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literally just my fursona now i guess

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  1. They're an upright hyena in a jacket. What more do you want from me.
  3. Oh fine.
  5. Their fur is a pale color, closer to a pale yellow than any sort of proper hyena brown. Their fur naturally darkens towards their snout, and when they smile you can see a lot of snaggled, misaligned teeth. Their left ear is usually folded flat against their head, and their other ear sticks straight up. They seem a bit shaggier than your average dog, as well.
  7. They also have a tendency to laugh, like, a lot. Moreso than the average hyena, they're usually laughing about some dumb joke or idiot comment they've made. They wear a shirt with a dark black color, with a crude picture of a cat drawn across the chest of it. Across the bottom it reads.... "Welcome To Our Quaint Town Of Piss" in impact font. That's probably nothing.
  9. Over that t-shirt they wear an unzipped black hoodie, with a bunch of scribbly white eyes drawn all over the arms, running into patches of pure white towards the cuffs as they get thicker and thicker. On their back is a large eye that takes up most of their back.
  11. They're usually wearing white and gray patterned sweatpants, that terminate at about their weird dog ankle.
  13. They don't wear shoes. Dogs don't wear shoes. What are you smoking.
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