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Random Filly Anon Tales 6/20/19

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Jun 20th, 2019
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  1. >Day Not-Alicorn-Story in Equestria
  2. >Seriously, what kind of writefag writes something else in the middle of another story?
  3. >Somehow, you wound up getting turned into a filly.
  4. >You suspect either Twilight or Discord is to blame.
  5. >After much discussion, they decided you needed a pony to look after you, despite your objections.
  6. >Twilight and her friends all already had a lot on their plates, so they asked around Ponyville.
  7. >Eventually, you were handed off to Blossomforth, who apparently had a spare room and a decent enough income.
  8. >Plus, bendy pony was kinda hot, so you didn't object.
  9. >Too bad for you.
  10. "Hey, mom! I'm heading out to meet my friends at Sugarcube Corner!"
  11. >"Now, hold on, little missy!"
  12. >Apparently, Blossomforth had certain views on what was important for a child's health.
  13. >She fluttered over and landed.
  14. >"You know the rule."
  15. "Ugh. Fine. What is it today?"
  16. >She tapped her chin and then nodded as she decided.
  17. >"You've gotta touch your hind hooves."
  18. >Well, that isn't too bad.
  19. >You start sitting down to just that.
  20. >"Ah-ah-ah."
  21. >She shakes her head.
  22. >"Not that way."
  23. >Fuck.
  24. "Oh come on! You know I can't do that."
  25. >"Well, you'll never do it if you don't try! At least give it a try, Anon!"
  26. "Ugh. Fffffine."
  27. >The things you do for being able to check out that flower ass on the sly.
  28. >You flop over onto your back and wiggle around.
  29. >You can hear Blossomforth holding back a titter at the sounds of your struggle.
  30. >Eventually, you manage to arch your back a bit, but you were a bit lost after that.
  31. >"Here, let me give you a helping hoof!"
  32. "Wait!"
  33. >With an oof, you were pushed over.
  34. >You felt her hooves on your hind legs, and she started to pull.
  35. "Nonononono!"
  36. >"Oh don't be such a foal! Just relax and feel the stretch."
  37. >You try and scrabble your hooves on the floor to get away, but it was no use.
  38. >She had taken a seat on your back to get a bit more leverage.
  39. >"Just a little more..."
  40. "AUGH!"
  41. >You felt your spine crackle like a bowl of rice krispies.
  42. >"...oopsie. That didn't sound right."
  43. >She dropped your hooves and turned around to check on you.
  44. "I think something's gotta be broken... doctor... get a doctor..."
  45. >She prodded your twitching form in a few places, then gave a hard yank on your hindquarters.
  46. >You felt another hard pop and let out a yelp.
  47. >"You'll be fiiiiine. It was just a slight dislocation."
  48. >She wrapped you up in a hug, rubbing her cheek into your mane.
  49. >"Okay. Have fun with your friends, sweetie!"
  50. >She passed a decent amount of bits into your hooves, then shoved you out the door.
  51. >Climbing to your hooves, you stumbled down the road toward Sugarcube Corner.
  52. >Your tail hung low to hide the confusing winking that bits of your anatomy were doing.
  53. >It seemed like this was a milkshake AND a cupcake kind of day...
  56. >Another day of sitting around.
  57. >In your nest of snacks and books, you idly chew on a leaf of lettuce.
  58. >"Anon, are you going to go out and play with your friends?"
  59. >Purple at the door.
  60. "Ehh."
  61. >A hoof is waggled in her direction, with a page turned.
  62. >"You can't just lay around all day. I don't mean to be rude, but you're turning into a pudgy little pony."
  63. >You turned your gaze over to her.
  64. "Ehh."
  65. >Back to reading.
  66. >A sigh escaped the purple pony.
  67. >"I really hoped you might take the advice from a friend, but you leave me no choice. I'm doing this because you're my friend and I can't stand to see you doing this to yourself."
  68. >Was she still talking? Didn't she see I was reading?
  69. >"She's all yours. Try not to go too overboard?"
  70. >Ugh. Probably one of her friends.
  71. >You reached down to coax another hoof full of hay fries to your mouth.
  72. >When your hoof met nothing, it gave you pause.
  73. >Swiveling your head briefly to confirm, you could already feel the frown bloom.
  74. >And then, a godawful raspy voice shouted right in your ear.
  76. >You winced.
  77. "Rainbow Dash. I wasn't aware the pride parade was in town."
  78. >Sure enough, the blue cunt was flapping there behind you.
  79. >"Twi told me all about your problem and asked me to do something to help. So starting today, I'm going to be your personal coach!"
  80. >Yeah, nah. Not happening.
  81. "Thanks, but no thanks. Don't you have a dyke bar to go to instead?"
  82. >You turned and reached for your bag of chips.
  83. >・hey vanished in a blue blur.
  84. >You snapped your head over at the pegasus, teeth gritted.
  85. >She casually bounced the bag of delectable treats in her hooves.
  86. >"First things first, I'll also be serving your dietician. You're eating WAY too much to be good for you, tubby."
  87. >A rainbow blur filled the room, and when it ceased, all of your snacks were gone!
  88. "Hey! I was eating!"
  89. >"Yeah. That's the problem. If you weren't sitting on your fat flanks all day and were active enough to burn off all those calories, then we wouldn't be having this problem."
  90. "Hey, fuck you!"
  91. >"No thanks. No matter much as you keep saying it, I don't swing that way. Now get up! Let's get those hooves moving!"
  92. >You just sat there, scrunching in displeasure at her.
  93. >"You wanna be that way? Fine!"
  94. >She swooped down and hooked her hooves around you.
  95. >"I'll just dr--oof. Man, you really ARE heavy. I'll just drag you outside myself!"
  96. >With that, Rainbow Dash flew toward the door, your back hooves dragging along the floor the entire way.
  97. >All of Ponyville must have heard the ree of disapproval, especially as the pegasus started making you run.
  98. >It was a bad day.
  102. Daring Do and the Mysterious Foal
  104. >After a long and arduous journey, we find our intrepid explorer on a branch, peering down at a temple ruin.
  105. >From what she could see, it hadn't been breeched yet.
  106. >The camp surrounding it made her certain that it was only a matter of time.
  107. >Even with the distance, she could spot the pony in charge giving orders down in the camp.
  108. >"Brown coat... dark mane... khaki shirt..."
  109. >Her eyes narrow.
  110. >"Caballeron."
  111. >Gritting her teeth, she dropped down from her perch.
  112. >She would have to be quick.
  113. >She would have to be stealthy.
  114. >She would have to be smart.
  115. >After a moment to piece together a plan, she set off.
  116. ---
  117. >Stone ground against stone as the secret entrance Daring found slid open.
  118. >Truly, if one were to watch her make her way through the camp, they would have been on the edge of their seat, but that's not exactly the focus of this particular story.
  119. >It was only a matter of time until one of Caballeron's cronies came to investigate, and their boss with them.
  120. >No sticking around to seriously study the glyphs on the walls.
  121. >It seems like most of them are centered around some manner of hornless minotaur.
  122. >The deeper the pegasus went, the more the glyphs glowed with an eerie light.
  123. >She glided down a sketchy looking staircase, not trusting it to support her after its long life of neglect.
  124. >The instant she passed through the door at the bottom, braziers burst to life with unnatural flame.
  125. >Wall sconces followed suit, circling the room.
  126. >In the center, frozen in a panicked pose, the odd, hornless, minotaur-esque thing floated in the center of the room.
  127. >It at least seemed snappily dressed, for a creature she'd never seen before.
  128. >She circled it for a moment, taking in the room.
  129. >No obvious pressure plates, but with the casual use of magic for lighting, they likely wouldn't be needed.
  130. >"If I knew I would have needed a unicorn, I would've spent some more time back in that village."
  131. >She kicks a bit of rubble toward the frozen figure.
  132. >At the lack of reaction, she shrugs and moves closer for a better look.
  133. >A ring of light flickered to life as she stepped forward. She hadn't been disintegrated, so she pressed on.
  134. >There was a crackle, and the thing began to slowly move as the stasis spell began failing.
  135. "...-ooo waaiit!"
  136. >It fell to the floor, bewildered look on its face.
  137. >After a moment or two of watching it to make sure it wasn't going to go on some murderous rampage, she then approached cautiously.
  138. >"Uh. Excuse me... I'm looking for some kind of treasure or artifact. Potentially world-ending implications in the wrong hands? Don't suppose you know of anything like that?"
  139. >The creature shook its head slowly.
  140. "What... happened? Where am I?"
  141. >"Well, right now, we're deep in the depths of an abandoned temple, currently surrounded by a band of unscrupulous ponies that are likely going to sell whatever they find on the black market."
  142. >The creature shifts in place then stands.
  143. >Our heroine took a step back on seeing the height of it, but shook her head and took off, hovering in front of the creature.
  144. >"Speaking of which, we've gotta get out of here."
  145. >She flitted around and starts pushing on its shoulders.
  146. "But... I don't know anything about this place..."
  147. >The creature began moving despite the relatively gentle pushing.
  148. >"It'll be fine. You've got me on your side!"
  149. >Looking uncertain, the creature still continues onward.
  150. >She shuffled the two of them past the glowing ring.
  151. >Like it was made of smoke, the creature dissolves as it passes the ring.
  152. >In its place, a small pegasus filly wobbled in place on her hind legs before falling forward onto all fours.
  153. >Daring, no longer supported by a tall alien, shot forward with a yelp of surprise.
  154. >With quick reflexes, she managed to keep from colliding with a wall and touched down as the entire temple started to rumble.
  155. >A high pitched squeal escaped the filly and she scrambled backwards.
  156. >When nothing happened, she tried crossing where the now vanished ring had been several times, to equally little effect.
  157. >Bits of rubble started falling from the ceiling, much to the chagrin of our adventurer.
  158. >"Panic later! We need to leave now!"
  159. >In a flurry of feathers and fur, Daring swept up the green filly and started flying up the stairwell at a breakneck pace.
  160. >She dodged left and right through the corridors, sometimes dodging so narrowly that she could feel primaries getting hit.
  161. >The secret entrance loomed ahead, with the shadows of curious ponies peeking in.
  162. >"MOVE MOVE MOVE!" screamed the adventurer.
  163. >She shot out of the temple into clear skies as ponies scrambled away.
  164. >The green pegasus filly in her forehooves clung tightly to Daring.
  165. "Don'tdropmedon'tdropmedon'tdropme!"
  166. >"Curse you, Daring Do!"
  167. >"Better luck next time, Caballeron!"
  169. >With that, she took off into the skies, much to the new filly's consternation.
  170. "Why am I a pony? I don't know anything about being a pony!"
  171. >Daring found her way up to a cloud so that she could have a chat.
  172. >"I guess it was pr--"
  173. "DON'T DROP ME DON'T... wait..."
  174. >The green filly blinked, dumbfounded at having been set on the cloud.
  175. "I'm not falling. Why am I not falling?"
  176. >She prods the cloud, playing with the fluff.
  177. >A slight pang went through Daring's chest.
  178. >"I... It was probably some sort of failsafe. If I'd had the time to study... maybe I could have figured out a way to keep it from happening."
  179. >She scuffs the cloud a little.
  180. >"I guess I'm a bit responsible. ... I... can help take care of you until you get the hang of things. It's only right."
  181. >She gave a smile.
  182. >"As for the cloud thing, that's part of what pegasus ponies can do. You got lots to learn, kiddo."
  183. >The filly frowns and points a hoof.
  184. "I'm a fully grown man, you know."
  185. >She pauses, then looks at the hoof she's pointing.
  186. "...or... I was, I guess..."
  187. >As reality settles in like an itchy blanket, her head is cradled in her forehooves.
  188. >Daring shuffled awkwardly in place before moving over and wrapping the filly in a hug.
  189. >"... My name's Daring Do. What's your n--wait."
  190. >She looks around, then conspiratorily lowers her voice.
  191. >"I also write about my adventures under the pen name 'A.K. Yearling'. What's your name?"
  195. >Another day with Mom 1 and Mom 2.
  196. >"Lyra, have you seen Mystery Mint?"
  197. >"His name is Anonymous! And no, I haven't seen him, Bonbon."
  198. >These mares are fucking crazy.
  199. >"She is a little filly! Don't go dragging her into your silly obsession."
  200. >"Silly ob--! Bonnie, you know more than anypony how many elusive creatures are in Equestria! I just need to find out more about them, and Anon is sure to have the information I need to find them!"
  201. >Not a chance in hell.
  202. >The two start an age old bickering routine.
  203. >… Maybe I should 'wake up'.
  204. >I climb out from beneath the tablecloth, rubbing my eyes with a hoof.
  205. >It took a while to learn not to rub with the hard part of the hoof, but I had it down now.
  206. "What's all the yelling? Did somepony do something bad?"
  207. >The two pause in their argument.
  208. >"Anon! Where were you?"
  209. >The earth pony nudges the green unicorn enough for Lyra to stumble a little.
  210. >"Mystery Mint," she corrects.
  211. >They're both wrong anyways, but I'll never tell.
  212. >Bonbon then gives a smile.
  213. >"I'm about to make a few sweets, and I was wondering if somepony wanted to help out."
  214. >"I do!"
  215. >Bonbon's face smash cuts from smile to frown.
  216. >"Lyra, last time you ate the chocolate chips we needed."
  217. >"It turned out good anyways, right?"
  218. >Bonbon sighed, then turned back to me.
  219. >"So what were you up to, anyways?"
  220. "Uhh…"
  221. >I rub my eyes some more as I come up with a cover story.
  222. "I guess I fell asleep as I was doing my homework. I think I could help out, though. Can I lick the bowl?"
  223. >"That's unsanitary."
  224. >Lyra pffs and waggles a hoof.
  225. >"It's all going to get washed anyways, and you'd be done with them already, right?"
  226. >After a moment of thought, the earth pony lets out a sigh.
  227. >"All right, but don't let it ruin your dinner."
  228. >And with that, the three of us wandered off into the kitchen for a night of dealing with sugary treats.
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