless girl
  810. >"What should we do now?"
  811. "There's nothing we can do. We leave her."
  812. >They agreed and you walked out
  813. >The enemy may have been defeated
  814. >But you couldn't think of a better example of a bitter-sweet end
  815. >Vinyl, Octavia and Trixie were all waiting outside
  816. >Fluttershy, RD and Pinkie as well
  817. >Rainbow called out
  818. >"Well did you win?"
  819. >You looked down
  820. "Yeah..."
  821. >Fluttershy looked confused
  822. >"What's wrong?"
  823. >You explained the events in the bunker
  824. >Twilight put her hand to her chin
  825. >"That horse definitely sounds like a stand. Especially as it came in completely undetected."
  826. "Do you think it's the same one that shot the white arrow?"
  827. >"It sounds like it. But why would it lead us here in the first place?"
  828. "I don't know. Wallflower didn't seem to know who it was either so they weren't working together."
  829. >Twilight nodded
  830. >"Well we aren't going to get anything sitting here. I think it's best we go home. We've earned it after tonight."
  831. "I'll say. I'm pretty shook up after that. AJ. How are you feeling?"
  832. >"So far as I can tell all my memories are there. Just hearin' what ya sad is givin' me the willies though."
  833. "I'm glad. I don't know who's stand that was. But they're a friend as far as I'm concerned"
  834. >You couldn't sleep at all that night
  835. >There was so many questions
  836. >So many inconsistencies
  837. >Why did the owner of the stand chose to keep itself hidden?
  838. >If it was an ally, why not just reveal itself?
  839. >If it knew Wallflower was a threat and her location, why only dispatch her now? Why wait till they were in peril?
  840. >None of it made any sense no matter how you reasoned it
  841. >You had to do something to get out of your head
  842. >You got up and went outside, going for a walk
  843. >Might as well distract yourself by testing your stand's capability
  844. >You found a reasonably isolated area
  845. >First you wanted to see it's basic attack power
  846. >Using the flag staff, you began to strike the tree
  848. >You were surprised
  849. >Not only had Rebel Yell spoke, it spoke in your voice
  850. >You tried to make it form other words but it wouldn't speak
  851. >It's almost like it was a battle cry
  852. >Next was to test the mind reading
  853. >Aiming the dish in the air you tried to listen as far as possible
  854. >Something in particular caught your attention
  855. >"What's so special about this dumb arrow Adagio?"
  856. >"It's more special that you can possibly fathom, Aria. This has the power to augment out stand and grant our truest desire in the moment."
  857. >"So why not use it now?"
  858. >"The time is not yet right. The arrow only works when specific conditions are met. For now, our stand's abilities are more than sufficient. But there's talk going around that some fairly powerful stand users have taken the bait we left out."
  859. >A more chipper, younger sounding voice called out
  860. >"Are we almost done Adagio? This is so boring. I want something to eat!"
  861. >"You'll get something to eat in a second Sonata. Be quiet. Anyway. All you need to know is that to unlock the arrow's potential we'll need to fight some rather powerful stand users. And they seem like just the type."
  862. >"Do we know who they are?"
  863. >"A few. Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle."
  864. >The girl yawned and became sarcastic
  865. >"Quite the lineup we have here."
  866. >The conversation came to and end
  867. >As if you didn't already have enough to worry about, now this
  868. >There were more stand users out there
  869. >And Wallflower was just a ploy to lure you and others like you out
  870. >You had to tell the others
  871. >You flipped out your phone and immediately began to text them the news
  872. >The storm was far from over it seemed
  873. >You were starting to feel the burn now
  874. >You had to go home and get some rest
  875. >This could wait till tomorrow
  876. >You headed back to your cozy little apartment and, thankfully, fell right asleep
  877. >Once you woke up, Twilight and the others immediately headed to your place to discuss what to do now
  878. "Do you know anyone by those names Twilight?"
  879. >"I wish I could say I do. Can you take us to the area where you heard their conversation? Perhaps we can hear them talking and determine their location."
  880. "Sounds good."
  881. >You all walked towards the tree and you released Rebel Yell
  882. >You listened and listened but couldn't hear the voices
  883. "No good. I can't pick them up here. Perhaps this isn't where they are based. Does anyone know about that arrow?"
  884. >Trixie looked interested
  885. >"I think I might. It was actually how I awakened my stand in the first place. When I was just a girl, I was wondering around my dad's study. He had this beautiful golden arrow. Long story short, I fiddled with it too much and it went right into my hand. Next thing I knew, I had Trix Up My Sleeve."
  886. >The whole group stared in awe
  887. >"An arrow with the power to awaken stands? That's possible?"
  888. "But why would they need it? After all they already have a stand."
  889. >Rainbow shook her head
  890. >"Well we're not going to figure out anything by just standing here. Let's see if we can find them."
  891. "Wait! Don't go yet."
  892. >You didn't know why, but you had a hunch
  893. >You aimed Rebel Yell again and listened
  894. >You were right
  895. >For some reason, there was a blank patch of thoughts about 20 meters away
  896. >You knew it was park over there, far too quiet for this time of day
  897. "Follow me. I think I have something."
  898. >You find your way to the park and look
  899. >Nothing
  900. >You scanned the area
  901. >It was another stand, it had to be
  902. >It was a black horse
  903. >It was deathly thin and sickly
  904. >Atop it was a blindfolded man with a handful of wheat in it's right hand
  905. >The man looked to be dead by starvation
  906. >As you looked around, you could a few more people
  907. >No matter how hard you tried however, you couldn't hear their thoughts
  908. >All except for one
  909. >And their thoughts seemed completely normal
  910. >It was as if there was a barrier around all of their minds except for him
  911. >Why?
  912. >"Hey ugly!"
  913. >Rainbow Dash charged out
  914. "Rainbow don't!"
  915. >The horse slowly and weakly walked toward Rainbow
  916. >As the dead man dropped his wheat, a shock wave was sent out
  917. >Twilight looked panicked
  918. >"What is this? I can't summon Midnight Rambler!"
  919. >"Ah can't summon War either!"
  920. >You could still maintain Rebel Yell just fine
  921. >It seemed to have effect everyone but you and Rarity
  922. "Rarity! We can't fight it! We need to run!"
  923. >"Right. Let's go."
  924. >You all run back a few blocks
  925. >As you retreated, the rest of the group became able to use their stands once more
  926. "What kind of crazy stand was that?"
  927. >Twilight look back in the direction of where it was
  928. >"I don't know. It seems to have the power to nullify stands at random."
  929. >The stand however was not about to give up it seemed
  930. >It slowly lumbered towards them, barely able to keep itself up on it's own weight
  931. "Shit. It's back. Run! We can't fight it!"
  932. >The stand dropped it's wheat once more, and another shock wave emerged
  933. >This time it was you who couldn't use your stand
  934. "Shit. Just keep running!"
  935. >Rarity smiled
  936. >"Don't worry darling. I'll handle this."
  937. >Rarity activated Her Diamonds and charged at the beast
  938. >It was far to slow, taking a good one right to the jaw
  939. >As Rarity began to go for the finisher, it simply vanished
  940. >Something wasn't right here
  941. >Why did it always let a few stands unaffected?
  942. >Was it's ability to nullify stands just random?
  943. >Why did it have a shockwave then?
  944. >You tried to activate your stand and sure enough it returned
  945. >What a strange ability
  946. >You look around to make sure everyone was alright
  947. >Rarity dusted herself off
  948. >"I'm glad that thing is gone. Sunset, can you detect it?"
  949. >you shook your head
  950. "No. When I used Rebel Yell's mind reading ability I couldn't hear anything that sounded like a stand user. Either they're remarkably good at hiding their thoughts or it's a long range stand."
  951. >Twilight put her hand to her chin
  952. >"Do you think it was one of those girls you overheard?"
  953. "We can't dismiss the possibility. We need to keep better watch. I'd suggest we always travel in pairs. The last thing we want is to have out stand abilities nullified and be out on our own."
  954. >Twilight nodded
  955. >"That sounds like a plan. Who'll partner with who?"
  956. >To your surprise, AJ spoke first
  957. >"I'll have Sunset."
  958. "Wait, really?"
  959. >"Yeah. You've got someone to be apologizin' too."
  960. >You felt your stomach drop
  961. "Oh... right."
  962. >Rainbow landed a big hug on Fluttershy
  963. >"I call Fluttershy!"
  964. >Fluttershy let out a cute little giggle
  965. >"Then that leaves me with Rarity and Pinkie Pie."
  966. >"Whoo! Party!"
  967. >"Does anyone have anything else to say before we go out separate ways?"
  968. "One thing. We need to let Vinyl, Octavia, and Trixie know the situation. For all we know the enemy could be searching from them too."
  969. >"Good plan. I'll text them."
  970. >You all went your separate ways, you following AJ back to the farm for a much needed apology.
  971. >It was huge
  972. >Maybe it was because you'd never seen a farm in person before, but it felt more like a city than a plot of land
  973. >Even had it's own general store
  974. "Wow. This place sure is impressive."
  975. >"It's not that great Sunset."
  976. >You followed Sunset around the back of the barn where Applebloom was loading supplies into a trailer
  977. >Her face went white as a sheet and she hid behind the the front of the car
  978. >"AJ! What'in the hell is she doin' here!"
  979. >"No swearin' Applebloom. She's hear because she has somethin' ta say."
  980. >AB peaked out from behind the truck
  981. >You could see the scar on her arm
  982. >The scar she got from you pouring scalding water on her
  983. >You didn't mean it be so bad
  984. >You didn't realize it was so hot
  985. >But instead of explaining that you ran
  986. "I know I'm hardly worthy of forgiveness. But I have changed."
  987. >AB looked down
  988. >"Ah need some tyme ta think about it. I need to get back to my chores."
  989. >Better than you were hoping honestly
  990. >You were expecting a no
  991. >You walk back with AJ
  992. "So what now?"
  993. >"Fer now just keep watch an-"
  994. >AJ's head shot to the left as the sound of a car approached
  995. >It was a big black truck with bull horns on the hood
  996. "Who's that?"
  997. >"Just some no goods. The Flim and Flam brothers. They've been tryna swindle my granny fer years an' get her to sell the farm on the cheap. Don't worry. I'll handle this."
  998. >Two long, lanky men got out
  999. >They wore outfits similar to those old parlor attendants in the 50s and one of them held a cane
  1000. >The one with the cane spoke first
  1001. >"Well if it isn't AJ. We've come to make a proposal."
  1002. >"The only proposal I'm acceptin' is you agreein' to get off my property and never returnin'."
  1003. >The other brother spoke
  1004. >"Oh I think you'll find we have a bit more to bargain with at out disposal than previous attempts right Flim?"
  1005. >"You said it Flam."
  1006. >A pale white aura formed around their bodies and a very thin humanoid appeared
  1007. >It was tall and ghostly white, wearing nothing but a robe that covered it's face
  1008. >The only skin you could see were on it's hands
  1009. >They looked as if they were frostbitten
  1010. >"What's all the commotion out here?"
  1011. >It was granny smith
  1012. >AJ went as pale as a ghost and she instinctively summoned war
  1013. >But it was too late
  1014. >The stand made a heart from it's hands and a red beam shot out, hitting Granny's throat
  1015. >What looked like a heart shaped stamp appeared on her neck
  1016. >At first nothing happened, then Flim approached her
  1017. >"I say you sure are looking wonderful today."
  1018. >"Ah well that's sweet of you to say."
  1019. >You noticed a ring from around the heart and after the compliment, it tightened every so slightly
  1020. >Flam got next to you and AJ, whispering
  1021. >"May I present to you Chapel of Love. Every time someone hears a compliment, a ring forms around the heart and tightens."
  1022. >AJ became furious
  1023. >"I'l kill you you son of a bitch!"
  1024. >Flam simply laughed
  1025. >"Ah, ah, ah. I wouldn't be making any threats if I were you. Unless of course you want Mrs. Smith over here to have an untimely passing by suffocation."
  1026. >AJ looked like she was going to explode
  1027. "What do you want?"
  1028. >Flam smiled
  1029. >"That's more like it. You should be more like your friend here Applejack-"
  1030. >"She is NOT my friend!"
  1031. >"Whatever. Like I was saying. This is what I require: you give me the deed to this fine establishment here, free of charge, and I let your granny walk away."
  1032. >"Or I use war to blast you to kingdom come!"
  1033. >"Fine, fine suit yourself. However, you may want to think twice on that"
  1034. >Flam nodded towards Applebloom
  1035. >She had a heart around her neck as well
  1036. >"But I guess if you're willing to lose both your sister AND your grandmother then go ahead. Summon your stand and give me your best shot."
  1037. >AJ's fists were clenched so tight her nails were breaking her skin
  1038. >"I'll give you twelve hours to think about your answer. And I'd suggest you'd think carefully. Come on Flim!"
  1039. >"Right away brother."
  1040. >The two got back in their car, Flim rolling down his window
  1041. >"Make sure the deed is wrapped up nicely."
  1042. >They drove off
  1043. >In a fit of a rage, AJ summoned war and fired a thick stream of fire into the sky
  1044. >It looked like a volcano was erupting
  1045. "What should we-"
  1046. >"SHUT UP!"
  1047. >It didn't feel right but you had no choice
  1048. >They didn't have the luxury of time
  1049. >You summoned Rebel Yell and with a bang of it's flagstaff, AJ's mood became much more relaxed
  1050. "I know you're going to yell at me for this later but we can't waste any time on a freak out. We need a plan."
  1051. >AJ sounded almost delerious
  1052. >As if she were drugged
  1053. >"It's alright Sunset. You're right."
  1054. "Any bright ideas?"
  1055. >"None. My stand isn't good for much other than trampling people to death under fire and fury"
  1056. "Maybe we could threaten them? Ugh.. If only Twilight or Rarity were here"
  1057. >"Perhaps we should give 'em a call?"
  1058. "Good idea"
  1059. >You called each of them on their cell phones but it was no good
  1060. >Right to voice mail
  1061. >Could they be engaged in battle as well?
  1062. >You tried to call each of your friends but the result was the same
  1063. >You were on your own for this one
  1064. "What if we give them a fake deed?"
  1065. >"That won't work. They're expert swindlers. They'll know a fake deed when they see one."
  1066. "Damn it. There must be something. Think Sunset, think!"
  1067. >You paced back and forth, doing your best to come up with a solution
  1068. >Then it hit you like a sack of bricks
  1069. "That's it!"
  1070. >"What?"
  1071. "AJ, you're going to have to trust me."
  1072. >"Trust ya? Why not just tell me?"
  1073. "In order for this plan to work, I need you to be kept in the dark. I know that sounds bad, but trust me. They won't see this coming."
  1074. >"What do ya need me to do?"
  1075. "When they come back just give them the deed and whatever you do, don't exit the stairs of your house. I'll take care of the rest."
  1076. >"I swear if you double cross me."
  1077. "This'll work. I promise."
  1078. >12 hours passed and night fell
  1079. >Flim and Flam drove back up to the lot and exited their truck
  1080. >They saw the deed in AJ's hand
  1081. >"Well, well, well. Looks like someone wised up."
  1082. >AJ growled and you heard her think "sunset I swear to the lord above if this doesn't work I'll have your head on a spike."
  1083. >Now was the time to put your master plan into motion
  1084. >AJ put the deed in their hands and they looked it over carefully, making sure it wasn't a fake
  1085. >They rolled it up and smiled
  1086. >"Pleasure doing business with you."
  1087. >As they began to walk back to their car, they stopped and fell completely unconscious
  1088. >AJ nearly stepped off the balcony when she remembered your warning
  1089. >But how was she going to get the deed back?
  1090. >Bingo
  1091. >Using some rope and a small far tool, she formed a makeshift grapple
  1092. >After a few swings, she managed to rope the deed right back
  1093. >Now it was time to get her family to safety
  1094. >She had no idea what Sunset did, but it worked like a charm
  1095. >AJ ran inside the house and upstairs into Applebloom's room
  1096. >Her blood ran cold
  1097. >Not only was the heart still there, but the rings had extended across her entire body
  1098. >She'd be crushed like a grape!
  1099. >This was the worst luck
  1100. >Not only was it a long range stand, but it was completely autonomous
  1101. >If only she knew where the stand was
  1102. >It'd be easy pickings for War
  1103. >Meanwhile, nearly 14 hours earlier, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight were about to find themselves in a jam themselves
  1104. >Back at Rarity's house, Twi and Pank watched Rarity as she sewed a brand new dress
  1105. >"You see my stand has quite practical uses as well."
  1106. >Her Diamonds placed each of it's strings on her fingers and arms
  1107. >With lighting speed she began to sew a dress
  1108. >What would normally take at least an hour was accomplished in seconds and with laser precision
  1109. >Twilight was impressed
  1110. >"That's amazing Rarity! It looks perfect!"
  1111. >"Thank you Twilight"
  1112. >Pinkie laid against the couch
  1113. >"This is borinnnnng. Can't we do something fun?"
  1114. >Twilight glared
  1115. >"Pinkie!"
  1116. >"I think she's right, darling. No use in watching me sew all day, as much as I'd enjoy it. Shall we?"
  1117. >"Let's go to the amusement park!"
  1118. >"That sounds lovely. Don't you agree Twilight?"
  1119. >"I suppose it wouldn't be so bad"
  1120. >As they walked down stairs they noticed a girl standing in their living room
  1121. >"Rarity do you know this girl?"
  1122. >"Know her!? She's practically the most popular girl in the country! That's Vignette Valencia. She has over a eight million followers on her various social media sites! I'm surprised you haven't heard of her!"
  1123. >Twi rolled her eyes
  1124. >"I don't get on social media much"
  1125. >Pinkie began exuberant
  1126. >"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, on my GOSH. Vignette Valencia!"
  1127. >She sat there on the couche, looking rather disinterested
  1128. >"Where's the one called Rarity?"
  1129. >She sounded like an absolute snob
  1130. >Rarity was shaking with excitement
  1131. >"Right here! What can I get you?"
  1132. >"I'm looking for a dress for this years spring fling. I need it by tomorrow."
  1133. >Rarity took a look at the photo
  1134. >It was quite the complicated dress
  1135. >Even with Her Diamonds, there wasn't a prayer she'd finish it in time
  1136. >The materials alone would take at least a week to ship
  1137. >"I'm sorry Miss Valencia. I simply cannot do this in a day. It's logistically unfeasible."
  1138. >Vignette popped some gum in her mouth
  1139. >"Then I want your best dress. And I want it for free."
  1140. >Rarity looked unsure of herself
  1141. >Like she wanted to say no, but didn't want to refuse her
  1142. >Twilight put her hand between the two
  1143. >"She said she can't do it. You should've come earlier."
  1144. >Vignette look extremely annoyed
  1145. >"Is that right? Well... I sure hope you don't regret this later."
  1146. >She left the shop, slamming the door
  1147. >Twilight was confused
  1148. >"What was that about?"
  1149. >Rarity sighed
  1150. >"Twilight you did the right thing... but you should know Valencia is very vindictive when she's crossed. She came from money and, as such, is not used to hearing no. She tends to like humiliate people who attract her ire."
  1151. >"You think she'll try to do something to us?"
  1152. >"Most likely. She's quite sadistic. She does this to set an example. All I'm saying is... be on your guard. She can get pretty cruel when she wants to get even. And you'll be her primary target."
  1153. >"I'll keep my eyes open."
  1154. >Rarity sighed
  1155. >"For your sake, I hope that's enough."
  1156. >"Let's put that off our mind and go to the amusement park. I think we've earned it."
  1157. >Pinkie smiled bright
  1158. >"That's the spirit Twi! No mean popular girl is going to get one up on us."
  1159. >The girls got in Rarity's SUV and drove down to the amusement park
  1160. >After a few rides, they sat down to have some lunch
  1161. >Rarity giggled
  1162. >"I must say Pinkie, you made the right call. This was just what I needed."
  1163. >"I agree. Sometimes you just need to play around a bit."
  1164. >Pinkie laughed
  1165. >"See! I told you it'd be fun!"
  1166. >A couple of kids approached them
  1167. >"Hey look! It's Twi the Toilet Clogger!"
  1168. >Twilight dropped her sandwich and her face went white
  1169. >"W-what did you say?"
  1170. >Another boy shouted
  1171. >"Twi the toilet clogger!"
  1172. >Twilight felt physically sick
  1173. >"Excuse me."
  1174. >Twilight ran off for the bathroom while Rara and Pinkie chased after her
  1175. >"What in the world was that about?"
  1176. >Twilight was fighting back tears
  1177. >"How did they know about that!? That was a nickname I earned when I attended a prep school years back. But that was in another country! There's no way they could've known!"
  1178. >Rarity felt a chill run down her spine and checked her phone
  1179. >She went dead quiet
  1180. >"Twilight... You should have a look at this."
  1181. >Rarity handed her her phone
  1182. >Twilight couldn't believe her eyes
  1183. >Valencia had posted her embarrassing story to all her accounts
  1184. >Now 8 million people knew why she was called Twilight the Toilet Clogger
  1185. >Twilight sat against the stall door
  1186. >"I'm ruined. I can't ever show my face again."
  1187. >Pinkie shook her head
  1188. >"That's not true Twilight. So what you had an embarrassing thing happen to you when you were a kid? We all have it. There's no need to fret so much over it."
  1189. >"I suppose you're right... I guess you were right to warn me about Valencia, Rarity... I had no idea her reach was so big."
  1190. >Rare extended her hand
  1191. >"You did the right thing Twilight. Here. Let's get you back home. We'll all do something inside, just us."
  1192. >Pinkie nodded
  1193. >"You're in def need of a cheer up sess!"
  1194. >Twilight hugged them both
  1195. >"It's go to know that no matter how many people know about my embarrassing incident, I still have the best friends anyone could ask for."
  1196. >Trying to keep as low a profile as possible, the group headed back home
  1197. >Rarity designed a little mini spa with a twist
  1198. >Using her stand, she was able to give the best massage ever
  1199. >They had a nice, relaxing girls night and played a few sleepover games before it was nearing time for bed
  1200. >Twilight gave Rarity a big hug
  1201. >"Thanks Rarity. I needed that."
  1202. >"There's no need to thank me. You did something I'd never have the courage to do. I suppose you could call this me returning the favor."
  1203. >Another boy shouted
  1204. >"Twi the toilet clogger!"
  1205. >Twilight felt physically sick
  1206. >"Excuse me."
  1207. >Twilight ran off for the bathroom while Rara and Pinkie chased after her
  1208. >"What in the world was that about?"
  1209. >Twilight was fighting back tears
  1210. >"How did they know about that!? That was a nickname I earned when I attended a prep school years back. But that was in another country! There's no way they could've known!"
  1211. >Rarity felt a chill run down her spine and checked her phone
  1212. >She went dead quiet
  1213. >"Twilight... You should have a look at this."
  1214. >Rarity handed her her phone
  1215. >Twilight couldn't believe her eyes
  1216. >Valencia had posted her embarrassing story to all her accounts
  1217. >Now 8 million people knew why she was called Twilight the Toilet Clogger
  1218. >Twilight sat against the stall door
  1219. >"I'm ruined. I can't ever show my face again."
  1220. >Pinkie shook her head
  1221. >"That's not true Twilight. So what you had an embarrassing thing happen to you when you were a kid? We all have it. There's no need to fret so much over it."
  1222. >"I suppose you're right... I guess you were right to warn me about Valencia, Rarity... I had no idea her reach was so big."
  1223. >Rare extended her hand
  1224. >"You did the right thing Twilight. Here. Let's get you back home. We'll all do something inside, just us."
  1225. >Pinkie nodded
  1226. >"You're in def need of a cheer up sess!"
  1227. >Twilight hugged them both
  1228. >"It's go to know that no matter how many people know about my embarrassing incident, I still have the best friends anyone could ask for."
  1229. >Trying to keep as low a profile as possible, the group headed back home
  1230. >Rarity designed a little mini spa with a twist
  1231. >Using her stand, she was able to give the best massage ever
  1232. >They had a nice, relaxing girls night and played a few sleepover games before it was nearing time for bed
  1233. >Twilight gave Rarity a big hug
  1234. >"Thanks Rarity. I needed that."
  1235. >"There's no need to thank me. You did something I'd never have the courage to do. I suppose you could call this me returning the favor."
  1236. >It wore a marvelous blue dress and long blue boots with matching gloves
  1237. >It was beautiful, angelic almost
  1238. >But she had no time to worry about that
  1239. >she could already feel herself starting to black out
  1240. >To her surprise, her stand grabbed some dirt and placed it on your wounds
  1241. >Much in the way it made stands from paper, it made new skin from the dirt
  1242. >She was completely healed!
  1243. >But her stand had never exhibited such an ability!
  1244. >No time to worry about that
  1245. >It was time to save Valencia!
  1246. >Using her stand she healed the gaping hole in her chest
  1247. >The aura around her was not dissipating however
  1248. >It was starting to coalesce
  1249. >It came together in what looked like a steampunk robot
  1250. >Some pipes here, some screws there and moving parts galore
  1251. >It had two lug nuts for eyes and it's entire body seemed to move and shift like one big cog
  1252. >It looked like a big mesh of various different parts, just vaguely forming a humanoid form
  1253. >Vignette rubbed her head
  1254. >"Ugh... what in the world happened...? And what the heck is that!?"
  1255. >She pointed to Midnight Rambler
  1256. >"So you can see it then. That leaves out any doubt."
  1257. >"What the heck is that your freak!?"
  1258. >She looked behind, seeing her stand
  1259. >"What is that robot!?"
  1260. >"Listen. I need you to calm down. I'll explain. First I need you to tell me what happened."
  1261. >"There were three girls. And they shot an arrow through my chest!"
  1262. >Three girls
  1263. >She feared the worst
  1264. >"Can you tell me what they looked like? Did they say their names?"
  1265. >"One had orange poofy hair, one with blue hair in a pony tail, and the other with purple hair in pig tails. The orange haired one told the yellow one to be quiet. Sonata I think she said."
  1266. >Twi cursed to herself
  1267. >Could this arrow have something to do with it?
  1268. >How else could she explain the drastic change her stand just went through?
  1269. >Not to mention how it moved all on it's own
  1270. >Twilight heard footsteps coming from behind her, causing her blood to run cold
  1271. >A calm, cool voice spoke
  1272. >"I'll be taking that."
  1273. >She felt a large bead of sweat drop down her face and slowly turned to face the source of the voice
  1274. >Behind her stood three girls
  1275. >One had large poofy orange hair and a purple rockstar outfit
  1276. >The second was slightly taller, had long purple hair in pigtails
  1277. >The last had blue hair in a ponytail and a short skirt
  1278. >Twi steadied herself and turned around
  1279. >"You must be Adagio."
  1280. >The orange haired one got an angry look
  1281. >"How did you know my name?"
  1282. >You pulled out Midnight Rambler again
  1283. >"I guess you'll never find out."
  1284. >Adagio looked shocked
  1285. >"That's... that's a Requiem stand!"
  1286. >Adagio shouted at the blue haired girl
  1287. >"Damn it Sonata! This is exactly why you shouldn't have used to bow!"
  1288. >Sonata looked down
  1289. >"S-sorry Adagio..."
  1290. >"Oh you will be if you don't get that arrow back."
  1291. >"Right away!"
  1292. >Sonata stepped out in front of the group and in a flash of blue light, her stand manifested
  1293. >It was a crisp neon blue, and emanated a glow
  1294. >It was a train set that looked like a child's toy. Inside was the conductor, wearing what seemed to be a hazmat suit
  1295. >On the front car was a big 21
  1296. >It zipped this was and that through the air at incredible speed, sometimes faster that your eye could keep track
  1297. >"No. 21!"
  1298. >Twilight readied Midnight Rambler Requiem
  1299. >"Care to take a ride on my train? I'll warn you, the road's a bit bumpy!"
  1300. >The train zipped forward and hit Twi square in the side
  1301. >But something was very wrong
  1302. >The impact felt like she had been hit by a truck
  1303. >It was so strong it flung her into the tree right next to her, nearly breaking the trunk in two
  1304. >The wind had been completely knocked out of her and her side was bleeding profusely
  1305. >She was in so much pain she couldn't even summon the mental energy to summon her stand
  1306. >Sonata smirked, walking over to the arrow
  1307. >"Too easy"
  1308. >As she went to down to pick up the arrow, Valencia's stand gave Sonata a punch straight in the teeth
  1309. >Aria let out a chuckle at the sight
  1310. >Valencia had a serious, determined look on her face
  1311. >"You know I'm not a huge fan of Twilight. But she did just save my life despite what I did to her. I guess I owe it to her to bail her out."
  1312. >Sonata rubbed her face
  1313. >"That hurt! I'll show you!"
  1314. >No. 21 raced forward
  1315. >Vignette's stand changed form entirely
  1316. >It swooped in a swallowed Sonata whole then flew to the sky
  1317. >It turned it a massive circular tower
  1318. >It had to be twice the height of the empire state building and as wide as a football field
  1319. >Valencia felt faint and backed out, collapsing on the ground
  1320. >She came too a few moments later
  1321. >Her body felt abnormally large and misshapen
  1322. >It didn't take her long to realize why
  1323. >Her body had become her stand!
  1324. >She didn't quite understand it, but it felt like one big organ
  1325. >She could see, feel and hear in and around it
  1326. >Including Sonata, who sat on the bottom floor
  1327. >She didn't know how she knew, but she could make anything in this space
  1328. >Her entire stand was like her own dimension
  1329. >If she wanted too, she could make the walls crush her or send in hundreds of robots too overwhelm her
  1330. >The possibilities were endless!
  1331. >She made a projection of herself in front of Sonata
  1332. >"Such a fitting for power for someone as glorious and amazing as me. You all gave your 'stands' as you call them names right? Well I think I'll name mine the House of the Rising Sun, in honor of it's glory and majesty."
  1333. >Meanwhile, back on the ground,Twilight was finally recovering
  1334. >She couldn't believe what she was seeing
  1335. >That giant structure was Valencia's stand
  1336. >She watched as Adagio and Aria approached Valencia's unconscious body, cackling to one another
  1337. >"Well I don't know what this stand can do, but it has quite the fatal flaw. Her body is completely vulnerable, just begging to be walloped on. Shall we Aria?"
  1338. >Aria rolled her eyes
  1339. >"Whatever Adagio. It's not like I really care about this one way or another."
  1340. >"Suit yourself. Make sure that Twilight girl is captured. We can't have someone blabbing our secret."
  1341. >She sighed
  1342. >"Whatever."
  1343. >Twilight watched as Adagio's stand manifested
  1344. >It was quite ugly, like some disgusting mishmash of several animals
  1345. >A yellow dragon with a fish tail and horse hooves
  1346. >It had massive sharp teeth and a forked tongue, it's eyes were slit and yellow like a cats eyes
  1347. >But she had no time to worry about Valencia
  1348. >Aria was right in front of her
  1349. >And she had quite the sadistic smile on her face
  1350. >Aria cracked her knuckles
  1351. >"I think I'll make this slow. Make it hurt. I have to capture you alive, but if you lose a finger or three, who can really blame me?"
  1352. >Earlier, as Rainbow Dash's house, Rainbow and Fluttershy was sitting in the living room having tea
  1353. >Shinning Armor had joined in on the party too
  1354. >It was strange that they had run into him
  1355. >Usually he was out doing military work
  1356. >Apparently he was on leave before shipping out
  1357. >Fluttershy took a sip of her tea
  1358. >"Thanks for joining us for our tea party Shining."
  1359. >Shining stretched
  1360. >"Anytime, anytime. How's Twilight been? I hardly have time to chat with her these days."
  1361. >Rainbow raised her eyebrow
  1362. >"You mean you didn't see her before visiting us?"
  1363. >"Well I was going to but then I ran into you."
  1364. >"Fair enough I guess. If you want to go visit her we wouldn't blame you."
  1365. >"Nah that's alright. I want to make it a surprise though. She doesn't know I got leave so don't text her."
  1366. >Flutters giggled
  1367. >"Such a good big brother."
  1368. >"I do my best."
  1369. >"How's Cadence? She must be pretty happy to know you're getting some leave before you ship."
  1370. >"Oh Cadence? Uh yeah, yeah. She's really good."
  1371. >Rainbow crossed her arms
  1372. >"Are you alright Shining? You're acting weirder than normal."
  1373. >Shining looked slightly nervous
  1374. >"Fine? Of course I am. Why do you ask?"
  1375. >"Well you are sweating quite a lot."
  1376. >"It's just because I feel cooped up is all. How about we go play some sports?"
  1377. >Rainbow smiled
  1378. >"Now you're talking my language. Let's play some basketball, one on one."
  1379. >"Sounds good to me"
  1380. >"Want to come watch Fluttershy?"
  1381. >She smiled brightly
  1382. >"Sure."
  1383. >The three hopped in the car and drove to the basketball court
  1384. >Flutters stayed on the sidelines while Rainbow and Shinny played their game
  1385. >Rainbow was winning
  1386. >Just as she was about to go in for the finishing shot, she caught something from the corner of her eye
  1387. >It looked strange, almost like a rip in reality
  1388. >It was a whole that lead to what appeared to be space
  1389. >Her staring threw her shot off
  1390. >It hit the rim and bounced off
  1391. >As it ricocheted, it struck Fluttershy square in the head
  1392. >She rushed over to Fluttershy
  1393. >"Shy! Are you alright!?"
  1394. >Her head was bleeding profusly
  1395. >Rainbow checked her pulse and felt her stomach drop
  1396. >Nothing
  1397. >That blow to the head had killed her instantly
  1398. >Rainbow became hystaric
  1399. >"Call an Ambulance! A doctor! Anyone!"
  1400. >Shining nodded
  1401. >"Right!"
  1402. >He pulled out his phone and diled
  1403. >"Ok it's on it's way. I'll do what I can. I'm trained in army medicine."
  1404. >Out of the corner of her eye Rainbow saw it again
  1405. >That rip in space
  1406. >As Shining began to run to help he fell to the ground as well, clutching his chest
  1407. >"Shining!? What's wrong!?"
  1408. >He wheezed
  1409. >"My heart! But I haven't had heart problems in years!"
  1410. >He flinched a few times before falling to the ground
  1411. >Rainbow's breathing turned into frantic gasps
  1412. >How could this be happening!?
  1413. >The ambulance arrived and the paramedics came, strapping the two to stretchers and pacing them in the back of the car
  1414. >"A-Are they going to be ok?"
  1415. >Rainbow could hardly speak through her sobs
  1416. >"They will. But we have to act now. We're going to the ER straight away."
  1417. >"I'll follow you."
  1418. >Rainbow hopped in the car and rode after the ambulence
  1419. >As she drove she once again saw that rip in space
  1420. >In the very next moment, a bus struck the ambulance, sending it flying into a tree on the side of the rode
  1421. >It hit it with such force that the ambulance bent around the tree
  1422. >Rainbow hit the breaks and let out a shriek of terror
  1423. >She was so terrified she could hardly form a thought
  1424. >She had to save them!
  1425. >She got straight out of the car and the realization hit her like a ton of bricks
  1426. >Every time she saw that hole in space, something horrific happened
  1427. >There was no other way to look at it
  1428. >This must be the work of an enemy stand
  1429. >ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ
  1430. >She had to stay calm
  1431. >Stay focused
  1432. >And hope to god in heaven that this was reversable
  1433. >She called out
  1434. >"I figured you out. You're a stand user. Show yourself coward!"
  1435. >She looked left and right
  1436. >Nothing
  1437. >It was pretty stupid to think she'd just appear, especially with such a large advantage
  1438. >Now all she had to do was figure out who was behind this
  1439. >And she had to do it fast
  1440. >Every time that thing appeared, something horrific happened
  1441. >Who know's how many innocent people they'd kill?
  1442. >"Eye of the Tiger!"
  1443. >Her stand appeared, making a determined pose
  1444. >Her first course of action would be to retrace her steps
  1445. >The first place she saw it was the basketball court. Perhaps that would give her some clues
  1446. >She hopped on EotT's back and it ran with the speed of a car on the highway back to the court
  1447. >She started her search for clues, first looking at the place where she first saw rip
  1448. >Sure enough, someone was there
  1449. >Behind a bush there were obvious signs of activity
  1450. >Crushed leaves, shoe marks
  1451. >They had been waiting for you here
  1452. >Now for the next place
  1453. >Right where Shinning had a heart attack
  1454. >She checked near the corner of the court
  1455. >More signs of activity
  1456. >She hopped back on her stand's back
  1457. >Obviously whoever was doing this had to be close by
  1458. >So why weren't they attacking now?
  1459. >What were they waiting for?
  1460. >She was the only one left
  1461. >She raced back to the highway crash
  1462. >Like previously, more signs of human activity
  1463. >She turned and looked at the crash
  1464. >All she could see was Fluttershy's mangled, broken, bloody hand against the tree
  1465. >She quickly turned away, puking in the bushes
  1466. >Whoever did this was going to pay
  1467. >All of a sudden she felt faint
  1468. >Before she knew it, she passed out
  1469. >Back at the farm, things were going less than perfect
  1470. >Chapel of Love's vines were still tightly wrapped around Applebloom and, more the likely, Granny Smith
  1471. >There was only two options
  1472. >Either find where the stand was located or find a way to restrain Flim and Flam then threaten them into releasing her family
  1473. >Option two was by far the riskier of the two, as they held far more leverage here than you did, even if they were restrained
  1474. >AJ had everything to lose, they had everything to gain
  1475. >AJ frantically began searching for Chapel of Love
  1476. >No matter where she looked, however, she couldn't find them
  1477. >She ran to the back of the barn and ran smack into another object
  1478. >"What in the... Sunset!?"
  1479. "AJ? What are you doing here! I told you not to go out of the house!"
  1480. >"Wait... so that wasn't you who knocked them unconscious?"
  1481. >Sunset's eyes widened
  1482. "Wait a second. They're unconscious!? How!?"
  1483. >"I thought it was all part of yer master plan!"
  1484. "I was just about to launch it. But I guess we don't need to now"
  1485. >You and AJ ran back around to the bran
  1486. >The brothers were waking up
  1487. >"Shit. We're out of time. I'll just kill 'em before they have a chance!"
  1488. >War sprung forth
  1489. Flam held up his hands
  1490. >"WAIT! WE SURRENDER!"
  1491. >War halted
  1492. "Surrender?"
  1493. >Flim looked as pale as a ghost
  1494. >"Y-yes. Here! Take the deed! We don't ever want to set foot on this property ever again!"
  1495. >"You said it!"
  1496. >The two sprinted to their vehicle, throwing the deed into AJ's arms and speeding off
  1497. >You both were completely confused
  1498. >"What in the hell was that about?"
  1499. "I have no idea. Let's go check on your family first, just to make sure they're safe. This could just be a trick."
  1500. >"Good idea."
  1501. >You ran off to find Granny Smith while AJ went to check on AB
  1502. >To both your relief, Chapel of Love had released them
  1503. >You gathered in the center of the farm
  1504. >"But that still doesn't explain anythin'. Who did that? And why not show themselves?"
  1505. >You looked in the sky with your mouth agape
  1506. "I think I figured it out."
  1507. >Clouds covered the sky overhead
  1508. >Despite it being midnight, golden light shown through them
  1509. >In the clouds a face had formed
  1510. >It had poofy, curly hair, freckles, and a beautiful face
  1511. >AJ dropped to her knees
  1512. >You looked to the side to see she tears streaming down the farm girls face
  1513. >"M-mama?"
  1514. >The clouds formed a hand, giving a thumbs up, before clearing, exposing the moonlight behind them
  1515. >AJ began to sob
  1516. >"Mom! Mom don't go! Mom."
  1517. "Your mom has a stand? But I thought she..."
  1518. >"Died?"
  1519. >You turned your head to see Granny Smith
  1520. "You knew about this?"
  1521. >"Yes... I've been able to see your stand this entire time. Unfortunately I had to keep quiet as I'm far to week to use mine."
  1522. >She walked over to AJ
  1523. >"AJ. You have the same gift your mom and I possessed. When Pear developed her stand, it killed her instantly. It's why I had vowed never to use my stand ever again. Until I realized it's function: much like a guardian angel, it watches over the farm and the apple family, doin her best to protect us from harm in our darkest hour."
  1524. >AJ wiped her eyes
  1525. >"Y-you're serious?"
  1526. >"Yes Applejack."
  1527. >She hugged her granddaughter hard
  1528. >"She never died truly. She has been keeping watch over us this entire time."
  1529. >You had never seen AJ cry so hard
  1530. >"What's it's name? I have to know!"
  1531. >"It's name? I never felt worthy to name it. Perhaps that honor should belong to you Applejack"
  1532. >AJ wiped the tears from her eyes
  1533. >"I have the perfect name for it. Mama Likes Roses. In honor of her favorite flower"
  1534. >You smiled
  1535. "That's a perfect name"
  1536. >She starred up into the starry sky above
  1537. >"Mama. If you're listening-"
  1538. >She bit her lip, doing everything she could not to cry
  1539. >She yelled to sky
  1540. >"If you're listening mom! I love you! And I'm going to be the best farm owner that ever was! Just like you!"
  1541. >Tears streamed down her cheeks again
  1542. >She looked off in the distance
  1543. >A cloud took shape again
  1544. >It was Pear Butter
  1545. >With her lips she mouthed 'I love you Applejack' before dissolving into the wind
  1546. >Aria stood only feet away from Twilight
  1547. >She formed an elegant pose
  1548. >"Vissi D’Arte"
  1549. >Forming the same pose, human figure appeared
  1550. >It was like a mannequin, only it's body was completely see through
  1551. >The only way Twi could even see it was due to what was inside
  1552. >Multiple rainbow colored tendrils stemmed from a single point in it's chest
  1553. >It was like a venous system made of rainbows
  1554. >It began to dance, and as it waved it's hand, waves of rainbow light flowed from it's finger tips
  1555. >But it didn't go away, instead hanging within the air
  1556. >In moments, there was a wall of it between her and Twilight
  1557. >But something didn't seem right
  1558. >It looked like she could just go right through
  1559. >Was this a trick intended to pysch her out?
  1560. >She touched the light and instantly, searing, burning pain cascaded through her hand
  1561. >It felt like she had just put her hand on a stove top
  1562. >She let out a yell and bounced back against the tree
  1563. >But her hand was completely fine
  1564. >"What the hell is this stuff?"
  1565. >Aria smiled devlishly
  1566. >"I'm so glad you asked. This is a special material my stand exudes. Anyone who touches it will have the sensitivity of their nerves cracked up all the way. It makes a calm breeze feel like a torrent of fire."
  1567. >This was bad
  1568. >She was already trapped
  1569. >All of a sudden she heard singing and felt dizzy almost
  1570. >"That's right. Do you hear it? My sister's song. Better plug your ears. My sister's stand, Dragonforce, has the power to make anyone who hears it's melody adore her and want to do anything for her. Even say... kill all their closest friends."
  1571. >Twilight had no choice. She had to act now.
  1572. >Using her stand she reached into her ears and crushed her ear drums
  1573. >She let out a yell
  1574. >The pain was excruciating
  1575. >But at least with Midnight Rambler Requiem, she could just heal it
  1576. >Aria let out a laugh
  1577. >"You actually crushed your ear drums! Excellent! I wasn't expecting that. I'm afraid it's too late for your friend however."
  1578. >Twilight had no idea what she was saying
  1579. >But she quickly figured out how dire things just became
  1580. >The great floating tower had vanished and Vignette Valencia was standing before her with a crooked grin
  1581. >The song was intended for Twilight
  1582. >It was for Vignette
  1583. >Adagio smiled, golden arrow in hand
  1584. >"I'll leave this to you Vignette. Do make a worthy offering for me."
  1585. >"As you wish Lord Adagio."
  1586. >House of the Rising Sun appeared and swallowed her whole, forming the tower once again
  1587. >"Sonata, keep watch over Valencia's body would you? We don't want her fun to end too early. Consider this punishment for almost losing our key to ultimate power."
  1588. >Sonata groaned
  1589. >"Yes Adagio."
  1590. >It was dark
  1591. >Twilight couldn't see a thing in here
  1592. >Twilight ripped off a segment of her shirt and repaired her ear drums
  1593. >Was she inside the tower?
  1594. >Lights appeared on the ceiling and the walls multiple formed began to emerge from the walls
  1595. >They all looked like Valencia, only made out of junk
  1596. >"You're going to pay for what you did in Rarity's shop! I'll bring you to Adagio's feet in a bag!"
  1597. >The piles of junk began to charge, their arms transforming into various weapons like swords and maces
  1598. >There was no other choice
  1599. >She had to use her secret technique
  1600. >"Midnight Rambler Requiem! Big Dipper!"
  1601. >She tossed a book into the air to her stand and it opened it
  1602. >A large blast of light filled the tower
  1603. >The next Valencia knew, she was laying down in what appeared to be a box
  1604. >She her mummers coming from the outside
  1605. >"What's this? On the side? Some sort of inscription?"
  1606. >There was some scrubbing sounds
  1607. >"Dio?"
  1608. >When rainbow awoke she was in a dark room, like a basement
  1609. >And she was all tied up with a gag in her mouth
  1610. >What happened? Where was she?
  1611. >"Ah, finally awoken have we?"
  1612. >Rainbow snapped her head to the source of the sound
  1613. >A figure emerged out of the darkness and Rainbow's heart dropped into her stomach
  1614. >It was her old nemesis and rival
  1615. >Lightning Dust
  1616. >Everything made perfect sense now
  1617. >Lightning Dust was part of a rival school football team that often went head to heard with her school in the finals
  1618. >The problem was Dust rarely played fair
  1619. >She was well known for using every underhanded cheap short she could get away with
  1620. >Being that she came from money, she often bribed the judges to look the other way
  1621. >Rainbow of course wasn't going to let this stop her and played dirty in turn
  1622. >She ended up messing up her knee so bad she could barely walk
  1623. >She lost her scholarship, most of her friends, even the inheritance set aside for her, now being property solely of her brother
  1624. >Rainbow was so subtle about it that they could never prove she did it
  1625. >She was still in crutches to get around
  1626. >She began to sweat
  1627. >She was obviously about to enact hell on her for ruining her life
  1628. >"Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in."
  1629. >Lightning Dust pulled the gag out of her mouth
  1630. >"Lightning Dust. I know what you're thinking. But you can't do this. You have to stop."
  1631. >"Oh I've only just begun."
  1632. >Dust went to the closet and opened it
  1633. >Both Shining Armor and Fluttershy fell out
  1634. >They were covered in cuts and bruises
  1635. >Fluttershy had a particularly bad gash on her left arm
  1636. >As angry as she was, Dash was glad to see they hadn't passed on
  1637. >It must have been an illusion
  1638. >"You bastard! What did you do to them?"
  1639. >"Me? Oh, I didn't do a thing. This was all your doing."
  1640. >"Liar!"
  1641. >"Perhaps telling you what my stand does will paint a better picture."
  1642. >She paced back and forth
  1643. >"My stand, Dream On, that was so generously awakened by Adagio has two functions"
  1644. >She raised two fingers
  1645. >"The first is trapping you in a nightmare world in which you have to watch those who are closest to you die over and over again. The second is to put you in a trance that will cause you to try to kill those you love. The best part is all it takes is a glace. The moment you see it, you're already trapped. You're lucky I stopped you when I did. Nearly killed poor Fluttershy over there."
  1646. >Rainbow looked at her once more
  1647. >There was a two on her forehead
  1648. >"Let me go Lightning Dust!"
  1649. >"Now why would I do that? We're going to have lots of fun you and I. What I want to know is this: who's the strongest? You, Fluttershy or Shinning Armor. Whoever wins our little tournament will be granted the honor of killing all their friends trapped in my nightmare world forever."
  1650. >"You're insane!"
  1651. >She just smiled
  1652. >"Maybe I am. But I'll have you know, heroic speeches and insults won't get you out of this one."
  1653. >She walked to Rainbow, putting her face right next to her
  1654. >"You're at my mercy now. Don't worry. I won't kill you. Just completely destroy your entire life, just like you did to me."
  1655. >Rainbow smiled and chuckled
  1656. >Lightning became furious
  1657. >"Did I say something funny?"
  1658. >"I guess you're right. I've never been much for heroic speeches anyhow. I'm more of a doer myself."
  1659. >Rainbow gave a coy smile
  1660. >"Bootleg, up the middle"
  1661. >In a split second, Rainbow manifested the leg of Eye of the Tiger, ramming it straight into Lightning's dummy knee
  1662. >She writhed on the ground in agony
  1663. >"You little! I'm going to kill you!"
  1664. >That was all the time she needed
  1665. >With her stand's superior strength, she broke the ropes with ease
  1666. >She didn't want to give dust even a moment to react
  1667. >She gave her a punch to the gut and with perfect speed, snatched up both Fluttershy and Shinny
  1668. >As she began to run upstairs she heard Lightning call to her
  1669. >"I wouldn't leave I were you!"
  1670. >She turned around to see her standing at the bottom of the staircase
  1671. >She had a knocked out vinyl in her arms, a knife to her neck
  1672. >"You think I'd be so stupid as to put all my cards on the table? I figured you'd try something like the dirty, underhanded snake you are. You're going to regret the move you just did. Dream on!"
  1673. >A rip formed in Rainbow's sight line
  1674. >It was over
  1675. >Rarity began to stir
  1676. >There was quite a bit of commotion going on outside
  1677. >Who was making such a racket at one in the morning?
  1678. >She shuffled to the window, brushing the sleep from her eyes
  1679. >Her mouth went agape
  1680. >There was an absolutely massive tower floating closer to her house
  1681. >And Twilight was gone
  1682. >Judging by the fact that that everyone and their mom wasn't outside looking at it, she could only assume it was a stand
  1683. >And what a massive stand it was
  1684. >She shook Pinkie
  1685. >"Pinkie! Pinkie wake up!"
  1686. >"Rarity? What's going on?"
  1687. >"Twilight's missing. And that's a massive stand outside. She's probably in trouble."
  1688. >Pinkie hopped right up
  1689. >"Well what are we waiting for?"
  1690. >Rarity attached herself to Her Diamonds and got dressed at an alarming speed
  1691. >She opened the window and hopped down, spotting Sonata instantly
  1692. >She had a punch lined up
  1693. >Sonata saw just in the nick of time, dodging out of the way
  1694. >As Rarity's fist collided with the ground it crushed the concrete, making a small indent in the sidewalk
  1695. >"Whew. Glad I didn't get hit by that."
  1696. >Rarity made an elegant pose
  1697. >"Don't worry. I'll be sure not to miss the next time."
  1698. >Pinkie charged out the door, her clothes mismatched and her pants on backwards
  1699. >"Rarity! We were supposed to make the awesome entrance together!"
  1700. >Rarity couldn't help but chuckle
  1701. >Even in the most dire of situations, Pinkie always knew how to crack a joke
  1702. >Sonata stood confidently
  1703. >"Two on one? Like those odds. No. 21!"
  1704. >The neon blue toy train appeared, coiling around her arm
  1705. >"It'll save me some boredom, that's for sure."
  1706. >"Alright Pinkie. You want to do this together right?"
  1707. >"Of course! Can't have you stealing all my thunder!"
  1708. >"Let's get her at the same time."
  1709. >"Got it!"
  1710. >Sonata laughed
  1711. >She plugged her ears and a loud melody shot from the speaker
  1712. >Thankfully, it was just enough to cushion the fall
  1713. >Pinkie ran to check her friend and gasped
  1714. >Her body was full of cuts and scrapes, the same way Vignette's body was
  1715. >She looked like she had been through a shredder
  1716. >And she had only made it worse
  1717. >"Twilight!? Twilight are you ok!?"
  1718. >Twilight blinked her eyes open
  1719. >"Ugh... what happened? Did I win?"
  1720. >"You did! Vignette is down for the count."
  1721. >Twilight summoned MRR and with enough surrounding material healed all her cuts and bruises
  1722. >Pinkie was thoroughly confused
  1723. >"Twilight! You didn't tell me your stand could heal you!"
  1724. >"It wasn't able to before. That golden arrow... it stabbed me of it's own accord and completely changed my stands appearance and gave it a new ability. I can see why those girls want it so much."
  1725. >Twilight stood up and brushed herself off
  1726. >She went to heal Valencia next
  1727. >"You're healing her?"
  1728. >"We can't just leave her here like this. She may be our enemy, but that doesn't mean we have to leave her to die."
  1729. >"So what happened? How did you defeat her?"
  1730. >"I used Big Dipper. It allows me to transport me and one target into any completed story. However the more either of us veer of script, the more damage we incur. That's why the two of us were so beaten up by the end of it. I don't use it unless I'm cornered because it nearly kills me each time. But Valencia's stand is truly something else."
  1731. >"So what do we do now?"
  1732. >"We need to regroup. And take Sonata with us. She'll be able to tell us their hideout and plans."
  1733. >"Good idea! I'll take Rarity."
  1734. >After tying up Sonata, they returned to the house
  1735. >Rarity woke up shortly, as did Sonata
  1736. >"Glad you got the signal Pinkie."
  1737. >"What can I say? We're a killer team."
  1738. >Sonata glared
  1739. >"If you think I'm gong to talk, you're stupid!"
  1740. >Rarity smiled
  1741. >"Oh don't worry. I'll make you sing. Twilight, you get in contact with the others. I can handle this."
  1742. >"Right."
  1743. >Rarity pulled out her stand and sent it's strings on Sonata
  1744. >Sonata felt incredibly weak all of a sudden, like her bones were made of jelly and her skin were nothing more than paper
  1745. >"You see Sonata, my stand is two fold. While it can strengthen anything I wish for it too, it can also weaken it. Observe."
  1746. >With no effort at all, Rarity broke Sonata's finger bone in half
  1747. >Sonata screamed loudly
  1748. >"First question: where is your base of operations?"
  1749. >"Fuck you!"
  1750. >Rarity broke another finger
  1751. >"I said, where is-"
  1752. >Pinkie grabbed Rarity's arm
  1753. >She had a look of worry on her face
  1754. >"What are you doing? Why are you being so heartless?"
  1755. >Rarity softened somewhat and composed herself
  1756. >"Sorry. I guess I got a bit caught up in the moment."
  1757. >"Thank you..."
  1758. >"We need to get Sunset down here. She'll be able to see her memories. Twilight what's their status?"
  1759. >"Sunset and AJ are on the way. Apparently they were attacked as well. I haven't gotten any response for Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash. I hope they're not in trouble."
  1760. >"You think they sent our attackers?"
  1761. >"AJ says that the two who attacked them were old enemies. It wasn't the dazzlings doing."
  1762. >"Well Sonata? Did you send someone to attack our friends?"
  1763. >Sonata just remained silent
  1764. >"The silent treatment huh? No matter. All will be shown shortly."
  1765. >Rainbow felt utterly defeated
  1766. >She sat there, tied up in the basement
  1767. >How many times had she seen it?
  1768. >Her best friends dying over and over
  1769. >Lightning Dust apparently thought it a better idea to make her witness her best friends deaths over and over on a loop
  1770. >She wanted it to end
  1771. >She couldn't take it anymore
  1772. >"Lightning Dust... please."
  1773. >She smiled
  1774. >"What's the matter Rainbow Dash? You don't seem so confident anymore."
  1775. >"I'm begging you. Please stop. I'll do anything. Anything at all. I don't care what it is."
  1776. >"Anything huh? I think I'll take you up on that. Use your stand to kill Fluttershy. Do that and I'll let you go and never bother you again."
  1777. >"You're deranged."
  1778. >"Well then I guess we'll just have to make you do watch them die over and over again until I'm satisfied. I wonder how long that'll take?"
  1779. >Rainbow squeezed her hands and called forth Eye of the Tiger
  1780. >Lightning dust just smiled
  1781. >"Go ahead. Play your little games."
  1782. >Rainbow did so, putting a 2 on her forehead
  1783. >The third game was tag
  1784. >EotT ran forth to tag Dust, but stopped mere inches away
  1785. >She smirked and chuckled
  1786. >"See? I don't need to stop you. You don't have the guts to kill me. Don't think you can bluff your way out of this."
  1787. >The hand began to inch forth a bit
  1788. >But Lightning could see she was never going to do it
  1789. >Both Rainbow and her stand were shaking violently
  1790. >"Oh? Trying to buck up some courage are we? Well go ahead. I won't resist. Just try and kill me. I dare you."
  1791. >The hand was just centimeters away before it completely stopped
  1792. >Tears began to stream down her face
  1793. >"I knew you didn't have the guts. Pathetic as usual. Don't worry though."
  1794. >To Rainbow's surprise, Lightning walked into it's hand
  1795. >Lightning Dust suddenly fell to the floor
  1796. >Rainbow's hunch was right
  1797. >Whoever lost, lost their life
  1798. >Lightning's body began to glow
  1799. >"Rainbow... I'm sorry."
  1800. >she glowed brighter and brighter until her entire body transformed
  1801. >On the ground lay a trough with Lightning's name on it
  1802. >Rainbow let out a loud scream
  1803. >She was so distraught she fell into a state of unconciousness
  1804. >Back at the house, Sunset and AJ had arrived
  1805. >You released Rebel Yell
  1806. "Alright. Time for you to release all your secrets."
  1807. >You took a deep breath took the plunge
  1808. >This was the first time you had really gotten a good look at things
  1809. >It was like an art gallery
  1810. >Long lines of pictures were all over, each a different memory
  1811. >You walked throughout the frames, trying to find the most relevant information
  1812. >Then you found it
  1813. >It was Her and her sisters with someone you didn't recognize
  1814. >It was a stuffy looking adult in a business suit
  1815. >"Girls, do you know why I brought you here today?"
  1816. >"No principal."
  1817. >Principal?
  1818. >It must have been from a different school
  1819. >You didn't recognize her
  1820. >"I brought you here because you have a gift. A special gift. I know what you did to the boy in the hall and how you did it."
  1821. >Sonata turned to her sisters, all of whom looked nervous
  1822. >Adagio pleaded
  1823. >"Please don't turn us in! I didn't mean to kill him! I just wanted him to stop hurting Sonata!"
  1824. >"Oh please I'm hardly mad. In fact I have the same gift."
  1825. >The principal manifested a stand
  1826. >It was a tall horse with no skin or muscles
  1827. >It was just bones
  1828. >Riding atop the horse was a figure in a long hooded black robe
  1829. >"This ladies is what's called a stand, a manifestation of psychological energy. And since you can see it, it means each of you have the gift. I ask but one thing in return for not turning you in."
  1830. >She held out a golden arrow
  1831. >"All I desire is for you to find more people with your gift. Using this, you will be able to awaken those with the power. Once you find every person in this town with the gift, I shall give you further instructions."
  1832. >You began to feel weak
  1833. >Doing this was incredibly taxing
  1834. >But you had to keep going
  1835. >You moved to a new memory
  1836. >This time the sisters were back at their house
  1837. >Adagio laughed
  1838. >"Screw what that old hag wants! With this arrow we can have the world and more!"
  1839. >Aria seemed a bit worried
  1840. >"What if she comes after us?"
  1841. >"Then we'll depose of her too. If we can achieve requiem, we can do anything."
  1842. >Aria crossed her arms
  1843. >"And how are we supposed to do that?"
  1844. >"We need to be worthy of the arrow. From what I read, the arrow is, itself, a conscious being. We need to prove our worth for it to chose us."
  1845. >Aria made a "get to the point" gesture with her hands
  1846. >"To do that it seems we need to want one thing more than anything. We need to be in a situation with our backs to the wall."
  1847. >"And how do we do that?"
  1848. >"We have to find a stand user much more powerful than us. In our hour of need, it will grant us a requiem stand."
  1849. >You couldn't hold on anymore, and like that you were back in your body
  1850. >You collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath
  1851. >Rarity came to your aid
  1852. >"Darling are you alright? What did you see?"
  1853. >You explained the memories to them
  1854. >Twilight became visibly concerned
  1855. >"Another horse stand. It's just a hunch, but what if they're all connected?"
  1856. "But that white horse saved us."
  1857. >"Perhaps we're needed for something. Maybe whoever that was needs us alive."
  1858. >AJ shurgged
  1859. >"Whatever the reason it doesn't matter. We're gunna find that principal and we're gonna put a stop to this, once and for all."
  1860. "Have Rainbow or Fluttershy contacted us yet?"
  1861. >Twilight looked at her phone
  1862. >"They have."
  1863. >Twilight's eyes began to scan the text and a lock of shock ran across her face
  1864. >"They were attacked by a stand user too. Apparently someone from Rainbow's past. Fluttershy said Dash is in a state of shock."
  1865. "State of shock?"
  1866. >"She says she's got a thousand-yard stare and won't say a word. It's like she's not even in the room."
  1867. "We should get her over here. I can calm her down using my stand."
  1868. >"Good idea"
  1869. >Twi texted the girls and they met at the house
  1870. >Fluttershy wasn't kidding
  1871. >Rainbow's face was pale, her eyes empty and vacant
  1872. >She just stared into space
  1873. "Rainbow. Rainbow are you ok?"
  1874. >Rainbow turned her head to face sunset
  1875. >With the little mental energy she could muster, she focused on Sunset's necklace
  1876. >It was such a pretty necklace
  1877. >It reminded her of something
  1878. >Rainbow's heart stopped
  1879. >Dream On
  1880. >Out of nowhere, the floor collapsed beneath Sunset and a plank of wood rammed through her chest
  1881. >Twi was caught in the cave in as well
  1882. >Dash felt sick to her stomach, feeling a hand on her shoulder
  1883. >"Really had you going there didn't I? Thought I'd just off myself? No way. I needed a way to get closer to all of your friends. Not only will I get my revenge but Adagio is going to reward me big time for this"
  1884. >Outside of the illusion, Rainbow punched you square in the face, hard
  1885. "Rainbow!"
  1886. >In the confusion, Rarity relaxed her guard for just a moment
  1887. >But that was all the time Sonata needed
  1888. >No. 21 rammed straight into her stomach, sending her flying to the wall
  1889. >The pain was intense
  1890. >She could tell a few of her ribs broke with that attack
  1891. >Sonata wasted no time
  1892. >No. 21 zipped straight for Pinkie next
  1893. >As ditzy as she was, she knew how to prioritize
  1894. >Pinkie hadn't the time to blink before it landed square into her kidney
  1895. >She doubled over in pain and Sonata ran to the exit, quick as a flash
  1896. >Lightning Dust remained hidden in the bushes just outside the house
  1897. >Finally
  1898. >Her goal of taking everything from her was about to be realized
  1899. >Her rival was about to know how she felt all these years
  1900. >She couldn't help but laugh
  1901. >Her laughter was interrupted by the sound of foot steps
  1902. >She couldn't believe what she was seeing
  1903. >A large white horse with a knight on it's back and a large bow
  1904. >The bow was nearly as tall as the horse!
  1905. >On it's head it wore a white crown with a large gemstone
  1906. >It was magnificent
  1907. >"Who are you?"
  1908. >The thing raised it's bow straight to the sky, pulled the string back, and an arrow manifested from nothing
  1909. >Instantly she knew this was a stand
  1910. >The arrow took aim and fired
  1911. >By dumb luck, Lightning managed to dodge it
  1912. >She had no choice, she'd have to switch Dream On's attack at this stand
  1913. >She activated it, making sure it was in the stands sightlines
  1914. >As she did so however, the gemstone began to glow a beautiful pale, it's light shining directly upon Dream On
  1915. >No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get it to activate
  1916. >The stand took aim with it's arrow again
  1917. >It was going to show no mercy
  1918. >Lightning dust managed to utter one final, shaky line
  1919. >"What the hell are you?"
  1920. >It fired, the arrow running straight throw Lightning's chest before vanishing as if it had never existed to begin with
  1921. "Rainbow what the hell was that about!?"
  1922. >She was confused
  1923. >The stand had stopped
  1924. >But that feeling was unmistakable
  1925. >Lightning hadn't deactivated it of her own accord
  1926. >She'd been killed
  1927. >Rainbow dropped to her knees in sobs, explaining her ordeal with Lightning Dust
  1928. >How she thought that she'd inadvertently killed her
  1929. >How she watched each of her closest friends die countless times
  1930. >Rarity hugged her friend closely
  1931. >"Oh darling. That's simply awful."
  1932. >Rainbow looked at you dead in the eyes
  1933. >"I need you to erase my memories. I can't live with this..."
  1934. >You sighed
  1935. "Rainbow... you know I can't do that. That's beyond Rebel Yell's power. Even if it wasn't... I couldn't just erase your memories like that."
  1936. >Rainbow got up and began to storm down the steps
  1937. >"I'm going home. I need to a break from all this insanity."
  1938. >The group watched her leave sadly
  1939. >None of you could blame her
  1940. >It must have been horrific what she went through
  1941. >Fluttershy squeezed her fists
  1942. >"If Rainbow was being remote controlled that must mean Lightning is close by."
  1943. >Fluttershy began to walk towards the exit
  1944. "Fluttershy what are you planning to do?"
  1945. >"I'm going to teach her a lesson."
  1946. >Twilight ran and put her hand on her shoulder
  1947. >"You can't just go on your own!"
  1948. >"Watch me."
  1949. >Twilight followed Shy, with you and the rest close behind
  1950. >You all began to search for Rainbow's torturer
  1951. >It didn't take long before Twilight found her
  1952. >She had lost a lot of blood but she was still breathing
  1953. >Every fiber of her being wanted to leave her die
  1954. >Let the animals eat her alive
  1955. >But she just couldn't
  1956. >She healed the massive hole in her chest, as well as her bum leg
  1957. >"You're Rainbow's friend... you saved me and-"
  1958. >She held her leg
  1959. >"My leg. It's healed. It's really actually healed!"
  1960. >Twilight had a glare so deep it looked like it could cut steel
  1961. >"Get out of her. Out of the kindness of my heart I healed you. But my friends want blood. I Can't say I feel too different. Go before I realize I made the wrong decision."
  1962. >Twilight grabbed her collar
  1963. >"And if you mess with me or my friends again so help me-"
  1964. >"I get it, I get it!"
  1965. >Lightning Dust got up and ran away and Twi went to rejoin the group
  1966. >She couldn't tell them what she did
  1967. >To be honest she didn't like that she did it herself
  1968. >But she couldn't just leave someone broken and dying, no matter who it was
  1969. >After a while of searching, they gave up and went back inside
  1970. >You let out a sigh
  1971. "Rough day."
  1972. >Rarity nodded
  1973. >"There's a theory I've read about that stands are their own force of nature. Much like gravity, stand users are drawn to one another."
  1974. "Makes it sound almost like a curse."
  1975. >"Hardly. Without this power I never would have met all of you."
  1976. "Really?"
  1977. >"Yes. I'm a bit of a workaholic. But you all remind me of what's important."
  1978. "I'm glad. I guess the same is true for me."
  1979. >Twilight scrolled through her phone
  1980. >"I hate to stop the pleasantries, but we need to stop Adagio and the others. Did you get the address of their house?"
  1981. >You shake your head
  1982. "I did see what it looked like though. Both inside and outside."
  1983. >"It's better than nothing I suppose. What does it look like?"
  1984. "Trust me, we won't miss it. It looks abandoned. The wood is brown and rotting, the windows have boards on them."
  1985. >"Any idea of the general area?"
  1986. "It was someplace on a hill. My first thought is to go the the place where I originally heard their thoughts."
  1987. >"Then we'll go tomorrow. I think we've all earned some rest."
  1988. "I agree."
  1989. >Fluttershy looked worried
  1990. >"What about Rainbow? She seemed pretty distressed."
  1991. "We'll text her and see how she's doing. I wouldn't blame her if she doesn't want to do this with us."
  1992. >Fluttershy looked down
  1993. >"Perhaps I should sit this one out too."
  1994. "Why?"
  1995. >"My stand isn't suited to combat... I'd just get in the way."
  1996. >AJ shook her head
  1997. >"Yer a valuable member of the team Fluttershy."
  1998. >Fluttershy stubbornly refused
  1999. >"I'm going to stay behind and console Rainbow."
  2000. >Twi gave a sympathetic look
  2001. >"If you feel that's where you'll be most useful then please."
  2002. >"Thank you."
  2003. "We're going to need everyone for this. Notify Octavia, Vinyl, and Trixie. This ends tomorrow."
  2004. >They all went fast asleep
  2005. >You didn't even have the energy to be worried
  2006. >These stand battles really took it out of you
  2007. >As the sun rose, so did you and your friends
  2008. >Tavi and Vi as well as Trixie all met at the house and you began to search
  2009. >You had Rebel Yell out, listening carefully for any thoughts
  2010. >Bingo
  2011. >It was Sonata
  2012. >She was complaining
  2013. >You went closer and closer to the source and found the house on the hill
  2014. >You took a deep breath
  2015. "Alright. Make sure to capture them relatively unharmed. We still need the identity of that principal."
  2016. >Suddenly you felt chills down your spine
  2017. >It was as if the temperature had lowered to near freezing
  2018. >In this distance you could make out the figure of a person
  2019. >No, not a person
  2020. >A stand
  2021. >A scarecrow no less
  2022. >You could see it's mouth move
  2023. >"Turn back."
  2024. >You began to shiver and shake
  2025. >You turned to see the others were just as effected
  2026. >It spoke again
  2027. >"Turn back."
  2028. >It began to frantically yell
  2029. >"Turn back, turn back, turn back!"
  2030. >Crows began to swarm from behind it and all you could feel was the overwhelming urge to run away
  2031. >No matter how hard you tired, you couldn't shake this feeling of impending doom
  2032. >As if you were mere moments away from being killed
  2033. >Trixie began to run, as did everyone else except for you and Twilight
  2034. "T-Twilight?"
  2035. >You turned to her to see maggots crawling from her skin
  2036. >You put your hand on your mouth to keep from screaming
  2037. >Just as you were about to run, you felt a hand on your shoulder
  2038. >You turned around to see Dean Cadence
  2039. >What was she doing out here!?
  2040. >All of a sudden you began to feel calm
  2041. >The maggots running out of Twilight's face faded away
  2042. >Cadence had a floating heart next to her shoulder
  2043. >It was a clear shell filled with red liquid, surrounded by brass
  2044. "Dean Cadence? You have a stand!?"
  2045. >She looked down at you with a glare
  2046. >"You are in serious danger. You're kicking the hornets nest"
  2047. "What do you mean?"
  2048. >"They'll be after you now. And after me. You've seen the white horse right?"
  2049. "Yes. What about it?"
  2050. >"It wasn't protecting you. It was watching you. And you've gotten to close. It'll be after you and all of your friends now."
  2051. "Cadence what's going on? I don't understand!"
  2052. >"I'll explain later. We need to leave. Now. We're in serious danger. If we stay her any longer we'll-"
  2053. >Cadence got a look of terror on her face
  2054. >Next to the scarecrow was both the white horse and the pale horse that had attacked them when they got near the dazzling's last time
  2055. >"Run! Go now!"
  2056. "What about you?"
  2057. >The hesitance was going to cost you
  2058. The pale horse dropped it's grain and a shock wave was sent forth
  2059. >What looked like a force field around you began to burn away and some of the red liquid began to drain from the heart
  2060. >Cadence shoved you hard
  2061. >"GO! NOW!"
  2062. >The white horse's knight drew it's bow and took aim
  2063. >The arrow flew, narrowly missing your head
  2064. >You had no choice
  2065. >You couldn't take on that stand alone
  2066. >You and Twilight sprinted away, leaving Cadence behind
  2067. >You ran a few blocks down
  2068. >But you were far from out of the woods yet
  2069. >A girl stood in the middle of the road
  2070. >She had blue hair pulled back and goggles
  2071. >She also wore a uniform
  2072. >Twilight gasped
  2073. >"That's a crystal prep uniform!"
  2074. >The girl look shocked
  2075. >"Well if it isn't a blast from the past. Twilight 'toilet clogger' Sparkle!"
  2076. >Twilight bit her lip
  2077. >"Nice to see you again, Indigo Zap."
  2078. "You two know each other?"
  2079. >"I transferred from another school. I was part of a team that went around competing in various school events. I stopped going however because I couldn't take how underhanded they were. They cheated constantly"
  2080. >Indigo just smirked
  2081. >"You always were a loser Twilight. You never should've be a part of our team."
  2082. >"What do you want? Why are you doing this?"
  2083. >"That's none of your business!"
  2084. >Indigo's stand revealed itself
  2085. >It was a spin wheel, much like those found on game shows
  2086. >"Welcome to Foolish Games. I'm your host Indigo Zap. Let's see what our two contestants will roll shall we?"
  2087. >Rebel Yell and Midnight Rambler Requiem manifested, ready for a fight
  2088. >Indigo spun the wheel
  2089. >It landed on one of the many blank columns and text appeared
  2090. >It said -1 stand ability
  2091. >"Well it looks like one of our contestants has lost the ability to use one stand power!"
  2092. >You turned around and looked in shock
  2093. >The satellite on Rebel Yell's hand began to fade
  2094. >You couldn't hear thoughts or do a mind jump
  2095. >No matter
  2096. >You still had a more direct approach
  2097. >Rebel Yell charged forward swinging it's flagstaff rappidly
  2098. >Just as you were about to strike Indigo when a book came between you and her
  2099. >It was a very ornate, almost ancient looking book
  2100. >It was red and black and was full of strange designs
  2101. >From behind a house, another person appeared
  2102. >Twilight yelled
  2103. >"Lemon Zest!? You too!?"
  2104. >The boom zoomed back to her hand
  2105. >"Of course."
  2106. >Indigo had a smug look on her face
  2107. >"Reminder to all contestants not to attack the announcer or her stand. Zest, if you'd please."
  2108. >"Right away."
  2109. >Lemon Zest opened the tome and began to recite words from a language you'd never heard of
  2110. >As she finished her rather length chant, a black collar appeared around both your and Twi's necks
  2111. >Lemon Zest closed the book and explained
  2112. >"If you harm or attempt to harm Indigo or her stand Foolish Games in any way, the collar will fill your lungs with poison gas."
  2113. >This was bad
  2114. >This was really bad
  2115. >You were completely at their mercy
  2116. >"Now, lets see what the next roll has in store!"
  2117. >Indigo spun the wheel again and a new word appeared
  2118. >"Ohh my favorite! Our contestants will now have to engage in a battle to the death!"
  2119. >Twilight cursed
  2120. >"As if we'd ever do that!"
  2121. >"Lemon Zest, if you would."
  2122. >Lemon snapped her fingers and Twilight fell to the floor, gasping for air and coughing like crazy
  2123. >She clutched her chest and rolled around in pain
  2124. >"I released a fraction of the gas into her lungs"
  2125. >Twilight recovered after a bit but her breathing was labored and heavy
  2126. >Lemon Zest glared
  2127. >"If you don't continue with the game, I'll release the poison gas into both of your lungs."
  2128. >Tears began to run down your face
  2129. >What were they supposed to do?
  2130. >They couldn't use their stands and they couldn't harm either of them
  2131. >They were completely powerless!
  2132. >You had no choice
  2133. >You had to live
  2134. >You unleashed your stand and pointed the staff at Twilight
  2135. >Twilight was wheezing so much she could barely speak
  2136. >"S-sunset -cough- you wouldn't."
  2137. "I'm sorry Twilight."
  2138. >Just as you were about to plunge the staff straight through her chest
  2139. >Indigo screamed
  2140. >Before any of you had a chance to look and see what happened a bunch of mortars fell on the house next to Zest, burying her in the rubble
  2141. >Octavia and Vinyl!
  2142. >Tavi smiled
  2143. >"Sorry we were late. We didn't know where you ran off too."
  2144. >You looked at your neck
  2145. >The collar had faded!
  2146. "Thank heavens you came when you did. We really had our backs to the wall there."
  2147. >Vi gave a thumbs up
  2148. >"It's just what we do."
  2149. >All of a sudden the rubble lifted from the ground, swirling in a tornado
  2150. >Lemon Zest was completely unharmed
  2151. >"You will come to fear the power of My Little Red Book."
  2152. >The tornado stopped and she began to chant again
  2153. "Don't let her finish that chant! It's how she used the stands power!"
  2154. >Blue Monday was already converging on her
  2155. >She finished the chant just in the time, turning her shoes into rubber
  2156. >Blue Monday was completely powerless to her now
  2157. >Twilight began to sweat
  2158. >"What kind of stand ability is this?"
  2159. >Lemon Zest chuckled
  2160. >"It's perfect. I don't suppose you believe in magic?"
  2161. "It wouldn't surprise me if it existed at this point."
  2162. >"Think of it like a witche's grimoire. It's pages or unlimited. Even I haven't seen every spell it has to offer. But rest assured, it will crush you."
  2163. >Out of the corner of your eye you could see Twilight writing this down
  2164. >Perfect
  2165. >She was about to turn that power right back at her
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