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  1. JT has decided he has the right to take over my life.  I'm not allowed to bring alcohol into the house and not allowed to have food in my room anymore.  I'm also not allowed to go outside unless I'm running to the car because they STILL haven't put me on the lease and are lying to me that the management company demands all residents have a job.  That's illegal and neither of them work anyway..  "Oh, we're already on the lease so that doesn't count for us"  BULLSHIT.  They were cleaning out the fridge yesterday and JT demanded I take whatever I didn't want saved out of it and proceeded to freak out on me when I said the only thing I had in there was an Amazon bag and yelled at me and called me a lazy ass for not getting up to pull one stupid tiny bag out of the fridge.  This comes after Jake has said he'd clean up the front room.  I did more in  a few hours than he's done in over a month and he's STILL not got it cleaned.  Speaking of clean they told me they want my room spotless before we move which I find laughable.  Jake's room is so bad he abandoned ship last year and moved into the kitchen.  Those few hours of cleaning I did?  I did everything but the counters and around his chair.  It took him a week to trash it again.  I was livid.  Still am.  I gotta step over trash to get to the sink and it's even worse when I make my way to the litter box.  Not my cat but apparently it's my job to clean up his shit.  Oh.  And two weeks ago JT bitched at me because the bag I was using was too heavy for him to carry out to the trash.  Well you said you'd do it.  Perhaps don't wait until it weighs 3000 pounds before taking it out like you said you would.  But no.   It was my fault for making it too heavy...  Like I can control how much the cat shits and pisses.
  3. Well that's enough of a rant for now.  I can't deal with this anymore.  I shall be drinking liberally in Florida but don't worry.  I drink slow and rarely get drunk.  Just need to take the edge off since I still can't get my pills.  It's been a nightmare dealing with welfare and those people are lazier than I am.  It's like they instantly get an attitude because I made their phone ring.  Why the fuck would you take a job in public service if you don't like serving the public.  It's in the bloody job description!
  5. Ech.  Well that felt good to type but depressing to read.
  7. Here.  Have a song.  I need a drink.
  9. And I just got lied to again.  Jake says we can't have three cars because of the lease.  SURPRISE!  I have a copy of the lease and the only thing it says is we can't park in the yard.  So I gotta sell this one before I come down to FL...
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