8/13 Just a Newt

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  1.  Garrick whispers: You ready'ta chat?
  2.  Ardith whispers: Fuck, fine. You're really needy today, ain't ya?
  3.  Ardith asks, "Anywho. Think this smith here wants a chat. I'll see you two rubes later?"
  4. Garrick whispers: Now that hurt a bit. Almost as much as your sharp elbows in my ribcage.
  5.  Ardith says, "C'mon, Garr."
  6.  Garrick says, "Pfffffff."
  7.  Garrick asks, "Do I actually seem needy?"
  8.  Ardith says, "A lil, dude."
  9.  Ardith asks, "S'okay. What's up?"
  10.  Garrick says, "I'll try to tone it back."
  11.  Garrick says, "Wanted'ta talk about our time in the dreadwoods a bit."
  12.  Garrick says, "Make some observations, as it were."
  13.  Ardith internally groans, rubbing at her temple.
  14. (Ardith)
  15. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17.  Ardith says, "...Alright. G'on."
  18.  Garrick says, "I'll preempt it by saying we wouldn't be having this conversation if you walked away."
  19.  Garrick says, "But you didn't."
  20.  Garrick says, "Guess the topic of conversation in the square today is fitting."
  21.  Garrick says, "Cause I don't think I've ever seen someone as turned on as you were without me laying a finger on you."
  22.  Garrick asks, "True, or false?"
  23.  Ardith says, "I did walk away. If ya remember. You did your dance and I left."
  24.  Ardith says, "...And it was entertaining, sure, Garr. "
  25.  Ardith says, "You put on a good show."
  26.  Garrick says, "That's where I'm curious."
  27.  Garrick says, "Because while you were busy quite literally eyefucking me."
  28.  Garrick says, "I could see you from the pole quite easily, fire and all."
  29.  Garrick says, "Squirming around in your seat, I had your full attention."
  30.  Garrick says, "It was the same when we kissed in the dreadwoods all those years ago. A burst of immediate passion, then you walk away."
  31.  Garrick says, "Same with the hot tub the first time I gave you a poem."
  32.  Garrick says, "I might seem a bit thick skulled, but I do see things clearly most days."
  33.  Garrick says, "You had to shut your eyes to walk away, Ardi. "
  34.  Ardith asks, "...Look. Garr. You got a point you're gettin' at here?"
  35.  Garrick says, "What I'm getting at is that today you said you doink whoever you please."
  36.  Garrick says, "And I don't think I believe you. "
  37.  Garrick asks, "Because in that moment where the dance was at its finish, before you clutched your head in your hands?"
  38.  Garrick says, "You looked like you were about to jump me."
  39.  Garrick asks, "Why'd you stop?"
  40.  Ardith says, "...I thought about it, y'know."
  41.  Ardith says, "Really did."
  42.  Garrick asks, "Then why not think more?"
  43.  Garrick says, "If that's what I can do to you without laying a finger on you, Ardi."
  44.  Ardith asks, "Cuz. I'm givin' Kabu his shot. That's why. Ain't we have this discussion?"
  45.  Garrick asks, "Why does giving Kabu his shot have to be mutually exclusive to your desires?"
  46.  Garrick asks, "You want to be fair to him, I presume. But what about to yourself? Or me?"
  47.  Garrick says, "A wise woman once told me "I ain't plannin' on bein' owned.""
  48.  Ardith says, "If I ain't want to give him his shot, Garr, I wouldn't. "
  49.  Ardith says, "Of /course/ I ain't gonna be owned. Fuckin' dimwit."
  50.  Garrick says, "Pfffffff."
  51.  Garrick asks, "Why do both of our shots have to be mutually exclusive?"
  52.  Garrick says, "Surely your desires aren't limited. Hel."
  53.  Garrick says, "I know they aren't, I saw them."
  54.  Ardith says, "'Course they ain't. But..."
  55.  Garrick asks, "What's the consequence you fear of enjoying yourself?"
  56.  Ardith says, "Fuck, I'm tryin' not to let my desires rule me either, Garr. That's fuckin' why."
  57.  Garrick says, "They don't rule you, Ardith. But denying them isn't going to make them go away."
  58.  Ardith says, "Whoa, you suddenly got /real/ sagely when it comes to trying to convince me to fuck you, Garr."
  59.  Garrick says, "Pffffffff."
  60.  Garrick says, "It's not just about doinking."
  61.  Garrick says, "I know you want to be fair to him. But wouldn't giving both of us a chance be fairer? "
  62.  Garrick says, "If I believed you thought I was repugnant, I'd walk away."
  63.  Garrick says, "But we've spent a lot of time together."
  64.  Garrick says, "I know I come off ass being a thick skinned jackass..."
  65.  Garrick says, "And I've got hard scales just about everywhere on my body."
  66.  Garrick says, "But not on my heart. Everytime you walked away, it hurt a bit more."
  67.  Ardith asks, "You're talkin' about fair and not talkin' about what I want here. /You/ were the one that said you ain't expect anything. Didn't you?"
  68.  Ardith asks, "The Hel happened to that, huh?"
  69.  Ardith says, "I'm /tryin'/ to be fuckin' good for a change. To do the whole 'one at a time' thing."
  70.  Garrick says, "...I don't have any expectations Ardi. I haven't broken my word at that."
  71.  Ardith says, "Almost sounds like ya do."
  72.  Ardith turns to face the Drakan, arms folded across her chest.
  73. (Ardith)
  74. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  76. Garrick would turn towards the accursed, his expression raising to meet hers with a deep frown. His face appeared to sag of life as he lowered his head lightly.
  77. (Garrick)
  78. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  80.  Garrick says, "I don't know what you want. I don't know what good is. I don't really know about any of this stuff."
  81.  Garrick says, "But..."
  82.  Garrick says, "I just....want a chance to prove I can mean something to you."
  83.  Ardith says, "Garr...You're a good smith. You're clever. Ya look good. And you're good at your trade."
  84.  Ardith says, "I'll be fuckin' real with you. Most days I don't even fuckin' know what I want."
  85.  Ardith says, "This is me. Tryin' to find out."
  86.  Garrick says, "...Mmm."
  87.  Ardith says, "I haven't had any real.../help/ with what I am. Or what I'm doing. I'm playing shit by ear. Constantly."
  88.  Garrick says, "..."
  89.  Garrick says, "The only thing you are is something special, Ardith."
  90.  Garrick says, "And I'll kill anyone who says different."
  91.  Ardith says, "We both know that's bullshit, Garr. I'm an Accursed. There's only like. One other of me and he's a fuck boy that hangs around a cave in Briar Locke."
  92.  Ardith says, "I ain't got a lot to go off of."
  93.  Garrick says, "I don't care about that fuckboy. I'm talking about you."
  94.  Garrick says, "Not the accursed."
  95.  Garrick says, "Not the human."
  96.  Garrick says, "Ardith, the woman who's going to find out the secret of demons, whose research will crack the clouds."
  97.  Garrick says, "What you're driving at is you don't know what you are."
  98.  Garrick says, "What you want."
  99.  Garrick says, "I'm not that dense."
  100.  Ardith says, "I know what I am I ain't know /what/ that entails. And yeah. That. Fuck."
  101.  Ardith says, "You act like it."
  102.  Garrick says, "Comes with the thick head I guess."
  103.  Garrick says, "You're trying to find out the nature of being accursed. "
  104.  Garrick asks, "Of being a human demon, yeah?"
  105.  Ardith says, "Sorta'? But I'm gonna be something more. I know that much. Ain't the point here."
  106.  Ardith says, "If you get your turn? You get your fuckin' turn, Garr. I appreciate you, but that ain't mean we're gonna be somethin' more."
  107.  Garrick asks, "How will you ever know that if you never try to find out?"
  108.  Garrick says, "Every time we've gotten close, and there's a handful."
  109.  Garrick says, "You've backed away."
  110.  Ardith says, "You're tryin' to steer me towards something I'm making pretty clear I might not want to be steered towards, Garr."
  111.  Garrick says, "I don't...want to steer you. "
  112.  Garrick would sigh heavily, rubbing the back of his scaly neck with a frown.
  113. (Garrick)
  114. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  115.  Garrick says, "I just."
  116.  Garrick says, "..."
  117.  Ardith asks, "Ya just what?"
  118.  Garrick says, "I just want...a chance. "
  119.  Garrick says, "To have the same opportunity Kabu has at your heart."
  120.  Ardith says, "Garr...You ain't a bad fella. Really."
  121.  Ardith says, "He gets his shot. Maybe you get yours. Each of you's got shit going for 'em. "
  122.  Garrick says, "Then why can't we compete for your affections? It's not ignoble for a woman to have multiple suitors."
  123.  Garrick says, "Infact."
  124.  Garrick says, "I think Gehennans do the multiple wives thing."
  125.  Ardith asks, "Didn't you just say you understood I was trying to be fair to him, Garr?"
  126.  Ardith asks, "Didn't you /just/ say that?"
  127.  Garrick asks, "Yes. But why is it unfair if I try as well?"
  128.  Ardith says, "And didn't I just say I was already fucking him? Garr? "[21:32] Garrick asks, "If he's the one, wouldn't he rise to the competition?"
  129.  Garrick says, "You're fucking him, you wanted to fuck me, but you don't want him to feel bad. "
  130.  Ardith asks, "Is that so Gods-damn wrong?"
  131.  Ardith says, "I actually /try/ to be fucking decent for once. But that's not good enough apparently. For fuckin' anyone."
  132.  Garrick says, "I..."
  133.  Garrick says, "I just want to know why he's the lucky one. "
  134.  Araki is just getting the shit beaten out of him by this fish on the beach some few feet north of Ardith and Garrick. It's peaceful background noise, really. Just the wet slappy scaly sounds of this young man getting DESTROYED. He doesn't even fight back.
  135. (Araki Oshino)
  136. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  138.  Ardith says, "Cuz...Fuckin' luck, I guess. I dunno."
  139.  Ardith asks, "He was one of the first people to accept me here. It was nice. Okay?"
  140.  Garrick says, "Mmm."
  141.  Garrick whispers: All I ask Ardi....just let me try. What's the worst that could happen?
  142.  Garrick whispers: That you actually enjoy my company?
  143.  Ardith says, "..."
  144.  Ardith says, "Your company ain't bad. But I've fuckin' told you. And you keep /askin'/."
  145.  Ardith scowls at Garrick, her temper flaring and her tail cutting through the aira with quick lashes.
  146. (Ardith)
  147. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  149.  Araki Oshino exclaims, "Okay! Apologies! This seems a little personal!"
  150.  Araki Oshino exclaims, "I'm going to leave now!"
  151.  Garrick says, "Pffffff."
  152.  Garrick would glance into Ardith's eyes as his own ignited with molten fire, staring into the heart of the storm with bold determination.
  153. (Garrick)
  154. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  156.  Garrick says, "I wouldn't keep asking if it didn't matter to me."
  157.  Garrick says, "You're not just some....petty fuck to me Ardi."
  158.  Garrick says, "You're someone that made this city a place to call home. "
  159.  Garrick says, "When I work the forge...scraping together coin."
  160.  Garrick says, "Working on building a house."
  161.  Garrick says, "I do it because someone that means more than anyone else on this island told me to do it."
  162.  Ardith says, "That's sweet and all, really, but that's shit you should've wanted for yourself anyway. Not cuz I told you to."
  163.  Ardith says, "I ain't here to tell people what to do. That ain't my style."
  164.  Garrick says, "You made me better than I was Ardi. Not by force, you never held me at spearpoint."
  165.  Garrick says, "But you made me want to make you happy. Seeing your toothy grins...your glinting eyes."
  166.  Garrick says, "I wanted to see them every day I could. "
  167.  Ardith says, "This is ALL shit you should already want. You should /want/ to be better. You oughta' /want/ more for yourself instead of just...livin' in the middle of the fuckin' woods, Garr."
  168.  Garrick says, "Why would it matter to me? I drink, I forge, I sleep. Rinse, repeat."
  169.  Garrick says, "Over and over again."
  170.  Ardith says, "I like you better when you got aspirations for yourself. Like getting better with your smith work."
  171.  Ardith says, "Then find more for yourself. It ain't that hard."
  172.  Garrick says, "I still...want to be a dragon. "
  173.  Garrick says, "No."
  174.  Garrick says, "I know I do."
  175.  Ardith asks, "You actually been working on that at all though?"
  176.  Garrick asks, "Does swimming in a volcano count?"
  177.  Garrick says, "I've meditated upon the scales...I've tried to understand the essence of fire."
  178.  Ardith says, "Could probably doing more. /Becoming/ more."
  179.  Garrick asks, "Then why don't you help me? And I help you?"
  180.  Garrick says, "Cause...if there was nothing between us whatsover'd have killed me twenty minutes ago."
  181.  Ardith asks, "I can, yeah. I ain't against that. We ain't gotta be involved- Fucking WHY. Do you gotta keep pushing that!?"
  182.  Garrick says, "Because until I find out if that ember of passion between us is anything at all, I CAN'T FOCUS."
  183.  Ardith says, "Sounds like your ambition is shit, Garr."
  184.  Ardith says, "You want help? Fine. I'll give it. You wanna help me? Great. "
  185.  Garrick says, "I do."
  186.  Ardith says, "Cool. Cuz that sounds like all we need to discuss right now. Period."
  187.  Garrick says, "..."
  188.  Garrick says, "...When I danced for you...both times."
  189.  Garrick says, "I felt like you felt the same as I did. Saw it in your eyes."
  190.  Garrick says, "You're worried about being decent, about being good, about not hurting other people at the cost of your own desires."
  191.  Garrick says, "But how'll you know if those desires are wrong if we never try? "
  192.  Garrick says, "If this phantom wall..."
  193.  Ardith says, "Garrick...I told you. To fuckin'. STOP."
  194.  Ardith exclaims, "I made up my god damn mind. One at a time! That's IT!"
  196.  Garrick would raise a single claw, molten eyes holding upon Ardith's visage for a long time as he matched his eyes to hers. Then he'd lower it, bite his lip, and release a downcast sigh.
  198. "If you can hold back your desires to be good...then I have no excuse. I'm sorry Ardi, I want you to be happy even it makes me miserable. "
  200. The fire drakan would chew his lip with his draconic teeth, beads of blood dripping idly.
  202. "I'll wait my turn. Even if it never comes. I'll still be at your side when the goings get rough, and you'll help me with my dream while I'll help you with yours."
  204. The fire drakan would extend a conciliatory pinky to shake.
  205. (Garrick)
  206. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  209.  A cold fury still leaks from the Accursed as she stares at him. Even after his wheedling has ceased. Something about it's rubbed her the wrong way.
  211. But as consolation she does offer up that pinky for an interlocked shake. She assumes that's what he was after.
  213. "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours...Now I'm gonna check my shop and the square. Got shit to do."
  214. (Ardith)
  215. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  216.  Garrick would glance over Ardith with a frown as he gauged the pent up fury that had built within her. The fire drakan would frown in discontent, he realized then that in trying to make sense of his own passions, he'd made the accursed unhappy. The scaly smith would shake his head with a huff of released air, dredging a bottle of vodka from his cotton coat before handing it to the accursed.
  218. "It was wrong of me to keep pushing you after you made your stance clear. I violated our trust even if it was driven by my own passion. I don't ever wanna make you uncomfortable or unhappy Ardi. I'm..I apologize for being a big fuckin' idiot."
  219. (Garrick)
  220. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  221.  Ardith asks, "...S'fine. We've both got bigger shit to do. Righ'?"
  222.  Garrick says, "Yeah. You've gotta be the accursed that becomes something."
  223.  Garrick says, "And I gotta be a dragon to make sure that something comes true."
  224.  Ardith says, "Damn straight. "
  225.  Ardith says, "Now I'm headin' back. I'll catch you later."
  226.  Garrick says, "Yeah, see ya Ardi."
  228. Garrick would simply sit upon the coast for a time, head in his emerald scaled palms as he felt the calm tide of the Gehennan coast lap steadily against his trousers. It was easier than curling up in a ball, and probably less pathetic all things considered. Not to say the drake wasn't motivated to do so at the moment, but frankly the gesture itself would take more energy than the drakan could manifest even if he tried. A sensation had overcome him that he was frankly quite unfamiliar with, the sort that was difficult to process for the swordsman even with his best efforts to deflate his draconic pride and ego to "better" himself.
  230. It was failure.
  232. He'd thought he was slick. That in attempting to coerce Ardith with some smooth words, a bit of lewd visualization, and just the lightest bit of pressure, somewhere in his thick skull he'd put it together that she'd realize he was worth it. That the drakan was worthy of her affections as much as Kabu's. And he'd blown it. He hadn't just failed to seduce her, he'd soured whatever embers of passion they'd had by trying to make her think a different way. He'd blown it, and lost his chance with the woman he'd loved because he was a pushy, arrogant fool.
  234. Clasping at the scales that lined his chest, the drakan would wince as he felt a sense of pain wrack through him, an unfamiliar sensation for the usually bragadacious, excessive smith. In all his illusions of grandeur, he'd never once thought that she'd reject him. Through all their evenings spent dining and chatting, the lascivious dances, the warmth he'd felt in hearing her snicker and mock his silliness....he wasn't prepared for her to say no.
  236. He'd blown it. And his heart hurt.
  238. He'd failed, the same as when he wasn't there for Lei. A simple trip to the mines, a venture to perfect his trade so he could return with good tidings and merry cheer. Yet, he come home to a city that had watched his best friend die without lifting a finger. He wasn't a fighter, he was an idealist and a politician. And they'd....let him be murdered. But...could Garrick have even done anything if he had been there?
  240. He was a decent smith, a fine drinker, good with a joke on occasion. But a warrior? A dragon? No, he talked tall and make grand, sweeping statements like a proper saber rattler, but not once had he truly believed he was strong enough to match his tongue. He'd always relied upon his words, only forging blades instead of truly mastering them. And today even his words had failed him, hadn't they? He'd ruined the best shot he had at a happily ever after cause he got it stuck in his head somewhere that he was any different from all the other nobodies in Gehenna.
  242. What a fool. He'd believed he was a dragon, but he was just a newt.
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