The Eternal War, Session 16

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  15. 06[20:01] * Petrus readies his nomad
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  17. [20:02] <asdf> Staffen has no micro.
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  20. 01[20:03] <Staffen> #antoineooc for OOC
  21. 01[20:06] <Staffen> You stand within the container which houses the now-inactive vortex bomb. A thin trail of smoke rises from the dead mechanism.
  22. [20:08] <@Ezekiah> "... what is a cyber-partisan? What sinful machinations does he send to us now!?"
  23. 06[20:11] * Varian shrugs, "I say we don't stay to find out."
  24. 06[20:12] * Nyx slumps down
  25. [20:19] <@Ezekiah> "... hrm. We have servitors coming down onto our position!" He knows what happened the last time they faced servitors. HIS HOLY BLADE SPLIT THEM IN TWAIN!
  26. [20:20] <Plex> "Sinful machinations to sinful machines, eh, Judge Redd?"
  27. [20:21] <@Ezekiah> "That's what I just said!"
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  31. 06[20:31] * @Ezekiah would alert his allies to their impending combat. "Vok's cyber-partisans approach! I can hear their SINFUL FOOTSTEPS!"
  32. [20:36] <@Ezekiah> And the best way to do so is LEAD by EXAMPLE! He charges out of the crate, screaming the praises of the God-Emperor, his might chain blade roaring in harmony, as it belches sacred acrid smoke. "SINFUL DEVICES! I SHALL SMASH THEE!"
  33. 01[20:39] <Staffen> Ezekiah exits the Mandus-Kormon container to be confronted by what seems to be a man wrapped in bands of cloth. He stands at least two heads taller than the assassin; the electrified, double-headed polearm he wields is almost just as tall. Beneath his wrappings bizarre runes glow bright blue on archaic warplate. His eyes are clicking, blue stablight lenses.
  34. 01[20:40] <Staffen> The cyber-partisan makes a bizarre clicking sound at Ezekiah.
  35. 06[20:41] * @Ezekiah makes a bizarre growling sound at the cyber-partisan, before it proceeds to swipe at it three times with his mighty chainblade.
  36. 01[20:46] <Staffen> The partisan sidesteps the first of the attacks, but Ezekiah's second and third swings cleave through the partisan. The body crumples into the third slice, spitting sparks into the air along with countless mechanisms and various electronic parts.
  37. 01[20:47] <Staffen> More strange babble issues from its head before its bright eyes die out.
  38. 01[20:47] <Staffen> Two more, however, appear from around the corner.
  39. [20:47] <@Ezekiah> "Prepare to join your compatriot in technology hell!"
  40. 06[20:49] * Varian heads out of the container, spotting the pair he mutters "Merde" before he goes back to back with the Fanatic outside the cargo container, drawing his bolo knife and gripping it with white knuckles as he slips his beloved heavy autopistol from the oiled leather shoulder holster.
  41. 01[20:52] <Staffen> The two cyber-partisans charge Ezekiah, raising their electro-staves in mid-stride.
  42. 01[20:55] <Staffen> Varian does not notice, however, as a third drops down from behind him and attempts to prod him. The partisan's attack is off-step, however.
  43. 06[20:59] * Varian ducks as he hears the buzz of a shock weapon swipe past his head, he turns and brings his bolo knife up before his face in a defensive combat stance.
  44. 06[21:04] * Plex remains sequestered inside the crate, though she grips the aquila tattoo on the back of her hand while concentrating on the Warp.
  45. 06[21:05] * Nyx clutches her head, emptying it of paranoid thoughts near the just-deactivated vortex bomb
  46. [21:09] <Nyx> "Oh, this day just gets better and better!"
  47. 06[21:12] * @Ezekiah would growl at the INDIGNITY of it all. "DAMNABLE STUN WEAPONS!" And proceeds to rip the one cyber partisan a brand shiny new asshole.
  48. 01[21:16] <Staffen> One of the two stumbles from the brutal strike, but quickly responds with a swift series of jabs. Ezekiah is able to twist his way out of it, as well as the coordinated prodding of the second cyber-partisan.
  49. 01[21:17] <Staffen> The one attacking Varian continues to strike at him, but fails to strike the cautious Malfian.
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  51. [21:32] <Plex> Hearing the crackle of failing electronics, Plex reacts by twisting the Warp into a blanket of static covering a large portion of the warehouse.
  52. 01[21:34] <Staffen> The markings on the armor of the three cyber-partisans begins to shimmer with increased intensity; however, on the two facing Ezekiah, the runes simply flicker and burn out. The partisans suddenly take cautious stances.
  53. [21:35] <Nyx> "Clever, clever sister.  Your tutor taught you well!
  54. 06[21:37] * Nyx pulls forth her force blade, and rushes out at the only visible partisan
  55. 01[21:40] <Staffen> Nyx's blow cuts into the partisan's leg, but as the force sword makes contact with its limb the cyborg's armor flashes bright blue.
  56. 06[21:42] * Petrus readies his rifle and aims it at the nearest cyborg
  57. 01[21:44] <Staffen> The partisan which Nyx hit, however, shudders, and then crumples to the floor
  58. 06[21:46] * Varian nods in thanks to Nyx.
  59. 06[21:46] * Nyx gives a manic, catlike smile
  60. 06[21:48] * @Ezekiah will swipe again at the CP. "PRAISES BE!"
  61. 06[21:51] * @Ezekiah proceeds to use a tactic, that those that are learned, would find to be quoted from the Tactica Imperialis. 'When facing an enemy force greater then your own, dividing it into three sections will allow you to bring your might on a much greater area.' Of course, the general quoted was talking about an army, while Ezekiah applies this doctrine to an individual.
  62. 01[21:51] <Staffen> The remaining cyber-partisan stands cautiously, slowly backing away from Ezekiah.
  63. 01[21:52] <Staffen> As it steps back, however, it begins to emit an atrociously loud, high-pitched screetch.
  64. 06[21:57] * Varian turns, snarling and roaring back with his heavy autopistol.
  65. 01[22:01] <Staffen> The cyber-partisan largely shrugs off Varian's gunfire.
  66. 06[22:02] * Plex steps out and tries to nip off a shot but narrowly misses instead.
  67. 06[22:03] * Nyx charges the mechanical beast under cover her her allies' fire
  68. 06[22:08] * @Ezekiah will then proceed to DESTROY THE LAST BEAST!
  69. 06[22:12] * Varian runs after the others, brandishing his malfian blade.
  70. 01[22:14] <Staffen> Varian's knife sinks deep into the partisan's eyesocket. The cyborg freezes, and then topples over.
  71. 06[22:15] * Nyx throws both hands into the air
  73. 06[22:15] * Petrus turns to Ezekiah "Would you be so kind as to remove one of their heads?"
  74. [22:15] <Nyx> "Now then, may we take their things and be away from this dreadful, dreadful place?  The Inquisitor will want this...thing."
  75. 06[22:15] * Nyx thumbs in the direction of the vortex bomb
  76. 01[22:15] <Staffen> Alarms begin to sound in the storage area.
  77. [22:17] <@Ezekiah> "... more good news."
  78. [22:17] <Plex> "Time to not be here!"
  79. 06[22:17] * Varian extracts the knife, sheathing it at his hip before he exchanges a fresh magazine into his autopistol, "This may take some explaining."
  80. 06[22:18] * Petrus looks furious
  81. 06[22:18] * Nyx mimics Petrus' fury
  82. 06[22:21] * Plex merely looks anxious. Not unusual.
  83. 06[22:21] * Petrus takes out his knife and begins decapitating one of the cyborgs
  84. 06[22:22] * Petrus grabs the head and carries it with him back to the main building where the Commissar left them
  85. [22:22] <@Ezekiah> "I say we grab the evidence we need, and leave."
  86. 06[22:23] * Petrus walks up to a clerk's desk and sets down the head "I would like to speak to the Commissar."
  87. 06[22:23] * Varian nods "A sound plan, drag the bodies into the container and have it shipped to our void vessel?"
  88. 01[22:24] <Staffen> The clerks' offices are locked down, and the alarms are blaring throughout the fortress interior.
  89. [22:24] <Nyx> "A sound and rational plan."
  90. 06[22:25] * Varian goes to one of the downed constructs and starts tugging at its arm to see if he can shift its immense weight.
  91. [22:25] <Nyx> "Let's look for a servitor crew or power-lifter for our new spoils."
  92. 06[22:28] * Varian stands for a moment tugging to no effect, red faced he slumps and sighs, "Menial labour is for plébéiens"
  93. 06[22:29] * @Ezekiah spits. "You would never find me working in the sinful confines of a manufactorium. I can not labor. Not when their are sinners to PURGE AND SCOURGE!"
  94. [22:30] <Nyx> "Yes, indeed it is, monsieur Sark...however...our Inquisitorial masters will be unkind to us should we not get them evidence of these...things.  Oh dear, they'll put is in black rooms if we fail!"
  95. 06[22:30] * Nyx starts to shove around the fallen partisans on all fours
  96. 06[22:30] * Plex goes off for a moment before returning with a suitable servitor. "Load these," she orders the thing, gesturing to the trio of half-annihilated partisans.
  97. [22:32] <@Ezekiah> "Where is Brother Petrus?"
  98. [22:33] <Nyx> "...Master Cain? ...No idea.  Vox him."
  99. 06[22:34] * Plex mutters something about Petrus having dick-slapping time upstairs, probably. Or shooting. Probably shooting.
  100. 06[22:36] * @Ezekiah momentarily forgot about the microbead. And does so. "Brother Petrus. Where are you? Are you in need of any assistance!?"
  101. [22:36] <Petrus> ++I'm just saving the Commissar's ass.++
  102. [22:37] <Petrus> ++Uh oh++
  103. [22:37] <Plex> ++There goes my theory.++
  104. [22:37] <@Ezekiah> "Then you are upstairs!?" Ezekiah doesn't wait for an answer, charging upstairs, the hood of his robe falling back.
  105. 06[22:38] * Plex supervises the loading effort, such as it is, for now.
  106. 06[22:38] * Varian continues to supervise the loading.
  107. 02[22:39] * Varian ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0/20120824154833])
  108. 01[22:39] <Staffen> The servitor slowly chugs its way to the container, and extends its holding arms.
  109. 01[22:44] <Staffen> Ezekiah exits the fortress to be bombarded by a recognizable screeching.
  110. 01[22:45] <Staffen> Outside in the yard are waves of fleeing guardsmen. 3 cyber-partisans slowly stalk their way through the  huddled crowds towards Petrus and Ezekiah. Across the way, an Astartes in blue warplate cleaves a partisan entirely in half.
  111. [22:45] <@Ezekiah> "MORE OF THE DAMNABLE BASTARDS!?!" He roars.
  112. [22:46] <Nyx> ++What the sodden hell are you yelling about?++
  113. [22:48] <@Ezekiah> "Petrus is under attack by more Partisans! But he has an ANGEL ON HIS SIDE!"
  114. 01[22:48] <Staffen> The Commissar is on the ground amid the running guardsmen. He is attempting to shout something, but his voice is drowned out by the partisans.
  115. 01[22:50] <Staffen> The Space Marine breaks into a sprint across the yard, claymore raised over his head as he barrels towards one of the cyber-partisans.
  116. 03[22:51] * Staffen changes topic to 'Nyx, Petrus, SW, Ezekiah, CP, Varian, Plex'
  117. [22:54] <Petrus> ++Lord Astartes can you hear me?++
  118. 01[22:54] <Staffen> The sound of the screeching simply loops back directly into Petrus's ear.
  119. 01[22:55] <Staffen> The Space Marine, however, slams into the partisan, nearly toppling the cyborg entirely. It survives, but is now focused on the Astartes.
  120. 06[23:00] * @Ezekiah angrily power walks to the nearest one, having to fight through the blasted noise! He is cursing and screaming and is commbead is still on.
  121. 06[23:01] * Nyx looks at Plex
  122. [23:01] <Nyx> "...Think we should aid them?"
  123. [23:01] <Nyx> "...Nah."
  124. [23:02] <Plex> "...Yes, but then this thing would probably have tried to pile half the warehouse on itself..."
  125. [23:03] <Nyx> "Oh, quite true, as always."
  126. 01[23:07] <Staffen> Petrus blasts out an eye on one of the partisans, but the man-machine advances. Meanwhile, the Astartes swings frantically at his foe, and smashes the cyber-partisan with a heavy, brutal swing.
  127. 06[23:10] * @Ezekiah finally notices that he has a partisan in striking distance. "HALLEULUAH!" And proceeds to render it into much scrap.
  128. 01[23:13] <Staffen> Ezekiah ends another partisan. However, the remaining partisan now charges the gap between it and Petrus, determined to the Cain heir through.
  129. 01[23:19] <Staffen> The Marine charges forward, running the partisan that attacked Petrus through. The cyborg is hiked into the air, and the Astartes allows it to sink along the length of his blade before he pulls it off, cleaving through its torso.
  130. 01[23:19] <Staffen> The Marine tosses the now-dead man-machine aside, and the screeching dies away at last.
  131. [23:20] <Petrus> he doesn't hit like balmung
  132. [23:20] <Petrus> or Anselm
  133. 01[23:20] <Staffen> (Redacted statement)
  135. 06[23:21] * Plex suddenly tears the micro-bead from her ear and throws it to the floor.
  136. 01[23:22] <Staffen> "From my homeworld," the Astartes grunts, pulling off his helmet. His face is a mess of scarring. Two golden studs pierce his brow. "I am Brother Ramsay of the Storm Wardens. What you two have done is downright heroic. You have my commendation."
  137. 06[23:22] * Petrus bows before the space marine
  138. [23:23] <Petrus> I'm Petrus Cain son of Theodore Cain Governor of Transvaal.
  139. [23:23] <@Ezekiah> "Thank you." The ringing at least stopped. "It is an honor to fight alongside one of the Emperor's Angels of Death, if only a little while! An honor unbecoming of two repetant sinners such as we."
  140. 01[23:24] <Staffen> The Marine raises an eyebrow. "Sinners? Are you some sort of penal legionaries or something? You seem far too well-armed. Not to mention informal."
  141. [23:25] <Petrus> "No we are not with the Guard my lord."
  142. 01[23:25] <Staffen> Ramsay looks at the strewn bits of eldritch machinery. "Might I ask, would you know what those creatures were? They wreaked of tech-heresy."
  143. [23:26] <@Ezekiah> "All are sinners before the God-Emperor! Life is a sin! Pleasure is a sin! All work before the purging of sinners is a sin!" He stops before he starts ranting. "Aye! They are the... partisan guard of some tech-heathen by the name of Vok!"
  144. [23:26] <Petrus> " I believe they were the work of a rogue Magos"
  145. 01[23:28] <Staffen> "This seems far too above me," Ramsay grunts, locking his helmet to his belt. "Vok? Partisan guards? Is this Vok-heathen you speak of here, then? What of the Magos?"
  146. [23:28] <Petrus> "I suggest we speak of it in a more private setting."
  147. 01[23:28] <Staffen> Ramsay looks out onto the yard; numerous guardsmen way wounded or dead. The Commissar is struggling back to his feet.
  148. 01[23:29] <Staffen> "Yes, that probably would be best. Let us enter the fortress."
  149. [23:29] <@Ezekiah> "I believe they are one and the same, O! mighty angel."
  150. 06[23:29] * Petrus nods to the astartes ++Nyx, Plex we have a new friend finish packing and meet us in the fortress.++
  151. 01[23:30] <Staffen> "Who are you talking to?" Ramsay inquires.
  152. [23:31] <Petrus> "My comrades my lord."
  153. 01[23:31] <Staffen> The Storm Warden forms an "o" with his mouth in understanding.
  154. 01[23:32] <Staffen> Petrus and Ezekiah lead the Marine downstairs to the storage facilities, where dead partisans lie and the servitor slowly trudges along carrying the vortex bomb.
  155. [23:33] <Nyx> ++Uhum.  Al...right.  Then.  Well.  Time to wrap up teatime then, sister."
  156. 01[23:33] <Staffen> The Storm Warden sniffs at the air. "Ozone on the air. Some metallics. Is that burnt strontium and gold?"
  157. [23:33] <@Ezekiah> "... perhaps. The vile shock weapons they carried... were vile!"
  158. [23:33] <Petrus> "Vok tried to kill us with some sort of bomb."
  159. [23:34] <@Ezekiah> "A bomb that we managed to defeat!"
  160. 01[23:34] <Staffen> "Who is this Vok you keep mentioning?" Ramsay asks. "Two-dozen of these machine-men tore their way out of container units across the compound. Are you saying he's responsible for these vile attack-servitors?"
  161. [23:35] <@Ezekiah> "And much more!"
  162. [23:35] <Petrus> "Yes, once the bomb failed we were attacked by these creatures."
  163. 06[23:35] * Plex sweeps up her micro-bead again.
  164. 01[23:37] <Staffen> "Bomb?" The Marine approaches the servitor. "Is it the device this lifter is carrying?"
  165. [23:37] <Nyx> "Vortex bomb, from what he said, Lord Astartes."
  166. [23:38] <Plex> "Defused and incapable of operating, may I add, m'lord..."
  167. [23:38] <Nyx> "It had much ado with the current of the Immaterium.  As if it was summoning it here into reality."
  168. [23:38] <@Ezekiah> "Vok is a deviant tech-heathen that our mistress is currently searching for. Not only has he tried to murder those that work in the name of our God-Emperor, he has allied himself with traitorous filth that besmirch His blood most holy! Never in my life had I expected to help slay a traitor astartes!"
  169. 01[23:39] <Staffen> "Servitor, cease current movement," Ramsay commands. The servitor stops, and the Storm Warden carefully places his hands on the bomb container.
  170. 06[23:39] * Plex winces. Just a bit.
  171. 01[23:40] <Staffen> "This is a very unusual device," he remarks. "A vortex bomb, you said? That's astonishing. I think that's under there..."
  172. 01[23:40] <Staffen> Ramsay points to a ball behind the now-dark loading screen.
  173. [23:41] <@Ezekiah> "And a mighty prize for the Inquisitrix!"
  174. 01[23:42] <Staffen> "This is a dangerous device, friends. I understand if you answer to the Inquisition, but this is far too dangerous an object to let remain unseen. Let me tend to it - I'll return to Sacris with it and confide it to the Librarium until such time as an Inquisitor is despatched to retrieve it."
  175. 01[23:42] <Staffen> He looks down at you. "Do you accept this offer?"
  176. [23:43] <Nyx> "..."
  177. [23:45] <Petrus> "I have a counter offer if you would care to listen to it Lord Astartes."
  178. 01[23:46] <Staffen> Ramsay frowns. "I do hope you're not attempting to swindle me over a dangerous weapon, Petrus Cain, son of Theodore Cain. But continue."
  179. [23:47] <@Ezekiah> "You dare to question the angel? The only beings in this cruel universe that are utterly without sin, gifted to them by the very blood of the Emperor that flows through their veins!? You would deal with them like some common guttersnipe stimm peddler!? Does your decadent nature know no bounds!?"
  180. [23:47] <Petrus> "I would do no such thing, but I propose we shall we say, return it to it's owner." A wide grin appears on Petrus' face
  181. [23:48] <@Ezekiah> "Why would you return such a... oooooh."
  182. [23:48] <Nyx> "...You quite sure about that?  He damn built the thing."
  183. [23:48] <Petrus> "What better way to dispose of Vok than with his own weapon."
  184. [23:48] <Petrus> "We will put a failsafe in it then to prevent him from tampering with it."
  185. 01[23:49] <Staffen> "Do you know where this Vok is, then?" Ramsay shrugs. "Do you even know how to operate this explosive? I cannot in good conscience let you tamper with dangerous technologies such as this."
  186. [23:49] <Plex> "I like it...but I also fear he may see through it easily. Look at how facile his attempt was with us."
  187. [23:49] <Nyx> "A resounding 'no' to both, m'lord."
  188. [23:49] <@Ezekiah> "The Lady Inquisitor has her own pet tech-heathen. Perhaps he could find a way to make use out of it's unholy machinations and turn it to the side of the Emperor!"
  189. [23:49] <Petrus> "It was merely a suggestion my Lord."
  190. [23:50] <Petrus> "He has taken someone very close to me and I wish to cause as much pain and anguish as possible to him."
  191. 01[23:51] <Staffen> "If you believe you can protect the device until it is appropriately disposed of, Petrus son of Theodore, then I will not question your judgement. But do not let vengeance cloud your mind. In turn, I will offer you this: if you turn the bomb over to me, I will call on my Chapter to help you in your quest to find this heretic Vok."
  192. [23:59] <@Ezekiah> "That is a whole host of angels to assist us on our mission!" He turns to the rest. "We should accept, and praise Him for providing us a small measure of His Holiness' mighty space marines!"
  193. Session Time: Sun Sep 02 00:00:01 2012
  194. 06[00:00] * Petrus nods in agreement "I only worry of what the Inquisitor will think."
  195. [00:01] <@Ezekiah> "It matters not what she thinks! When the Emperor provides you a bounty, you accept it for though you are an undeserving sinful ingrate, in His infinite wisdom and mercy, He has granted you a boon to better serve Him!"
  196. [00:02] <Plex> "...Between your sermons, Zeke, and the Lady Inquisitor, I'm more scared of her. Sorry."
  197. 06[00:03] * @Ezekiah gives a growl. "I care not what you think, for you are nothing but walking decadence!" He crosses his arms, and leaves it at that.
  198. [00:03] <Petrus> "Alright we will give it to you my Lord."
  199. [00:04] <Plex> "Then I'm not sorry," she says airily, though quietly.
  200. 01[00:05] <Staffen> Ramsay nods, suddenly taking on an intensely serious expression. "I thank you, friends. I will not let you down in my protection of this device."
  201. [00:05] <Nyx> "...Can we keep the cyber-heretics?"
  202. [00:05] <Nyx> "If we show up empty handed before our Inquisitor, she'll do bad things to us..."
  203. [00:06] <@Ezekiah> "What ever punishment she metes out to us, we deserve 100 fold!"
  204. 01[00:06] <Staffen> "There are many of them to be had, and I don't see any danger in them now. The Inquisition really should be allowed to inspect them, as well as the Mechanicum."
  205. [00:06] <Petrus> "Yes we need to bring back something for her."
  206. [00:06] <Nyx> "You can get into the Null Box if you like, but I certainly do not desire to!"
  207. [00:07] <@Ezekiah> "It is said that pain is sin leaving the body. And I am nothing but a pathetic sinner searching for redemption!"
  208. 01[00:07] <Staffen> Ramsay grunts, and wraps his arms around the bomb. He lifts it away from the servitor with some effort. "I will take this and call for a Thunderhawk from my frigate. Farewell, Throne Agents. We may meet again soon after I have petitioned my Chapter and its allies' aid."
  209. 01[00:10] <Staffen> Soon after, you are off Tranch, leaving a wake of war and havoc behind. A week after your report goes out, you get a message back from the Lady and Kith insisting you meet them at Fenksworld before you leave the Sector.
  210. 01[00:13] <Staffen> Within a few weeks you arrive at Fenksworld. You arrive beyond the planet's orbit, but the Inquisitors were present before you.
  211. 01[00:13] <Staffen> They meet your ship half-way, and send over a shuttle.
  212. 01[00:17] <Staffen> The vessel -- an jet-black Aquila lander -- puts down in the hangar gently. Its Passenger bay lowers from its hull, and opens.
  213. 01[00:17] <Staffen> First off is Moerchen, who curtly nods to you all before stepping aside and allowing the Lady through, followed by Kith and then Lamortes.
  214. 06[00:18] * @Ezekiah makes sure that he's in his cleanest, most formal Red Redemption robe.
  215. 01[00:19] <Staffen> "Amazing!" the Lady exclaims. "I don't know how you did it, but your Cell managed to initiate a minor crusade of no less than five Space Marine Chapters!"
  216. [00:20] <@Ezekiah> "Huzzah! Praise Him! I recommend that in celebration, we preform a deep cleansing ritual of self-flagellation!"
  217. 06[00:20] * Nyx gently lifts up the edge of the corpseboard box she has been cowering inside
  218. [00:20] <Nyx> "...So you shan't punish us, m'lady?"
  219. 06[00:20] * Petrus raises an eyebrow
  220. 01[00:21] <Staffen> "Punish you?!" The Lady scoffs.
  221. 01[00:21] <Staffen> "If you're talking about the bomb, Nyx," Kith speaks up, "it was astonishingly resourceful. We originally were going to call you here to set you up to leave for the Ixaniad, but now you've started something much more significant."
  222. 06[00:22] * Plex is clearly thrown by the good cheer, just like everyone else.
  223. 06[00:22] * Nyx stands up, and kicks away the ill-treated box roughly, and straightens out her jacket, her hat, and her demeanor, with a bow
  224. 01[00:23] <Staffen> Chaplain Moerchen nods. "Her Grace Inquisitor Kith does not exaggerate. My own Chapter, the Death Spirits, has joined with the Storm Wardens, elements of the Imperial Fists, and the Space Wolves, as well as our long-time rivals the Knights Teutonic, to deal with Yrtzen Vok's threat."
  225. [00:23] <Nyx> "We are His Servants, and yours, Inquisitor."
  226. 06[00:23] * Nyx takes a hand of each Inquisitor and kisses a knuckle politely, bowing instead to the Chaplain
  227. [00:24] <@Ezekiah> "If it's a minor crusade, then perhaps we should whip the local guardsmen up into joining it! ... I actually may know some zealous Brontians that would be more then happy to go on a crusade to deal with the hated Vok!"
  228. 01[00:25] <Staffen> "I don't think the Wardens initially meant to make such a big deal out of this," the Lady tells you. "They initially asked the Tricorn for information on Yrtzen Vok, and when I was put in contact with them I explained the full extent of the issue. With the information you gathered from your investigation, you convinced the Storm Wardens to call their allies to stop Vok before he can arm a Traitor Legion. This is unprecedented!"
  229. [00:25] <Plex> "I can only hope this was an unforeseen wrench in Vok's plans."
  230. [00:25] <Petrus> "Indeed"
  231. [00:26] <Nyx> "Ehrm-hrm, hrm...yes.  Yes, indeed.  All part of His Majesty's Divine Plan, yes.  Totally."
  232. 06[00:26] * Nyx coughs roughly, to clear out her throat
  233. [00:27] <Petrus> "Lady Inquisitor, I have some news that might cause some problems."
  234. 01[00:28] <Staffen> The Lady looks to Petrus, and raises a finger. "Lord Cain! I have been meaning to warn you. Calligos Winterscale came storming through Port Wander with his flagship and an escort of several destroyers. The word is he is demanding your head for the kidnapping of his niece."
  235. [00:28] <Petrus> "It was Vok!"
  236. [00:29] <@Ezekiah> "I thought Vok kidnapped Petrus' would be wife...?"
  237. [00:29] <Petrus> "I had nothing to do with it!"
  238. [00:30] <Plex> "Likely, he blames you for involving her in Vok's plans."
  239. 01[00:30] <Staffen> "Winterscale likely doesn't know that," the Lady says. "This is very easily more of Vok's doing. But Petrus, if you can convince Winterscale of your innocence and turn him to this Crusade's cause, we will be all the stronger."
  240. 06[00:30] * Plex shrugs. "Or that."
  241. [00:30] <Petrus> "That was my plan my Lady."
  242. 06[00:31] * @Ezekiah thinks for a moment. And points to Lamortes. "You, tech-heathen! What are you and yours doing about Vok and his sinful artifice?"
  243. 01[00:33] <Staffen> Lamortes raises an eyebrow. "I'm focused right now on neturalizing a cryallization virus Vok has procured from the dark eldar. He means to release it here on Fenksworld soon."
  244. [00:34] <@Ezekiah> "Then carry on!"
  245. [00:35] <Petrus> "My Lady might ask something, if I am going to convince Lord Winterscale I will need some evidence to support my claim."
  246. 01[00:36] <Staffen> "I don't know what evidence could convince him, Petrus," the Lady shakes her head. "Calligos Winterscale does not bow his head to even the Inquisition without duress. You must find some way to convince him Vok is responsible for the kidnapping of Victoria Corinna."
  247. [00:36] <@Ezekiah> "We have the recording from his device?"
  248. 01[00:38] <Staffen> Lamortes snorts. "What sort of evidence is that? I could speak into a can and after a little modulation I'd sound like Vok too on a recording. Winterscale is going to need something that'll be definite and incontrovertible. What about Victoria herself?"
  249. [00:38] <Petrus> "If we do, that and meeting with him in person might convince him."
  250. [00:38] <Petrus> "Why else would I wish to speak to him in person if I did not kidnap her. If a truly did it I would be half way to Ultramar by now."
  251. 01[00:39] <Staffen> Moerchen chuckles throatily at this.
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