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  1. Social Anxiety and Social Phobia in Youth,Behavioral Science,
  2. Clinical Neuroanatomy,Behavioral Science,
  3. Acquired Brain Injury,Behavioral Science,
  4. Psychology Religion and Spirituality,Behavioral Science,
  5. Child Neuropsychology,Behavioral Science,
  6. Clinical Assessment of Child and Adolescent Personality and Behavior,Behavioral Science,
  7. A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Human Stress Response,Behavioral Science,
  8. The Psychology of Social Status,Behavioral Science,
  9. Psychoeducational Assessment and Report Writing,Behavioral Science,
  10. Evidence-Based Interventions for Children with Challenging Behavior,Behavioral Science,
  11. MATLAB for Psychologists,Behavioral Science,
  12. International Perspectives on Psychotherapy,Behavioral Science and Psychology,
  13. Applied Behavior Analysis,Behavioral Science and Psychology,
  14. Psychology of Perception,Behavioral Science and Psychology,
  15. Handbook of Consumer Finance Research,Behavioral Science and Psychology,
  16. Clinical Methods in Medical Family Therapy,Behavioral Science and Psychology,
  17. Motivation and Action ,Behavioral Science and Psychology,
  18. Perceptual Organization,Behavioral Science and Psychology,
  19. Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Social Work,Behavioral Science and Psychology,
  20. Foundations of Behavioral Health,Behavioral Science and Psychology,
  21. Social Psychology in Action,Behavioral Science and Psychology,
  22. Developmental Neurobiology,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  23. Handbook of Biological Confocal Microscopy,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  24. Fundamentals of Biomechanics,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  25. Plant Physiological Ecology,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  26. The Joy of Science,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  27. Metabolism of Human Diseases,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  28. Integrative Human Biochemistry,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  29. Integrated Neuroscience,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  30. Fundamentals of Biomechanics,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  31. Human Chromosomes,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  32. Phylogenomics,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  33. Principles of Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  34. Learning Landscape Ecology,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  35. Epidemiological Research: Terms and Concepts,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  36. Statistical Analysis of Clinical Data on a Pocket Calculator,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  37. Clinical Data Analysis on a Pocket Calculator,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  38. Essentials of Cerebellum and Cerebellar Disorders,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  39. Handbook of Cardiac Anatomy Physiology and Devices,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  40. The Gastrointestinal System,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  41. SPSS for Starters and 2nd Levelers,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  42. Machine Learning in Medicine - a Complete Overview,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  43. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  44. An Introduction to Biomechanics,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  45. Bioinformatics for Evolutionary Biologists,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  46. Lessons on Synthetic Bioarchitectures,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  47. Applied Bioinformatics,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  48. ENZYMES: Catalysis Kinetics and Mechanisms,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  49. Plant Physiology Development and Metabolism,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  50. Plant Anatomy,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  51. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  52. Food Fraud Prevention,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  53. Plant Ecology,Biomedical and Life Sciences,
  54. Database Marketing,Business and Economics,
  55. Microeconomics,Business and Economics,
  56. Design Research in Information Systems,Business and Economics,
  57. Strategic International Management,Business and Economics,
  58. International Trade Theory and Policy,Business and Economics,
  59. Supply Chain Management and Advanced Planning,Business and Economics,
  60. Strategic International Management,Business and Economics,
  61. Search Methodologies,Business and Economics,
  62. Linear Programming,Business and Economics,
  63. Corporate Social Responsibility,Business and Economics,
  64. Electronic Commerce,Business and Economics,
  65. Econometrics,Business and Economics,
  66. Logistics,Business and Economics,
  67. New Introduction to Multiple Time Series Analysis,Business and Economics,
  68. Game Theory,Business and Economics,
  69. Physical Asset Management,Business and Economics,
  70. Linear and Nonlinear Programming,Business and Management,
  71. Enterprise Risk Management Models,Business and Management,
  72. Introduction to Electronic Commerce and Social Commerce,Business and Management,
  73. Business Process Management Cases,Business and Management,
  74. Social Media Management,Business and Management,
  75. Multinational Management,Business and Management,
  76. Leadership Today,Business and Management,
  77. Sustainable Supply Chains,Business and Management,
  78. Strategic Retail Management,Business and Management,
  79. Travel Marketing Tourism Economics and the Airline Product,Business and Management,
  80. Electronic Commerce 2018,Business and Management,
  81. Market Research,Business and Management,
  82. Managing Sustainable Business,Business and Management,
  83. Knowledge Management,Business and Management,
  84. Customer Relationship Management,Business and Management,
  85. Strategic Human Resource Management and Employment Relations,Business and Management,
  86. Entertainment Science,Business and Management,
  87. Analytical Corporate Finance,Business and Management,
  88. A Concise Guide to Market Research,Business and Management,
  89. Global Supply Chain and Operations Management,Business and Management,
  90. International Business Management,Business and Management,
  91. Excel Data Analysis,Business and Management,
  92. Digital Business Models,Business and Management,
  93. Social Marketing in Action,Business and Management,
  94. Essentials of Business Analytics,Business and Management,
  95. Ceramic Materials,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  96. Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  97. Composite Materials,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  98. Transmission Electron Microscopy,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  99. Sensory Evaluation of Food,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  100. Engineering Flow and Heat Exchange,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  101. Chemical Thermodynamics,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  102. Electrochemistry,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  103. Acid-Base Diagrams,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  104. Brewing Science: A Multidisciplinary Approach,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  105. Principles of Polymer Chemistry,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  106. Nanotechnology: Principles and Practices,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  107. Structure Determination by X-ray Crystallography,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  108. Ceramic Materials,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  109. Foundations of Analytical Chemistry,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  110. Mass Spectrometry,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  111. Statistical Mechanics for Engineers,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  112. Magnetic Interactions in Molecules and Solids,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  113. Polymer Synthesis: Theory and Practice,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  114. Food Analysis Laboratory Manual,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  115. Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and its Applications,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  116. Group Theory Applied to Chemistry,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  117. Food Chemistry,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  118. Exam Survival Guide: Physical Chemistry,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  119. Food Analysis,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  120. Physical Chemistry from a Different Angle,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  121. Essentials of Food Science,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  122. Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  123. Applied Chemistry,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  124. Advanced Organic Chemistry,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  125. Advanced Organic Chemistry,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  126. Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Microanalysis,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  127. Polymer Chemistry,Chemistry and Materials Science,
  128. Introduction to Evolutionary Computing,Computer Science,
  129. Data Structures and Algorithms with Python,Computer Science,
  130. LaTeX in 24 Hours,Computer Science,
  131. Automata and Computability,Computer Science,
  132. The Algorithm Design Manual,Computer Science,
  133. Principles of Data Mining,Computer Science,
  134. Fundamentals of Business Process Management,Computer Science,
  135. UML @ Classroom,Computer Science,
  136. Foundations for Designing User-Centered Systems,Computer Science,
  137. Computer Vision,Computer Science,
  138. Data Mining,Computer Science,
  139. Computational Geometry,Computer Science,
  140. Cryptography Made Simple,Computer Science,
  141. Eye Tracking Methodology,Computer Science,
  142. The Data Science Design Manual,Computer Science,
  143. An Introduction to Machine Learning,Computer Science,
  144. Guide to Discrete Mathematics,Computer Science,
  145. Modelling Computing Systems,Computer Science,
  146. Understanding Cryptography,Computer Science,
  147. Concise Guide to Software Engineering,Computer Science,
  148. Fundamentals of Multimedia,Computer Science,
  149. The Python Workbook,Computer Science,
  150. Recommender Systems,Computer Science,
  151. Python Programming Fundamentals,Computer Science,
  152. Object-Oriented Analysis Design and Implementation,Computer Science,
  153. Introduction to Data Science,Computer Science,
  154. Concise Guide to Databases,Computer Science,
  155. Digital Image Processing,Computer Science,
  156. Guide to Computer Network Security,Computer Science,
  157. Foundations of Programming Languages,Computer Science,
  158. Probability and Statistics for Computer Science,Computer Science,
  159. Guide to Competitive Programming,Computer Science,
  160. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence,Computer Science,
  161. Introduction to Deep Learning,Computer Science,
  162. A Beginner's Guide to Scala Object Orientation and Functional Programming,Computer Science,
  163. Fundamentals of Business Process Management,Computer Science,
  164. Guide to Scientific Computing in C++,Computer Science,
  165. Fundamentals of Java Programming,Computer Science,
  166. Logical Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems,Computer Science,
  167. Introduction to Programming with Fortran,Computer Science,
  168. Neural Networks and Deep Learning,Computer Science,
  169. Data Science and Predictive Analytics,Computer Science,
  170. Systems Programming in Unix/Linux,Computer Science,
  171. Introduction to Parallel Computing,Computer Science,
  172. Analysis for Computer Scientists,Computer Science,
  173. Introductory Computer Forensics,Computer Science,
  174. Java in Two Semesters,Computer Science,
  175. A Beginners Guide to Python 3 Programming,Computer Science,
  176. Advanced Guide to Python 3 Programming,Computer Science,
  177. Geomorphology of Desert Environments,Earth and Environmental Science,
  178. Irrigation and Drainage Engineering,Earth and Environmental Science,
  179. Climate Change Science: A Modern Synthesis,Earth and Environmental Science,
  180. Petroleum Geoscience,Earth and Environmental Science,
  181. Plate Tectonics,Earth and Environmental Science,
  182. The Sea Floor,Earth and Environmental Science,
  183. An Introduction to Soil Mechanics,Earth and Environmental Science,
  184. Sustainability Science,Earth and Environmental Science,
  185. Python For ArcGIS,Earth and Environmental Science,
  186. ArcGIS for Environmental and Water Issues,Earth and Environmental Science,
  187. System Dynamics,Economics and Finance,
  188. Principles of Microeconomics,Economics and Finance,
  189. Time Series Econometrics,Economics and Finance,
  190. Stochastic Processes and Calculus,Economics and Finance,
  191. Economics as Applied Ethics,Economics and Finance,
  192. Grammar for Teachers,Education,
  193. Writing for Publication,Education,
  194. Language Across the Curriculum & CLIL in English as an Additional Language (EAL) Contexts,Education,
  195. The A-Z of the PhD Trajectory,Education,
  196. Conferencing and Presentation English for Young Academics,Education,
  197. Research Methods for Social Justice and Equity in Education,Education,
  198. Educational Technology,Education,
  199. School Leadership and Educational Change in Singapore,Education,
  200. A Course in Rasch Measurement Theory,Education,
  201. Electrical Machines,Energy,
  202. Energy Storage,Energy,
  203. Reactive Power Control in AC Power Systems,Energy,
  204. Energy Economics,Energy,
  205. Solar PV and Wind Energy Conversion Systems,Energy,
  206. Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases,Energy,
  207. Energy Harvesting and Energy Efficiency,Energy,
  208. Energy and the Wealth of Nations,Energy,
  209. Building Energy Modeling with OpenStudio,Energy,
  210. Off-Grid Electrical Systems in Developing Countries,Energy,
  211. Fundamentals of Power Electronics,Engineering,
  212. Intuitive Probability and Random Processes using MATLAB®,Engineering,
  213. Fatigue of Structures and Materials,Engineering,
  214. Fundamentals of Robotic Mechanical Systems,Engineering,
  215. Introduction to Logic Circuits & Logic Design with Verilog,Engineering,
  216. Structural Analysis,Engineering,
  217. Additive Manufacturing Technologies,Engineering,
  218. Engineering Electromagnetics,Engineering,
  219. Alternative Energy Sources,Engineering,
  220. Robotics Vision and Control,Engineering,
  221. Engineering Mechanics 1,Engineering,
  222. Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion,Engineering,
  223. Principles of Mobile Communication,Engineering,
  224. Physics of Semiconductor Devices,Engineering,
  225. Life Cycle Assessment,Engineering,
  226. Additive Manufacturing Technologies,Engineering,
  227. Robotics,Engineering,
  228. Fundamentals of Structural Engineering,Engineering,
  229. Electronics for Embedded Systems,Engineering,
  230. Practical Electrical Engineering,Engineering,
  231. The Finite Element Method and Applications in Engineering Using ANSYS®,Engineering,
  232. Introduction to Embedded Systems,Engineering,
  233. The Finite Volume Method in Computational Fluid Dynamics,Engineering,
  234. Introduction to Logic Circuits & Logic Design with VHDL ,Engineering,
  235. Statics and Mechanics of Structures,Engineering,
  236. Robotics Vision and Control,Engineering,
  237. Engineering Mechanics 2,Engineering,
  238. Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering,Engineering,
  239. Introduction to Digital Systems Design,Engineering,
  240. Internet of Things From Hype to Reality,Engineering,
  241. Structural Dynamics,Engineering,
  242. Quick Start Guide to VHDL,Engineering,
  243. Astronautics,Engineering,
  244. Quick Start Guide to Verilog,Engineering,
  245. Introduction to Logic Circuits & Logic Design with VHDL ,Engineering,
  246. Introduction to Logic Circuits & Logic Design with Verilog,Engineering,
  247. Handbook of the Life Course,Humanities Social Sciences and Law,
  248. Handbook of Disaster Research,Humanities Social Sciences and Law,
  249. Handbook of the Sociology of Gender,Humanities Social Sciences and Law,
  250. Handbook of Sociological Theory,Humanities Social Sciences and Law,
  251. International Handbook of Historical Archaeology,Humanities Social Sciences and Law,
  252. Handbook of Quantitative Criminology,Humanities Social Sciences and Law,
  253. LGBT-Parent Families,Humanities Social Sciences and Law,
  254. Statistics in Criminal Justice,Humanities Social Sciences and Law,
  255. The Action Research Planner,Humanities Social Sciences and Law,
  256. Handbook of Marriage and the Family,Humanities Social Sciences and Law,
  257. Optimization of Process Flowsheets through Metaheuristic Techniques ,Intelligent Technologies and Robotics,
  258. Robotics,Intelligent Technologies and Robotics,
  259. Stability and Control of Linear Systems,Intelligent Technologies and Robotics,
  260. Control Engineering,Intelligent Technologies and Robotics,
  261. Control Engineering: MATLAB Exercises,Intelligent Technologies and Robotics,
  262. Automatic Control with Experiments,Intelligent Technologies and Robotics,
  263. Multimedia Big Data Computing for IoT Applications,Intelligent Technologies and Robotics,
  264. Correctional Counseling and Treatment,Law and Criminology,
  265. Taxation in European Union,Law and Criminology,
  266. Legal Dynamics of EU External Relations,Law and Criminology,
  267. Introduction to Law,Law and Criminology,
  268. International Humanitarian Action,Law and Criminology,
  269. Perspectives on Elderly Crime and Victimization,Law and Criminology,
  270. Criminal Justice and Mental Health,Law and Criminology,
  271. Fraud and Corruption,Law and Criminology,
  272. Policing and Minority Communities,Law and Criminology,
  273. Teaching Medicine and Medical Ethics Using Popular Culture,Literature Cultural and Media Studies,
  274. Empathetic Space on Screen,Literature Cultural and Media Studies,
  275. Of Cigarettes High Heels and Other Interesting Things,Literature Cultural and Media Studies,
  276. Witnessing Torture,Literature Cultural and Media Studies,
  277. Research Methods for the Digital Humanities,Literature Cultural and Media Studies,
  278. Managing Media and Digital Organizations,Literature Cultural and Media Studies,
  279. Media and Digital Management,Literature Cultural and Media Studies,
  280. An Anthology of London in Literature 1558-1914,Literature Cultural and Media Studies,
  281. Mapping Global Theatre Histories,Literature Cultural and Media Studies,
  282. Literature and Medicine,Literature Cultural and Media Studies,
  283. All of Statistics,Mathematics and Statistics,
  284. Discrete Mathematics,Mathematics and Statistics,
  285. Numerical Optimization,Mathematics and Statistics,
  286. Time Series Analysis,Mathematics and Statistics,
  287. Introductory Statistics with R,Mathematics and Statistics,
  288. The Elements of Statistical Learning,Mathematics and Statistics,
  289. Introductory Time Series with R,Mathematics and Statistics,
  290. A Beginner's Guide to R,Mathematics and Statistics,
  291. Reading Writing and Proving,Mathematics and Statistics,
  292. Introduction to Partial Differential Equations,Mathematics and Statistics,
  293. Introduction to Partial Differential Equations,Mathematics and Statistics,
  294. Methods of Mathematical Modelling,Mathematics and Statistics,
  295. Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis ,Mathematics and Statistics,
  296. Classical Fourier Analysis,Mathematics and Statistics,
  297. Quantum Theory for Mathematicians,Mathematics and Statistics,
  298. Brownian Motion Martingales and Stochastic Calculus ,Mathematics and Statistics,
  299. Design and Analysis of Experiments,Mathematics and Statistics,
  300. Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis,Mathematics and Statistics,
  301. Probability,Mathematics and Statistics,
  302. Modeling Life,Mathematics and Statistics,
  303. Business Statistics for Competitive Advantage with Excel 2016 ,Mathematics and Statistics,
  304. A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python,Mathematics and Statistics,
  305. Statistical Analysis and Data Display,Mathematics and Statistics,
  306. Elementary Analysis,Mathematics and Statistics,
  307. Probability Theory,Mathematics and Statistics,
  308. Statistics and Data Analysis for Financial Engineering,Mathematics and Statistics,
  309. Differential Equations and Their Applications,Mathematics and Statistics,
  310. Partial Differential Equations,Mathematics and Statistics,
  311. Bayesian and Frequentist Regression Methods,Mathematics and Statistics,
  312. Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting,Mathematics and Statistics,
  313. Introduction to Smooth Manifolds,Mathematics and Statistics,
  314. Multivariate Calculus and Geometry,Mathematics and Statistics,
  315. Representation Theory,Mathematics and Statistics,
  316. Linear Algebra Done Right,Mathematics and Statistics,
  317. Linear Algebra,Mathematics and Statistics,
  318. Algebra,Mathematics and Statistics,
  319. Understanding Analysis,Mathematics and Statistics,
  320. Ordinary Differential Equations,Mathematics and Statistics,
  321. Understanding Statistics Using R,Mathematics and Statistics,
  322. Survival Analysis,Mathematics and Statistics,
  323. An Introduction to Statistical Learning,Mathematics and Statistics,
  324. Statistical Learning from a Regression Perspective,Mathematics and Statistics,
  325. Applied Partial Differential Equations,Mathematics and Statistics,
  326. Regression Modeling Strategies,Mathematics and Statistics,
  327. Applied Quantitative Finance,Mathematics and Statistics,
  328. A Modern Introduction to Probability and Statistics,Mathematics and Statistics,
  329. Complex Analysis,Mathematics and Statistics,
  330. Calculus With Applications,Mathematics and Statistics,
  331. Fundamentals of Clinical Trials,Mathematics and Statistics,
  332. Applied Predictive Modeling,Mathematics and Statistics,
  333. Real Analysis,Mathematics and Statistics,
  334. Probability Theory,Mathematics and Statistics,
  335. Bayesian Essentials with R,Mathematics and Statistics,
  336. Abstract Algebra,Mathematics and Statistics,
  337. Applied Linear Algebra,Mathematics and Statistics,
  338. Proofs from THE BOOK,Mathematics and Statistics,
  339. A Pythagorean Introduction to Number Theory,Mathematics and Statistics,
  340. Primer on the Rheumatic Diseases,Medicine,
  341. Evidence-Based Critical Care,Medicine,
  342. Biomedical Informatics,Medicine,
  343. Cardiovascular Biomechanics,Medicine,
  344. Evolutionary Thinking in Medicine,Medicine,
  345. The ASCRS Textbook of Colon and Rectal Surgery,Medicine,
  346. Breast Cancer,Medicine,
  347. Spine Surgery,Medicine,
  348. Essential Astrophysics,Physics and Astronomy,
  349. Data Analysis,Physics and Astronomy,
  350. Mechanics and Thermodynamics,Physics and Astronomy,
  351. Particles and Nuclei,Physics and Astronomy,
  352. Cosmology for the Curious,Physics and Astronomy,
  353. Principles of Physics,Physics and Astronomy,
  354. Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology,Physics and Astronomy,
  355. Computational Physics,Physics and Astronomy,
  356. Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology,Physics and Astronomy,
  357. Fundamental Astronomy,Physics and Astronomy,
  358. Elementary Mechanics Using Python,Physics and Astronomy,
  359. Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion,Physics and Astronomy,
  360. Fluid Dynamics,Physics and Astronomy,
  361. Basic Concepts in Computational Physics,Physics and Astronomy,
  362. Mathematical Physics,Physics and Astronomy,
  363. Statistics and Analysis of Scientific Data,Physics and Astronomy,
  364. Stellar Structure and Evolution,Physics and Astronomy,
  365. Computational Physics,Physics and Astronomy,
  366. Quantum Mechanics,Physics and Astronomy,
  367. Electricity and Magnetism,Physics and Astronomy,
  368. Foundations of Quantum Mechanics,Physics and Astronomy,
  369. Introduction to Mathematica® for Physicists,Physics and Astronomy,
  370. Principles of Astrophysics,Physics and Astronomy,
  371. Principles of Musical Acoustics,Physics and Astronomy,
  372. Basics of Laser Physics,Physics and Astronomy,
  373. Solid-State Physics,Physics and Astronomy,
  374. Principles of Quantum Mechanics,Physics and Astronomy,
  375. Group Theory,Physics and Astronomy,
  376. Elementary Mechanics Using Matlab,Physics and Astronomy,
  377. The Physics of Semiconductors,Physics and Astronomy,
  378. Quantum Mechanics,Physics and Astronomy,
  379. Transmission Electron Microscopy,Physics and Astronomy,
  380. Advanced Quantum Mechanics,Physics and Astronomy,
  381. Physics from Symmetry,Physics and Astronomy,
  382. Problems in Classical Electromagnetism,Physics and Astronomy,
  383. Introductory Quantum Mechanics,Physics and Astronomy,
  384. Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry for Physical Sciences,Physics and Astronomy,
  385. Introduction to General Relativity,Physics and Astronomy,
  386. Introduction to Particle and Astroparticle Physics,Physics and Astronomy,
  387. A First Introduction to Quantum Physics,Physics and Astronomy,
  388. Physics of Oscillations and Waves,Physics and Astronomy,
  389. Quantum Mechanics for Pedestrians 1,Physics and Astronomy,
  390. Quantum Mechanics for Pedestrians 2,Physics and Astronomy,
  391. Philosophy of Science for Scientists,Religion and Philosophy,
  392. Readings in Formal Epistemology,Religion and Philosophy,
  393. The Nature of Scientific Knowledge,Religion and Philosophy,
  394. Communication and Bioethics at the End of Life,Religion and Philosophy,
  395. Philosophy of Race,Religion and Philosophy,
  396. Business Ethics - A Philosophical and Behavioral Approach,Religion and Philosophy,
  397. Argumentation Theory: A Pragma-Dialectical Perspective,Religion and Philosophy,
  398. Mathematical Logic,Religion and Philosophy,
  399. Introduction to Formal Philosophy,Religion and Philosophy,
  400. Philosophical and Mathematical Logic,Religion and Philosophy,
  401. Handbook of LGBT Elders,Social Sciences,
  402. Disability and Vocational Rehabilitation in Rural Settings,Social Sciences,
  403. Political Social Work,Social Sciences,
  404. Concepts Methods and Practical Applications in Applied Demography,Social Sciences,
  405. An Introduction to Zooarchaeology,Social Sciences,
  406. Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences,Social Sciences,
  407. Social Justice Theory and Practice for Social Work,Social Sciences,
  408. Analyzing Qualitative Data with MAXQDA,Social Sciences,
  409. Handbook of Evolutionary Research in Archaeology,Social Sciences,
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