Witch/Miner Glitch

AdrianChm Jul 15th, 2015 (edited) 710 Never
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  1. BUG: Cannot interact with objects after exiting the game right after the witch or the cursed miner section and then choosing Continue.
  3. We're terribly sorry about this bug. The good news is that the patch fixes it (already out everywhere) but the bad news is that the patch just prevents this bug from ever occurring again but does not solve the issue for those who already experienced it.
  5. Unfortunately you need to Start New Game. It sounds bad but it’s really not that bad -- if you have solved some puzzles before, you will be able to redo them very quickly, now knowing what to do. We know because we needed to do that about a thousand times during the development :)
  7. You don’t even need to wait for the patch. Just do not exit the game right after the witch or right after the cursed miner in the mine. The bug manifests itself on those two occasions only. Just do anything else in the game and when the new save happens (three dots in the top right corner) the game is safe for an exit.
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