The Pit

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  1. "Rina'slah Butuete, for your crimes against the island and responsible for over twenty deaths of your fellow kin, three of which were apart of the Minor Council, we hereby sentence The Pit." A loud hammer hitting wood echoed across the rich wooden courtroom, silence seemed to stretch out across the packed room with all eyes aimed at one woman in particular. A 'short' Tiny Terror stood up behind a wooden table, her dull yellow skin seemed to absorb the light that shined on her and the black stripes running along her arms, legs, and face in a vertical manner only added onto her 'dangerous' look. Short, bright orange curled hair rested atop of her head while two long, pointy ears laid back in a sign of traditional anger while her one curved horn glistened the brightest amongst her frame (at least with the latex protector on it). Hard burgundy eyes came from her as she glared at the High Council in front of her: A group of elite Tiny Terrors who made up the court system of the land and had proudly held such a title for most of their lives. If given the chance she would have gladly leaped over her table and attempted to sink her razor white teeth into their necks but the bindings placed and locked onto her prevented such.
  4. Due to her grievous crime of the largest 'mass killing' in Tiny Terror history since the last five hundred years, Rin was given no leeway at all. Even IF she was given life for the other eighteen kills, killing a Minor Council member was enough to send someone to their death. Killing THREE council members brought something much, much worse. Even the cold hardened killer seemed to show genuine fear upon the process of 'The Pit' being her punishment. Quickly she attempted to tear against her bindings in a desperate attempt to avoid the cruel, cruel fate fit for her to live through.
  6. The audience of the trial showed no mercy or sympathy to the girl as she was dragged away by four security guards, each one holding a five million volt baton that found itself shoved against her ass, cunt, and tits every time she got too rowdy. Of course this did little to fully stop her, but it brought the men some sick joy at giving her further taste of what she had  coming to her.
  8. Rin struggled harshly against her magical, metal cuffs in vain as if there was even a chance she could escape one of the most technologically advanced cuffs designed for dragon and other incredibly magically adept kin. Her feet hung loosely in the air as the escort team ensured that once out of the courtroom she would have magical ankle cuffs that lifted her up in the air and further nullified her of her magic. Furthermore it didn't help how she was lewdly dressed in a skintight orange jumpsuit that showed off every bit of her assets; from her tits to the camel toe that rode up on her crotch, Rin was left with no sense of dignity. Along with the skin tight jumpsuit, Rin's outfit also held several runes inscribed by the most elite rune makers on the island ensuring that all of her magic would only be focused on keeping her magic sealed and her strength down to pathetic standards even for normal beings. Finally an incredibly thick white ball-gag rested inside of her mouth and was tightly locked behind her head, forcing her muffled screaming to sound like pathetic whimpers in compare. Again this fetish piece was fully inscribed with runes that focused on muting her speech and disallowed any magical incantations in the event she tried that - to which she had several times before realizing each time she did so, a powerful electrical shock would be given towards her instead.
  11. It took several minutes of walking around the capitol building of the island as the path to 'The Pit' wasn't something common the island had to employ. Along the journey of the vast hallways and winding corridors, the security team ran across several traveling Tiny Terrors and to each of them they gladly insulted the criminal with names or even gave her ass/cunt a firm dragon slap, ensuring her to scream out pathetically into her gag and forcing several more shocks to course through her body as she tried to cast yet more magical spells in a vain attempt at smiting those who did her wrong.
  13. After making their way down a sealed door - to which each team member had to give an eye scan and a magic test - they arrived down to the dungeons of the building. Dust littered across the long stairwell down into it and several torches had to be lighted by the team since it had been quite literally hundreds of years since the dungeon was needed. Upon arriving to the dusty bottom of the expansive are the security team marched the girl down to the left hallway, ignoring the dead silence of the air around them.  The only source of noise that echoed across the long hallways were the sounds of the team's boots marching against the cobblestone in a rhythmic manner. After what seemed to be twenty minutes of walking the team finally arrived to Rin's last destination for the rest of her life.
  15. The Pit room.
  18. 'The Pit' door was guarded by an incredibly thick metal frame that required three of the four guards to grip along the chain and pull on it with all of their might create an awful, loud screeching noise that shrieked down the entire hallway. After a minute of pulling the door slowly open, a foul yet pleasant smell leaked out from the pure black darkness as a white mist seemed to descend out of the room and into the corridor of the security team. The entire team seemed unfazed by such a smell or sight of the mist as every one of the team members wore a pristine gasmask to ensure that they would not be altered by The Pit's effects.
  20. Rin, however, was given no such luxury and instead blasted by the strong odor hitting her nose. Immediately she tried to scrunch up her face in disgust, but upon giving an involuntary whiff once more, the girl found her body quickly betraying her as her pussy squeezed against the latex suit and her eyes dilating from an intense rush of pleasure. From that one odor alone Rin began to feel her eyes growing heavy and her legs shook with intense spasms.  Unbothered by her condition the team pressed forward into the room, and as on cue of the last member entering they dragged the bound girl into the middle of the room. Carefully  two of the members walked over to the walls of the room, and as if synchronized, held up their hands and began lighting the torches inside the room.
  22. With light bursting force and illuminating the area in a brilliant yellow and orange glow, Rin and the rest of the team were greeted by a large, gaping hole present in the middle of the room. Easily the hole could swallow up a small drake and a Great Bison in one drop, and it was seemingly as such that the team did their best to avoid walking even ten feet near it as if they feared even being near it could result in them being dragged into the hellish pit before them.
  23. Even the natural order of the world seemed to fear this strange hole; light that shined brilliantly across the room didn't dare to go into the hole itself leaving it to be a continual dark abyss. To make matters worse, if one was to indeed step near the pit they could hear the ever so faint noises of something wet, slimy, and thick squirm down the smooth vertical tunnel.
  25. Once the last torch was lighted the team nodded to themselves and gripped Rin's arms and legs, and without so much as a last word, prayer, or even goodbye, the team threw the girl well beyond the 'ten foot limit' and into the pit itself. Even in her pleasured, mind clogged state, Rin knew where she was heading and gave out a terrified, blood curdling scream that even seemed to leak out of her gag, yet it did not matter. Once she was consumed by the darkness, Rin's voice could not be heard.
  28. So she fell deeper and deeper into the black abyss with no end. Her wide, panicked eyes quickly scanned about in a desperate attempt to stop herself from falling or to find a way out of this. She was unfortunately able to find one in such time as she soon landed harshly against the inhabitant of the hole. Even without light at the bottom of the well she knew very damn well what the creature was as the slender, slimmed up tendrils that slithered about her like an orgy of snakes indicated one of the most deadly creatures on the planet.
  30. Cthulhu's Tendrils.
  33. While the relation to the actual creature was uncertain to the mythic Dark Being it was still known as a creature that could kill even the mightiest of beasts or warriors. Housing one of the most potent aphrodisiacs on the planet and having a rarity of 'S-Rank,' the creature itself was known for hellish, pleasurable torture and its brutality of what it does to its victims. Unlike most plant life, Cthulhu's Tendrils did not have any known weakness, was immune to all known diseases, and could withstand even the sharpest of steel used by the strongest of warriors.  The only reason as to why the beast was captured in the first place by the Tiny Terrors was due to a gathering of several great draconic wizards focused on the one being. Even with the abundance of Great Wizards, it took four hours to fully subdue and contain this beast.
  34. What the plant life did earned itself amongst the most deadly plants alive; various tendrils would gather up a victim's body and begin inserting themselves into their brain via whatever necessary route; usually the victim's nose or eyes were often the route most traveled, however, it had been documented the creature would penetrate skin if it felt like that was the best choice, but of course that injured the victim and that was the opposite of what the creature wanted. Cthulhu's Tendrils could live without prey but still required a magical source of energy to thrive off of to stay constantly active as opposed to being dormant and weakened to the point that it COULD be killed with extreme precision  and skill. Tiny Terrors and other magical creatures were perfect for this position as their abundance of magical energy that could continue to grow allowed for a long term usage from the tendrils and even more so when it used a relatively small amount as to conserve energy. Lastly the creature itself was documented to keep its prey alive via the means of feeding it its own energy allowing the prey to stay awake, unable to use the restroom, or even required food and water so long as magic kept pumping. Once the magic ran out.. Well, it was known that the creature either kept its prey situated somewhere hidden while bound in tendrils to wait for further food, or simply outright kill the prey if they became a nuisance.
  36. Any Tiny Terror knew of this as being caught in its clutches was told to be amongst the most agonizing experiences in the world. And she was going to live through it for yet another seven hundred and fifty years..if she was unlucky and lived JUST to a thousand. Most likely than not she was stuck at a maximum age for her race..and a long, long time of being stuck as a food source to the creature.
  37. Rin screamed into her gag once more as the tendrils began to snake up their leg, realizing that the creature had finally received its own food source after a few hundred years of isolation. Eagerly it was attempting to claim her as its own as it was already starting to run dangerously low on saved magical energy from the previous occupant, and with Rin it could live up to no doubt another couple thousand years.  The various tendrils stacked up on each other quickly began to rise up from the pile and quickly latched out to hold the thrashing woman down. Her frantic kicking and shaking her head ceased once the tendrils wrapped in a near bone crushing hug around her legs while her neck was strongly gripped against by another tendril giving her the option to choke out or stay still and breathe.
  39. Just before she could think of the temptation of killing herself off and saving the torture of a thousand years of this, Rin was forcefully greeted by a large, thick tendril that rammed itself straight into her cunt with a full forced blow. A muffled yelp came from the girl as she reached down to pry it away from her hands only to be stopped by an additional tendril that caught her handcuffs and lifted them over and behind her head. A whine rang out as she tried to fight back but only received another hard pounding from the tentacle in her cunt while a second tendril came from behind her ass and shot forth. With two tendrils fucking her harshly the girl began to cry out in pain and discomfort, clearly wishing to have any other fate then this.. As if it picked up on her desperation, the pit lashed out a third tendril towards her face, this time instead of a phallic shape or traditional pointy tentacle, this tendril was shaped similar to that of a thick rose. As it lowered onto her face, the girl gave a confused glare before being promptly powdered with a thick, hazy pink mist that covered her head in a slight outline of the substance.
  40. While she attempted to scream out in rage and desperation, a long throaty moan emitted from her gag as she felt the same sensation upon entering the room. Her eyes drifted slowly closed and her sex clenched further against the tentacle fucking her as she seemed fully ready to accept the invader. Mentally the girl was doing her damn best to fight the pleasure that began to arise with a burning heat inside of her chest, but instinctively she was fully accepting this happening to her and only wished for more to happen.
  42. Rin's second wish came true soon enough as two smaller tendrils lifted themselves out of the writhing pit and lowered down to her ears, forcing a lazy, confused moan to come out of her mouth as she tried to look at them. Without warning or waiting for her to so much as put two and two together, the tendrils lunged into her ears and rooted into her head. Her eyes stretched out even further than before into almost comedic size as the tendrils twisted and turned violently inside of her head. Briefly she was removed from her high as she tried once more in a vain attempt to free herself, hoping she could before she was pushed any further into this.
  44. Sadly Rin's attempts were all in vain as even retching her arm out of the grasp of the powerful tentacles failed horribly once the final stages began to come into effect. The tendrils in her ears had reached inside of her brain forcing her mind to go into 'overdrive' and for her thoughts, brain power, and even basic abilities to live seemed to halt completely. The tendrils began to slowly move about the inside of her skull as they 'shifted' her brain about and massaged it like it was nothing more than a piece of cheap clay. So she was left in her petrified, unmoving , and unthinking planked shape for the next twenty  minutes as the tendrils did their work.
  47. After twenty minutes of being in such a cursed state, Rin was given 'access' back to her functions when the tendrils in her head suddenly and violently shifted from one spot of her head to another and forcing her to breathe in sharply while her body relaxed. Yet the breathe she took in wasn't just any common air or even the air of the creature. No, when Rin breathed in she immediately orgasm across the pit, her eyes widening and rolling into the back of her head. as her jaw tightened against her gag with an ear shattering moan coming from her. Her pleasure didn't just stop there as soon enough every breath or movement she took, no matter how insignificant or minor, Rin's body would violently react and force her to cum on the spot with little choice.
  49. Each time she came, Rin felt as if every muscle in her body - especially her cunt and asshole - clenched beyond measure as she gave mind shattering after mind shattering orgasams that caused more and more of the girl’s willpower to fade away. As her eyes drifted upward, Rin could see the light at the top of the room slowly starting to fade away indicating that the security team was snuffing out each light before they left. Just as the last light was snuffed out, a long and distance voice echoed down the tunnel yet in her broken state Rin could not make it out. What she could understand, however, was the sudden and violent cold sensation of a thick liquid splattering down on her and the creature fucking her.
  51. With an unearthly scream the creature below her violently lashed out in extreme retaliation; the tentacles fucking her seemed to expand to the brim of her cunt and asshole’s limits only to then be followed up by two more tentacles penetrating each separate hole, further causing pain as she was forcibly stretched out. Furthermore the tentacles that had been inside of her skull shifted about in swift movements of her brain; the tendrils inside of her head reached to the front of her brain and began to shift about inside of her as smaller tendrils extended from them and worked into the crevices of her mind, forcing her to experience a mind numbing headache that countered the countless orgasams she just experienced.
  53. Her eyes watered and teared up as her voice slowly died out from the mixture of intense pain and pleasure, her arms slacking against the tentacles that had been holding her down and her body just taking whatever the creature had in store for her. Sensing Rin’s submissiveness, the creature ‘rewarded’ the girl by taking more smaller tendrils and launching them up her nose, causing a pathetic squeal to come from the girl as four tendrils in each nostril entered inside of her; two of each nostril went down past her throat and into her lungs for ‘minor adjustments’ while the rest of the tendrils traveled up the girl’s skull and joined the brain tendrils.
  55. The tendrils that went into her brain warped themselves until the tips of them shifted into small bristles similar to that of a two combed brush. These modified tendrils went into the spaces between her brain and began to forcefully ‘scrub out’ the girl’s head. While a bit literal in a sense, the tendrils focused on ‘cleaning out’ her memories so that she could only focus on pain, pleasure, and the ability on how to properly fuck. Her years of magic training, honing her ability, her history, the reason why she was down there, or even her name were wiped out from her mind and existence. All she knew was how to suck, fuck, and gurgle out in pleasure. No longer was she Rina'slah Butuete, know the Tiny Terror dragoness and instead she was just a simple fuck toy undeserving for a name or identity.
  57. The tendrils that had seeped into her lungs also modified themselves, but more so to situate themselves permanently into her. Due to how strenuous the task of being The Pits new fucktoy was, the creature quickly went about to ensure that Rin’s body would withstand the hard duration by assisting her breathing to the point that she didn’t even need TO breathe. This was done by the tendrils reaching her lungs and reaching into the walls of it. Once they connected to the walls the tendrils made quick work by merging into her skin tissue and forming an intricate root design that spread about her entire organ. By the time the creature was done, the fuck toy no longer needed to breathe anymore and instead the creature did it for her. Afterall, why would such a pathetic thing need to worry about anything but the pleasure anyway?
  59. As the tendrils in her mouth and nose did their work, shaping her mind and modifying her brain to mold her into the perfect piece of fuck toy, the creature began to leak an additional body-altering substance from its tentacles. As she was pounded away by the mass of large, writhing appendages, the fuck meat began to feel more and more pleasure building up in the core of her body, and just as she was ready to cum yet again..she could not. No, after the substance was dumped on the duo the creature altered how it behaved regarding her and as such ensured she would never cum again no matter how hard she was fucked or how much it forced her mind to be pleasured by.
  61. While she was still mentally wiped clean by the tendrils, the fuck toy realized her inability to be pleasured, and only gave out a pathetic whimper in response, too tired to fully fight back and too submissive to do so much as yell out. She was well and truly broken..
  63. Up above from her hole the sounds of wet tendrils hitting Tiny Terror meat could be heard, but the team who had brought her here could care less. They had done their job by dumping the altering substance on her and the creature.. And so they left, wiping out the torches on their way out and leaving her to suffer the rest of her life with that creature.
  65. As the doors closed, the girl known as Rin was treated to her first day of her new life as the creature’s little slut. One day down..
  67. ..One thousand, two hundred and fifty years to go.
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