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  1. The von Mises yield criterion is
  2. \begin{equation} \label{b1}
  3.     f = (3J_2)^{1/2}-\sigma_y = 0
  4. \end{equation}
  5. Assume that the stress states above are calculated with a linear elastic
  6. analysis. Which of the stress states A to D above will give a plastic
  7. deformation? The effective stress $\sigma_{eff}$ is defined by:
  8. \begin{equation} \label{b1}
  9.   \sigma_{eff} = (\frac{3}{2}S_{ij}S_{ij})^{1/2}  
  10. \end{equation}
  11. The material yields at $\sigma_{eff} = 2000$ MPa.
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