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  1. You look a little shell-shocked, $target.
  2. $target, I'm going to flip you over-easy.
  3. I'm going to crush you like$target!
  4. You better not put all your eggs in one basket, $target!
  5. Let me boil it down for you, $target.
  6. Don't be trying to walk all over me, $target.
  7. Are you egging me on, $target?
  8. Don't think I'm soft, $target... I'm hard-boiled through and through.
  9. Prepare to be scrambled, $target.
  10. Can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, $target.
  11. Don't bother trying to hide, $target.  I have eggcellent vision.
  12. I better be careful, or that $target might crack me up.
  13. I try to look on the sunny-side of life, $target.
  14. Don't get me steamed, $target.  You wouldn't like me when I'm poached.
  15. Looks like the yolk's on you, $target!
  16. Watch out $target, you're about to meet your Eggsecutioner.
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