Frank Bee Form

IBakaI Nov 19th, 2019 109 Never
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  1.     Annabeth scanned the sky. "That’s why I made a plan with Frank and Hazel. Hopefully … ah. Look."
  2.     A bee zipped overhead. Dozens more followed. They swarmed around a column, then hovered over the opening of the pit.
  3.     "Say hi to Frank, everybody," Annabeth said.
  4.     Piper waved. The cloud of bees zipped away.
  5.     "How does that even work?" Percy said. "Like … one bee is a finger? Two bees are his eyes?"
  6.     "I don’t know," Annabeth admitted. "But he’s our go-between. As soon as he gives Hazel the word, she will –"
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