Cheer Up Brother in Law !!! - 20

Sep 18th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Cheer Up Brother in Law !!! --- Publisher Link

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Family Tie Relationship
Kim Jung Hoon (MC) CEO JH Construction Kim's Sister Ex-BiL Divorced
Kim Jiwoo (Ex-wife) Advertising / TV Eldest Sister Divorced
Kim Jiyoung (Blue) [N/A] Second Sister Single
Kim Jimin (Pink) Unemployed Third Sister Single
Kim Jisoo (Darky) Student Youngest Sister Single
Kim Kyung Ryul (Bro) MC's Personal Assistant MC's Best Friend [N/A]

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Chapter - 20

Luxuty Top Hotel - Room Blue x Pink x MC

MC's rage fucking Pink, making her all ahegao.. After making her lose her mind, he focus his attention on Blue, he calls her by her full name (Kim Jiyoung) telling her how it's her turn now, startling her.


Luxuty Top Hotel - Room Blue x Pink x MC

Blue is still a bit afraid of what just happened and doesn't answer to MC, he asks her what she's waiting for waking up her from her thought then pushes her on the bed, forcing her to lay on all fours. She tells him to wait a minute but he didn't let her explain herself and puts two of his fingers inside her pussy making her scream. He starts to finger her making her moans and warns about not making thing difficult for him because he'll throw her to the hungry hyenas waiting behind the door.

He grabs firmly her ass with both of his hands, Blue is startled and escapes MC's grip.. She looks at him a bit afraid and tells him to wait a second, she opens her legs showing him her womanhood, she tells him how he can fuck her anytime and as much as he wants.

MC's crawling towards her while she keeps saying how she understands him and thinks how what he did to Pink was normal. MC is surprised to hear this but still looks at her with a deadly cold expression. He asks her if he's in his right why is she talking to right now. He uses a bit more of his strength to prevent her to move and rubs his dick against her pussy. He says how he'll fuck her right now and how it's not a problem because she's okay. She shouts saying it was Jiwoo's fault and plan, she tells him how she isn't aware that MC was healed from his impotence and how she doesn't know that he's aware of her scheme. She begs MC to listen to him and to accept her help, he's surprised when he heard the name of Ex-Wife and stares at Blue asking her how can she help him and says how she only had a dog mouth.

MC asks her if she's aware of what he wants to do to Jiwoo, Blue tells to MC how she knows what he's planning and says how he heard it from Pink and puts all the blame on elder sister.


Kim's Residence - Middle of the night Ex-wife x Blue

Ex-wife is well dressed and trying to sneak off the house, Blue sees her catches her hand surprising Jiwoo.
Jiyoung asks her where she's going in the middle of night and if she's crazy, Ex-Wife tells her how she doesn't have to take care of her relationship and to release her hand. Blue looks at Eldest Sister departing figure while narrating to MC how they only did this to him because Jiwoo kept cheating on him and they didn't want to make him sad. So they fomenting this plan to alleviate MC's pain.


Luxuty Top Hotel - Room Blue x Pink x MC

MC's siting on a chair while listening to Blue bullshit, she tells him how she understands his pain and says how they did something shitty but tells him how he should get his revenge on eldest sister and they can provide him help and info against her. Pink looks at her sister amazed by her ability to spout out so much bullshit and asks herself what she's trying to do..

Blue keeps acting all righteous and says how she has a big idea and asks MC to think about it, MC's wondering what to do and asks her to explain him what is her great idea. Blue and Pink are surprised and Jiyoung asks him if he can send off his friends because she's too scared. MC sigh and calls Bro asking him to send back the group of Gmen.
MC asks her to explain him her plan now..

They're all dressed, MC's still on the chair and warns Blue & Pink to not get caught by Jiwoo and to not say a word about what happened today making Blue anxious. She turns her head telling him how she know adn they leave the room..

Luxuty Top Hotel - Corridor Blue x Pink

They are heading towards the elevator when Pink suddenly stop and apologizes to Blue. She thanks her keeping her head low not daring to loot at her sister's face. She tells her how she was really scared to be sold to this group of pigs, Blue cut her off asking her if she really thought she did this to help her, she tells her all what happened today was because of her (Pink) stupidity. Blue asks her with a cold tone if she still had to clear all her mess, Pink is still crying, she apologizes again looking away..

Jiyoung looks at her younger sister with contempt thinking how Jimin already lost all her chance to be with MC and finds it funny. She says to herself how she has to go all out to take care of this and she'll be with MC at the end.
She looks at her phone and it's Darky who's calling her.. She says how she'll use everything and anyone to be the final winner..

To be continued..
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