A Meddling Mind - Chapter 1

Oct 28th, 2013
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  1. Smash!
  3. Bang!
  5. "Shit"
  7. You exclaimed in pain as your chest slammed into the soft grass. You had expected to slam straight into the rocks you had seen before climbing up and had prepared for the worst only to find the complete opposite.
  9. "What the..." You groaned as you lifted yourself up off the floor.
  10. As soft as that landing was, the branches on the way down had dug into your chest, cutting and scratching you. Gazing up at the tree you had fallen from, you saw that it was full of fresh red apples, ripe for the picking.
  11. Strange, because it hadn't had them when you climbed up it. Not only that,
  12. but the fact that there were hundreds of other apple trees
  13. carefully aligned in ever direction around you was nothing like what you had seen before you had climbed up. And where did that rope go from around your neck...? You heard a set of footsteps behind and turned around swiftly.
  15. Before you, at about calf height, stood a tiny little orange horse-like
  16. thing wearing a hat. And that wasn't the first thing about it. It's eyes were absolutely huge. They were bright green and at the moment, staring into your eyes. You stood there, not sure what to do for a couple of seconds before slowly inching towards it. It continued to stare at you in shock while you were approaching it but
  17. when you got closer, it turned around and raised one hoof.
  19. "You come any closer, critter, and Ahm gonna have ta buck ya."
  21. You blinked, frozen on the spot, one of your hands half held out, now
  22. quivering.
  24. "Aah!" You screamed and stumbled backward, your foot landing on a fallen
  25. apple, simultaneously cutting off your scream and tripping you up. You
  26. staggered around before stepping on another apple, sending you on a fever
  27. pitch sideways and smashing your head on a tree. The last thing you saw
  28. before you passed out was the strange orange horse running toward you.
  30. Your head was throbbing with pain as you slowly regained consciousness. You
  31. brought your hand to your head and rubbed your temples with your thumbs in
  32. a vain attempt to rid yourself of the painful migraine you had got yourself
  33. when your head hit that tree. Where the hell were you? And what happened to
  34. that Pony thing? Did it... Actually talk? Or did you damage more than your
  35. arms in that fall from the tree?
  37. You looked at the room around you, focus fading in and out in your bleary
  38. state. What the hell were those...? Bookcases? Tables? So you were in a
  39. library? A school? You looked inquisitively around the room. Books, books,
  40. books, quills, an owl, strange purple unicorn, books... Wait... Unicorn?
  41. You gasped in shock and pedaled back in your strangely small bed. Did
  42. that orange horse/pony thing bring you here?
  44. "Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle."
  46. "Holy shit... Who... What are you?"
  48. The Unicorn brought her hoof to her chest proudly and smiled.
  50. "I am Twilight Sparkle, Unicorn and personal protege of Princess Celestia."
  52. You blinked at her, still amazed at the fact that there was a mythical
  53. being sitting in front of you.
  55. “I'm Anon. Uh, professional waste of space...”
  57. “Pleased to meet you Anon!”
  59. "Where... Where the hell am I?
  61. "You're in the land of Equestria, my library in Ponyville, to be exact."
  63. Ponyville? Equestria? What the hell was going on here?
  65. "Sorry, can you say that again?"
  67. "What, that I'm a Unicorn? Or that the Princess is my mentor?"
  69. Shit. Maybe you really had died and this was some kind of fucked up afterlife.
  71. "And you're a human, from earth, I presume?"
  73. You stare at her sceptically. "Wait, so you know where I’m from? Does that
  74. mean you can send me back to earth?"
  76. "Yes," Twilight replied. "Celestia has told me much about your kind and
  77. your previous influence on our world. You invented the light bulb, the
  78. convection over, the refrigerator, and brought them all to Equestria years
  79. ago."
  81. "What? I didn't do that." You said, rubbing the sleep from your eyes.
  83. She giggled at your reply and a hot blush swarmed your cheeks.
  85. "No, silly. Other humans. Hundreds of years before I was born, other humans entered our world and brought all of these wonderful inventions with them."
  87. "Can you please cut to the chase? " You muttered hurriedly. "I just really
  88. want to get back home."
  90. Wait, why did you want to go home? Before tumbling down from that apple
  91. tree, you had climbed up another, tied a rope around a branch and the other
  92. end around your neck. You had planned on killing yourself- so did you
  93. really want to go home?
  95. "Absolutely." She nodded. "I know the exact spell I need to use and I can
  96. send you home as soon as possible. After I do a couple of experiments, of
  97. course."
  99. "No! Please, no experiments?"
  101. The purple pony sighed and sat down with a look of disappointment.
  102. Suddenly, you heard a loud knock on the door and Twilight spun around. "Who
  103. is it?"
  105. You heard a muffled shout from behind the door
  106. "S' just me, Twi!"
  108. "Ah, Applejack's here" She said as she trotted towards the door. "She's the
  109. one who brought you here after that nasty fall."
  111. Twilights horn glowed and suddenly, the door slid open, revealing the
  112. strange orange stetson wearing pony you had seen when you first got here.
  114. "Howdy there, uh, pardner. Ahm mighty sorry Ah gave yeh such a fright
  115. before. Our farm is so close to the Everfree Forest, there's no wonderin' what creepy critters could walk in from there." She took off her hat and
  116. held it to her chest with a hoof.
  118. “Uhm... It's fine.” You faked a large grin.
  120. "If'n you stay a while, Ah'd love to show you 'round the farm. Big Mac'd just love to meet you. He's a bit of a klutz, but Ah love him just the same."
  122. You shook your head.
  123. "Sorry, Twilight promised me she could send me home and I, uh, need to get
  124. back as soon as possible."
  126. As you said that, Applejack looked at you funnily. Did she know you were lying?
  128. "You OK?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.
  130. "I'm fine! Yep, all good." You said nervously.
  132. She looked unconvinced but smiled anyway.
  134. "Well, I can cast the spell now, if you like." Twilight cut in.
  136. "Yes please." You nodded. What was with you? You didn't actually want to go
  137. home, so why didn't you want to tell them? Was it some strange fear of
  138. being in a world where you knew no-one? Or was it because you didn't just
  139. want to be away from your world, you wanted to leave every world?
  141. "OK, so this spell is a little tricky, but it's no more complex than any
  142. others I've done before." Twilight read from a large tome that she had
  143. sprawled out onto the table. "I think I have it... Stand back, AJ. This
  144. might get messy."
  146. Applejack cantered to the other side of the room and held her hat to her
  147. head as a bright purple glow began to emit from Twilights horn, sending
  148. sparks scattering about on the floor.
  150. "Wait..." You interrupted. " "Messy"?"
  152. At that point, the ball of energy accumulating at the end of Twilights horn
  153. suddenly erupted. You ducked out of the way, the energy slammed into
  154. the wall behind you and began bouncing around the room. It collided with
  155. bookcases, vaporizing a few and causing the others to become singed and fall
  156. from their perch. Suddenly, the ball of light curved midair and flew
  157. towards Applejack as she stood there in fear. Fuck it, if you were gonna
  158. die, you would die saving some one else. You leapt in between that ball and Applejack as it slammed into your chest, sending you flying into her. Arcs of energy
  159. flew between you and Applejack as you both tumbled around together on the
  160. floor, crashed into a bookcase and were covered in a pile of falling books as
  161. you blacked out.
  163. As pinpricks of light tore through your eyelids, you opened your eyes to
  164. see book after book being pulled off of you. You squirmed a bit only to
  165. find that something huge and heavy was lying on top of you, restricting your movement.
  167. "Ugh..." You groaned at the same time as Applejack. Her head must be right
  168. next to your head because her groan seemed to drown yours out entirely.
  170. The books were suddenly all lifted off of you in a purple haze, the sudden
  171. rush of light blinding you.
  173. "Oh no, Anon!" Twilight shouted as she tugged at the thing lying on your chest.
  175. "I'm OK, Twilight." You and Applejack spoke together again.
  177. "I think Anon’s unconscious!" She said in a panicked voice and used her
  178. magic to lift the load off of your chest.
  180. "I told you, I’m-" Wait... That wasn't Applejack speaking! You stared down
  181. at your hands only to see two smooth orange stumps where they should be.
  182. You screamed loudly and brought your stumps to your mouth quickly after,
  183. realizing that the scream belonged to a girl. You looked down at your body
  184. and confirmed your fears. Your skin was covered in orange fur and your legs
  185. and hands had been replaced by smooth looking hooves. You looked further
  186. down and saw a sandy blonde tail, tied up by a small red band. You grasped at the "mane" On top of your head and found a similar thing had happened to that. You were... In Applejacks body!
  188. "Applejack, snap out of it and help me with Anon! We need to get him to the
  189. hospital right away."
  191. "Twilight..."
  193. "Although he's a human, so the ponyville hospital might not be able to do
  194. anything!"
  196. Tears began to run down your face as you saw Twilight begin to levitate
  197. your seemingly lifeless body.
  199. "Twilight."
  201. "But I'm sure pony anatomy is close enough to humans, so we can at least try!"
  203. "Twilight!" You screamed, tears now pouring down to your chin.
  205. "Applejack, what's wrong? Is it Anon? Don't worry, we can help him, we just-"
  207. "No, it's me."
  209. "What's you, AJ, I don't understand?"
  211. "I'm... Anon. I'm in Applejacks body."
  214. Twilight stood still and stared at you. Her eyes began to water and dart
  215. around between you and your body.
  217. "Oh no." Twilights lip began to tremble. "Oh god, what have I done?"
  219. She slowly looked over at my body and tears began to flow.
  221. "Is she... Is Applejack...? Oh no, sweet Celestia, NO!" Twilight suddenly
  222. jumped to life, rubbing the tears from her face. "We need to get to
  223. Ponyville Hospital now, or you... And Applejack might die!"
  225. Twilights horn began to glow again and her purple aura surrounded you and
  226. your body. With a blinding flash, you suddenly found yourself sprawled on the
  227. floor in a white corridor, surrounded by medical supplies. Did she just...?
  229. "Doctor! This human needs urgent attention!"
  231. A stocky brown unicorn in scrubs ran out into the hallway where you and
  232. your body were lying. He gasped at the sight of your body, presumably
  233. because of the fact that he had never seen one of your kind before and after
  234. only a few seconds, his expression changed to a steely, determined glare as
  235. he powered forward.
  237. "Miss Twilight, would you please assist me with lifting the human onto the
  238. bed?"
  240. Twilight nodded, her face donning a similar determined look as both of the
  241. unicorns horns glowed, lifting your body onto a hospital bed pushed up
  242. against the side of the hall. Your body was a lot taller than a ponies and
  243. your feet hung of the bottom a little, but it would have to do for a while.
  245. “Can you take care of Ano- Of Applejack as well? She may have been injured.”
  247. "Nurse!" The brown pony summoned a yellow and purple maned pony to his side. "Miss Twilights friend may also be in need of care, see to it that she is well and looked after."
  249. The pony nodded and galloped towards you, lifting you up onto the other bed
  250. and sliding you into a room off to the side.
  252. As she got into the room, she started poking at your side with a hoof and
  253. asking if it hurt. When she had finished, she quickly jabbed a small needle
  254. into a... Foreleg? And connected it up with an IV.
  256. "Now, Miss Applejack, I need to run some medical scans, but for me to do so,
  257. i need to put you under anesthetic."
  259. You nodded as she started to inject a green-y yellow fluid into a vein
  260. through the IV. Wait a second... She had said miss. You completely forgot
  261. about that. Did you have a va... Have a... huh... Your train of thought was
  262. interrupted as the anesthetic began to kick in, causing you to lose
  263. consciousness for the third time today.
  266. Your consciousness began to slowly return to you and as you woke, the nurse
  267. pony from before brought out a light and began shining it in your eyes. It
  268. was a little intense, but it helped you shake yourself out of sleep mode.
  270. "Well, the scans showed that you were satisfactorily healthy. Besides a
  271. hairline fracture in your right cannon bone, a couple of bruises and a very
  272. minor concussion, you are a perfectly healthy mare."
  274. There it was again... Mare...
  276. "Oh god, Anon. I was so worried." You looked to the other side of the bed
  277. and saw Twilight standing there, her eyes full of sorrow and dried tears.
  279. "Is... Applejack OK?"
  281. "She's fine. Well, structurally. There's something wrong with her and now she's in a
  282. coma. I've sent a letter to the Princess and she should be here within the
  283. week to help sort this whole mess out."
  285. Twilight looked up at the confused nurse and she nodded, heading out of the room.
  287. You stared at her silently and looked down at your body again. There was no
  288. doubt about it. You were in the body of a sentient orange pony. Oh, and the
  289. body was female. It wasn't too unsettling to think about that little
  290. tidbit, it was just a little... Off putting. That and it was sort of overshadowed by the fact that you were not only stuck in the body of a tiny cartoony looking horse thing, but that you were stuck in another
  291. universe that was populated primarily by other cartoony looking horse things.
  293. "So... What's gonna happen to me?"
  295. "I... I don't know Anon. For now, it's probably best that no-pony else know
  296. about what has happened. We don't want to cause a huge panic. For now, you
  297. should go to Applejacks homestead in the farm. I've told AJ's family that
  298. you've been injured when helping me with an experiment and you'll be out of
  299. work for a while."
  301. You nodded. Twilight was a smart pony, she had thought all of this out. Not
  302. much can be said for you... Even before you came here, you were like this.
  303. Never one to think ahead...
  305. "If you can, try not to talk as much as possible. You don't have Applejacks
  306. accent, so the others will think something's up. Oh Celestia, I still can't
  307. believe that this is happening."
  309. "I'm... I'm really sorry. This is all my fault, Twilight."
  311. "It's OK, we both messed up. I should have told you the risks of the spell
  312. before I cast it and you should have... Well, you know." Twilight walked to
  313. the side of your bed.
  314. "I'm having the nurses bring in a wheelchair for you since you'll have
  315. trouble walking with that fractured bone."
  317. "Thanks again, Twilight."
  319. "No problem. I'll help you get to Applejacks farm and tell everyone what
  320. "Happened to you". Just don't say anything, pretend to be really sick and
  321. you should be able to escape suspicion."
  324. As Twilight rolled you down the long path to Sweet Apple Acres, you spotted
  325. a bright red farm house rising up from behind the hill. The entire environment around here just smelled of nature. The soft soil smelled like rain had just fallen and the sweet scent of apples wafted from not only the trees, but from the house as well. Someone was cooking apple pie!
  326. As you approached the house, you saw an apple red stallion step out onto the porch. As he saw you, his eyes lit up and he began galloping towards you.
  328. “Applejack!” He shouted while running gleefully.
  330. “Hello Big Mac!” Twilight said. So this was Big Mac? Applejack had mentioned him before... He must work on the farm with Applejack.”
  332. “Oh, Applejack, Ah was so worried!” He said with an accent similar to Applejack as he arrived in front of you.
  334. “Heh, uh, the doctor told her not too talk too much because of her concussion so go easy on her.”
  336. He nodded up and down rapidly and smiled.
  338. “Anyway, it's probably best if you and the rest let her rest for... At least a week.”
  340. He continued to nod while smiling and looking you straight in the eyes.
  342. “Well, I better be going. I'll see you later Applejack. I'll be back tomorrow to check up on you.”
  344. As Twilight walk over the ridge of the hill, you looked nervously back at Big Mac who was still smiling giddily at you.
  346. “Oh, Applejack... Ah'm so glad you're back.”
  348. He looked nervously around him for a few seconds before looking back to you.
  350. “AJ, Ah need to talk to you. In private. Ah've been puttin' this off for a while, but after what just happened... I know that Ah gotta tell you right away.”
  352. He grabbed a hold of your wheelchair and quickly wheeled you into behind a nearby apple tree.
  354. “Applejack, Ah.... Ah need to tell you how much Ah love you. But Ah love you more that you might think.”
  356. Was Big Mac Applejacks sweetheart?
  358. “Ah love you more than words can describe. I... Love, love you. If you don't feel the same, Ah... Ah'll never mention this again. And Ah need you to tell me now.”
  360. Oh no. This was terrible! How could you make a decision like this for Applejack? It was her life, not yours, you couldn't answer such a life changing decision for her.
  362. “Well? Please answer me, AJ, I need to know.”
  364. Fuck it, if you answered no, you might break AJ's and Big Macs heart, so...
  366. “Ee...Yup...?”
  367. “Oh Applejack! Ah knew you felt the same!”
  369. He leant forward and mashed his lips into yours. Oh wow, this was strange... You were kissing a dude! No, you had to do this! For Applejack!
  370. You attempted to reciprocate the kiss as much as possible, but Big Mac was so fierce with his kiss that it almost didn't matter. He broke away from the kiss and stared into your eyes.
  372. “Y- You're so beautiful. Ah can't believe this, It's like mah dreams have come true. Now, let's go back to the house. Ah don't think we should tell the others just yet. They might not... Approve of us bein' together.”
  374. Wait, why wouldn't they approve of him and AJ being together? As he pushed your wheelchair towards the house, thoughts swam through your head like piranhas. What the hell had you just gotten you... And Applejack into?
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