Anon - More Bro-House Games

Jun 8th, 2014
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  1. >”Sup guys!”
  2. >You get a few lazy replies from your bros as you close the door to the bro-house
  3. >Not al of your bros are present today, seems like there’s just a few of you today
  4. >”All right you guys, we need to look sharp since there’ll be mares joining us soon”
  5. >That sure rouses your bros out of their lazy slouching and whatnot
  6. “What? Who’s coming over?”
  7. >Pepper Dust seems a bit blushed, must be that shyness of his and the info that soon there’s going to be girls here
  8. “Yeah, who’d you reel in Anon?”
  9. >You turn to look at Moon Dust as you reply him
  10. >”I did not reel anyone in, I just came across Sepia, Butterscotch, Squeak and Hexferry, and they asked if they could come over and hang out since they were also bored”
  11. >Before any of your bros has a chance to say anything more the door to the bro-house suddenly swings open
  12. “Hi guys! We’re here”
  13. >Squeak fwumps down from flight as the rest of the mares follow suit as Moon Dust, Pepper Dust and Operator scramble to make themselves look a bit more presentable
  14. >You see Moony ditch away one of Virgos more raunchy magazines under the couch he was laying on
  15. “Sorry about coming over on such a short notice”
  16. >”It’s ok Butterscotch, not like we were doing anything ourselves”
  17. >Squeak hops onto the couch happily as she seems pleased with its bounciness and Moon Dust shifts a bit against the opposite side so he won’t be too close to her
  18. “Nice to see you again everyone”
  19. >Sepia happily settles down on one of the bean bag chairs and Hexferry follows her and sits down next to her on another bean bag chair
  20. >You and Butterscotch both walk up to the centre of the room where all the other moths are already waiting
  21. >”So, how about we all play a game?”
  23. >The replies are all positive, with your Bros nodding and giving you a quick glance that tells you that you should choose one that would make the best of this chance, and with Sepia, Squeak and Butterscotch agreeing right away and Hexferry as well after seeing all her friends agree
  24. >”I have 4 ideas what we could play: Twister, Spin the bottle, some cards, or we could just all pull these slips of paper from this box here, they have all sorts of wacky things written on them, and then do those things”
  25. “And I’m sure that none of those papers have anything weird written on them?”
  26. >”N-no of course not. I mean we all wrote them so I can’t say anything for the other guys but we at least kept things clean didn’t we fellas?”
  27. >Moon Dust and Pepper Dust both give a nod while blushing a bit
  28. “I wasn’t there when they made those so I can’t say anything”
  29. >Oh right, Operator was not visiting you guys during the time you made those
  30. “I could go for a game of twister”
  31. >Sepia agrees with Squeak with a nod
  32. “Yeah, Golden Corral even gave me some tips on how to win this game! I can’t wait to test them out!”
  33. >Hexferry shakes her head
  34. “That makes twister completely out of the question, I vote for cards”
  35. “I think the paper slip game could be interesting”
  36. >You resist the urge to give Butterscotch thumbs up
  37. >”I vote for those too”
  38. “Me too”
  39. >Good job Moony
  40. “Me three”
  41. >Good job Pepper Dust
  42. “Me four I guess”
  43. >Nice Operator
  44. >You resist the urge to grin
  45. >”Seems like the paper slip game won”
  47. >Sepia and Squeak seem unaffected and Hexferry grumbles a bit about Virgo under her breath
  48. >You place the box down onto the floor and all 8 of you sit down around it in a circle
  49. >Hexferry turns to look at you
  50. “Since it was your idea in the first place you go first”
  51. >You can pick up a vibe that she’s not too happy about this game but hiding it
  52. >You give a shrug and dig out a slip of paper
  53. >And right away you feel like you should punch one of your friends
  54. “So Anon, what does it say?”
  55. >Sepia seems eager to find out and judging by the expression of all the others they are too
  56. >”Give the pony on your left a good firm slap on the rump”
  57. >Hexferry rolls her eyes like she was expecting something like that and you can’t help but to blush now
  58. >Good luck it was not the pony on your right or you would have done something awkward to Operator
  59. >You glance at Butterscotch who also takes a glance at you, and blushes as she notices you looking at her
  60. “Well...”
  61. >Butterscotch gives a sigh and then seems determined and gets up
  62. “Let’s do it so the game can move on”
  63. >You get the feeling that Hexferry would spit out her drink at this point if she was drinking one
  64. “You’re going to keep playing?”
  65. >Sepia looks at Hexferry and tilts her head
  66. “What’s so bad about a slap anyway?”
  67. >Hexferry just sighs
  68. “I don’t know why I’m even trying...”
  69. >Butterscotch gives her behind a little wiggle and you can’t help but to notice Operator notices this as well as he quickly tries his best to not look at the glorious, large butterbutt
  70. “Well Anon, don’t keep me waiting here, it’s a bit embarrassing...”
  71. >”Right, sorry about that...”
  72. >You ready your hand and feel your face blush deeper at the same time
  74. >Before you can start to feel too awkward about it you deliver the slap onto Butterscotches butt
  75. >She let’s out a cute little squeak as your hand collides with the soft flesh and sends a ripple trough it, making it give a small wobble
  76. >You did not go to town on that butt of course, but still you did apply some force to it
  77. >You just hope that you did not overdo it
  78. >Butterscotch takes a glance at her now slightly sore behind where a red print is slightly visible
  79. >You quickly sit back down and use that as an opportunity to not look at her
  80. >You fear you might go beet red right away and pop a hard metal boner
  81. >Butterscotch sits down next to you and gives you a whisper
  82. “You did not have to do it that hard...”
  83. >You feel like saying a little sorry to her but you miss the chance to do so as she digs out a slip of paper and reads it out loud
  84. “Give Virgo a very lewd hug <3”
  85. >You connect your palm to your face as Operator shakes his head and Moon Dust sighs with Pepper Dust
  86. >C’mon Virgo! Honestly...
  87. >The girls do not have that severe reactions as Squeak and Butterscotch laugh a bit, Sepia just sits there happily and Hexferry shakes her head
  88. “I guess that means it’s your turn next Squeak”
  89. >Squeak nods and digs out a slip of paper
  90. >You can’t help but to notice she looks a bit silly when she does it as her face takes on a comical look
  91. >Squeak pulls out a slip and reads it
  92. “Tell which member of the opposite sex would you consider having a one night stand with. Well of course the cock, that’s the member the opposite sex uses during the one night stand”
  93. >Squeaks answer makes some of you blush, noticeably Moony, Pepper, Hexferry and Butterscotch
  94. >Before any of you can say anything Squeak tells Hexferry that it’s her turn now
  95. >You did not expect Squeak of all moths to pull off such a sneaky move like avoiding answering properly
  96. >Hexferry reaches into the box while having her face in a mild scrunch and pulls out a slip of paper
  98. “Pick one of Virgos magazines from his secret stash and open it up at a random page. Try to recreate that pose...”
  99. >Hexferry glances at you and the stallions with a raised eyebrow and her face rather unimpressed
  100. “Where is this stash?”
  101. >You lift your hand and point at the couch
  102. >”Under there...”
  103. >Hexferry gets up and digs out a random magazine from under the couch and then opens it
  104. >Only to squeak and slam it closed while blushing
  105. “W-what’s the big idea here? I can’t pose like this...”
  106. >Butterscotch gets up and makes her way to Hexferry
  107. “What was in there? O-oh...”
  108. >Butterscotch takes a glance at all of you guys and for some reason you feel suddenly a bit shameful
  109. >Even you are not sure how extreme stuff Virgo has in there
  110. >Moon Dust takes a quick peek towards the now opened magazine and suddenly goes beet red
  111. >Damn, now you are interested as well
  112. “But isn’t that an easy pose?”
  113. >Sepia had gotten up and taken a glance at it as well
  114. “W-well it’s difficult for its own reasons Sepia...”
  115. >Sepia tilts her head
  116. “It is?”
  117. >The two nod and return to look more at the picture with deep blushes on their face and discussing why any pony would even pose like that
  118. >But what they do not notice is the thing where the rest of you are now paying very close attention to
  119. >Sepia is trying to strike the pose, most likely to show them that it’s not that hard
  120. >She sits down on the floor and rests her back against the bean bag chair and then arches her back against it
  121. >A few gulps are heard here and there as she suddenly spreads her hind hooves
  122. >At this Point Pepper Dust and Moon Dust are doing their best to try to not look at her crotch
  123. >You and Operator do not care and look on at the free show
  124. >Sepias Hoof starts to move towa-
  126. “Ahahaha S-Sepia you don’t need to proof it!”
  127. >Hexferry suddenly blocks the view with herself and her spread wings
  128. “But I was about to show you it was possible to do...”
  129. >Sepia seems a bit sad that she did not get to proof her skills, and while your little Anon is feeling a bit crossed at Hexferry you can’t help but to feel a bit relieved
  130. >God knows you already have a lot of unwanted sexual desires towards that moth thanks to her oblivious behavior
  131. >Operator gives you a poke
  132. “I can now see what you meant when you said her obliviousness is a weapon of mass destruction”
  133. >All of you are more or less covering your crotch in many ways currently
  134. >Sepia gets up and Hexferry breathes out a sign of relaxation
  135. “The first pose was too lewd so I chose another one”
  136. >Butterscotch returns to her place in the ring as Hexferry starts to pose while growing more embarrassed by the second
  137. >Soon she’s posing by looking over her shoulder with her hips posed a bit
  138. >You have to admit it looks very good with her droopy ears and embarrassed blush as she tries her best to not look any of you
  139. >Hexferry breaks the pose and sits down fast
  140. “T-there, it’s done”
  141. >It’s Sepias turn next and she digs out a slip of paper happily
  142. “Sit in the next players lap for the rest of the round”
  143. >Sepia takes a look at Pepper Dust who is now looking at her
  144. >Pepper Dust quickly looks away and blushes but Sepia just gets up and sits down on his lap, causing Pepper Dust to squeak out
  145. >Sepia takes a look at Pepper Dust and smiles shyly while slightly blushing
  146. “Tell me if I’m doing it wrong ok?”
  147. >All Pepper Dust manages is a panicked nod as he sits on the floor almost like he’s petrified
  148. >Other than the slight blush Sepia seems pretty fine with her new chair
  149. >Moon Dust is looking at Pepper in envy as Pepper Dust nervously digs out a slip of paper
  150. “Give Acteus a long hug where you pull him very close to your body”
  151. >You facepalm once again, et tu Acteus?
  153. >Operator finds this funny as does Squeak, as they both laugh a bit while Butterscotch shakes her head with Hexferry
  154. >Pepper Dust says nothing while blushing and signs for Moon Dust to go ahead with his turn
  155. >Man, having Sepia in his lap has really gotten him nervous
  156. >Moony pull sout a piece of paper and gets to reading
  157. “Use Geminis special reserve to dress yourself in raunchy underwea- oh come on!”
  158. >You and Operator can’t help but to smirk as Butterscotch gives Moon Dust a compassionate smile
  159. >Moon Dust gets up and disappears into the bathroom with one of Geminis boxes and then all of you wait
  160. “So I guess those rumors I heard about Gemini are true then”
  161. >You turn to look at Hexferry
  162. >”Yeah, that stallion really can make himself look hot”
  163. >As Butterscotch goes “Oh my”, Squeak starts to laugh, Operator moves a bit away from you and Pepper Dust seems surprised enough he stops looking like a statue you realize how that came out
  164. >”N-no that’s not what I mean!”
  165. >But before you can say any more Moon Dust walks back into the room
  166. >And oh dear god, why? How?
  167. >He’s blushing and looking awfully coy with the corset, lacy undies and garter belt on, combined with those socks...
  168. “S-stop staring so much at me you guys...”
  169. >You hear Hexferry say something under her breath that sounds like “How can he look so good in them?”
  170. >Moon Dust awkwardly sits back down again
  171. “...the slip said I’d have to wear these for the rest of the game...”
  172. >Even Operator, sitting between Moony and you, seems to be doing the best he can to not take a glance in Moon Dusts direction
  173. >Sepia manages o not read the mood at all
  174. “Wow, you look really pretty in those!”
  175. >Moon Dust starts to look very much bothered now, but he stutters out a thank you to Sepia
  176. >You could almost swear Moony’s liking these compliments he’s getting
  178. “I should let you be in charge of my underwear choices...”
  179. >Butterscotches words suddenly make you think of her in such underwear and you shift your sitting position to conceal a certain something
  180. >Just as Operator is about to take out his slip Sepia speaks up
  181. “Pepper Dust, could you remove that thing that’s been poking me? It’s making this sitting uncomfortable”
  182. >Pepper Dust goes as red as he can go and looks like he’s wishing that the earth would swallow him up right now
  183. >Squeak giggles a bit while Butterscotch and Hexferry blush and do their hardest to not look in the twos general direction
  184. “Sepia, maybe you should already get off of his lap...”
  185. >Sepia shakes her head and shifts around in Pepper Dusts lap, causing him to squeak out a few little squeaks
  186. >You give Pepper Dust a small look to tell him to hang in there as Operator pulls out a slip of paper
  187. “Pick a pony to give you a lap dance...must be one of Virgos great ideas again...”
  188. >You decide to keep the information that it was actually you who wrote that a secret
  189. >Operator takes a look at the mares in the room
  190. >Butterscotch blushes and averts her gaze, Hexferry gives Operator a glare that tells him to not pick her, and Sepia is still shifting in Pepper Dusts lap making the latter look like he’s torn between heaven and hell, and Squeak’s gotten her hooves on some of the fresh clean clothing of Geminis boxes and has a pair of panties on her head like a hat
  191. >Operator shrugs
  192. “I don’t choose anypony”
  193. >Butterscotch and Hexferry relax back down after hearing that
  194. “Maybe that’s enough of this game for now”
  195. >Everyone seems to agree with Hexferry and Sepia climbs off of Pepper Dusts lap
  196. >Pepper Dust wastes no time to shift his position, most likely to hide some after effects
  197. >”So, what shall we do next?”
  198. >Even with such a small turn-up of bros, you all managed to have fun in the bro house once again
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