Trapwire Stratfor Email 3

Aug 9th, 2012
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  10. I've been mulling over something told to me about two years ago by
  11. either a US Secret Service agent or Deputy US Marshal about intelligence on two
  12. possible aQ sleepers that may have come into the U.S.
  13. via a fishing vessel in New Orleans. The two then vanished. No names were known.
  14. Suspicions at the time focused on a mission directed former POTUS, since they ARE NOT afforded
  15. USSS/Counter Sniper coverage, however, their residences are covered by TrapWire
  16. (intuitive video surveillance.)
  18. It would be a very nice touch for OBL to have sent the suspects in for a long-term mission,
  19. knowing he was going to eventually be killed. I would have done the same. Maybe for the 9-11 Anniversary?
  21. The two men stick in my crawl.
  23. Perhaps the suspects were a two-man sniper team focused on a U.S. HVT afforded
  24. zero or portal-to-portal protection could be very successful. The Federal Reserve Chairman,
  25. a US Supreme Court Justice, Speaker of the House, or a Jewish CEO of a Fortune 50 are
  26. very easy to kill and have zero to basic protection.
  28. There is zero chatter because the operatives are already here. No need to communicate. Nobody to
  29. communicate with, mission tasked out.
  31. Just a thought.
  33. Fred
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