Moon's Second Rise Part 1

Oct 3rd, 2015
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  1. >be Anon
  2. >You found out that there was a special edition Princess Luna toy being sold
  3. >Since you're a Lunafag you bought it the first thing you could
  4. >Strange, though, you never saw any trace of it afterwards or anything about it on the internet
  5. >You've been having strange dreams ever since too, in which you've been Princess Luna
  6. >Just last night you had one where you met the Elements of Harmony and a little colt named Pipsqueak which you remember as the episode of the show Luna Eclipsed
  7. 'I still miss that little faggot,' you think
  8. >Suddenly before you can think about what you just thought while browsing /mlp/ your doorbell rings
  9. >You stand up suddenly, excitement filling you. It's finally here!
  10. >You walk towards the door and open it with extreme prejudice
  11. "IS IT... Here...?" You trail off, noticing no-one at the door
  12. >Oh well
  13. >You could have been just imagining it
  14. >You're about to turn around when suddenly something brown catches your eye
  15. >You look down and notice a masterfully crafted wooden box
  16. >It has the symbol of Luna's cutie mark on it surrounded by vines
  17. >It's the size of your head if you were to turn it vertical
  18. >You move to pick it up
  19. > Carefully, you put your hands on either side of it
  20. >Suddenly a tingling feeling shoots through your arms and down your spine
  21. >You freeze for a few seconds before shaking your head
  22. "Must be imagining things..." you mutter
  23. >You stand back up and carefully walk towards your computer desk
  24. >Putting the box down on the desk you sit down
  25. >You take out your phone you snap a pic of it
  26. >Looking at the front you look for its opening mechanism
  27. >There's a golden latch there
  28. >The latch is shaped like a little moon
  29. >Kind of fitting
  30. >You reach your hand towards the box, but hesitate
  31. >Shaking your head, you unlatch the box and slowly, carefully open the lid
  32. >Through a small gap, you can see a shining blue light encompassing the whole inside of the box
  33. >Finally you open the box and a blue light explodes throughout the room
  34. >The light dies down
  35. >Your eyes surprisingly aren't burned
  36. >You raise a hand to your forehead and sigh
  37. >Nothing happened apparently
  38. >As far as you know
  39. >Shrugging your shoulders, you look in the box properly
  40. >Just as it said, the greatest collectible Luna in the world is staring at you
  41. >You smile
  42. >Picking up the phone you look at it
  43. >...You frown
  44. "Stupid fucking piece of shit," you grumble
  45. >It broke
  46. >Again
  47. >Now you can't even use it for calling friends
  48. >If you had any
  49. >Not that you do given you're forever alone
  50. >...okay, that's exaggerating a bit but still
  51. >You look at the computer
  52. >/mlp/ is still open on it
  53. >You contemplate whether or not to fap
  54. >You decide against it after a few seconds of thinking
  55. >You feel pretty tired actually
  56. >Odd given it's about 5 in the afternoon
  57. >Well maybe not that odd given your night-time... Hobbies
  58. >Still though you usually get tired at least 2 hours after 5
  59. >You shrug, looking at your bedroom of your little apartment
  60. >It's not the best place to live but whatever
  61. >It's certainly better than the time you were a basement dweller
  62. >Your parents basically kicked you out of the house at 19 and forced you to get a job
  63. >Being an adult sucks dick
  64. >You stand up yawning
  65. >Adjusting your glasses (yes, you wear glasses) you stumble over towards your room
  66. >You try and open the door bot your hand slips off it
  67. >You try again
  68. >It still happens
  69. >It keeps happening
  70. >You stop it and look around
  71. >At least there's a couch in this tiny place
  72. >You move over to it in a zombie-like state
  73. >Yawning again, you collapse onto the couch head-first
  74. >...
  75. >After careful consideration you turn your head to face the roof
  76. >Your eyes feel heavy
  77. >Slowly, you close them
  78. > >
  79. > >
  80. > >
  81. > >"Luna, if we don't do this, the-"
  82. > "Rest of the world is doomed, yes," you say, nodding. "Thou hast told us thine plans with much ado more than once. We believe that we hath grasped what thou art saying."
  83. > >Your sister sighs. "Sorry, Luna. It's just that I wish for my little ponies to live on, even through this disaster."
  84. > "As do we, fair sister; as do we," you say, your eyes going down to face the ground
  85. > >You paw at it with your hoof, your heart heavy
  86. > >You feel a hoof on your shoulder
  87. > >You look up, your face one of sadness
  88. > >"Don't worry, Luna; you know that I'll be with you wherever the spell takes us," your sister says, a reassuring smile on her face
  89. > >"As will the friends you've made here, too," she continues
  90. > "...I see." You nod, then compose yourself. "And we shalt wake up-"
  91. > >"Within your new life's 21st year, yes," nods your sister. "Are you ready?"
  92. > >You try and put on a brave face; after all, a princess should fear nothing
  93. > "I'm ready," you say.
  94. > >You aren't
  95. > >Regardless, your sister nods, and a light appears on her horn
  96. > >Suddenly, magic saturates the air
  97. > >You can feel far more magic than you ever have before
  98. > >Your sister's full power, unimpeded by her need to control the sun, is far greater than your own
  99. > >You would even compare it to Discord's power
  100. > >Not just as powerful, of course, but you would not admit that to the foalish Draconequus' face
  101. > >You brace yourself
  102. > >Everything goes black
  103. > >
  104. >
  105. >
  106. >Your eyes open wide, and you catapult forward, breathing heavily
  107. "What the fuck-" You start, but stop, and bring your hand up to your mouth
  108. >A hard substance smacks you in the nose when you do
  109. "Shit!" you hiss, your face screwed up in a grimace
  110. >Shaking your head, you try to fight through the pain and open your eyes
  111. >There's a huge dark-blue blob that's fuzzy in front of your face.
  112. >You blink a couple of times but it refuses to come into focus
  113. >Then you realise you're still wearing your glasses
  114. >You're short-sighted, after all
  115. >You put your hands up to the side of your head, the blob moving as you fumble with the glasses
  116. >For some reason your fingers are numb
  117. >After a bit, you manage to take them off
  118. >You set them down on the ground next to you
  119. >Your vision comes into focus
  120. >Surprisingly everything is super clear
  121. >However, something is... off
  122. >After merely a second of searching, you realise what's off
  123. >The end of your nose is further away from your eyes than before
  124. >Also, your skin is blue
  125. Your eyes widen. "The fuck...?" you murmur, your face wearing a look of confusion
  126. >Apparently you have blue skin now
  127. >You move your right hand up to your face to touch it
  128. >Instead of a hand, though, what appears is something you recognize very well
  129. "A hoof...? But that's impossible!" you say to yourself, shaking your head.
  130. >After all, they aren't real
  131. >But what you're seeing can't be faked
  132. >You experimentally try to flex your hand a few times
  133. >The hoof curves in and out several times
  134. >There are two choices for what you can do; firstly, you could stay there and look at your hoof for a few hours
  135. >Secondly, you could go and find a mirror to see yourself in (although that would require getting up)
  136. >...
  137. >Fuck it, you'll get up
  138. "PONY ROOOOLL!" you shout like a total asshole, and roll off the couch
  139. >As befitting of a total asshole, you fall down onto the floor face-first
  140. "...Ow."
  141. >You grunt
  142. >Well, at least you're on the ground
  143. >Now to get over to your bathroom
  144. >You think you're forgetting something, but it's probably nothing
  145. >Shaking your head, you try and bring up your front legs
  146. >You fail
  147. >You try to remember how the ponies in the show did it
  148. >Suddenly, it seems easier than it was before
  149. >You stand, and for some reason, it feels like second nature now
  150. >Huh
  151. >Come to think of it, you weren't really thinking when you stood, so maybe you should just leave it up to your body to do the walking?
  152. >You look over to your bathroom
  153. >Worth a try, right?
  154. >Not thinking about it, you trot over to the door
  155. >A grin splits your face
  156. >Hey, maybe you can open doors the same way other ponies in the show do
  157. >You reach your hoof up and unconsciously grasp onto the doorknob, trying not to think about it
  158. >Slowly, you turn your hoof
  159. >The handle squeaks, showing just how shitty your apartment is
  160. >At least it didn't fall off this time
  161. >You open the door to the cleanest room of the house
  162. >The bathroom
  163. >Even though you're 21, your mother insists on visiting you to clean your bathroom every day
  164. >Not like she has to
  165. >She still thinks you'll amount to something
  166. >You walk in, surveying the area, and look for the sink
  167. >There it is
  168. >There's just one problem
  169. >It's too high for your head to reach over
  170. >Juuust high enough
  171. >You think your ears flatten
  172. >/mlp/ would kill to see this
  173. >Shaking your head, you decide to rear up to see yourself in the mirror
  174. >You do so, your hooves catching onto the sink
  175. >You look at the mirror, and suddenly you don't feel too good
  176. >Staring you in the face is a pony who you've adored since you've seen her, and related with
  177. >The dark eyes, the literally starry hair
  178. >You're Princess Luna
  179. "...Son of a motherfucking bitch."
  180. >Inside, you feel the beginning of a panic coming on
  181. >You feel cold, like a chill is going through you
  182. "Oh, god, what the fuck..." you say again, your voice quieter this time but not any lower.
  183. >You feel like you're going to hyperventilate
  184. >You always dreamt of being Luna - sometimes literally on occasion, although that happened every night since you ordered that figure
  185. >But you never actually wanted to be her
  186. >It was always just a far-fetched fantasy
  187. >Well, now you are her
  188. >And you honestly don't know what to do
  189. >You let go of the sink and fall to the ground, stumbling on your four legs for a bit
  190. >You fall on your rump
  191. >Everything's moving too fast for you
  192. >You probably should do something at least
  193. >But what?
  194. >Learn magic, or flight?
  195. >Suddenly, interrupting your thoughts, you hear the doorbell ring
  196. Your eyes widen. "Shit... Not now, not now!" You really hope this isn't who you think it is.
  197. >"Anooon! Are you in there?" you hear a voice shout from the direction of your door.
  198. >Fuck, it is
  199. >You resist the urge to smack your face with your hoof, and at the same time the urge to panic
  200. >It's the voice of your best friend, Andre
  201. >The two of you were going to watch a whole bunch of shitty old movies today, a guilty pleasure of yours
  202. >Andre introduced you to that guilty pleasure
  203. >Oh, yeah, he also introduced you to Ponies
  204. >The series which you are currently a character from, apparently
  205. >Your ears flatten again, and you remind yourself to not panic
  206. >"Dude! You there?" Andre shouts in
  207. >A pang of guilt flashes through you, but you dismiss it
  208. >You can't let him find out. That would be
  209. Bad
  210. >You hear the door of your apartment suddenly creak, and see the handle turning
  211. >You freeze
  212. >Shit, you forgot to lock the door
  213. >Your mind helpfuly reminds you that even if you did remember Andre would have gotten into your apartment anyway
  214. >He knows where you keep the spare key, after all
  215. >You get out of the doorway of your bathroom before the door fully opens
  216. >"Huh... Where is the little dude?" Andre asks himself
  217. >You bristle in indignation at his comment. He always calls you that
  218. >You're 5'10", not a midget! He's just 6'6" and a giant!
  219. "I'm not sh-" you begin to say, before your eyes widen and you clap a hoof over your mouth
  220. >It stings, but it doesn't hurt
  221. >"Huh? Who said that?" you hear Andre say, his voice gaining a curious tone to it
  222. >You gulp
  223. >This can't be good...
  224. >"...wait, was that a lady's voice I heard? It sounded familiar, but that must be a coincidence. But this means..." Andre says, and you can almost feel the grin that's probably spreading across his face right now
  225. >"Oh, yeah! The little dude's finally lost his virginity!"
  226. >Suddenly, a huge rage overtakes you, and you walk over to the door of your bathroom, seething
  227. "WE ARE NOT A VIRGIN!" you shout, a red haze obscuring your view as you glare at Andre
  228. >Suddenly, he whips around to look at you
  229. >Your eyes meet, and your ears stand up straight as you fall on your rump
  230. >You see his light-green ones widen
  231. >You do the thing that almost everybody would probably do if this happened
  232. >You freeze
  233. >After a few seconds, Andre speaks
  234. >"...Anon?" he tries, his voice wavering
  235. >Your eyes flicker to the left, and your ears flatten themselves against your head once more
  236. >Andre blinks, his jaw dropping
  237. >For a few seconds, his mouth opens and closes, like it's trying to find the words but it just can't
  238. >Finally he speaks again
  239. >"A-and you're Princess... L-Luna?"
  240. You glance down at the ground, scuffing your hoof at it. "...Yes."
  241. >It's still odd, that voice coming out of your mouth
  242. >Andre, meanwhile, opens his mouth again, then closes it once more, before opening his mouth again
  243. >"...So, how did this happen?"
  244. You sigh. "I-I... I have no idea."
  245. >There wasn't much that happened last night that you would think would have done this, except maybe the Luna figure-
  246. >You stop, your eyes widening
  247. "...Actually, I-I think I have some idea of how this is happening."
  248. >Andre nods. Then, he waits for a second, before speaking again
  249. >"Please tell me this is actually happening, and not just a dream?" he asks, his eyes suddenly shining
  250. Your eyes shift from side to side, before you sigh. "...Y-yeah, this is real."
  251. >The grin he grows could give Pinkie Pie a run for her money. "Awesome!"
  252. >Yep, Andre's a crazy motherfucker.
  253. You compose yourself and shake your head. "Alright, Andre; I need you to listen to me and not interrupt me."
  254. >Andre nods. "Got it, Anon!" he says, his thumb going up as he gives a really wide smile
  255. >You very nearly start to panic, but take a few deep breaths, then glare at Andre
  256. "Don't do something like that, you dick!" you snap.
  257. >Andre just laughs
  258. You compose yourself, and then your expression turns serious. "Anyway, as I was saying... You know how I told you about that Limited Edition Luna figure?"
  259. >Andre nods, tilting his head. "Yeah, I think so, man; I think so..." He nods further.
  260. "Well it came- Yesterday? Today's the 6th, right?" Andre nods, and you continue. "Yes, yesterday. The weird thing is, though... It was delivered in a decorated wooden box, and when I opened it, there was a blue flash."
  261. >"A blue flash, huh?" You nod, and Andre grins. "Well, go on!"
  262. "After the blue flash, I realised that I was tired. So tired I couldn't even open a door. So..." You shrug. "I collapsed on the couch, woke up about five minutes ago, and here we are."
  263. >"You seem calm about it though, squirt," Andre teases, and you growl
  264. "I'm trying not to panic about... This...?"
  265. >You stop after realising something. Andre's looking out the window, not really paying attention to you
  266. "...Andre? What is it?" you ask, tilting your head.
  267. >Andre focuses on you again, no longer distracted; his eyes widen after a few seconds
  268. >"Hng... I think I'm going to have a heart attack!" he says, gasping
  269. You roll your eyes. "Oh, quit it. But still, what's wrong?"
  270. >"Oh, nothing, shorty. Hey, lemme ask you a couple of questions!" Andre says
  271. You notice the segue almost immediately, but decide to humor him. "Alright; what are they?"
  272. >"Firstly, were you having dreams about becoming Luna, and if so for how long have you had them? And secondly..." At this, Andre's face grows dead serious as he looks you in the eyes. "Why did you refer to yourself using the royal We just earlier?"
  273. >You look at Andre, your eyes wide.
  274. "...W-what?" you breathe, barely even able to speak. "How did you-"
  275. >"How'd I know? Well, it was kind of obvious, you know," he chuckles. "When you first saw Nightmare Moon in the show, you froze like a deer in the headlights."
  276. "T-that's not why-" you start, attempting to deny his claims.
  277. >"Oh, don't give me that," he snorts, interrupting you
  278. >Your ears flatten
  279. >Shit, it looks like Andre is getting serious
  280. >When he gets serious, he can actually be fairly serious
  281. >"That wasn't the only thing, after all. You did always act odd after watching an episode with Luna in it and finished her sentences."
  282. "B-but that was-"
  283. >"Yes, just a coincidence," he sighs. "That's what I thought at first, too. But then... Well, you know how I crash at your place sometimes?"
  284. >You nod. Sometimes he kind of needs to.
  285. >"You talk in your sleep."
  286. You blink. "Wait, what?"
  287. >"I'm not kidding," he insists. "You really do talk in your sleep. Loudly, too."
  288. >He chuckles. "The first time I heard it, I had thought it was a coincidence, since it was before you had seen the show. But..." He shakes his head. "Afterwards, you still talked in your sleep, using words like 'plot' and 'bucking' before I had even introduced you to the fan fiction."
  289. "..."
  290. >You remain silent.
  291. >Andre takes that as an invitation to continue. "And then, well..." He trails off, mumbling something underneath his breath.
  292. You cock an eyebrow. "Um, what was that?"
  293. >He mumbles again, slightly louder. This puts you in a cold sweat. Andre doesn't mumble unless something is really off.
  294. "Diiidn't quite catch that," you say, smiling nervously as a hint of fear flashes into your eyes.
  295. >"I started to have dreams too, okay?" Andre says, this time loud enough to hear. You can tell he's straining his voice to keep from snapping. But the contents of his sentence take a moment to sink in.
  296. "Wait, did you say that y-you're having dreams like I have too?" you ask, ears flat.
  297. >He nods. "Well, yeah."
  298. "...Who were you in those dreams, again?" Your head tilts, and you're reminded of your situation when you realise just how much taller than you he is.
  299. >Oh, wow, he really is huge.
  300. >He's like a giant.
  301. >Naturally, you quash your desire to panic as Andre is thinking to himself.
  302. >Finally he speaks up. "Well, I was... Mrmb..." He grumbles the last bit, making it so you can't understand him.
  303. "You're mumbling again," you point out.
  304. >"...Fine! I was Princess Celestia!" he snaps.
  305. >You blink.
  306. "...what?"
  307. >You know that Andre always hated Celestia.
  308. >You don't know why, though.
  309. >"Iiiit's not important; don't we have anything else to discuss?" He smiles desperately, attempting to distract you.
  310. Oh, no, you aren't going to let this go. "So, you're dreaming that you're Celestia?" you ask.
  311. >"Well, yeah, but don't you want to-"
  312. "Listen to what you're going to say? Nope, not a chance in hell. So, you really dreamt you were Celestia?"
  313. >"Yes, okay?!" Andre snaps. "Not like I wanted to!"
  314. You snort, and begin to laugh. "Oh, thou dost crack us up, sister!"
  315. >Suddenly, Andre's anger melts away and is replaced by a face of confusion.
  316. >His mood can change very quickly; he mostly keeps a mask on his emotions in public, though, which only people who've known him for a while can see through.
  317. "...What? Did I do something wrong?
  318. >"What was that you said?" he asks.
  319. "I said you crack me up, Andre! Are you deaf?" you ask sarcastically.
  320. >"Really? Because I heard you say, and I'm quoting you here, 'thou dost crack us up, sister.'" He says it in a mockery of your voice. After a few seconds, he blinks, and puts his hand to his chin. "Actually, that's not the first time I've heard you speak like that..."
  321. >What? Why did he think you called him 'sister?'
  322. "No way, sis. You must've been hearing things," you scoff.
  323. >"There, you did it again, see?" Andre accuses. "You called me 'sis' this time."
  324. You raise an eyebrow. "Preeetty sure I called you 'man.'"
  325. >Andre shakes his head with a sigh. "Sure, why not; I'll just drop the whole thing. Anyway... Let me tell you why I came here today." He blinks, before adding "aside from the movie marathon of course."
  326. You blink. "Wait, so you're here for a reason other than that?
  327. >"Yeah, I am." Andre nods. "The truth is, well..." He takes his backpack off his back, and walks over to his lounge. You follow him, and sit.
  328. >"Well. I found a wooden box, just like the one you showed me."
  329. You stare. "...what?"
  330. >"Yes, I did," he nods. "I was going to tell you a bit earlier, but, well..." he gestures vaguely in your direction. "You know."
  331. To prove his point, he opens up his backpack, rummaging through it before pulling out a similar wooden box. Your jaw drops open. "B-but- how?!" you stammer.
  332. >Andre looks away. "I... I don't know." You get the feeling he's lying.
  333. >Now's not really the best time to bring that up, though. You feel it would be better to do that later.
  334. "...So, what's in it?" your mouth blurts out, for some reason out of synchronization with your brain.
  335. >He's quiet. "Well, I haven't looked yet. Maybe we could open it now?"
  336. You think for a second, then shake your head. "No, actually. I think we should give our friends a ring and ask if something's going on with them."
  337. >Andre thinks for a second, then slowly nods. "Yeah, let's try that... How about Josh first? He's usually calm and collected."
  338. "Good idea. By the way, you call him, please."
  339. >Andre's head tilts. "Why?" he asks suspiciously, narrowing his eyes.
  340. "...Hello? Pony here? He won't hear me; he'll just hear a random woman."
  341. >Slowly, Andre nods. "Alright, then." He takes his smartphone out of his pocket, and enters the login code, before starting the call and waiting for a few seconds.
  342. >He's silent. Then he speaks up. "No answer."
  343. "Oh well, he must be busy," you say, shrugging your shoulders. "It's not like it's the worst day of his life."
  345. >You're Josh, a friend of Anon, and today is the worst day of your life.
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