##InLimbo guidelines and AUG

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  1. Welcome to ##InLimbo on Freenode. These are the Acceptable Use Guidelines.
  3. This is a space to chat and discuss about issues arising from the flawed 2016 UK EU referendum in which some 6 million people were disenfranchised and denied their rightful vote. In addition Leaver groups broke the law and some have been referred to the National Crime Agency for investigation.
  5. ##InLimbo is associated with the In Limbo Project. For more details:
  6. Please read the In Limbo books and share with your friends.
  8. Rules:
  9. 1) Be respectful. Any insulting, harassing or threatening comments will not be accepted and the associated account banned.
  10. 2) New joiners: please introduce yourself: who you are, the country you live in, the country you originate from, what brought you to this channel.
  11. 3) If you encounter any problems please let one of the admins know. Ask for help if you need it.
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