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  3. Hiiro has almost spent all of his MP in that encounter. However, it seems to be worth the effort. This S rank monster seems to have given enough experience to increase his level by 4.
  5. It seems like Hiiro's hp has been reduced by a considerable amount. Only one light hit has reduced Hiiro's hp by over half of it's original amount.
  7. Some new titles and skills have been added to Hiiro's status. Hiiro quickly opens a skill called 《Multiple Chain》.
  9. 《Multiple Chain》50 mp consumption
  11. You can write more than one character. Writing another character while another character is active will not stop the first character's effects. Also, you can write the same character continuously which produces a synergistic effect.
  13. Hiiro smiles deviously. He realizes that he no longer has to wait 40 seconds before starting to write another character.
  15. Writing a character continuously has many benefits. This skill would have been helpful when Hiiro had to pass through the checkpoint. Hiiro could have continuously written "fly" without alternating between "fly" and "floating."
  17. This synergistic effect however...
  19. "Did you see your status?"
  21. Arnold's voice woke up Hiiro from his thoughts.
  23. "So Hiiro, how many times did you level?"
  24. "You leveled?"
  25. "No, I didn't. I'm just curious."
  26. "You are? Do you want to know how much experience the killing blow gave?"
  27. "I just want to see how much experience being in a party that killed a S rank monster can give me."
  29. I see. You can register a party with the guild. If you fight a monster with a party member both gain the same amount of experience. However, I and Arnold obtained different amounts of experience since we weren't in a party together.
  31. "Oh, we could have registered as a party in Surge if you wanted to Hiiro"
  32. "Me and uncle are in a party together!"
  33. "Hey Hiiro what level are you?"
  34. "Old man tell me what level you are first"
  35. "Do I have to? I'm 35."
  36. "Crap!"
  37. " ... Me? Wait what did you say?"
  38. "..."
  39. "So what level are you?"
  41. I was a bit angry that my level is still slightly lower than Arnold's.
  43. "By the way, Muir is only level 13."
  44. "Yup!"
  45. "So what level are you?"
  46. "... 33"
  47. "That's amazing! But wait was that your level before or after you beat the S rank monster."
  48. "Before the I beat the Red Boar I was around 29."
  49. "I wonder if there is anyone insane enough in this world other than you that would fight a unique monster ... and beat it while below level 30."
  50. "Hey pervert. What did you just say?"
  51. "I'm not a pervert! That monster was level 50 or higher! You were about half of that. That just leaves me speechless."
  52. "Then just shut up!"(I added this to make it a bit better)
  54. Hiiro thought about it for a while. It seems to be an abnormal situation if he was the average adventurer. However, in this world just because you have higher stats it doesn't mean that you are guaranteed to win.
  56. Hiiro's hp was greater damaged when he took a single blow by the Red Boar. But with his word magic he was able to defeat the boar.
  58. Unique magic is ridiculously over powered.
  60. Without my word magic it would have been smarter to escape like Arnold said. Fighting the boar normally at this level is reckless.
  62. "I'm going to get the parts of the Red Boar that can be exchanged at the guild."
  63. "Which parts do you want?"
  64. "The usual parts..."
  65. "... I see."
  67. Arnold nodded, and started to collect the body parts. The Red Boar's fangs seems to be discolored, but this is probably a characteristic of a unique monster.
  69. "But I'm surprised .... To even encounter a Unique monster in this area."
  70. "Is it that unusual?"
  71. "Well ... it is unusual because they are so rare. In all the time I went around the world I never saw one before."
  72. "I see. This guy has seen more than the regular adventurer, but has never encountered a unique monster before."
  74. Without us killing this rank S monster there would have been many deaths. Many adventurers would have died from trying to kill it.
  76. "However, since this guy died, I'm afraid that the monsters in forest might show up."
  77. "Yea that might happen."
  79. Since we came into the forest, we haven't encountered any monsters. The Red Boar seems to be the reason why all the monsters ran away.
  81. "Well this seems to be a good thing. It seems like we won't have any monsters attacking us immediately."
  83. While Arnold was stretching his hands out, the monsters that were waiting suddenly appeared.
  85. "The lie I..."
  87. Arnold's thoughts weren't unreasonable, but turned out to be completely wrong.
  89. "Hey Old man, I'm tired, so take care of them."
  90. "What? Help me!"
  91. "They aren't unique monsters. So you probably won't die ... so hang in there."
  92. "Please help me!"
  93. "Fine I'll protect Muir, but you do the rest of the work."
  94. "Nooooo! Please help me!"
  95. "So noisy. Just kill them already."
  96. "Understood. I'll be thorough."
  98. Arnold then jumps into the swarm of monsters.
  100. Huh, I wonder if he will die?
  102. Muir shyly looks at me expecting something.
  104. "Well, fine I'll heal the old man if he manages to survive."
  106. After Hiiro said this, Muir sits down next to the tree she was leaning on.
  108. "Muir are you tired?"
  109. "I am, but I'm going to stay awake. So I might help the old man if he needs me."
  111. Muir says this with folded arms. She judged that she would help the old man more if she was fully recovered, and she decided to rest.
  113. Muir without falling asleep watched Arnold's desperate fight as the day passed slowly.
  115. After some time Arnold comes back to the place where Hiiro and Muir were resting.
  117. "I'm tired"
  118. "Good work Uncle!"
  119. "That smile makes me feel so much better!"
  121. Muir's smile makes Arnold feel a bit better. Arnold then glares at the sleeping Hiiro.
  123. "You, kid. While I am desperately fighting, instead of watching Muir you sleep?!?"
  125. While Arnold holds his fist while clenching his teeth, Hiiro says.
  127. "Because I defeated a unique monster by myself I was tired."
  128. "No ........ To refer to that as an ordeal is... This guy, what nerve!"
  129. "Hehehe, yeah."
  131. Arnold sits down next to the resting Muir and Hiiro. The sunlight coming down from the trees gently wraps around them like a blanket.
  133. "Hiiro who are you really?"
  134. "What do you mean?"
  135. "You are stronger than most people with your unique magic. That arrogant attitude ... well leaving that aside. You are travelling alone, and you want to go to the beast's continent."
  136. "Well ... I just wanted to go the beast continent."
  137. "Well. The ordinary adventurer wouldn't have done anything similar to what you did so far. Also, the fight with the Red Boar from before was almost suicide."
  138. "It was ..."
  140. Muir also hears the truth in Arnold's speech and nods.
  142. "Also for a level 33 your physical abilities are exceeding strong. Also, your personality..."
  143. "Hehehe, personality shouldn't matter that much."
  144. "This is the first time I see such a brat. I have never seen anyone like you before even among the Beastman."
  145. "Yeah, I'm not interested"
  146. "You look down on most guys, I fear that you will get into a bad situation soon."
  147. " Eh, leave me alone."
  149. Arnold looks at Muir's face which shows that she is confused.
  151. "Muir are you still afraid of humans?"
  152. "Yeah I am, but..."
  153. "What about me?"
  154. "Well ... Hiiro isn't that bad."
  155. "Also, I don't think Hiiro is that bad" Arnold interjects. "He is completely different from the humans I met so far."
  156. "Haha, am I?
  157. "Sadly, you seem to be the reincarnation of a demon. The way you look at Muir is sickening."
  159. Muir laughs even though she knows about the existence of Evila.
  161. "I'm glad that Muir is able to laugh like that."
  162. "Uncle..."
  163. "You were entrusted to me by that guy. I will do everything in my power to keep you safe."
  164. "... No, even I will become stronger. I want to be like Uncle and the other beastman when I grow up!"
  165. "Muir ..."
  167. While Arnold and Muir both stare at each other, Arnold gently strokes her head. Muir smiles happily.
  169. Hiiro slightly opens his eyes. After he sees these two in such a situation, he closes them and falls back asleep.
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