The first 2 small spanking stories

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  1. >Hiro and Zero-Two return to earth and get Zero-Two back in her body.
  2. >They start hornbumping and kissing eachother to celebrate.
  3. >Suddenly Hiro starts sitting and gestures Zero-Two to lay on his lap.
  4. >Hiro starts petting Zero-Two and she starts purring as if imitating a cat.
  5. >Suddenly Hiro stops and his hand moves to her netherregions.
  6. >Zero-Two giggles, wondering what Hiro will do.
  7. >He ends up pulling down her pants with one hand and uses his other hand to hold her down.
  8. >"Darling? What are you doing?"
  9. >"...."
  10. >"Darling?"
  11. >"Zero-Two you were a naughty girl for trying to go off alone to fight Virm by yourself. Bad girls deserve some punishment."
  12. >Suddenly Hiro's left hand hits Zero-Two's ass full force.
  13. >"You need to reflect on your actions, Zero-Two"
  14. >Hiro just continues spanking her, each spanking having more force behind than the previous one.
  15. >Zero-Two can only loudly moan with tears coming in her eyes from the pain yet she also feels some pleasure.
  16. >"Darling, stop it please Ahhhhhhh~"
  17. >Zero-Two is unable to break free from Hiro's hold but suddenly she feels something falling on her skin.
  18. >She looks up and sees Hiro crying.
  19. >Zero-Two realizes Hiro was hurt due to her going off alone and trying to break her promise.
  20. >She just apologizes to him over and over.
  21. >The spanking stops and Zero-Two gets up to face level with Hiro.
  22. >Hiro apologizes for spanking her, but Zero-Two tells him she deserved it and that all is forgiven.
  23. >Both cry and they start kissing eachother.
  24. >"Lets stay together forever."
  25. >Meanwhile far away from this.
  26. >An older Goro suddenly wakes up in his bed at night.
  27. >"Those sounds? I see they came back. Seems the time I was able to sleep at night has ended again. Welcome home you two."
  28. >when they meet Hiro and Zero-Two the next day they find that Zero-Two's ass is completely red and wonder what happened.
  31. >A few days after Zero-Two was spanked by Hiro and saw his crying face.
  32. >She carefully touches her still red ass.
  33. >"This hurts less than seeing Darling crying face. I did something horrible to him after all."
  34. >She grabs a couple of empty paper sheets and her drawing set.
  35. >Zero-Two is busy drawing the entire spanking moment all over again and by the time she is drawing Hiro's crying face her own tears fall down."
  36. >After a while she starts thinking about the feeling she felt when getting spanked.
  37. >Zero-Two grabs the pages of her getting spanked and feels that her panties are getting wet.
  38. >She removes her now wet panties and looks again at the picture of Hiro spanking her.
  39. >Her breathing becomes rougher and she holds her panties near her mouth.
  40. >"Darling~, Darling~, Darling~. Give me more Darling~"
  41. >Her fingers are now inside her own pussy whilst she thinks about Spanked again.
  42. >Suddenly the door opens and Hiro walks in.
  43. >"Are you ok Zero-Two you didn't show up for dinn...."
  44. >His eyes fall upon the sight of Zero-Tso masturbating to a drawing
  45. >He walks over and grabs the drawing and sees its about him spanking Zero-Two.
  46. >"D...Darling? This isn't."
  47. >"Zero-Two no ecchi~. Did you perhaps enjoy it when I was spanking you?"
  48. >"Zero-Two becomes red from embarrassment, due to being seen like this by Hiro.'
  49. >"Wait Darling. Will you spank me again?"
  50. >"Why would I wan't to do that Zero-Two"
  51. >"I'm a bad girl who needs to get punished. So please, Darling. Spank me some more."
  52. >Zero-Two could no longer keep these emotions inside after being unable to climax due to Hiro walking in on her.
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