Cold Edge Anon Part 12

May 9th, 2014
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  1. > You sneak away and stop a little ways away from the road.
  2. > Pinkie starts bouncing in place immediately.
  3. "So so so! Tell me about your new marefriend here!"
  4. "Actually, -"
  5. > Pinkie sees the brand and her eyes get wide.
  6. "SHE'S YOUR WIFE! Ooh, do I get to do the wedding party? That's why you came to me, isn't it? Oh gosh, I love wedding parties!"
  7. > You silence her with your hoof on her snout, which makes a noise like a dog toy squeak.
  8. "No wedding party. I was hoping to hire you to buy groceries for us, since the town is terrified of me."
  9. > Pinkie shakes off your hoof, and scratches her chin.
  10. "I don't know~, I didn't even get to throw you guys a single party."
  11. > Time to play your trump card.
  12. "Before I forget, Pinkie, this is Frozen Hart. I'm pretty sure she's from the old country."
  13. > Pinkie settles down quite a bit. If you didn't know better, you'd think that she was nervous.
  14. > Frozen smiles politely.
  15. > Pinkie brings a hoof over her mouth and says,
  16. "Greetings, starwanderer. Um, may our purposes run parallel."
  17. > Frozen covers her own mouth and replies,
  18. "Well met voidsleeper. We shall be as the double helix."
  19. > Pinkie relaxes somewhat, and begins rumbling in the old language.
  20. > You expect Frozen to add to the rumbling, but you notice that the intensity of the rumbling varies, never rising above a certain threshold, but sometimes dropping to a near whisper.
  21. > Frozen glances at you, and you get a minor headache. At once, unfamiliar voices sound in your mind.
  22. _soulmark, and may become aCsOcReRnUdPaTnEtD in time_
  23. @That's great! He's so funny, it'll be nice to have him fWoIrTeHvUeSr!@
  24. _I have noticed that quality as well._
  25. @hey, he isn't looking so wHeAlLlE, how about we speak lPoRcOaFlAlNyE?@
  26. _Agreed_
  27. > That headache had grown in intensity, and only dropped off a little once they stopped communing.
  28. > Frozen places her forehead on yours and a cooling, soothing sensation flows through your mind.
  29. > She pulls away. You smile at her gratefully.
  30. "Thanks. I take it I was starting to see?"
  31. > Frozen shugs.
  32. "Like a plant grows to the sun."
  33. > That... sorta makes sense.
  34. "Alright. Did I hear you guys right, that we are now speaking... locally?"
  35. > Pinkie shakes her head.
  36. "Not quite, nonykins! But it's pretty good for a newbie!"
  37. > Right. As interesting as all this is, it's time to get back on topic.
  38. "So will you help us with the groceries?"
  39. > Pinkie bows slightly at Frozen.
  40. "I will be as a tendon to a bone!"
  41. > ... You're pretty sure that's a yes.
  42. > You transfer the ice jar to Pinkie, and she trots of merrily into town.
  44. > You turn to Frozen.
  45. "So what shall we do in the meantime?"
  46. > She gives you a sultry look.
  47. > You glare at her.
  48. "This is neither the time or the place for that."
  49. > She huffs in disappointment.
  50. "Fine, be that way."
  51. > You sit down on the grass, and after a moment, so does the snowpone.
  52. > It's kinda relaxing, just sitting there, nothing to do, nothing to say.
  53. > Ten minutes go by like that, as you slowly transition to lying down.
  54. > Once you do, your wife cuddles up beside you.
  55. > You feel mildly obligated to talk.
  56. "You know, in my previous life, it was customary to date for a while before getting married."
  57. > Frozen hums in contemplation.
  58. "Is all that really necessary?"
  59. "It helps people figure out if they want to stay with the other person for the rest of their lives."
  60. > Frozen Hart uncuddles a little, and looks at you with her fathomless grey eyes.
  61. "I was never in any doubt. Are you?"
  62. > To be honest,
  63. "A little. I don't know you that well, but what I do know, I like and would be willing to live with for the rest of my life."
  64. "...Even if you live longer than normal?"
  65. > You press your cheek to hers and hold her close.
  66. "Even if we outlive the stars."
  67. > Frozen leans into you happily.
  68. "Good, because that is likely."
  69. > You stay like that for a long while.
  70. > Then Pinkie plops down on you other side.
  71. "Whatcha doin~?"
  72. > You twitch in surprise.
  73. "HEY, uh hey there Pinkie. Just chillin' like only we can. And how are you and my groceries?"
  74. > Pinkie flops over onto her back, spread eagle.
  75. "I'm bushed, and right behind you."
  76. > You look over your shoulder and see a wagon full of fruits and vegetables and bags of flour and jugs of milk.
  77. > You also see Pinkie Pie, but you refuse to be startled by her antics a second time, even if there is no reasonable way for her to get there that quickly.
  78. > You get up slowly.
  79. "Well, I guess all that's left is to get Discord and teleport back home. Thanks for your help, Pinkie Pie."
  80. "Ummmm..."
  81. > Is there something wrong with Discord? That would be really inconvenient.
  82. "Yes, Pinkie?"
  83. "CanImaybecomewithyouguys,it'sbeenalongtimesinceI'veseenMaudand-"
  84. > You hold up a hoof.
  85. "I'm fine with it, but we'll have to ask Discord, since he can be a capricious bas-ah, fellow."
  86. > You suddenly feel a new presence behind you.
  87. "Such cruel words, for you to describe your intra-dimensional ferryman."
  88. > You turn to face Discord.
  89. "True, though."
  90. > Discord pouts.
  91. "You can be so mean. Anyways, I'd be happy to bring little miss Pie along, it's no great effort for someone as powerful, magnificent, and very dependable and consistent as myself."
  92. > You roll your eyes as space goes Grandpa J-
  93. > You are in a black void, quite devoid of anything but you and Discord.
  94. "I see she marked you."
  95. > You sigh. Yet another meddling amateur marriage councilor.
  96. "Everybody's making a fuss."
  97. "Hmmm, yes, they are. I, however, am different. I actually know what I'm talking about."
  98. > He just might at that.
  99. "Very well, what did you want to say?"
  100. "You will begin to see things, hear things, smell and touch and taste and so on. Don't touch anything unless you are quite sure you know it is safe. It is rude to touch things, it assumes an unwarranted familiarity."
  101. > Makes sense, though...
  102. "What about Pinkie Pie? She's very touchy feely."
  103. > Discord draws in close.
  104. "So you've noticed how much of a deviant she is. I would advise you not to take social cues from her, except to a small extent, and only in pony society."
  105. "Sounds good. Anything else?"
  106. > Discord suddenly looks a few millennia older, and not in a feeble and aging sort of way.
  107. "I shall be quite interested in your development."
  108. > -oe, and you are in what you have designated as the kitchen of the citadel.
  109. "I am not a deviant!"
  110. > Discord curls up smugly on the ceiling.
  111. "Oh but you are! You work in a bakery, I am hard pressed to think of a racier establishment."
  112. > Pinkie primly turns away.
  113. "I'm going to find Maud, who will obviously agree with me."
  114. > You focus on the input from the crystals.
  115. "She's in the observation room of the central tower with Sombra."
  116. > Pinkie beams at you.
  117. "Thank you! See, /he/ doesn't think I'm a deviant."
  118. > You shake your head.
  119. "Sorry, but you are. You really are."
  120. > Pinkie leaves in a huff.
  121. > You look at your groceries.
  122. "Welp, these aren't going to put themselves away."
  123. > You and Frozen make quick work of it, and soon the wagon is empty of all but your money jar.
  124. > You are pleased to note that it is only half empty.
  125. "We should hire her to do all our shopping."
  126. > Frozen smirks.
  127. "Even if she is a deviant?"
  128. > You nod, mock seriously.
  129. "Even so."
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