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Jul 8th, 2011
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  1. Vile rat > Howdy Friend!
  2. lord 2evil > hello
  3. Vile rat > how you been?
  4. lord 2evil > not to bad ,same old crap , you?
  5. Vile rat > you know, peachy
  6. lord 2evil > sweet
  7. Vile rat > can you walk me through a couple things?
  8. Vile rat > I'd appreciate it greatly
  9. lord 2evil > sure
  10. lord 2evil > whats up?
  11. Vile rat > what caused your falling apart?
  12. lord 2evil > well most of all lets see evoke , ewokes , and pl just to start and no we havent fell abort we are still a good pvp force
  13. Vile rat > are you sitll in this fight?
  14. Vile rat > cause despite the comms issue we did not abandon you
  15. lord 2evil > we cant hold out agenst all these people , just to much ,them we were cut out of goons mumble and lost our ally so we are hurting yes.
  16. Vile rat > you were not cut out
  17. Vile rat > It is kinda laughable if the result weren't so tragic
  18. lord 2evil > really
  19. Vile rat > when you guys started having problems mittens made the call to cut you from our supercap channel
  20. Vile rat > because of the high risk level of it
  21. Vile rat > until you guys stabilized
  22. Vile rat > solo drakban
  23. Vile rat > (our it guy)
  24. Vile rat > misinterpreted it
  25. Vile rat > removed services for the group.
  26. Vile rat > Nobody noticed until somebody reported that they couldn't connect
  27. lord 2evil > when was that reported?
  28. Vile rat > 2 days ago?
  29. lord 2evil > we still cant get on
  30. Vile rat > no because you guys announced you were pulling out
  31. Vile rat > and I have little...
  32. Vile rat > birdies
  33. Vile rat > telling me things. I need them cleared up
  34. Vile rat > first off, is MH committed to continuing the fight despite your setbacks?
  35. lord 2evil > is this how you help people that you said are your alys ?
  36. Vile rat > do you always answer questions with questions?
  37. Vile rat > Granted I just did that,
  38. lord 2evil > umm no
  39. lord 2evil > lol
  40. lord 2evil > mh is looking at its options
  41. Vile rat > Are you?
  42. Vile rat > Or have you decided on one.
  43. lord 2evil > not yet
  44. Vile rat > and had that decision reach me by agents.
  45. lord 2evil > nouthing is in stone
  46. Vile rat > Let's not bullshit each other from here on out ok?
  47. Vile rat > It's... uncouth!
  48. lord 2evil > um ok
  49. Vile rat > For example
  50. Vile rat > Just throwing shit out there cause HEH
  51. Vile rat > it's fun to throw shit! (I'm a monkey!)
  52. Vile rat > you wouldn't have switched sides and decided to hand over yoru sov to a hostile group?
  53. lord 2evil > true
  54. Vile rat > especially to a group that leaks like a sieve
  55. Vile rat > and is utterly infiltrated by our agents
  56. Vile rat > I mean you WOULDNT do that
  57. Vile rat > MH ... wouldn't do that!
  58. lord 2evil > ofc not we are looking at options right now nouthing is in stone ofc we would have been able to ask your adive if we were able to reach goons on comms
  59. Vile rat > I have no fewer than 8 people on my diplomatic team
  60. Vile rat > as illustrated in our alliance desc.
  61. Vile rat > So.
  62. lord 2evil > what are you asking Vile?
  63. Vile rat > I'm not a big fan of posting logs
  64. Vile rat > So I'm not.
  65. Vile rat > I however will ask you bluntly.
  66. Vile rat > Have people in your alliance made overtures to hostile groups offering to switch sov?
  67. Vile rat > Maybe this can be an educational session :)
  68. lord 2evil > we did not aproch anyone
  69. lord 2evil > nouthing has been decided
  70. Vile rat > what is the offer.
  71. lord 2evil > nouthing is in stone
  72. lord 2evil > the offer was for us to have half of dek if we side with pl and and evoke was the oferr
  73. Vile rat > lord 2evil > nouthing has been decided
  74. lord 2evil > it hasnt
  75. Vile rat > Let me help you with your decision.
  76. Vile rat > Tector?
  77. Vile rat > Proceed.
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