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  1. you and qrow are literallly me and morgan from the scared of sex to the love letters to being fucking obsessed with each other. i got heart broken by a damn online relationship. Seriously thats retarded i learned that its non sense to put all ur eggs in onebasket
  2. . with a online relationship its not a good idea. u can love em but know that ur still a child.  u dont jave shit but a fucking pastebin of him sending u a love letter.he lives out side of the states and it sgonna be extremely almost literally impossible for you to ever see him in
  3.  the next 5-8 years dude. ur 15 ur gonna meet new people new guys and new girls. dont let this relationship on a fucking computer take away from real life shit. dont deny guys irl for this fucking person u dont even know hisreal name lol.all u  have is showdown and a
  4.  fucking pastebin. You have no name no face no id no nothing u dont know this person at all. And u can sit here and
  5.  force ur brain to believe he wont go away but anything at all can happen and he could never log on again like
  6.  morgan ur being brainwashed by this cycle u need to calm down and realized wtf ur doing. its been literally weeks slow tf down. literal years of this shit. hell auti his fucking internet bails on u
  7.  half the time. u gotta calm down.
  8. but of course ur just gonna repeat he same shit over and over about how he wouldnt ever do that but u literally dont fucking know. literally auti u DONT FUCKING KNOW. my god ur so blinded by this love holy fuck.
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